cas is the bottom in most of these

anonymous asked:

tell me, what do you think about bottom!Cas?

Bottom!Cas would include:

- insisting on being on his back instead of his stomach so he could look up into Dean’s eyes

- clawing at Dean’s arm until his hand rested where his handprint used to be

- making the prettiest whimpers and whines, because Cas gets too lost in the feeling to actually cry out

- finally being able to let go of responsibility and let someone else take over, even if just for a night

- listening to Dean’s rough voice as he growls the most delicious filth into Cas’ ear

- blushing and flirty, shy looks at Dean when he thinks Sam isn’t looking

- going down on Dean while Dean is driving the Impala, just to feel the tug of Dean’s hands in his hair

- cuddling into Dean’s arms every night knowing that he’s not alone anymore

Bottom!Cas is an emotional ball of fluff, and I love him.

Angelic Soulmate

gif is not mine

Title: Angelic Soulmate

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Castiel

Word Count: 809

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lately Castiel had been trying to get you out of heaven.  He swore to you that Earth was not this bad place most of the angels believed it to be.  When you agreed to meet these Winchesters Castiel spoke of you were very nervous.  He said they were the best humans he knew, but you had reservations.  You had met a few humans before when every angel fell from heaven.  They were the worst of humanity.  You weren’t sure you wanted to return to Earth ever again.

However, Castiel convinced you to go with him.  You trusted Castiel.  He had been your friend for as long as you could remember.  You never gave up on him, and he never gave up on you.  You were willing to trust Castiel.

Castiel took you to the bunker with him that day.  You looked around, noticing the amount of books inside the room.  It had to be a library.  There were no humans inside the room though.  

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Happy Unattached Drifter Christmas!

Originally posted by cissyxavier

Another year single (i hate that word). For all of my fellow unattached people out there, just know that you are loved. We are a family and that there are those out there that do care very much so about and for you. Happy Valentine’s Day darlings.

The totally amazing thing is this year I don’t feel unattached.  I feel very attached as a matter of fact. I feel like I have a ton of significant others, let’s see, there’s Dean, Sam, Cas, Balthazar, Gabriel, Crowley, Charlie, Donna, and the list goes on…but wait that’s just the start. I also have all of my followers, all of my readers, all of my lurkers, all of my brujas, all of my skype buddies, all of my writing pals…all of you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart because most years I dread this day and feel lonely all day, but today, this year, this time, I feel so much love.  So from me to you, Happy Valentine’s Day! Angel Kisses and Winchester Hugs for all! All the Bacon!

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Imagine teaching Castiel how to dance

A/N: Did you want some fluff? Well I’m giving you some anyway. Tags below the cut.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Ow! Ow, Cas, you’re supposed to lead, not step on me!” you yelled.

“Sorry, I um, I’ve never done this before.” he confessed.

“I know Castiel, that’s why I’m teaching you how, remember?” you laughed, reassuring him that you weren’t made he stepped on you.

You weren’t sure why, but Cas had asked you if you would teach him how to dance. Being the good friend that you were, you agreed. The minute Sam and Dean left for their hunt, you let him drag you into the kitchen, which was filled with candles, wine, and music. If you didn’t know any better you’d say that he was up to something, considering how nervous he was, but Cas surprised you sometimes, so who knew?

“Okay so just-” you trailed off as you grabbed his arms and put them back on your waist, before wrapping your own arms around his neck- “and then just, step forward, and we go in circles, like this.”

You watched him as he tried to coordinate his steps with yours. Dancing seemed to be just one of those human things that Cas would never fully understand. But after a few minutes of some stumbling and laughter, Castiel was swinging you around the bunker’s kitchen, even dipping you a few times. This was definitely the most fun you’ve had in awhile.

As the music came to a stop, so did you and Cas. He held onto your hand and had his other hand on your waist, looking into your eyes as if he never wanted to stop. It was then that he dipped down and placed a warm gentle kiss to your lips. Another song started playing as if on queue, and you and Castiel danced, and kissed, and held each other all night.

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animalia paradoxa

Prompt: Admiration
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 4569
Tags: Fluff, Light Angst, Established Relationship, Hunter Husbands, Case Fic, Minor Instance of Body Horror, Mild Sexual Content

SummaryDean has a long and complicated history with the concept of Cas and hunting. It freaks him out and turns him on in equal measure. Cas is tactical and quick, no doubt one of the best hunters Dean’s ever seen. It’s no surprise; once upon time Cas ruled over heaven and commanded garrisons. But now he’s wearing second-hand flannel and holey socks like the rest of them. And while Dean admires his hunting skills, that doesn’t stop him worrying. (Read on AO3)

Dean can hardly keep his focus on the drive back, eyes darting from the road to the passenger seat. Anxious for the touch of Cas’ skin against his.

He and Cas have been doing this thing for a couple months, ever since their little prison break. Turns out 6 weeks of isolation really makes you take stock of all the shit you never said to certain trench-coat toting angels. Go figure. It was difficult at first, knowing that Cas had traded in his wings in return for their release. God knows Dean’s fit to bursting with guilt over that one. But if he ever needed a sign to let him know that Cas felt the same way, him giving up Heaven for them was the neon billboard Dean had been looking for. It was the easiest thing in the world to finally tell Cas he wanted more.

Things between them haven’t been all smooth sailing, but with the Men of Letters off their backs, Sam a free man, and Cas by his side every night, the past couple of months probably constitute the best of Dean’s life.

 The only trouble is - hunting? Not exactly easy-going on new relationships. Not a lot of time for pizza dates and movie nights. The most romantic thing Dean and Cas have done so far is take a fishing trip. One that was interrupted by a splash in the water that turned out to be a Kelpie. The kiss Dean was leaning in for was swiftly halted by Cas running to the car to grab a handful of silver bullets and his .44 Mag.

Watching Cas gun down a giant water spirit with his precision shot may have been hot as hell, but the resulting blue-hued blood spatter was something of a mood-killer.

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More Beautiful than the Sun

A/N: Hey so uh…I’m feeling part two vibes to this. So…if it gets enough feedback, I might write a part 2.

Request: Can you do a Cas X reader? A very fluffy and smutty one? Where Cas has to reassure reader that she’s beautiful and important and then he has to show her?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Oral (Female Receiving)

Word Count: 1.5k

Originally posted by princesscas

You turned your music down a some while you finished getting ready for this hunt. You did not want to go. Anytime you had to get dressed up, you tried everything and anything you could to get out of it. Dean wasn’t buying it this time though. He gave you a few hours to get ready, which you appreciated; but that didn’t help much.

You stopped and stared at your reflection in the floor length mirror, hating everything about yourself. You sighed as you slid your heels on, wishing that your legs were a little longer. You held your hair up in a pony tail, and clipped it up for a moment while trying to decide if you should tie it up or leave it down.

Down. You always thought that you looked like kid with your hair up. You let it fall back down over your shoulders and stared at your split ends. You hadn’t cut your hair in years. You’d been so bent on letting it grow out. Tossing your hair hair clip to the side, you watched yourself as you twirled a tendril of hair around your finger, thinking maybe you should curl it. But then your hair would look shorter, and you didn’t want that, considering your black dress was a hip hugger. Tonight, your long hair would be your safety net.

You grabbed your eyeliner pencil and leaned forward towards the mirror to put it on. You dropped the pencil and spun around when Castiel appeared in the mirror behind you.

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justanotherfangirlfreak  asked:

Do you have any fics where Dean is the one stalked or kidnapped (preferably by Cas but I'll take what I can get) thanks, it's hard to find a good dark fic

Fanlore describes Darkfic as intentionally disturbing with emotional and physical violence - something that rarely has a happy ending (we tag MCD with tragedy on this blog and fics where Dean and Cas separate at the end as unhappyish.) 

We strongly advise you to go through our Dark and Abusive tags. The abusive tag is for fics where Cas and Dean’s relationship is abusive, such as the situation you describe. Many of the fics on those tags were recced by our darkfic specialist who has now left the blog. Since the current mods don’t read a lot of these, the list below focuses more on Dean being stalked, kidnapped or endangered by someone other than Cas. Though these have dark themes (noncon, ptsd, etc), Dean and Cas are generally in a healthy relationship. 

I. Kidnapped, stalked or endangered Dean. We have added some notes for context and to designate the assailant.

II. New recs with kidnapped or manipulated Dean. These are mostly based on author’s summary and tags. Please let us know if the fic doesn’t fit here!

Bird Song [NC-17, 42,700 word count]

Dean falls through a portal into a strange land ruled over by winged creatures who call themselves Birds and keep humans as pets. As his new Master - Castiel - quickly learns, Dean makes a very difficult pet.

Secretary [M, 6,600 word count]

Based on film of same name. Castiel hires habitually self-harming Dean as his legal secretary. The two slowly develop a dom/sub relationship. There’s love, there’s self hate and there’s powerplay. But it’s a love story.

The Seraph [NC-17, 135,700 word count] 

Ever since the seraph were discovered, there’s been one rule society has had to adapt to: stay out of open water. Powerful, determined and aggressive, the octopus-human creatures are in a league of their own and have no qualms with taking what they want and attacking what they don’t. Now, children learn to swim in man-made lakes and beaches are deserted save for researches and the fool-hearted. 
Dean Winchester is neither of those things. But a hunt has brought him and Sam, his brother, to one of the many abandoned beaches, where Dean is left with no choice but to take refuge in the water. He should be safe, he thinks, he doesn’t go too deep - just deep enough to hide himself and to deter his pursuer. 
He forgot just how fast the damn things could be, and how determined they were once they had their eyes on something.

III. Dark fic themes on AO3. If you are OK with kinky dark fic check out these destiel fics on AO3, look for dub con and non con tags, bottom!dean. 

IV. Other. If you read cockles, give chance to Angel Slayer (The SPN RPFiles on AO3) and Off the Reservation by emwebb17.

Warming Up

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Warnings: (so many), smutty smut smut, bottom!Cas, top!Dean, Dom!Dean, Sub!Cas, rimming, mention of bondage (but not actual), probably a lot more I can’t think of, cussing, fluff… Enjoy. *wipes forehead* phew.

Castiel was happy to be staying at the bunker. He really was. He got to be around Sam and Dean all the time and it was nice having his friends close.

But the bunker was so damn cold. All the time. Cold in the morning. Cold at lunch. Cold while having drinks in the library. Cold every minute of everyday, except when he was sitting close to someone or was in the shower. Most nights he took a shower right before bed so he could be warm enough to go to sleep. But tonight he had no energy for a shower.

So here he was at 3am, still trying to go to sleep but he was shivering. He couldn’t stand it. He needed more body heat.

So he did what he thought was appropriate.

He climbed out of bed, unbelieving that it was even colder outside of the multiple blankets he had on his bed.

He padded to Dean’s room, lightly knocking on the door.

Being a hunter, Dean was a pretty light sleeper. He just didn’t like waking up. He rolled over with a groan, “what? Come in.”

️Castiel cracked open the door, peeking his head in. “Dean, I can’t sleep.”

“Come here. What’s wrong? Need some tea or something? Bees?” He spoke sleepily, eyes only half open.

“I’m too cold. I have three blankets on my bed and I’m still shivering.” Castiel spoke as he walked into the room, closing the door and stepping towards Dean.

“Well that might be because you’re wearing so much. You can’t generate body heat like that, man.”

“But how am I supposed to get warm if-”

“Science. It’s weird. I don’t know. See,” Dean pulled back the covers to show Castiel that he was only wearing boxers and a t shirt. Sometimes he didn’t even wear the shirt. “I’m not wearing very much so my body heat is able to- keep me warm. Circulate and stuff.” He shrugged and pulled the covers back over himself. “So try that.”

Castiel nodded, without hesitation he took off his sweatpants, the shorts he wore under them, and his sweatshirt. Leaving him in the same amount of clothes as Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I meant in your room.“

"I’m even colder!”

“You’re so whiny. C'mere.” Dean mumbled, pulling back the covers again. “Get in.”

Castiel blushed at the offer. “You want me to get into bed with you?”

“Yes. You’re cold. It’s not like I’m trying to cop a feel, dude.” Dean sighed.

Castiel nodded and crawled into bed. Dean added, “Now face away from me…” He nodded as Castiel did as he was told. Dean then wrapped his arms around Castiel’s waist, feeling that Cas really was freezing. “Dude. Are you sure your bed isn’t made of ice?”

“I question that as well. You’re very warm, Dean.”

“I try.” He snorted.

Castiel smiled, and although Dean couldn’t see it, he knew it was there.

“My legs are cold.”

“Oh geez.” Dean tangled his legs with Castiel’s. “Better?”


Dean rolled his eyes, laughing softly. “Now what?”

“My face is cold.”

“You’ve got to be joking.”

“This is not something to joke about, Dean.”

Dean pulled away and gave Castiel a little space. “Roll over. Face me again.”

Castiel did so, curling up against Dean. Dean tangled their legs once more, and wrapped himself around Castiel. Castiel put his face in Dean’s neck, feeling as if that’s where it should go.

“Goodnight, Cas.”

“Goodnight, Dean. Thank you.” He smiled against Dean’s collarbone and Dean felt it.

He didn’t think something this platonic, this simple… Could make him feel the way it did.

He felt Cas’ lips high on his chest through his shirt. And- oh… He totally felt Cas’ dick. He wasn’t hard or anything but… He was huge.

Dean sighed, trying to push the thoughts away that have haunted him ever since he met Castiel. Ever since Cas ‘gripped him tight and raised him from perdition’. Something else was about to get raised.

Dean laughed softly at himself for his thoughts and play on words. Then mentally scolded himself.

Castiel stirred a little with Dean’s laugh, pressing their crotches flush together. Dean rolled his eyes. ‘You cannot be serious’ he thought. 'You don’t like Cas. You aren’t gonna get it up for your best friend. Stop thinking. Go to sleep’.

Dean sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that night, closing his eyes and getting comfortable against Cas.

Don’t think. Don’t think. Go to sleep. With Cas. He’s right there. This totally isn’t weird or awesome or anything. It’s just Cas. Beautiful Cas… No. Best friend Cas. The one that Dean totally doesn’t have feelings for. The one he doesn’t eye fuck with all the time. The one who is making him a little hard right now, laying like this. Cuddling. Jesus, they were cuddling.

Dean felt something in his stomach. He couldn’t separate all his feelings. He wanted Castiel’s lips on his, he wanted one of their sets of legs wrapped around the other’s hips. Shit shit shit. No. He shouldn’t be thinking about this. Fuck, he’s getting hard. This is so awkward. Maybe Cas is already asleep. He hasn’t said anything for a few minutes.



“Yeah, Cas?” Dean blushed brightly.

“Your penis is erecting.”

“No- no it’s not. Also, please don’t- don’t use those words.”

“Your dick is getting hard, then.” Castiel restated.

Where the fuck had he learned those words? Dean certainly never talked like that with Cas. Although, maybe he did. “I don’t- it’s not-”

Castiel shifted his hips against Dean’s, making the hunter gasp. “Don’t, Cas. Please.” He begged. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to want Cas. He didn’t want to need him. Oh, but he really really did.

Castiel mumbled out an apology, brushing his lips against Dean’s neck and he shivered at that.

“Dean, are you cold now?” He asked, concerned about his best friend. Rather than having their legs tangled, Castiel assumed he should do something else. So he hooked a leg around Dean’s thigh, their dicks sliding against each other through their boxers. Castiel understood when Dean made another noise.

“Please. Please stop moving.” Dean groaned.

“I’m sorry. But I know now…” Castiel blushed, gulping. “Should I move my leg back-”

“No. Don’t. Move. I’m begging you, don’t move a muscle. Please just go to sleep.” Dean’s voice was a little broken.

Castiel nodded slightly, pressing his face back into Dean and closing his eyes. He felt his whole body get warm, he could really feel Dean’s dick against his and now as a human his sexual interest was hyped up. He’d thought about having Dean in compromising situations many times, but he never thought he’d actually get here… Maybe now was his chance to act. Especially if he was the reason for Dean’s arousal as he thought.

He wanted to be naked with Dean, grinding, moving, touching, kissing… He wanted Dean’s tongue on his-

“Oh…” Castiel whimpered softly, making Dean go rigid as well as making his eyes go wide.

Castiel absentmindedly rocked his hips forward ever so slightly and Dean cried out. Thank god for the good sound proofing in the bunker.

“Cas, what are you doing?” Dean growled.

“I- I don’t…” He didn’t know what to say, but his erection said it all for him.

“Cas… You’re- you’re hard.” Dean gulped.

“I am.” Castiel stated.

“W- why?” Dean asked hesitantly.

“Because I was thinking about you. And things that I want to do with you.” Castiel’s voice had dropped in octave and been mixed with sandpaper and good god it was hot.

“Sh- shit. I can’t- fucking-” Dean cursed and rolled over on top of Castiel, grinding their hips together harshly. It elicited a magnificent moan from the both of them.

Dean was done denying himself pleasure and happiness. Done being unsure. Done being confused. And done telling himself he wasn’t completely head over heels for his best friend.

Castiel arched up into the older Winchester, head tipping back beautifully as Dean started marking up Cas’ neck.

“Dean!” Castiel whined, squirming beneath the hunter’s touch.

“I can’t wait anymore.” Dean thought aloud. “I need you, Cas.” He made eye contact and Castiel had never seen a look so intense in Dean’s green eyes before. They turned from candy apple green to a forest color, dark and dangerous.

“You can have me, Dean.”

“Mine.” Dean growled into Cas’ ear.

“Yours. I’m yours.” Castiel nodded furiously, blushing bright.

“Mine.” Dean repeated, nibbling Castiel’s earlobe.

Castiel just kept nodding, trying to pull Dean’s shirt off. Dean helped him out with that, and then practically ripped the same article of clothing off the former angel before kissing him hard.

Castiel moaned into Dean’s mouth and he swallowed it happily, one hand searching the nightstand. Dean muttered a “gotcha” as a small bottle came into view. He smirked and scooted back, bringing Castiel’s boxers with him.

Cas’ hardness sprung free, slapping against his stomach as Dean groaned at the sight of it.

Dean leaned down and dragged his tongue up Castiel’s shaft, making him cry out beautifully.

“Dean, Dean, I n- need you. Please.” He muttered out, catching Dean’s attention.

“I know, baby.” He kissed Castiel’s tip before taking off his own boxers, squirting some lube on his fingers.

Castiel’s legs dropped open and Dean fucking lost it. “Screw the lube.” He wiped it on the sheets, something he’d have to clean later, but it would be worth it.

He got on his stomach, putting Cas’ thighs over his shoulders and pressing open mouthed kisses on their insides. He licked a stripe up the crease between Castiel’s leg and crotch on each side, agonizingly slow.

One of Cas’ hands found Dean’s hair while the other twisted into the sheets. Dean’s dick twitched at the sounds his best friend was making. Although, something told him they wouldn’t be just friends after this.

Next, Dean’s lips made their way down to Cas’ hole, kissing it softly before blowing on it. Castiel arched gorgeously, pushing his hips towards Dean’s face. Really, the only thing that would make this better, Dean thought, was if Cas was handcuffed. But Dean didn’t have the patience to move from his spot. Not now.

Dean started eating Castiel out greedily, clawing at his hips and thighs, moaning from the feeling of his hair getting tugged on. Dean got Cas nice and wet before easing a finger into him, and that’s when Castiel was gone. No warning but the moans and whines, and Cas came hard. Dean didn’t intend to make him cum, just get him worked up. He thought Cas would at least know to tell him if he was getting close. Guess not.

But Dean looked up and caught the show. Castiel was exquisite. His stomach muscles flexing, eyes not being able to decide whether they should be wide open or screwed shut, jaw dropped, head tipped back… It was amazing.

Dean started rutting his hips into the mattress, biting his lip so that he could still hear Cas. Dean was never one to get off just watching someone (besides porn of course) or just giving pleasure, but now he couldn’t hold back.

With a whimper and a few more thrusts he was soaking the sheets beneath him. Castiel made eye contact as his orgasm finished and Dean’s began and it was more intense than either of them had ever looked at each other.

“Dean…” Cas whined, moving to lunge down and kiss Dean for the second time ever. It was hot and electric. It was everything both of them ever wanted or needed.

Dean’s muscles relaxed as he finished up and exhaustion came over him. Their lips didn’t separate as Dean guided them towards the head of the bed to lay down and assume their position that got them into this mess.

“I’m so glad you got cold.” Dean laughed.

“Well I’m very very warm now.” Castiel smiled. Dean didn’t get to see him smile very often, especially as a human. It was stunning and he’d do anything to see it from now on.

“Glad I could help.” Dean pecked him on the lips, closing his eyes and letting Cas nuzzle into his chest.

“You always help. That’s what you do, Dean. You help people. You’re a fantastic person.” Castiel smiled warmly, looking up into Dean’s eyes.

The corners of Dean’s eyes crinkled with happiness. “Thank you. And you make a pretty good human, yourself.”

Castiel hummed, closing his eyes and resting his head back down. “Goodnight.” He whispered.

Dean smiled into his his hair, “Goodnight, Cas.”

My Guardian (Part 3)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: fluff, kissing, mention of blood.

My Guardian Master List

The soft fabric of the couch was a nice change from your hard mattress. The smell of baking soda and carpet cleaner stung the inside of your nose, making your face scrunch. Why had the angel cleaned the couch by hand? He could have just snapped his fingers and rid the thing of your blood in no time. Silly angel.

You took in a deep breath as Castiel lifted his hand over your stomach. It had been a day since your last healing and Cas had built up enough juice for another. You could feel his grace hum as he knelt beside you, focusing on your wound. A light blue light radiated from his palm and a familiar warmth filled you. When he was done, he sat on his heels and smiled down at you.

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Imagine being Sam and Dean's younger sister, and having a “run in” with Cas

Cas x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy Mc.Flufferson

Word count: 905

A/N: Holy hell guys, I’ve been writing and scheduling posts alllll day and this is my favorite

   “Oh my God, are you kidding me!?” you were in your room, attempting to put on a dress for fancy party that you and the boys were attending to get an inside scoop on a case.

   “Actually, he left,” Cas walked into your room. “and I don’t think he’s kidding either,” he hadn’t payed attention to the fact your entire backside was being revealed due to your zipper not zipping. When his eyes glanced from your face to your partially exposed body, his eyes grew in confusion as his head tilted slightly to the side.

   “Are you going to stand there and look at me, or can you help me out and zip me up?” you couldn’t lie, Cas always held a certain part of your heart that you swore nobody would.

   “I suppose I could do both, but I believe this is a trick question,” he was adorable when he didn’t understand, which was most times. But he was slowly catching onto the Winchester humor.

   “Just come help me,” giggling as you spoke you turned towards the mirror, holding your hair out of the way.

   He approached you slowly, you could almost hear the unsureness in each and every step he took towards you. He placed one hand at the bottom of the opening, resting his gentle hand just above your waist. Slowly he slid the zipper up it’s path to the top of the dress, his hand carefully sliding against your warm back until it reached the top. His hands grabbed your hair lightly, moving it back into it’s right position behind you. Turning to face him, you didn’t realize how close he was until your faces were nearly touching.

   “Thank you,” your breathing was shaky as you got lost in his sky baby blue eyes.

   “Of course,” his breath was just as shaky as yours was, his eyes showed pure nervousness.

   You took slight enjoyment in knowing how much you set him off in a wreck like a child who couldn’t control themselves around candy. It was like you had no control over your hand as it reached up and placed itself upon his cheek. Instantly, his eye’s closed as his head leaned into the touch of your hand. You never thought you would ever see him like this, he looked totally and completely relaxed in every way he possibly could. You could’ve swore a small sound came from his closed lips that sounded like a short humm…maybe a moan? Mentally, you laughed. He was more than wrapped around your finger, and naturally you played the cards that had been dealt out. Before you had realized it, your lips had brushed lightly against his. Now it was you who was having more difficult problems breathing properly. His eyes opened and met yours as you relaxed into his sudden deep kiss. It seemed to last for hours when in reality it was only a little more than a minute when he stopped. Both of you tried to catch your breath.

   “What was that thing Dean had when he came back from a night out one time?” it was random, so it took you a moment to process what he was asking. He was talking about Dean, and a night out…could only mean one thing.

   “On his neck?” your arms had become intertwined behind his neck.

   “Yes, what was it?” his curiosity made you smile as you figured out a way to word it in a way he would understand.

   “It’s-It’s like a bruise,” when you finished his eyebrows furrowed together, no doubt he was confused.

   “Why would he have a bruise on his neck? Did somebody hit him there?” while you two were talking, you’d almost forgotten his hands had been resting on your hips.

   “I like to call them love bites,” but the words you’d spoken still had him confused. “It’s another way to show somebody you have feelings for them. Or it can be like a heat of the moment type of thing,” your face was still right in front of him. When he breathed, his breath landed on your lips he was so close.

   “So they’re mainly supposed to be given to people you love?” apparently you was catching on a little bit.

   “Yeah, they can be,” your hands ran through his hair as you spoke to each other.

   “May I give you a love bite Y/N?” innocence was all over his face, but yours showed a sense of surprisement as you nodded and he placed his lips onto your neck.

   Your eyes began to close as his did when you touched his face…the moment seemed to last forever, part of you wished it could.

   Several minutes later you were in the bathroom, applying makeup to your neck as Dean called for you to “hurry the hell up”.

  “What took you so long?” Sam was sitting at the table while he talked to you.

   “Nothing, I was just taking my time I guess,” a smile came to show on your swollen pink lips that were hidden under red lipstick.

   “Yeah well next time, try to remember drive time has to be included?” Dean always tried to scold you, older brother thing you guessed.

   “Okay…got it,” you grabbed your bag and headed towards the car.

   “She seem a little off to you Cas?” your middle brother Sam was talking to the angel on your shoulder.

   “Uh-Y/N? Yes. She seemed fine to me,” Cas made small eye contact with you as you rounded the corner, remembering your promise to finish what you both had started once you returned from the hunt.

#63- Needy/Clingy Sex (Destiel)

Requested by @that1seniorchick and an anon.

Warning: smut, season 12 spoilers

Word Count: 1450

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!


Dean doesn’t look toward Cas’ voice. Instead, he raises the bottle of whiskey to his lips and continues to stare out at nothing. He gave up on using a glass an hour ago, but he still isn’t drunk. He silently curses the alcohol tolerance he’s built up over the years. He doesn’t want to feel anything tonight.

“Dean, are you alright?”

Cas won’t leave until Dean answers him, so he drags his eyes over to the angel and focuses on his hair instead of his eyes. “‘Course I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a destiel sex curse or spell one where dean is attacked by a witch or something? I love your work!!

/okkk i did a thing, here you are. wasn’t sure if i should put in that last part but/

Dean is crawling out of his skin.

It’s been too tight for ages, but he’s taken itas a given, tried to make peace with the everlasting feeling the Mark gave him, until tonight.

It can’t be the Mark, not when the burn on his arm usually dulls him, drains colors and lets emotions come in long waves rather than in jolts. No, this is something different, he realizes as he knocks back a shot of whiskey and feels it prickle at his throat and lungs in a way it hasn’t for years now. The sensation itches, swirls in his gut and pulls at his hips.

He bumps his pelvis experimentally against the kitchen counter and oh. Oh that’s it, he realizes suddenly, as his dick jumps at the feeling. His mind is a heavy haze now but with what’s left of his remaining thoughts, it hits him that this isn’t normal, this liquid fire that runs straight to his groin. Steadying himself against the counter, he palms at himself through his jeans and shitshitshit the friction is mind numbing and sweet, forcing him to spread his legs a little wider, press down a little harder.

The next realization hits him just as hard as the initial arousal. There’s a slight tingle across his lower back and thighs and then his back arches of its own accord, forcing him from the counter and ripping a groan from his throat. ‘Wanna be fucked,’ he realizes numbly, helpless. Suddenly he’s thinking of every single piece of porn he’s ever watched, images of thick thighs wrapped around hips that piston sharp and fast, records of arched backs and jutting hipbones and big, possessive hands and ah fuck he wants that. There’s a sweet little ache in his hips and he raises them automatically, desperate for a pair of unyielding hands to shove him back into place.

Except they’re not there. Not yet anyway, but they will be soon, because Dean knows who to call. He’s got one thought in his mind that’s still writhing around his brain even as it slowly shuts down all centers that don’t have to do with touch feel want fuck and that thought is Castiel, desperate and screaming.

He tries to be good for the half hour that it takes Cas to get back to the bunker from an errand run but he’s on edge, close to an orgasm he can’t reach. Finally having his hand slick across his dick only fuels the feeling, and stretching himself out on three fingers increases it a tenfold. So he does what he can on his own and waits, waits for the telltale twist of his doorknob.

It comes in years and years and then Cas is finally walking through the door. His eyebrows fly up into his hair and his hand tightens on the doorknob as though he’s not sure he’s supposed to be there.

“Dean,” his voice is a whisper but his gaze looks predatory to Dean and he practically whimpers as he looks Cas up and down, still fisting his cock. The angel’s hair is ruffled from the wind outside, his eyes are wide, his arms are tense at his side; he looks fucking gorgeous, in short. And Dean? Well Dean is losing his mind; he moans at the sight of the angel and fucks desperately into his fist, knowing that’s not the part of him that he needs touched right now. His fingers crook inside of him helplessly and he pleads with Cas using just his eyes.

“C’mere, c’mere angel,” he mumbles to Cas, can’t hear a word he’s saying but he talks anyway, “c’mere and help me out.”

Cas hesitates, walks forward slowly, forcing his eyes to Dean’s face instead of his cock and the three fingers he has buried inside of him.

“Dean,” he breathes out again. “Dean, this is a curse, this is…this isn’t you,” he mumbles and reaches out a hand to place on Dean’s forehead, feels the poison course inside of him.

The hunter looks up and keens into Cas’ touch, whimpering and wordlessly moving his mouth, eyes fluttering and popping open to look at the angel standing beside him.

“I know, I know,” he babbles. “Gotta get rid of it, c’mere.” He guides Cas closer and frees up a hand to pop open Cas’ belt. The angel whines low in his throat and let Dean work, unzipping his slacks and shoving them down. Painstakingly, the hunter moves his second hand too, and pushes down Cas’ boxers, letting the angel step out of the clothes at now sit at his ankles.

Cas is kneeling on the bed now, taking his damn sweet time and Dean is feverish. Nails clawing at the sheets, he pulls at Cas’ arm, grabs at his thighs, aching, aching to get him closer to where Dean’s desperate to have him. He watches the angel’s thick cock bob against his stomach as he crawls between Dean’s thighs and he licks his lips, can’t wait to feel it inside of him, moving, taking.

Cas swallows thickly and lays a hand on Dean’s hip.

“This curse…” he starts again and Dean shakes his head. He grasps Cas’ cock in a loose fist and guides it towards his hole as Cas hisses at the feeling.

“Gonna fuck it out of me,” Dean tells him, tone low and harsh, and then Cas is pushing into him, both hands gripping tightly at Dean’s hips and pulling his body towards him as he bottoms out, clutch severe enough to leave bruises and marks and oh god Dean wants that. “Gonna fuck it out of me,” he groans again as Cas begins to move, fast and sharp and good as the ache in Dean’s body builds and builds until he’s writhing on the sheets, urging Cas forward with his heels pressed against the angel’s back. The pleasure swells and he starts babbling again as the pressure he’s been feeling for around an hour now starts going somewhere.

“Gunna make me fuckin’ come, Cas,” he pants. “Gunna fuck this thing right out of me, yeah?” he says, because he knows, he knows this isn’t natural, not with how similar this is to an animal’s heat. He knows that in normal circumstances he could have gotten rid of this want with a quick jerk in the shower, knows that in normal circumstances he never would have called Cas to fuck him, that in normal circumstances he would be ashamed and tentative. But these aren’t normal circumstances and he’s howling, going out of his mind with how white hot good everything he feels is and he’s reckless with it. “Fuck the Mark out of me too, I betcha can do it,” he growls, throat raw, throwing his head back and urging Cas on while the angel uses Dean’s hips as leverage for his deep, sharp thrusts. Dean’s lost in pleasure, arching back with his eyelids fluttering but Cas brings him back, locks eyes with Dean for a second, piercing gaze sending sparks down Dean’s core, and stares him down with searching eyes.

Dean comes just like that, millenniums of aching lust ending with the glint in Cas’ eyes.


He blacks out for an amount of time he cannot identify, but when he rejoins the world of the conscious, Cas is still inside of him, half-hard again, nosing at the crook of his neck.

“I don’t regret it,” he gets out immediately, knowing that that’s going to be the first thing Cas will ask. He feels the angel stiffen, then nods again his skin, leaning down to press a gentle kiss there. After everything, the touch is a little foreign.

Dean sighs and runs his fingers through the dark hair that currently obscures most of his room from his view and Cas kisses him again, first on his jaw, then his cheek, then his mouth. The kiss is feather light, until it’s not anymore.

The angel kisses like he fucks and Dean chuckles at the way his cock tries to regain its girth at the feeling of Cas’ teeth nipping at his bottom lip.

“Give me a little bit of time, Cas,” he tells the angel, cupping his face in both his hands and kissing him softly. The buzz of whatever poison was recently in him hasn’t fully left yet and this, this is okay for now, Dean thinks to himself as he kisses the angel again.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Cas demands suddenly.

Dean squints.


“What you said…what you said about removing the Mark.”

Dean grins.

“Just as a general rule, don’t take most of the shit people says during sex to heart, alright Cas?” he mumbles into Cas’ jaw as the angel leans down to kiss at his neck, huffing a sigh across the skin there.

“Won’t hurt to try,” he says and in between the velvet feel of Cas’ mouth and the pull in his own gut, Dean privately agrees.

/9 prompts left. im going things yay/

Hey, It’s Obvious

Best friends Dean and Cas drink a little too much and accidentally end up in bed together.

Neither of them had really expected to wake up, naked, wrapped in each other’s arms, to say the least. But that was apparently what the morning had in store for them, whether they wanted it or not.

“Dean,” Cas was blinking, his head throbbing some as a result of their late night drinking previously. “Dean, wake up.” He tapped the other man on the back, who was sprawled out on top of him, Cas’s legs still swathed around his lower half.

“Hm, what?” Dean started, head leaning up slightly as he scrunched his nose against the daylight streaming in through their apartment windows. “Wha-time-is-it?”

“I don’t know,” Cas had closed his eyes again, yawning as he laid his arm across his eyes, shielding them as best he could. “You need to get off me though, my leg’s asleep.” A command that, really, wasn’t so unheard of between them. Just, usually, they still had clothes on, and weren’t sticky from whatever “activities” they’d partaken in prior.

Because – despite having been friends since high school – Dean and Cas had never slept together before. They were best friends, when it came down to it, and whether there’d been attraction between them or not, it’d always been pushed to the wayside by other things. By Dean’s parents’ divorce, or Cas’s mom getting cancer, and then recovering from said cancer. Or Cas going to England for study abroad. Sure they were roommates, but college life had always been hectic, demanding of things they’d always claimed were more important.

Then they’d graduated. They’d gone out to dinner with their families, and then come back home having drunk a little too much. They’d decided to watch some Doctor Sexy, which had apparently led to Dean with his head in Cas’s lap, and Cas with his hands in Dean’s hair. And then kissing, and making out, and stripping, and, well, words weren’t really necessary for the rest.

“Oh…” Dean said groggily, finally managing to glance down at Cas’s bare chest beneath him. His eyes then travelled lower as he pushed himself up, that green narrowing near their middles before he squinted back up at Cas. “We’re naked.”

“Yes, thank you,” Cas said rather curtly, resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Now, will you please get up? I can’t feel my leg.”

“Yeah, sure.” It was Dean’s turn to yawn as he slowly pushed himself into sitting. He didn’t bother hiding how his eyes travelled down between his best friend’s legs, or how a somewhat approving smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

Cas tightened his jaw. “Really?”

Dean shrugged, smile blooming further as he sank back on his heels.

Head shaking, Cas pulled his legs from around Dean, scowling as he stretched out the one still not quite responding. He was aware that Dean was still ogling him, and tried to ignore the warmth in his chest that didn’t want to object to it. They were supposed to be friends, after all.

Unfolding his own body, Dean leaned back in the couch, taking a deep breath before he cleared his throat.

“Hey, Cas,” his voice was suggestive – in that dude-bro way Dean was prone too, and Cas could already feel his sigh coming on.


“Nice penis.”

“You’re an infant.” Finally regaining feeling in his leg, Cas pushed himself into standing, shaking out his foot as he stumbled away from the couch. The bathroom was his destination.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean said again, Cas pausing to turn his head over his shoulder, eyebrows raised questioningly. “Nice ass.”

He did roll his eyes then, only a short scoff of a laugh leaving his throat as he set himself forward once again.

“Hey, Cas.”

“Oh my god, what?!” He whipped around fully, hands going to his hips as he took in Dean’s crooked smile, the same expression trying to slither its way onto his own face despite how he fought it. He had to stay firm, and disapproving of Dean’s behavior.

Dean, who was staring at him through a haze of lazy sunlight, biting his bottom lip only quickly before finally managing to speak again.

“Will you marry me?”

He said it so simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and it took Cas a moment to really realize what the question even was. He blinked, his expression faltering, and considered for a moment whether Dean was even being serious.

But he knew Dean – they’d been best friends the last six years. This wasn’t the type of thing Dean would joke about, especially after they’d just drunkenly had sex. For a moment, Cas’s stomach burst with anxiety, the weight of the inquiry dropping down on him eons of societal pressure and significance.

But then Dean’s smile widened a little more, and his stare met Cas’s knowingly.

Because it really was that obvious.

His own grin returning, Cas pulled his arms up and crossed them over his chest. “Yeah, I guess.” It was said with as much exasperation as possible, Cas throwing in a sigh for good measure. He didn’t look away from Dean though – Dean, who was on his feet and rounding the coffee table. Who stood before him with that big grin still, and who reached out, held Cas’s cheeks gently in his hands, and kissed him.

“I don’t have a ring,” he admitted quietly as he pulled away – just enough to speak. “I wasn’t exactly expecting to do this.” Which was reasonable. Sure they’d probably spent more time together since becoming friends than they had with anyone else on the planet, but they’d never actually been on an official date.

“Oh, well, that’s the deal breaker,” Cas replied, finally allowing a full smile to stretch his lips. “You’re never prepared for anything.”

“That hurts, Cas,” he feigned before indulging another kiss. “I can give you something though,” he rubbed his hips forward into Cas’s, “if you’ll accept it.”

“If I have to,” Cas muttered, though he really was more than willing. Always had been.

And would be for the rest of his life.

Just something short. Takes place in the same universe as Perfectly Okay.

Full House

Request: If requests are still open could you possibly do more poly! Sam and Dean x reader maybe throw a little of my baby Cas in there, with a lot of praise!kink daddy!kink and like spanking? Sorry if it’s too much oml OMG MAYBE LIKE READER AND CAS ARE SUBS/LITTLES AD DEAN AND SAM ARE THEIR DOMS OMGEE

Warning: polyamorous relationship, destiel, dd/lg

Summary: Daddy Dean and Papa Sam are introducing little Cas to his new friend. 

Tags: @training-wolves @get-royally-fucked

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It was clear from the moment that Castiel arrived, he shared a profound bond with Dean. If given the choice between Sam or Dean he would always choose Dean. Dean had stepped up and taken on the role of Daddy after God checked out. His little angel was good, small and obedient.  Cas never misbehaved, only he broke his rules about announcing his presence and using his words, but that was petty. 

The problem was that Sam and Dean were a package deal. Girls (and the occasional guy) loved being taken care of by both Winchesters. Cas wasn’t as responsive to Sam. He responded more to Dean and it was hard to not think his innocent blue eyes were adorable when he said “but I have a profound bond with Daddy.” 

It hurt Sam, he knew he messed up. He’d done stupid things, but he was still capable of love. Love was all he wanted. Cas loved his papa, he did, but only for punishments. So that left Sam alone in his bedroom, knowing down the hall in the playroom what was happening. Late at night, his anger pulsed through him as he tore into all the things he bought for Cas that went unused. After his tantrum, he’d head on out to the dingy bar uptown to drink his sorrows away. This has become common place and it eventually led to drinking in the day time. During those escapades, he’d stumble into the bookstore. The bookstore where she was. She was dainty in a plump way. Soft innocence radiated off of her and into Sam. Her lips were painted a delicious pink that bought out the blush in her cheeks. Whenever Sam tucked away in a corner for hours on end, she’d bring him coffee and a cookie. To most it was a simple act of kindness, to a dom like Sam, it was an act of submission. 

The pattern of getting drunk and going to see y/n (at least that’s what the name tag on her soft chest suggested) continued for about a month. Finally, Sam was sober enough to by her flowers-daisies because she wore a flower crown with them in it once- and ask her out. Her eyes avoided his, focussing in on his chest as she said that yes, she would love a date with him. 

One date became two, two became three, and suddenly she was his. His alone, his secret, his little girl. Y/N spilled out quite quickly that she was a little. A little that was abandoned by her mommy and needed a dom. Sam would have been heartless to say no. She was beautifully submissive, always behaving for the sake of pleasing papa. What Sam hadn’t counted on was Dean getting nosy. Dean knew something was up and the last time Sam was disappearing…he’d rather not lock Sam in a panic room again. So, he took Sam’s phone and it became quite clear that a family meeting was in order. 

Dean sat silently across from Sam and y/n. She was adorable, especially in that choker with Sam’s name engraved on a heart that dangled against the hallow of her throat. His eyes had slowly taken her in, luscious thighs straining the silky thigh highs she wore. Sam’s flannel (his purple one which was for special occasions) hung loosely on her , swallowing her whole. “Did you plan on telling us?” 

Y/N quirked a brow, silently asking Papa for say so. When Sam nodded, pulling her up in his lap, she spoke, “Papa talks of you often. He loves you and your little boy Cas. I thought maybe we shouldn’t. “ She trailed off pawing at the sleeves of her shirts. 

Dean leaned forward slightly, resting on his elbows. “Why princess?” He asked voice void of sarcasm. 

“Because I didn’t want to lose him. “ Her lip trembled slightly. “I didn’t want you to take him away like they took mommy away.” 

Any anger in Dean vanished as he watched tears well up in her eyes. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed holding his arms out waiting for her to climb into them. Once she had been passed from Sam to Dean, dean rested his chin on her hair. “You are going to be so loved, so very very loved.” His gruff assurance and rocking motion was enough to lull her to sleep. 

Little did the daddies know, but Cas was witnessed to the whole thing and he was not pleased. Losing Papa was one thing, but Daddy was war. So he started throwing tantrums when Daddy got to close or when Sam didn’t play with him. If he could get them away from her, she’d leave. Y/n was strong, resilient in her relationships. She wouldn’t give up until it was clear it wouldn’t work. 

Cas sighed, entering the shared playroom. Y/N had been crisscrossed on the floor coloring. He chose to pretend he didn’t see her pink panties under her skirt. “Y/n?” 

She looked up with eager eyes. “Yes Cassy?” That was another thing he wouldn’t understand. She was so damn eager. 

“Daddies are whispering, I think it’s important.”  They set out together happening upon the kitchen where Sam and Dean sat at the table clearly in argument. 

“Oh come on! Sam you know he loves her!” 

Sam scoffed. “When was the last time we got time with her? Cas is always intervening and you know it!”

“So? He’s jealous you don’t exactly go out of your way for him.” 

“Because he hates me!” 

Cas became startled, peeking into the room. “I don’t hate you Papa!” He ran out hugging tightly to Sam. “I just have a profound-”

“Bond with Dean yeah, we fucking get it.” It was y/n, entering to face Sam. “I’m sorry Sam but I don’t think I can handle this anymore. Not when Cas needs both his daddies.” 

Cas felt a surge of happiness, only to deflate when Sam scooped him up heavily. He laid the small raven haired  boy across his lap. “You have three seconds to tell me why you did this.” He growled, his animalistic side taking over. This was not part of his plan, and he didn’t intend on getting spanked today. Sam brought down a hard spank on the bare bottom before him. “That was three.” 

Dean bit his lip, watching the small girl tremble. “Princess I’m so sorry I didn’t notice earlier.” He held her close, watching her flench with each spank. “You’re so good to me and Sammy.” 

She shook her head, whimpering slightly, “Papa, don’t. He doesn’t deserve it. Cassy was just lonely.” 

Sam softened his eyes and nodded. “Go to the playroom, I’ll bring Cas in with me, you go with Daddy.” 

From that formative night on, the family of four was open to each other. A schedule was created to keep jealousy limited. Daddy had Cas most nights and Papa had Y/N most nights. Weekends they switched and off weeks were created so the littles could rest a bit. The bunker was full of excitement and love and they wouldn’t have it any other way, 

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Why, in your opinion, are top!Misha and bottom!Jensen in fics so damn compelling? Is it just cuz we fans are projecting top!Cas and bottom!Dean onto the actors, or do you think there's more to it?


I think is all about preference. Everyone finds compelling what they like and makes them happy. I prefer to read and write top!cas and bottom!dean. That pairing makes my heart melt and bring about warm feelings, thoughts and emotions inside of me.

Dean is always this strong and stubborn man, and most often than not portrayed as broken, as a flirty and emotionally detached person, but that boy has a deep need for love, affection and understanding. He rarely lets anyone come close and when he does let people close, he gives himself wholly, loves fiercely and protects with all he has. Dean is always the protector so having someone like Cas come into his life and share that responsibility and also take care of him and protect him is what makes their relationship so special. He’s this combination of strength and fragility and having him give himself over to Cas with confidence and unapologetically and without taking away from his manliness is one of the things that make Bottom!dean and top!cas so endearing.

Cas is all power and badassery, rebelliousness and commitment. He is serious and awkward but he’s also sweet, loving and with a profound desire to love and be accepted, understood. Dean thinks of himself as dirty and broken, Cas sees him as resilient, good and just, as someone beautiful and selfless, honest and kind; he accepts dean for who he is and see how valuable dean is. He wants to protect him even if it costs him his life, his grace or eternity. He embraces the good and the bad, the flaws and virtues that dean represents. And that’s why their love and this dynamic is so endearing and compelling.

The top!cas and bottom!dean fics I have read and written do not portray Dean as feminine and cas as super manly (dean being a bottom does not make him a person to be saved as if he was a delicate flower, he can use the help but he can save himself as well). It makes me cringe when I see Cas and Dean portrayed as weak and meek just because they bottom. Keeping their male qualities is what makes destiel attractive; they are both freakin strong and badass, their love and how they behave with each other should represent that and I’m not talking about them not being romantic or sweet and cute with each other because that’s very important (I’m talking about how their bodies are described as well as their behavior or personality).

Sorry, I got carried away and maybe I don’t make sense. Sorry 🙏🏼

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You asked for prompts: A Punk!Cas meeting and initially hating Dean for not /getting/ his world would be lovely. I hope you have a lovely day, Fea!

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Of all the things Dean does to Castiel, that he does so very well, Cas loves when Dean eats him out the most.

Castiel was reluctant to try it, and the first time, he comes just moments after Dean starts.

Now, Castiel is powerless to resist him.

The way Dean’s tongue dances so obscenely over his sweet, perfect, pink and fluttering little hole.

It makes him arch his back like a cat, and scratch at the pillows, tear at the sheets, and practically grind his ass against Dean’s face. Craving more of Dean’s perfect mouth, and all of the beautifully filthy things he does with it.

He comes untouched, every time.

But what pushes Cas over the edge isn’t the feel of Dean sucking, nipping, licking, and fucking his tongue into his swollen rim.

It’s the sounds he makes while he does it. Moaning and groaning as he attacks his angel’s perfect ass. Like someone is sucking his own cock, but it’s left hard, and throbbing. Untouched. He won’t touch himself until Cas is sated, and smiling.

What Castiel loves the most is how much Dean loves to taste his angel.

Top 10 destiel moments (this was hard)

Number 10: “The Third Man”– Profound Bond

This was one of the classic, adorable Dean/Cas moments. Cas being so blunt about his bond with Dean was so amazing. This whole scene was pure gold.

Number 9: "Lazarus Rising" –when Cas and Dean first meet

This is basically the first thing Cas ever says to Dean. Right of the bat, Cas is telling Dean how important he is and that he is worth something. I believe it was so crucial for Dean to hear that because he just got back from hell where he suffered and then tortured souls. Just ugghhhh.

Number 8: “Stairway to Heaven” –end scene

The ending scene between Cas and Dean in “Stairway to Heaven” was so romantic in my opinion. Cas had just given up his entire angel army for Dean which speaks volumes for how much Cas values Dean. I can’t even put my feelings for that into words. Also, right before he has this touching talk with Cas, he just had a pretty heated fight with Sam, and when he goes to talk to Cas, his whole mood changes instantly. Dean: “Well, hey, you still got us.” Cas: “Dean. Those bombers– you don’t really think that I–” Dean: “Cas, you just gave up an entire army for one guy. No, there’s no way that you blew those people away.” Cas: “You really believe we three will be enough?” Dean: “We always have been.”

Number 7: “Swan Song”

This scene is my number 7 Dean/Cas moment because Dean has just lost Sam, Bobby, and Cas– and all of a sudden Cas just appears out of nowhere and heals him. The look on Dean’s face just kills me every time. He’s looking at him with that look we see time and time again, but it’s different here. I’m not exactly sure what Dean must be thinking. He’s just is so surprised that Cas is there when he just saw him die. And now Sam is gone, and there’s just a little spark of hope left in his expression when Cas pops up. Like, maybe I can be happy again. Dean: “Cas, are you God?” Cas: “That’s a nice compliment, but no.”

Number 6: Basically the entirety of “Free To Be You and Me.”

This episode was literally about the bond growing between these two. It is so adorable watching them in this ep because it shows how much they rely on each other! Dean and Sam aren’t talking and so he hangs out and has a good time with Cas, and Cas needs his help finding Raphael. Dean: “So, what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?” EEEEK. And later when they’re talking in the impala and Dean says ‘he’s good’. Cas:“Even without your brother?” Dean: “Especially without my brother. I mean, I spent so much time worrying about the son of a bitch. I mean, I’ve had more fun with you in the past twenty-four hours than I’ve had with Sam in years, and you’re not that much fun. It’s funny, you know, I’ve been so chained to my family, but now that I’m alone (with you), hell, I’m happy.” URGH.

Number 5: “Hunteri Heroici”

OMFG this fricking episode. Seriously, I’ll watch over you. THAT IS SO CUTE! LIKE WHAT ?!?!? (And also while we’re talking about that line, in Season 9 we hear Cain talking to Collette over her grave and he says 'I know you watch over me still.“ Just throwing that out there.”) And the bottom gif! Dean and Cas alone in the motel room talking about their feelings! Dean walks over to him and sits down on the bed so they can talk close to each other. Omg. I love this whole episode.

Number 4: “A Little Slice of Kevin”

GOD this was probably THE most romantic episode in Supernatural history IMO. The three that beat this one are SO SO close. It was hard to pick which ones I liked more. But, this is the episode where Cas is mysteriously back from purgatory. Dean has been SEEING him everywhere and he thinks he just misses him like crazy. But after he comes back Dean is thrilled but kind of worried how he got out. Dean believes he let go of Cas’s hand on accident, when in reality Cas pushed away. But, Dean’s mind couldn’t process or accept that so he reconstructed the whole scene in his mind. URGH. This episode.

Number 3: “What’s up Tiger Mommy”

External image

more like purGAYtory. amiright? No, but season 8 was the best destiel season, hands down. This episode in particular is number three because of the scenes where it shows Dean going on a rampage trying to find his angel. And then when he does, well, you cry for days after. Everything Dean says sounds like it came out of a fanfic. “Cas, buddy, I need you."  "I’m not leaving here without you."  "I prayed to you, Cas, every night!"   It’s just amazing. He loves him so much.  I can’t deal.

Number 2: "The End”

This sceeeene. “We had an appointment.” -Cas. And then the FACE DEAN GIVES HIM. “DONT EVER CHANGE.” dies. I love this so scene so much in particular. I’m not sure why, but it really deserves the number two spot. Just the look of absolute adoration on both of their faces. Seriously. That’s love, plain and simple.

Number 1: Goodbye, Stranger.

YES THIS SCENE IN “GOODBYE STRANGER” WINS. The best destiel scene to end all destiel scenes (so far). Cas has been reprgramed to kill Dean. He killed “Dean” a thousand times, but couldn’t do it. And let’s not forget the top gif, Dean was suppose to say “I love you”. (I support the change to I need you though. It would’ve been way out of character, but the fact it was written is amazing.) If you ask me, “I need you”, is just as, if not more meaningful than “I love you.” It’s one thing to love someone, but to NEED someone. That is heavy. And in that last gif, Dean fully believes that Cas is about to kill him there. The crack in Dean’s voice as he’s saying Cas’s name breaks my heart. But again, we see Cas choosing Dean over everything else. Dean above all else in Cas’s world. And I love that about him. Cas absolutely loves and adores Dean, and no one can deny that. And we’ve seen how Dean would do anything for him as well. Destiel till death. <3

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Since I'm in the US right now my world is going up in flames. How peaceful is it in CA right now?

Well geez, I wouldn’t really know how California is doing, but I assume pretty bad too.

X’D I’m just bein a smartass.

From what I can tell, most Canadians are not fans of Drumpf. Our economies are pretty intertwined, so we’re pretty worried. The rest of the world appears to be havin a bit of a freakout over the stocks too, which are apparently on actual fire.

I’m kinda hoping this’ll end up being one of those… hitting rock bottom to facilitate the need for genuine change…things…? Know what I mean?

Anyway. Politics annoy me, so here’s a chibi Farz and fatbird to help you feel better.


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Cas, Sam

Summary:  You join Sam and Dean to take out a coven of witches.  Something is growing between you and Dean, but it’s dangerous.  

Word Count:  4094

Warnings:  Swearing, smut, unprotected sex (usual warnings apply - be safe at home ya’ll

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Juggling the beers and containers of take-out, you try and figure out how to get the key out of your pocket to open up the motel room door. Giving up, you kick the door with your foot in exasperation.

Dean opens the door, phone to his ear, waving you in. Cradling the phone between his shoulder and head, he reaches out to grab the beers.

Mouthing a quick ‘thanks’ to him, you set the food on the table. It was then that you notice a man in a trench coat and tie in the room. He is staring at you intently, his piercing eyes a vivid blue. It’s unsettling how he bores into you with his eyes, like he can see into your soul.

“Who are you?” the man asks in a gruff, inquisitive manner.

Quirking an eyebrow at him, you throw the question right back, “Who are you?”

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