cas knows the way to dean's heart is pie

“Why did you give him those books?” Dean grumbles.

Sam doesn’t look up from the groceries he’s putting into the bunker’s cupboards. “You told me to give him something to read besides lore. You told me to introduce him to the ‘real world.’”

“Harry Potter isn’t the real world!”

Sam raises an eyebrow. “It’s not uncommon for people to introduce themselves, ‘Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m a Ravenclaw.’”

Dean snorts. “Please. You’re a total Slytherin.” Sam laughs, and Dean rolls his eyes. “Okay, I see your point. But my point is, he’s barely left his room for weeks.”

“So?” says Sam. “He’s enjoying the books.”

“I just…” Dean trails off.

Sam’s laughter fills the room. “You just miss your boyfriend!”

Dean blushes and storms out of the kitchen, Sam’s laughter following him down the hallway.

“Dean.” Cas’s voice is rough and raw. He stands in Dean’s doorway, a battered copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows clutched to his chest.

Dean, sprawled on his bed, looks up at Cas with a sympathetic smile. “Did you finally finish then? It’s hard to finish a series and realize there’s no more to–” He stops when he sees Cas shaking his head, a single tear trailing down his cheek.

“What is it, Cas?” Dean is there, kissing Cas’s forehead and wiping away the tear.

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goingdown-swingin  asked:

HI HI!!!! So "Kiss the Baker" and "The Way To A Man's Heart is Through Chlamydia" and I didn't see a Baker!Cas tag... do you have any other fics where one of the boys is a Baker? Thanks for being rad ☺️

Dean Winchester loves his PIE! So ya know if Cas happened to be a baker, it can only result in good things. Check out our food tag, our shop au tag and the fics on this ask about chef/waiters. We added a few fics to this list where Cas or Dean is a Chef as well, because…reasons! Enjoy!

And some new recs:

Blood and Coffee series [T/NC-17, 15,700 word count] vampire!cas

(summary of first part) He stepped through the swinging door, brushing his hands on his apron, and taking the keys off the hook under the register. At first he didn’t see the man Kevin was talking about but then he appeared, melting out of the shadows of the early morning, and stepped up to the entrance. Dean gave him a quick once over and could immediately see why Kevin had been unnerved.
The guy was tall, not quite as tall as Dean but pretty close, with a slim build, messy dark hair and naturally tan skin. He was wearing a rumpled business suit (which Dean thought was odd since it was only six-thirty in the morning. Did the guy just not own an iron?) and a tan trench coat that seemed a little big on him, the sleeves falling almost to his fingertips. He had a handsome face, with sharp cheekbones, a defined jawline, and just the right amount of stubble. Honestly, Dean thought the guy was pretty hot except for one thing – he was a vampire.

Flan [T, 1,700 word count]

“The first time he pushes the door of the bakery, Dean messes up a whole batch of beignets.“ 
Dean falls for Castiel, who’s very much married, with a baby coming up. Except he’s not, really.

Hot Cross Buns [T, 4,000 word count]

Dean is a baker, Cas is cop. Cas wants Dean’s hot cross buns… or does he? 
(What the hell are summaries, don’t look at me.)

Never Trust a Skinny Baker’ Verse [T, 16,800 word count] deaf!cas

(summary of first part) Dean owns a bakery. Cas is a patron who can’t hear, and Dean happens to know sign language. This fic has all the tropes you know and love so get reading, fuckos.

For those interested, check out Kiss the Baker and The Way To A Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia.

Pillow Jealousy

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,064
Request: @elvirateaqueen13 Hello darling, I was going to do this anon but eh, why not just do this face to face? I have nothing left to lose. XD Can you please do one where you and Crowley always have been friends and such, but the reader is a huge geek, so once night the reader gets.. ( forgive my lonely self for I have two) a body pillow of her fave person from a show TFW and Crowley watched with the reader. Leading to him being jelly and so he take the pillow and tells her how he feels about her. Or whatever you want

Thursday. Your favorite day of the week.

You, the boys, Cas, and (surprisingly enough) Crowley, all got together in the bunker and watched tv together. Usually you’d pig out on pizza, have some drinks, and forget about the whole hunter thing. As much as you could, that is. This had started a year ago when you’d befriended Crowley. You and him had started watching NCIS together. Sure, you had to play catch up, but it was nice to relax. Eventually, Sam and Dean had joined in. You don’t even remember when, or why, they had. Cas was the last to join. The first few episodes you kept having to explain things to him, which you really didn’t mind.

This week it was Dean’s turn to make the food run, and Sam tagged along. Or else he might spend more on alcohol than he should. Especially considering most of it sat unopened from the previous months. He’d gone a bit over board a couple times.

Setting up the living room, you figured you’d take the floor. You really didn’t have a problem with it. Heading to your room, you gave Crowley a smile and waved when you spotted him in the kitchen with Cas. You had no idea what they were up to, and you really didn’t want to know.

You grabbed your throw, and your new body pillow. The boys had seen it, and gotten their joking out of the way already. Of course, you had ordered a custom case. With Gibbs on it. There was just something about him. Dean said it was probably a ‘daddy’ thing, which resulted in you refusing to make pie for a month. Sam figured that it was that hard exterior, but with a caring heart. That seemed a bit more like it. Cas had simply stated that you were sexual attracted to him. But, that was your Cas.

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I was thinking that when Dean is 7 mos. pregnant he would have days where he doesnt want to get out of bed cuz he laid on his back and is almost stuck there. Cas asks him to come to the store w/ him and he groans and makes Cas cuddle him instead

Oh god no I’m already blushing just thinking about it (and it also preoccupied a part of my workday so thanks for that).

Ugh but Cas peeking his head back in the bedroom asking, “Are you ready to go?” and considering Dean’s sprawled out on the bed and pants-less and moaning like a dying whale no he is not in fact ready to go anywhere that requires moving more than a centimeter. It actually reminds Cas of those turtles flipped on their backs that he sometimes finds in the middle of the road (and of course always stops to get them right side up and on their merry little way again). And not unlike those turtles, he goes over to the bed and gently nudges Dean. “Do you need help?”

No,” is his flat-out, indignant reply, because when does Dean Winchester ever need help with anything. (“Stopping the apocalypse,” Cas reminds him.)

It’s almost as much of a miracle when Cas gets him to sit up against a pile that consists of every single pillow they could find in the bunker, but when Cas reaches for the stretchy jeans (Dean’s banned the use of the word “maternity”) haphazardly thrown onto the edge of the bed, Dean just groans even more, burying himself into Cas’ shoulder and hefting whatever body part he physically can over his husband.

Cas is beginning to get the sense that going to the store isn’t in Dean’s schedule today. Or possibly ever.

And okay, it’s actually kind of sweet, Dean being unusually snuggly like this, even though Cas knows it’s a ploy and even if it’s a bit uncomfortable with all that extra weight against him—though Cas certainly knows better than to mention as much. (He does now, at least.)

He thinks he hears Dean mumbling into his shirt sleeve, which seems to have acquired a drool stain or two. “Mmm? What is it?”

Dean insists he’s incapable of whining, but Cas is pretty sure that what follows constitutes as a whine. “Pie, Cas.”

Well, one of them is going to the store today, anyway.

It’s probably a good thing that Dean doesn’t come along. It cuts the trip time in half, as Cas doesn’t have to keep steering Dean towards the produce and away from the deli meats. After Cas returns and stocks up their kitchen, he retreats to the bedroom to find Dean in the exact same spot. Still moody. Still pants-less. Still pregnant.

And still manages to make Cas’ heart skip a beat every time he thinks about how lucky he is to have his little (and growing) family.

Dean’s eyes light up when Cas brings him the goods, but his face immediately falls when he sees the packaged slice of cherry pie, and Cas narrows his eyes at him like, “What.

Dean purses his lips in the way that he knows he’s due for a lightning strike. (Thank God Cas doesn’t have that kinda juice anymore.)

“I want donuts instead.”

And Cas just sighs, rolls his eyes because lord almighty his husband is so predictable, and reaches into the grocery bag and pulls out a smaller bag from the bakery. 

Dean’s biting his lip like he’s actually trying not to get his hopes up. He should really know Cas better than that because Cas knows him better than that. “But are they the ones with—”

“Maple frosting and bacon?”

“Okay but are we talking—”

“Actual bacon? Yes. Not bacon-flavored.”

It might as well be Christmas morning, the way Dean digs into his diabetes-inducing treat. “Oh, god, I love you.”

Pants-less. Pregnant. And now with chunks of fried bread stuffed in his mouth.

Dean really shouldn’t be this attractive. 

Cas scoots in next to Dean on the bed and leans over to give him a kiss. “I know.”

“I was talking to my long-john—ow! Hey!“ 

Cas smiles as Dean holds his side and sucks a breath of air through his teeth. At least someone’s knocking some sense into his idiotic spouse. “Good baby,” he says, patting a hand lightly against Dean’s stomach.

“Yeah, yeah…” Dean nudges Cas with an elbow. “You know we both love you, too.”

“More than actual-bacon-covered, maple-frosted pastries?”

“More than actual-bacon-covered, maple-frosted pastries.”

Once Dean’s fully slipped into a sugar coma, Cas slinks an arm around Dean’s protruding belly, softly humming Enochian lullabies. Luckily, Dean has no objections to being cuddled tighter, grunting his content as he rubs his nose affectionately against Cas’ shoulder. 

And just when Cas thinks he might drift off into a pleasant sleep, Dean rolls over and huffs.

“I have to pee.”

@yourewelcomeforbeingmyfriend: ugh, I had my gallbladder taken out about ten years ago. No fun…although I felt much better after I was all healed; I wouldn’t wish gallbladder attacks on anyone!!

Here’s some fluff to make you feel better!! :)

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Dean looked up from his book to see Sam leaning against his doorframe, an odd expression on his face.

“And before you say anything, just let me say…” He trailed off, looking like he’d just swallowed a mouthful of pond sludge.

“Before I’m 50, Sam.”

Sam took a deep breath. “Look. I know you’ve got this whole repression thing going on, your ‘if I don’t talk about it it isn’t real’ plan of attack, or defense, or whatever it is, but I really think you’re going to have to face this head-on at some point, and I’m thinking that point is going to be–”

Dean tried. He really did. But this was too much. He did not like where this conversation was headed.

“Sammy! I have two things to say to you.  1. You’re rambling. Stop. And B. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Dude. He’s baking a pie.”

Dean froze. Cas was…baking? Pie?

Dean heard Sam say “Apple. He bought the crust but he’s making the filling..” but it sounded like he was far away, or maybe underwater. His brain was too full of Cas to listen to Sam now.

Cas. Baking a pie. Cas didn’t eat pie–Cas didn’t really eat anything. Sam barely ate pie. So if Cas is baking a pie, did that mean it was for…

And Cas didn’t cook. Back when he was human he raved about peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and he could make passable coffee, but Dean had never seen him so much as fry an egg. And now…

But it didn’t mean anything at all.


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Reasons to love Cas:

*He is a ‘weird dorky little guy’ according to Dean.

*He didn’t know how to hug until Sam hugged him first. After that, he became a huggy bear.

*He likes bees, flowers, monkeys, guinea pigs, cats and children.

*He likes to collect honey.

*He likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

*He has the biggest heart, because he uses his powers to help people when they are sick or troubled.

*The way he tilts his head and squints.

*His people skills are rusty.

*Bamf!Cas is a thing of beauty.

*He breaks doors with style.

*He’s an awkward cutie pie who doesn’t get references (that was before Metadouche filled his mind library with pop culture knowledge).

*He used to wear his tie backwards (I want that back!)

*His sexy hair (I want that back too!)

*He doesn’t think twice about sacrificing himself for Dean/Sam (which makes me incredibly sad because he isn’t expendable!)

*When he swears he looks hot af, but also adorable.

*He’s a worrywart boyfriend.

*He’s a ‘bad cop’ lol

*The best brother-in-law ever.

*Always tries his best to do the right thing (though more often than not things don’t turn out as he wants).

*His smile is the most precious sight.

*He tried to joke once, but ‘it was funnier in enochian’ lol

*His sense of humor is fantastic and his deadpan face whilst joking is too funny.

*He rebelled, killed his siblings and was banished from heaven, and he did it all for his deep love for 'humanity’

*The Pimpmobile

*He’s so sassy.

*He thinks in color.

*He likes grumpy cat, binges on Netflix and shops at 'Hot Topical’.

*He has an adoptive daughter and tells dad jokes.

*He has a tattoo.

*He looks cute wearing hoodies and robes.

*His chest (no need to develop further).

*That stripping scene at the laundromat.

*Steve was adorable.

*His interactions with children.

*His gravely voice and those damn blue eyes.

*His true form is the size of the Chrysler building.

*He lets himself be fussed over when he’s sick.

*His trench coat.

*His worried face is irresistible.

*He doesn’t think himself a hero or important.

*Worried dad mode is a heart melting thing.

*He is so smart.

*The way he speaks and the words he uses.


*The way he fights with and without the angel blade, unf!

*He is honest with his feelings.

*He makes p&j sandwiches.

*Calls the monsters Dean names by the totally funny as hell names he gives them.

*I’ll wait here then.

*I’ll watch over you.

*Rugged Purgatory!Cas

*Protective boyfriend

*What angel? (Jealous BF)

*His wings

*He likes cheeseburgers.

*The way he always touches Dean’s shoulder.

*Because he listens to Dean and tells him how wonderful he is.

PS: There’s plenty more, but the list would turn out longer than it already is.

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Castiel has only known Dean Winchester for a little over six months but he’s never loved anybody more. They would’ve never met if Dean hadn’t have gotten caught in the rain and taken refuge into his small, but comfortably warm, flower shop on the corner of a usually busy street.

Business had been slow for weeks and so when Dean had stumbled in, wet and shaking with cold, Castiel immediately perked up at the sound of the bell above the door and rushed to the counter to offer his assistance.

Dean had ended up staying for hours, even after the rain had stopped, laughing and talking and getting to know the handsome blue-eyed florist and when he finally did have to go, Castiel had sent him away with flushed cheeks and a bundle of yellow daisies to signify the beginnings of what he thought would be a beautiful friendship.

Only it’s more than friendship now.

At least it is for Castiel and he wants to be brave and confess his feelings to Dean tonight. He knows that even if his feelings aren’t reciprocated that he could probably still maintain a solid friendship with the man and while he would need time to adjust, he’s sure he could do it. As long as he’s able to have Dean in his life in some capacity, Castiel would be satisfied with that.

So, here he is, standing outside of Winchester Bakery with a single red rose behind his back, hoping and praying that Dean will accept his feelings and feel the same way about him.

The buzzer above the door alerts Dean to his presence and he immediately gives Cas one of those charming boyish grins of his that make his heart feel like it’s going to leap from his chest for Dean to hold and keep forever and he hopes that he isn’t about to be making a huge mistake…

“Hey Cas,” Dean greets in that lovely voice of his. “Tell me you’re here to try my new recipe for pecan pie turnovers. Even Sammy likes ‘em and you know how he is when it comes to anything that isn’t a freakin’ fruit salad.”

“Hello Dean,” Castiel answers with a shaky smile. “I would love to try one of your desserts but um…that isn’t the reason for this visit.”

Castiel’s heart is desperately trying to escape from his chest at this point and he feels like he’s about to faint. Maybe this is a mistake. What if Dean reacts negatively to his affections? What if this is the last time he’ll ever have that beautiful smile directed at him? Be able to stare into and get lost in those gorgeous green eyes?

“Okay,” Dean starts, drawing out the O and he sounds a bit nervous himself, noticing how…off his best friend appears. “What is it? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost, man. You feeling alright? Did something happen?”

Before he has a chance to chicken out, Castiel reveals the single red rose that he’d been hiding behind his back, extending his arm to offer it to Dean from across the counter. His cheeks are on fire and he’s pointedly not looking at the handsome baker, instead finding something interesting about the cupcakes in the display cases near the counter.

“I wanted to tell you that I really like you, Dean, and that I would be honored to take you on a date sometime if you would be agreeable to something like that,” Castiel forces himself to say.

An awkward silence engulfs the two of them and it drags out for so long that Cas realizes that he’s still holding onto the rose. 

Dean hasn’t accepted it. Dean doesn’t want this. He’s ruined everything.

Just before he can open his mouth to apologize and beg Dean to please ignore this, to please just allow them to continue to be friends, Dean starts to laugh. It’s such a lovely sound that it makes Castiel finally look up at him and when he does, Dean looks so happy as he takes the rose from Castiel’s hand.

“Oh, Cas,” he starts, looking at him with an expression that couldn’t be anything but care and affection and love. “I thought you’d never ask.”

song link

“A long long time ago, there was a volcano… living all alone, in the middle of the sea…”

Dean paused outside of the kitchen, one hand reaching for the doorknob, stunned into stillness.

He wasn’t shocked that Cas had a nice voice. Perk of being an angel (well, ex-angel, his brain reminded him) heavenly choir and all that.

No, what shocked him was the song choice.

“He sat high above his bay, watching all the couples play, and wishing that he had someone, too.”

Sure, the tune had been catchy, but still, it had been weeks since they’d seen the damned Disney film at a theater during downtime after a hunt. Disney was a classic and Dean had figured that Cas’s education in pop culture may as well start with kids’ films.

Hell, if Dean remembered rightly, the song wasn’t even from the movie, but the cheesy short right before it.

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“Hey, can I borrow a pencil?”

Castiel looks up from his class syllabus, startled, and is immediately stunned by the beauty of the boy leaning in on his left.

His eyes are so green, he thinks. And those freckles.

He grabs his backup pencil from its place along the top of his notebook and passes it over without question.

The boy grins and accepts it, his fingers brushing Castiel’s lightly. “Thanks man, you’re a life saver. I’m usually prepared, but…” He holds up a shell of a mechanical pencil, snapped cleanly in half.

Castiel nods in understanding. “It’s not a problem, I assure you.”

The boy sticks out his hand. “I’m Dean.”

“Castiel,” he says in reply, shaking Dean’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Dean.”

Dean leans back into his own space, a small smile on his lips. “I could say the same to you, Castiel.”

The professor calls the class to attention before Castiel has the chance to respond, and they are both too busy taking notes on the lecture to speak any more.

But that doesn’t stop Castiel’s thoughts from being dominated by those intensely green eyes for the remainder of the day.


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Can you recommend any Destiel fics that involve Dean and/or Cas cooking and/or baking? Canon or au is fine, but the only one I know of is 'Cooking with Gas' and I'd love more. Thank you! :)

deancas + food fic rec