cas is the shit and dean is deep in it
'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki say the boys aren't going 'full-mope'
To read more on Supernatural, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday. You can buy the whole set now, or purchase the individual covers of the group shot, Jensen Ackles, Jare…

Okay, so here’s the thing I LOVE about this article:

“Dean is going to be throwing himself into the job now more than ever. “He’s essentially grieving by burying himself in work,” Jensen Ackles says. But don’t expect him to be enthusiastic about it. “He’s still going to fight the fight, but there’s less passion there because of the loss that he’s dealing with,” Ackles continues”

“Dean is focusing on the task at hand. His attitude, as Ackles puts it, is, “I’m not going to think about what I’ve lost. In turn, I’m just going to focus on what I can fix.” That leads Dean down what Ackles calls a “hopeless road.”

“Ackles adds, “That’s not interesting to me. What’s more interesting is the person who looks like everything’s fine when you are fully aware that everything is not fine.

Now. What Jensen is doing here is quite literally spelling out the subtext. He is confirming that Dean has layers. He is literally telling us that Dean is not what he appears at surface level. That the surface reading is incorrect.

I have read posts from people which have infuriated me because they say that we are idiots for thinking Dean is anything other than black and white. Mr “everything is surface level I don’t have any deep thoughts” Winchester apparently, and I have to SCREAM in IM to long suffering friends about it because I can’t believe how blind these people are all for the sake of disproving something as obvious as Dean being bisexual and multifaceted. (sorry @tinkdw and @elizabethrobertajones as I know I bug you guys the most)

Jensen is literally spelling it out for us here. He is saying that he plays Dean in layers. That when Dean acts like he is “fine” he is most definitely not fine. That Dean will bury himself in the job, the hunt, because he is in so much pain he can’t bare to think about what he has lost (hint: EVERYTHING).

When you watch 13x02 and feel disappointed because Dean is not crying into his pillow remember this article. Remember Jensen’s words. When you see anti’s laughing in their deluded idiocy and using Dean’s “bury himself in hunting” attitude to “prove” that he doesn’t care about Cas at all, remember Jensen’s words. 

By claiming or even attempting to claim that Dean doesn’t care, that Dean isn’t burying his grief and pain and depression over losing Cas, you are effectively saying Jensen isn’t doing his job properly. 

Even if you don’t ship destiel, the level of absolute delusion you must have if you don’t believe that Dean cares for and loves Cas on a deep and visceral level must be through the roof. I’d actually be worried about your grasp on reality if that is the case. This isn’t up for debate anymore. Dean loving Cas is a fact. Its canon. You can argue the difference between it being platonic or romantic love til the cows come home, but denying Dean’s grief? Denying Jensen’s absolutely fucking spectacular acting in 13x01 in which I physically ached in my heart over seeing such raw pain on the screen? That’s just ludicrous. 

The show has been telling us this shit for YEARS about Dean, sometimes pretty much textually, but if that didn’t make it obvious enough for you, maybe you’ll actually listen to Jensen himself, god knows you love to quote other (quite silly and out of context) things he’s said enough times. 

cas has never been a morning person. he’s fully aware that he can be a grumpy little shit before two cups of coffee. this morning is no exception, especially when he turns in bed and is greeted by a particularly cold, empty bed. with a deep, put-upon sigh, cas pulls himself out of bed and heads toward the kitchen. when cas gets close to the entryway he can already hear dean’s soft humming as he flips pancakes over the stove. cas can’t help the small smile that pulls at his lips as he takes quiet steps until he’s standing behind dean. dean stops singing when cas wraps his arms around dean’s middle, cas pushing up the hem of his shirt to rest his hand on dean’s stomach. cas kisses the back of dean’s neck before he mumbles out coffee. dean laughs, turning to kiss cas before moving to the coffee pot. mornings aren’t so bad.

Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food
completely the fault of this prompt

“You ready?”

“Wait, lemme—okay. Yeah. Go.”

“Don’t do that dewy eyes thing again. I nearly burst out laughing last time.”

“Just shut up and go—the waiter’s coming.”

Dean hastily leans back, fumbling with the cheap velvet box in his palm. Cas is barely suppressing his grin, pretending to be interested in the dessert menu.

The waitress is at the table opposite them, and Dean taps his fingers patiently against his leg. Just a little bit closer.

“You know, I was gonna wait ‘til we got back home, but I don’t think I can anymore.”

Cas looks up, expression of surprise just on the edge of believable.

“Dean?” He asks carefully.

“Dammit, Cas, I can’t stand it!”

Dean throws his napkin down, standing with a dramatic flourish. Heads are starting to turn towards their table, and their waitress is staring at them, her mouth open. Dean fights back his grin. Jackpot.

He drops to one knee, and all around them, surprised gasps and a couple stunned oh my gods echo through the restaurant.

Dean holds up the ring (something they dug out of the bottom of a 99 cent bin in Walmart), adding a hesitant edge to his voice.

“Castiel,” he says gravely. “Love of my life. Will you—will you marry me?”

Cas presses a hand to his heart, his lip trembling a little. (Damn him and those acting classes he took their senior year of college, the fucker.)

“Dean,” he breathes. “Of course. Of course!”

Dean is immediately yanked up in the arms of his pseudo-fiancé, as the restaurant dissolves into a cacophony of whoops and applause. Cas smiles against his lips.

“Nailed it,” he whispers.

“As always,” Dean whispers back. Then he kisses him again, because hey—that was the best part of the fake proposing, getting to make out with Cas in front of everyone.

Well, that, and the free food.

It happened kinda by accident.

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Words, Words, Words
Characters: Castiel X Reader

Word Count: 2017 (Hey, what do you know, Happy New Year!)

A/N: One-shot, smut warning. The reader shows Cas a thing or two about a thing or two. Smut after the cut. NSFW. Did I mention smut? And always with the fluff.

“Cas!” The unexpected subtle movement of a figure in the doorway caught your eye, drawing your attention from your book, a smile instantly alighting your lips and eyes. Jumping from the couch, bounding across the room in three strides, you leapt into his open embrace.

“Y/N,” strong arms wound around your waist, gliding up your back to tangle into your hair, the momentum of your enthusiastic greeting swinging you both around as he lifted your feet to dangle off the ground, “I missed you too.”

“You guys already clear the nest?” You hung on him, arms clasped around his neck, pecking a tender kiss to the tip of his nose, “I thought you’d be a few more days at least. Where are the brothers?”

He lightly set you back on your feet, angling away to better peer into your countenance, smoothing a stray wisp of hair from your forehead, “Sam and Dean did not require my assistance after all.” He leaned forward to kiss your lips.

“Oh?” You quirked an eyebrow, ducking and evading the kiss with a teasing grin.

He squinted at you, a bewildered line wrinkling between his eyebrows, “Is something wrong? You seemed pleased to see me a moment ago.”

“Nothing is wrong,” your palm fell to cup his cheek, thumb caressing his lower lip.

He stared at you, blue eyes gleaming anxiously.

“It’s just not like you to abandon Sam and Dean in the middle of a hunt,” your fingers skimmed to his chest, absentmindedly straightening his tie, “I could ask you the same.”

“There is an important matter I wanted to discuss with you,” his hand came up to clutch yours, bringing it to his lips to tenderly kiss your knuckles, one-by-one, voice dropping to a low rumble, “about our love making the other night.”

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Out Of My League (Part 2)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader
Summary: Insecure!reader and Sam have their first relationship problem.
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex.
Word Count: 1.832
A/N: I hope you people know how happy you made me with your likes, reblogs and comments on “Out Of My League”! I seriously couldn’t stop smiling whole day, and decided to write another part :) I hope you’ll like it as well, and friendly reminder; I love feedback:) 

Out Of My League- Part 1

“You know…” Dean stated, not looking up from his laptop, “I’ve seen some disgusting stuff in my time, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more disgusting than you two being a couple.”

You and Sam both turned to look at Dean.

“We’re literally just sitting across each other, Dean.”

“I refuse to be called gross by a grown ass man who watches Japanese cartoon porn.” You stated and he rolled his eyes.

“One, that’s art. Two, you’re texting each other in the same room, what are you, thirteen?”

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Prompt: Cass goes to buy a Valentine’s gift for Dean and ends up coming home with lingerie.

“This is bull shit.”

Cas’ eyes flickered up at Dean’s forlorn expression. “What do you mean?”

Dean grumbled, brow furrowed and scratched the back of his neck, awkward. “I just…am I loosing it Cas? Am I getting old or something?”
A beat. “Dean, I’m millennia older than you. My perspective might not be one you can really measure. To me all human’s are young.”

Dean huffed. “How is it Sam is the one out shacking up with girls all the time and I’m the one home alone drinkin’ myself stupid on Valentine’s day.”

“I met St Valentine…he was quiet the chauvinist. Not a nice a you human’s make out…”

“Cas…” Dean sighed. Cas narrowed his eyes and tried to concentrate on how to lightened Dean’s mood.

“I’m sorry you have to spend Valentine’s Day with me Dean.” he tried. But it only seemed to make Dean’s frown deepen.

“Hey don’t say that man…” He murmured patting his hand and rising to the fridge to search for more beer. “Hey maybe me and you should do somethin’ tomorrow. Both of being single. Maybe we can have another crack at loosing your virginity eh? I don’t think April counts.” he laughed a twinkle in his eyes at Cas’ stunned expression. “Hey, don’t look so scared. I promise this time there will be no angel blades in sight.”


“I’m uh…I’m looking for a Valentines day gift? It’s for…”
The sales assistant grinned knowingly. “I know just the thing! Follow me Sir.”


“Cas!?” Dean called as he shut the bunker door. Silence. He frowned jogging down the steps. “Hey!? You around buddy?”

Then came a wavering reply, a cracked voice. “Your room!”

Dean frowned. His room. He was…why would he…

Dean came to his door and opened it.

“Cas why…HOLY SHIT!”

They both stood for a while in silence, Dean shocked still and Cas blushing.

“I um…the girl at the store said they would suit uh…blue eyes and dark hair.” he rubbed the sapphire silk and lace between his thumb and forefinger. A lacy little nighty number and matching thigh highs and something Dean couldn’t see yet, matching panties.

Dean’s eyes snapped up away from Cas’ body.

“I-Yeah, that’s great Cas and why are you wearing them.”

Cas was confused. “You told me…we should do something. And that I should try to loose my…”

“Christ, Cas I mean we go and…FIND some one for you.”

And then Cas went pale and his cheeks flamed red, he covered his face and sank onto the edge of Dean’s bed desperately trying to tug the blanket from under himself to cover up. His arms were visibly trembling and it honestly made Dean’s heart pang painfully.

“Hey…Hey man…calm down it o-”

Cas shrugged him off as he tried to give him a reassuring touch on the shoulder. He kept his face bowed the shadows hiding his face.

“Dean please let me have my dignity and leave, I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one night.”

“Come on Cas, don’t be…”

Cas lifted his face he briefly met Dean’s eyes and Dean melted. Fuck, Cas looked so damn heartbroken. Those big sad puppy eyes in full effect, the ones that made Dean wanna kill whatever had put that pain there triple-fold. Dean crouched in front of him.

“I look ridiculous. You think I look ridiculous.” his voice was soft, barley there.

“I never said that.”

Their eyes met and Dean swallowed. “You said you didn’t mean that you wanted to-”

“No…but honestly man only because I didn’t think you were into me like that.”

Cas nodded and twiddled his thumbs nervously.

“Cas?” The angel met his eyes, looking younger and more innocent than Dean had seen him in a long time. “Did you want that? Did you want me?”

He nodded and Dean kept their gaze steady. “Good.” he breathed.

And he leaned up and kissed Cas hard and bruising and sending him back into the mattress. “’Cause you look so fucking hot in this silky shit.”

His hands brushed Cas’ sides and Cas gasped eyes rolling back and shivering. “Dean…”

Dean’s hand brushes back up, hiking up the material and revealing the surprise underneath.

A noise, something deep and guttural came from Dean’s throat.

“Holy shit Cas.”

He kisses Cas’ lips one more time and then his lips continued a downaward journey.

“Mmm fuck…Happy Valentine’s Day to me…”

Cas bucked up and groaned in response.

Night Falls: Chapter 17

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,057


A/N: I really can’t believe we’re 17 chapters into this story! I really wasn’t sure if this idea would amount to much, and now, it may be the story I try to publish once I finish (and of course edit a billion times). Thank you all for supporting this story. Your support has definitely been a driving factor into keeping this story going (despite how slowly it’s going).

And I know this chapter is a little shorter than usual, but chapter 18 is a doozy and I want one long chapter for everything that’s about to happen. 

As usual, hit up @attractiverandomness with any tags you may need and send her a quick “thank you” for being so badass.

Night Falls Master List

Dean steps out of the room and pulls the door shut behind him, letting his head fall against the same wood he had you pressed against just a short while ago.

What the fuck did I just do? Dean runs a hand through his hair.

If he thought he was in deep shit before, he had no clue what the fuck kind of trouble he was in now.

Turns out, Bobby and Cas had every right to be worried.

They knew this was going to happen, yet Dean was dumb enough to think that between your piss poor attitude and the fact that you seemed just as annoyed by him as he was of you, that nothing would ever change between the two of you.

Sure, he had been more protective of you than he had been with any other witness, but what Bobby and Cas seemed to not get was that it had nothing to do with the fact that you were cute–okay, more than cute. But you represented the one thing he had been chasing his entire life; revenge.

Pain in the ass or not, he was going to fight with everything in him to keep you safe.

But between the bickering and backhanded comments, he began to see not just a witness who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a woman, a strong woman, you took no bullshit and was unapologetic for it. You had taken this entire situation in stride, making the best of it by befriending your agents and even making them feel like you were apart of some strange little family. Hell, you had even gotten Ralph to like you, and that was a feat in and of itself. You had this way about you that just lit up a room whenever you walked by, and not even Zazel could make you feel small or weak.

You were much more than Dean ever imagined you would be, and he found himself going out of his way to be around you or make you smile. Despite that fact that he hadn’t felt this type of exhaustion since he was in training, he couldn’t find himself to leave you, not even for a day. Sure, you were the most important witness he would probably ever have, and Dean could tell Bobby and Cas that all day, but Dean knew that it was just a cover. He wanted to see you. Wanted to make sure you were safe. He would never forgive himself if something happened to you if he could have prevented it, and not just because the trial would potentially flop without you.

And he wasn’t blind; he saw the shift in you too–how you smiled when he walked into a room, how you sat closer to him on the couch when you watched tv, how you went to him with any fear you were having about this whole situation. Or the hungry glint that he’d seem to catch in Y/E/C eyes every time Cas stepped out of the room and it was the two of you alone.

But the problem was, what happened between you wasn’t just some hook up–not that he was the first agent to ever sleep with a witness. But what happened between the two of you felt so much more than that.

That was the problem. Because there was no way in hell that the two of you would be able to walk away from this and pretend that it meant nothing.

He had no idea what this meant for the two of you; this couldn’t happen again, no matter how amazing it was–the way you ground against him, your hips curling and bucking below him…

He shakes his head, clearing the memory.

He couldn’t be distracted like this, not with so much at stake.

The best thing for the two of you would be to try to pretend it never happened.

And not just because his job was at stake. Not just because everything he had been working towards from the night his mother was murdered could be taken away from him because of a moment of weakness.

What if someone had broken into the house while he was busy doing the damn horizontal bop with you?  He would have been found quite literally with his pants down and wouldn’t have been able to protect you–the one thing he suppose to do.

He let his feelings for you get in the way once. He couldn’t let it happen again. Not until Zazel was locked away and you were safe.

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A Hard Day’s Night: Part 2

Chapter 1

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt:  Castiel, bothered by his friends because he never even kissed someone, decides he can’t handle the nagging anymore and does something he thought he’d never do.

Tags: student!cas, escort!dean, angst, bit of fluff

Words: 1934

A/N: Feedback is very much appreciated still! Let me know if you want to be on the taglist.

Tagging: @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire @thedisgraced @funnycas @destielonfire @purgatoan @sunkissedsam @prettyboydean @envydean @saminzat @ducksorclowns @castielismyfavouriteangel @lapotatoqueen @poemwriter90 @britishangel99 @weirdsassymess @fluffywingedcastiel @fandomcircus  @poeticmoonthings @dragonpressgraphics @amirosebooks @emotionally-compromised-idiot

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Title: Sex Drunk

Pairing: Wincestiel

Rating: Explicit

Wordcout: 1,994

Notes: just a little cheer up quickie for @hornsonmysoul, because ily, be nice to yourself (loosely based off what I remember of the episode ‘99 problems’ with the whore of babylon, I know this doesn’t really work with the timeline of it but anyway)


“What’s with the angel passed out on the bed?”

Dean pulled his jacket off and tossed it over the back of a chair, eyeing Cas spread out on one bed on top of the comforter, trench coat and shoes still on.

“He showed up drunk.”

On the small couch, hunched over an old book, Sam didn’t even bother to look up at Dean.

“What, seriously? He can even get drunk?”

Sighing, Sam ran a hand through his hair and finally sat back, looking at Dean. “He said he drank a whole liquor store. I think he might have meant that literally.”

Dean pulled a dingy glass down from a kitchenette cupboard and filled it with tap water. “Man, what is up with him.”

“He called me stupid when I asked if he was ok.”

“I mean, it’s kind of obvious he’s not.”

Setting the water down on the table, Dean moved to root through a duffel bag at the end of the couch, pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

“Where’s Padre?”

“Taking a minute to get his head on.”

Passing the couch, Dean patted Sam on the arm and his brother leaned into it before settling back quietly over his book. Picking up the water, Dean took the aspirin over to the bed and sat down hard, bouncing the mattress.

Cas was dead to the world.

“Maybe you should let him sleep,” Sam said.

“Maybe you should mind your business.”

The bitch face he got for that was reassuring. Things’d be fine between them. Always were.

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cas’ monologues have been getting more and more elaborate and emotional and personal. by the rate he’s going, come 12x15 he’ll be proposing to dean  

12x09:  “This sad, doomed little world, It needs you. It needs every Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me. To everything.

12x12: “Knowing you has been the best part of my life and the things we’ve shared together have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you.

see also: how at the end of cas’ speeches he’ll say something super personal, then he’s like wow shit that’s too deep and intimate. “dean, will you marry me? ….all of us? will you marry all of us? sam get the ring.”

Sandwich Surprise


*Tagging @3fangurls


The breakfast rush had passed and it wasn’t yet time for the lunch rush. You stood at the counter, gazing out the large picture window, watching the people pass by. It was a nice Spring day and the sidewalk was busy: young couples, mothers pushing strollers, joggers, dog walkers.

And then the shiny black car pulled into a spot in front.

You hadn’t seen the car in years but you would know the machine anywhere.

You dropped to the ground, heart pounding. What were they doing here?

‘Probably working,’ you told yourself. Slowly, you peeked above the counter. Sam and Dean had gotten out of the car and were looking around, discussing something. They were dressed in their suits—they were working.

‘Strange,’ you thought. You hadn’t heard anything strange happening around here recently. Neither had Rebecca, your twin in every sense of the word—young, cookie lover, master baker, ex-hunter.

“Uh,” Rebecca said, stepping from the kitchen and finding you crouched on the floor. “What’re you doing?”

“I need you to run lobby,” you said, making an awkward-crabwalk-dash to the kitchen. “But don’t give them menus!”

“What? Why?”

“I know what they want.”


“They’re my brothers.”

Rushing into the kitchen, you began to throw together the food you knew your brothers would want—healthy-sized sandwiches (larger than the usual); a side of house-made chips for Dean, a small salad for Sam. The bell above the door rang just as you were putting the finishing touches on each plate.


“Cas, what are you doing in my kitchen?” you asked, not turning around.

“I wanted to let you know that your brothers–”

“I know. I saw the Impala pull up.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Surprise them.” You glanced over your shoulder. “Go meet them. But don’t tell them I’m here!”

The angel stepped from the kitchen. You heard the deep voices of your brothers, heard the muffled conversation of surprise upon the angel’s arrival. For his part, thankfully, Cas said nothing about you.

You took a few deep breaths before sliding the food onto a tray and stepping from the kitchen. You made your way to the table, setting the food down before them.

“Sorry, we didn’t order–” Sam looked up, his face dropping in surprise. “Y/N?”

Dean turned, his face mirroring Sam’s. “Holy shit. What are you doing here?”

“Bringing you your lunch.”


You watched as your brothers examined their food, large smiles covering their faces.

“How’d you know?” Sam asked.

“Sister’s intuition,” you said with a shrug.

“Mother Mary’s,” Dean said, remembering the name he’d seen on the banner outside. “We should have known.”

“And it was strange that we didn’t get menus. Your friend over there refused to give us any.”

“Did you know about this?” Dean asked, turning to Cas. He gave a small shrug.

“Do you… I mean, would you like to sit down?” Sam asked, pulling out the chair next to him.

You carefully sat next to him, making eye contact with Cas. He gave you a gentle smile.

“Holy shit,” Dean said, this time muffled by mounds of turkey and ham and cheese. “This is delicious.”

“Save room for dessert,” you said with a chuckle. “We make pies every morning, fresh.”

Dean’s eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

Your fingers in mine.

Pairing : Sam x boyfriend!Cas, Dean x Wife!reader, Dean x Cas, Sam x Reader.
Wordcount : 2,272
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings : Smut.
Square filled : Hand holding.
Written for : @spnkinkbingo

A/N : Idea came from @evyiione - Holding hand : Sam x Reader x Voyeur!Dean slow sex while Dean hold one hand and Sam the other hand ? Or Sam x Reader / Dean x Cas the two bottoms holds their hands


Biting your lip, you waited for Dean’s answer. Your relationship was built on trust and honesty. You were both honest about feelings, and trusted each other fully. It was no secret to Dean when he had asked you to marry him, that you were also attracted to his brother. But he trusted you not to act on it. Just like you knew he occasionally fantasized about his brother’s now boyfriend.

Until today, everything had been purely fantasy.

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casbakespie  asked:

the whole drive to work i was like 'yeah i should think of a headcanon to send unforth' but then i kinda fell victim to highway hypnosis and don't remember thinking much of anything... so instead you get this randomness instead of something thought out: dean and cas meet in college, but belong to different clubs that very viciously compete with each year during some campus wide fundraiser. when dean and cas inherit presidency of their respective clubs, the rivalry gets out of hand.

hmm….this is actually a pretty tough one for me, as enemies to…whatevers…isn’t my forte in general. But…

“You’re kidding,” said Cas with a sigh, sitting on the edge of his bed. Being in the same frat house meant that he and Dean shared a room, of necessity - of COURSE - and that covered a multitude of sins.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Dean replied, dropping on to his bed opposite Cas.

Cas looked up at him, eyes narrowed. “You look kissable, does that count?”

“They named me president of the varsity football team,” Dean repeated glumly.

“And I’m president of varsity baseball…” Cas trailed off. “The prank war starts in two weeks.” Dean nodded. “And now we have to plan our respective team’s moves?” Dean nodded again. “Do they realize we’re dating?”

“ ‘parently not,” said Dean. “My team said, and I quote, ‘because you two share a room you can, like, snoop and shit.’ Their exact words.”

“…we’re not exactly subtle…”

“Bros being bros, full no homo, or something.” Dean shrugged.

“No. No, no, no, no, no. Full homo. Total homo. All the homo.”

“I’m bi,” Dean reminded him.

“Fair.” Cas sighed and dropped his head into his hands. “I thought we agreed we’d be open about this, not in the closet. Have you been…?”

“ ‘Course not!” said Dean, affronted. “You said open, and I’ve been open. ‘Cas and I are gettin’ dinner, I can’t make it guys,’ and ‘you know how it is, the ball and chain doesn’t want me getting back smashed at 4 am so three’s my limit.’ You?”

“I told them I lived with you, I thought that made it obvious!”

“Apparently not,” Dean said. “They just think my roomie has me whipped, and that apparently makes me the perfect spy.”

“Well, you are perfect.”

“Flatterer.” Dean sighed and mirrored Cas’ hang dog expression. They sat in silence, stewing, Cas wondering how his attempt to come out to his team had gone so catastrophically wrong. And here he’d thought they’d been so accepting and supportive! He’d not been the victim of a single homophobic act or slur! He’d been thrilled. Except, apparently, he had no idea how deep heterosexual denial truly went. “Hey - hey-hey-hey-hey-hey,” Dean said, looking up with a manic grin.

“Is what horses eat,” Cas replied grumpily.

“We prank them.”

Cas quirked a questioning eyebrow at his boyfriend. 

“We. Prank. The. Shit. Out. Of. Them. We know all of each teams plans, right? Let’s take this rivalry to a whole new level, get all those bastards damn good, and make it clear that, as oblivious as they are, they’d forget where the damn fields were if we didn’t text them to remind them where to go for games. They have no idea we’re in this together. Whaddaya think, Cas? Ready to knock their socks off - knock all of campuses socks off?”

Torn, Cas hesitated. Teaming up with the rival captain wasn’t really in the spirit of Varsity Wars, but it was all for charity, and if by their efforts combined they could drum up more interest, and generated money for a good cause, and show up all their moronic teammates who somehow had missed that Dean and Cas had been screwing each other senseless since sophomore year?

A slow smile brightened Cas’ features. “Yeah. Yeah, let’s do this! All for one and one for something something!”


Laughing, Dean grabbed a notebook and a pen and snuggled on the bed beside Cas.

They had pranks to plan.

send me head-canons and such…

The Life You Deserve - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: The reader gets hurt and Dean doesn’t react too well.
Word Count: it’s a long one 2040
Warnings: angst this is gonna hurt I’m so sorry, language, angsty smut.
A/N: Flashback inside of a flashback. Flashbackception! Flashbacks in italics Beta’d by @nighttimenoodle 
Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2

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People In Hell Want Slurpees

Pairing: Wellp this started off as just TFW fluff buuuuuut it grew into CrowleyxReader so… yep

Summary: The reader is listening to music and one of her favorite songs comes on so (naturally) she jams out to it.

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing?

A/N: OMG so this is for @percussiongirl2017‘s writing challenge! I am waaaay overdue lol thank you for being so patient with me!! The line I had to include was “People in Hell want slurpees” and the song I had to use was “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner. They’ll be highlighted.
A/N2: My first Supernatural oneshot! I hope y’all enjoy! Shoot me some feeback, good or bad, I appreciate it all :) requests are open

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Hunting Ground (Part 9): Epilogue

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Request: Yes, continuing Hunting Ground from the alt ending! I think it would be amazing!

Hunting Ground Masterlist

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 4,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This part takes place after Part 8: The Alternate Ending…

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“Oh my God, Dean, what the hell did you do?” Sam says, peering blearily out of his own bedroom at 2am, staring between Dean standing confused in the hallway and Cas’s bedroom door, which had slammed loudly enough to wake the whole of Lebanon not 30 seconds ago.

Dean shrugs helplessly, “I have no idea.”

Sam glares tiredly at him and brushes his hair out of his face, “Yeah, well you obviously did something.”

Dean bristles. Just one more thing Sam’s blaming him for and he wasn’t even there.

“Oh yeah, ‘cause everything’s always my fault isn’t it, Sammy?” Dean snaps. Sam sighs, and Dean is treated to a second door being slammed in his face.

Dean lets out a grunt of frustration and slams his own. He paces restlessly around his room for all of a minute before he’s storming out again and banging on Cas’s bedroom door.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a scene where dean and Cas have been married for years but then dean loses his memory do to a car crash or something and forgets everything but gets his memory back months later. Hope you respond!

Of course Anon!! Here you go!!

That Color Blue

Context: After the car crash, Dean was sent to a specialist to try and regain his memory and after he remembered Sam for the first time, Sam thought it would be a good idea to introduce Cas again, but didn’t want Dean to know Cas was his husband because he was afraid of another gay panic.

It began when he was driving with that guy Sam, his younger brother, who Dean recently remembered with detail. Dean had been staring out the window at a clear, cloudless sky. It was the blue of the sky. Alarm bells went off in his head, screaming at him to remember where he’d seen that blue before. The nameless, empty memory caused his heart to ache and his breath to shorten. He missed that color blue and he couldn’t for the life of him remember why. It was the first time that something made him want to remember.

Every day after that, he began looking for the source of that blue color. Trying to make sense of the way that it made him feel. He couldn’t remember feeling that way about anything before. It was killing him to remember. Even worse, he was losing sleep again, lying awake thinking about that blue. The way it resonated deep in his chest was scaring the shit out of him.

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Those Three Words

Dean Winchester x Castiel

Warnings: language, angst, season 12 finale spoilers, brief mention of sexual acts, fluff.

Author’s Note: This fic is inspired by the song “Every Little Thing” by Carly Pearce.

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Dean clutched Castiel’s pillow, taking in the fading scent of sandalwood and vanilla. His eyes welled up with tears as he remembered his angel, lying beside him every night as Dean faded off to sleep. The sound of his angel’s strong heartbeat would lull him to sleep, no matter how bad or great the day had been. Whether they had gotten into a big fight, or had mind-blowing sex, when they laid down for the night, everything faded away. It was soothing, pure happiness.

But now, the space beside Dean was forever empty, the only thing left being the scent that Castiel had left behind. It had been two months since he was killed, ripped from Dean’s heart and sent to… wherever angel’s go when they die. And all Dean could do was soak in what was left before it too faded away.

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When Two Worlds Collide Pt. 1 - The French Twist

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas

Pairings: To be revealed

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,800

Summary: Your world collides with the world of the Winchesters. You are a fan of the show Supernatural and one morning the stars of the show, Jensen and Jared, turn up on your doorstep. You discover quickly that these two men are actually the characters, Sam and Dean, from the show and not Jensen and Jared, the actors who play them.You tell the boys about the episode “The French Mistake” when they were thrown into your world by Baltazahr, and they tell you they actually lived it. Now the two worlds, the one in which all monsters, angels and demons alike, are real  and yours, seemingly monster free until today, have collided and become one. The world where Supernatural and Sam and Dean are just a show is gone.  The boys are tracking a demon and need your help. You try to wrap your mind around the fact that Supernatural’s world has invaded yours and seems to be sticking around.

Things to know: Not sure what you’ll think of this one. It’s gonna be long and twisty. I promise. ;)

Most images are not mine

There was a rap at your door. You rolled over in bed and checked your phone. Who could possibly be knocking on your door so early, you thought to yourself as you checked the time. You realized it was already ten when there was a second, more insistent knock on the front door.

You sighed, irritated, and swung your legs over the edge of the bed throwing the quilt to the foot of the bed. You looked at your cat who was still curled up in a ball. “Guess someone wants my attention early, sis,” you mumbled softly, as you pet her. She gave a purr in response.

By the third knock, you had grabbed the nearest hoodie and thrown it over your tank top. It almost covered the shorts you had worn to bed. Whatever, you muttered to yourself getting to the door just as the visitor started banging on the door.

You swung the door open, the man’s was hand midair about ready to strike again. “What the hell…” your voice trailed off as you got a good look at the man at the door. You knew that face, it was Jensen Ackles from Supernatural dressed in a suit and tie. Your head began to spin. You gave yourself a smack on the cheek saying, “Wake up, y/n. This must be a dream.”

He looked at you with a smile, a bemused look on his face. Behind him, an extremely tall man was walking up to your door step, who you realized was Jared Padalecki. You blinked twice, slowly, trying to force your eyes to focus. You looked up at both men utterly confused.

Jensen spoke first. “Are you Ms. Y/L/N? We just need to talk to you about Y/BF/N. You knew her correct?” he asked as you looked back and forth between Jensen and Jared. “It’s Y/N, right?” Jared asked when you didn’t respond.

Your voice came out just barley a whisper, “Jensen and Jared?” you asked in response to Jared’s question. “What on earth are you doing here, at my house?”

The two men exchanged looks, something dawning on Jared. “Ma'am did you just call us Jensen and Jared?” he said as the same realization came to Jensen as well, and he rolled his eyes as Jared spoke.

“Yeah, you play the Winchester brothers on Supernatural,” you mumbled. You pointed at Jensen first then Jared. “You’re Dean and you’re Sam.”

The two men exchanged a look before Jared spoke. “Look,” he said with a sigh, a look of sympathy crossing his face. “This has happened to us before. We are not this Jensen and Jared. My name is Sam,” he said placing his hand on his chest then he placed his hand on the shoulder of the man next to him, “and this is Dean.”

You laughed out loud. “Haha! You guys really are joksters, aren’t you? Am I some part of a practical joke? Is Misha here too?!” You said leaning your head out the front door looking for Misha to jump out and yell, surprise!

Dean looked at you with a confused and frustrated look. “Seriously, Y/N. We came to talk to you about your friend Y/BF/N. If you watch the show Supernatural, or whatever it’s called, then you know what we do. You know what we hunt and what is really out there. Tracy’s disappearance wasn’t a disappearance,” he finished with a sigh.

You looked from one man to the next, a nervous laugh escaping you as you felt reality closing in around you. Next thing you knew, you were blacking out and falling.

The world around you was going dark. The last thing you saw was Jensen/Dean’s shocked face and his arms reaching out to catch you before you lost consciousness.

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