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J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.

Perfect Ten

Summary:  Just like his freckles and bowlegs, Dean’s slight pudge has always been a part of himself that he’s never felt completely comfortable with.  After a few miserable days of unsuccessful dieting and choking down rabbit food, Cas reminds him exactly how beautiful he is.   

“You’re getting kinda chubby!”  

Charlie makes this remark lightly, offhandedly, as she passes by Dean on the way to breakfast that morning:  Dean had been stretching his arms overhead in a yawn so that his cotton shirt rode up over his stomach, which Charlie takes the opportunity to poke.

Startled, he looks down just in time to see the disconcerting way in which her fingertip sort of smushes into the soft, freckly flesh.  

Dean halts in his tracks, blinking comprehensively.  “Wait, what?”  is all he can think to say.

Charlie, who’d been nonchalantly continuing on her way down the hall, turns to look at him.  “Well, you don’t have to sound so offended about it,” she laughs.  “I didn’t mean it in a bad way or anything!”

Dean folds his arms defensively.  “Then what did you mean, Charles?”

“First of all, I answer only to Charlie, Ms. Bradbury, or the Illustrious Queen of Moondoor.  Next, I just meant you put on a couple pounds.  Maybe getting a bit of a tummy.  It’s no big deal.”

Dean looks comprehensively down at his stomach.  Now that he thinks about it, he has been eating more these days – he’s been going through sort of a “nesting period” during his relationship with Cas:  lots of baking pies, burgers, etc.  He didn’t think it was noticeable.  

Taking note of the gravity of his expression, Charlie laughs, punching him lightly in the shoulder.  “You don’t have to look so glum about it!  It’s cute.”

Dean glowers at her, tugging self consciously at his t-shirt.  “M’not cute,” he mutters grouchily.  “I’m a warrior.

Charlie laughs again.  “Alright, warrior.  Hurry up and take care of your morning breath – Kevin’s making waffles again!”

With that, Charlie skips off down the hall, leaving Dean to steep in his juices.  He lets Charlie laugh it off, of course – he knows she didn’t mean any harm – but the fact is, Dean’s always known he’s had a little bit of pudge around his midsection, and he’s always been the slightest bit insecure about it.  Just like his freckles and bowlegs, it’s one of the things about himself that he’s never particularly liked.  

His one solace was convincing himself that these features weren’t as noticeable to everyone else as they are to him.  Now, that seems to have changed.  

Dean pulls up the rim of his shirt, noting sourly the way in which his pudge protrudes slightly over the waistband of his pajama pants.

Suddenly he doesn’t feel so hungry anymore.

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Okayy so I recently ruined my life by watching like 14 years of a tv show in less than a month. So now, yes, I sold my soul to the one and only supernatural fandom (courtesy of @downworlderss)

I just got a couple of remarks for this show and none of it had any structure or order so here we go.


  • This show fucking ruined me, binge-watched seasons 1-12 in about 4 weeks, my pinterest board had over 700 pins in like a week afterwards
  • It started off genuinely creepy and then kinda digressed and idk if I just got desensitised or what
  • John Winchester is a terrible father
  • Bobby Singer is an amazing father
  • I was really confused when season 5 ended because I still had 6 more dvds (and season 12 on amazon prime cause I couldn’t get the freaking dvd because being British sucks sometimes) and I thought it was ending at season 5 because DEAN WAS FINALLY HAPPY DAMNIT
  • It was about season 7 when I got a new pair of glasses ‘cause my eyesight got worse and made the realisation that JENSEN ACKLES HAS FRECKLES WHAT
  • Called it that Chuck was God from the moment I saw him- he literally fucking told them he was a god come onnn
  • Dean’s contact name for Castiel in season 11 or 12 or whatever better be a fucking joke because it’s Cas not Cass
  • I thought I couldn’t hate Metatron more and then he goes and spells his name with a double S and I decided he needed to die
  • The subtitles also say Cass (on amazon anyway) and.. just no, okay? It’s CAS
  • Cried when Cas killed Balthazar
  • Kevin’s life went to absolute shit and idk if it was terrifying or hilarious
  • Naomi is actually the worst, why do more people not hate on her? She tortured Cas and I am not okay with that I was happier when she died than when Metatron did I’m not joking
  • Sam kinda breaks my heart
  • Gadreel was decent, okay? I think I genuinely liked him and I don’t care.
  • I mean I know he killed Kevin but still
  • Cas, honey, you’re a wonderful person/angel but mannn do you fuck up sometimes, I mean seriously
  • Misha Collins is a fucking incredible human being and his acting skills give me goosebumps I’m deadly serious. What with Cas and Crazy!Cas and Castifer and Godstiel and Levi!Cas and MetaMisha I have so much respect for this man and he is a national treasure.. of America.. damnit
  • I threw something when Charlie died
  • Lucifer is actually really cute (mainly just when he’s in Sam’s head though) but yeah, I think I love satan is this an issue
  • Okay but sometimes it hits me that Jared and Jensen and Misha are just three middle-aged dads running around pretending to stab things and smite demons I think that’s beautiful
  • I think I cried when the angels fell I can’t remember
  • Fuck Adam, I don’t care about him honestly- if he comes back he’s gonna be a crazy bitch- we should all just forget about him like the boys did
  • I’m pretty sure Mary Winchester is actually a terrible mother
  • Jody Mills is a fucking incredible mother, she’s like mum bobby
  • Season 12 made me hate my own nationality because THE BRITISH MEN OF LETTERS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES OKAY I was so happy when the freedomsquad rolled in with their whiskey and flannel and UGHH it was so good to see Britain fall, okay?
  • Apart from Mick, he was okay… before he died
  • Okay, but the season 12 finale
  • Dean’s reaction made me wanna throw myself off a bridge
  • I didn’t even care about the Nephilim by that point
  • Just Cas’s relationship w/ Dean (I am neutral ground between platonic and destiel atm) but whatever you think you cannot deny that these two fucking love each other and it’s just so damn beautiful
  • The Novak storyline just makes me cry
  • Lucifer Cas was genuinely disturbing at times but this fucking line is now my life

  • Actually so many things Castifer says and just the way Misha portrays all of the alter egos. It’s just amazing.
  • When we’re introduced to Levi!Cas Misha freaking Collins wtf how do you do that crazy thing with your eyes that makes you look like a completely different person
  • When Dean calls Cas his brother and says ‘i want you to know that’ is so fucking important to me because this wonderful being has been hunted by his angel brothers and sisters and Dean Winchester does not idly throw around a word like brother this scene was so special
  • Assbutt
  • Castiel’s wings scorched onto the ground just hit me so fucking hard and goddamnit it I can’t deal with that because he’s actually dead
  • Just… Castiel

-I’ll probably think of a load more this show man…


  • The car scene with Gabe and Cas and the parallels between them and the Winchester boys
  • I don’t think I stressed Balthazar enough because his death and the fact that Cas did it killed me.. and him
  • Crowley crowley crowley crowley
  • These boys are frustrating as fuck sometimes get your damn feelings sorted out you are brothers for fucks sake love each other always
  • It’s just when they’re like ‘oh we can’t be brothers anymore how could you do that to me’ and I’m sat there thinking ‘YOU LITERALLY DID THE SAME EXACT THING TO HIM LAST FUCKING SEASON COME ON’
  • Alsooo when Cas is Castifer everyone just seems to forget that, hello, CAS IS BEING POSSESSED BY LUCFIER DO YOU WANNA KEEP HIM SAFE IS HE YOUR FRIEND OR WHAT. And then Dean goes ‘what about Cas’ and I’m marginally satisfied
  • This scene
  • I always love Lucifer until he goes after Cas and then I hate Lucifer and when he’s doing something else I love him again
  • This is not devil worship
  • Sam’s exasperation and the bitch face is honestly so funny to me I have no idea
  • The fact that Cas thinks so little of himself that the only way he believes he can be ‘of use’ to the boys is BY ENDLESSLY SACRIFICING HIMSELF
  • Also the way Dean screams Cas’s name and how Sam has to drag him back through the portal to their side in the season 12 finale PFFFH don’t even get me started
  • So is Gabe alive or what?
  • So is Cas alive or what?


  • The storyline with Hannah and Cas was SO uncomfortable
  • Like, they’re literally siblings and the whole weird half-romantic subplot was just… ergh
  • I’m so fucking hyped for season 13, give me scooby-doo spn and I sure hope it’s Gabriel because, honestly, who else would put them in scooby-doo, pleaseeee give me richard speight jr
  • I’ve been reading a ton of fanfic, this has ruined me. There’s this wonderful author on called 29pieces who does amazing fics and they’re my life now
  • Cas’s eyes yes please give me the sky
  • Spn is creepy ass monsters and traumatizing characters and heartbreaking scenes
  • But sometimes they just throw in a crack episode and they keep me sane, honestly. I would be in a limitless pool of tears if not for the crack eps and the gag reels
  • Back to sadness
  • CAS’S FACE AFTER METATRON SAYS ‘he’s dead too’
  • And he sees dean’s blood on the angel blade
  • I’m so sad about Cas being homeless because Misha and oh my god
  • Future!Cas also makes me sad because I know it’s funny and all to see Cas high but thinking about the road that led him there is not
  • Thinking about Cas’s depression that led him to drug abuse keeps me up at night
  • My angel feels inadequate and I cannot handle that today 
  • Everything about Cas just makes me sad

Dean had been adamant. No resolutions this year for himself. They were dumb, anyways. Dean had it pretty good. Him and Cas were finally sharing a room in the bunker- Dean had half expected Sam to say something about it but wasn’t that surprised when he didn’t.

He didn’t feel the need to make any sort of promise to “better” himself. What New Year’s resolution would he have, anyways? Exercise more? Drink less?

Not happening.

But Cas had insisted on making resolutions for himself, despite Dean’s criticism. He had been so excited when he found an idea on Pinterest about making a jar full of little resolutions, and sat at the big dining table with scrap-booking scissors and a big glass mason jar.

Of course, Dean teased him at first but then he really began wondering how Cas could have so many resolutions. The jar was nearly half full by the time he put his scissors away and sealed the jar up. He set it on the mantle next to the TV at 11:50, before settling down with Dean and Sam to watched the ball drop.

But Cas ended up falling asleep a few minutes after twelve. Dean carried him off to bed, kissing his forehead and tucking the covers up to his chin.

Then his curiosity got the better of him and he went back to look at Cas’s Resolution jar.

What a cute fucking dork.

He felt slightly guilty about opening it and snooping, but when he unfolded the first piece of paper and read what it said, his heart melted-

#27: kiss Dean more.

Even though Dean knew nobody was around to see him, he was embarrassed at the heat creeping up his neck.

#39: make breakfast in bed for Dean someday

#13: learn to make burgers

#40: shower sex

Dean was overwhelmed by a wave of sudden love for Cas. His resolutions were all ways to do kind things for Dean.

So Dean had an idea.

When Cas woke up in the morning, he padded barefoot into the bunker dining room to have breakfast and some coffee but suddenly turned his head, noticing something.

There was a second mason jar sitting beside his Resolution Jar on the mantle place.

He squinted, curious at what it could be. There was only one piece of paper inside, and it looked like it was ripped from the corner of a piece of notebook paper.

Cas opened the jar and unfurled the piece of paper.

#1: Love Cas better.


Artwork for The Greatest Love of All by @teacass for the @deancastropefest!

Greatest Love of All by teacass (Fushigi)


Castiel Novak was born with a pig snout. The only way to break the curse is to find someone of his own kind that will love and accept him the way he is — but despite his parents’ best efforts, he’s still alone. When he finally decides to leave home, he knows it can either bring him happiness or more heartbreak — but he’s ready to risk everything if it means he gets to be free, even for a little while.

A Dean/Cas Penelope AU featuring magic curses, New York, bunnies, and love.

It’s a supe cute fic and I’m so happy that I got to draw some pics for it! ♥♥ 

So head over to AO3 and read the fic! ♥

Were You Try to Piss Me Off?

Pairing:  Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader (Female)

Summary:   Sam and the Reader have been dancing around a kink they both share, so the reader pisses him off to see that side of him again.

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, Language (probably say the f word like 200 times.) LOTS OF SMUT, OH MY CHUCK! Like a dom/sub relationship, fingering, oral (male receiving), sex, Angry!Sam. LIKE THIS IS SO DIRTY LOOK AWAY.

A/N: This is soooooo dirty. I was given a prompt and I don’t even know where I went with it. I’m so sorry. ANYWAY, this is for @kas-not-cas 2.5K Dialogue Challenge, and my prompt was: “Oh so you think I’m cute when I get angry? Well, get ready because I’m about to get gorgeous!” 

A/N 2: ALSO BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BETA @highonpastries without her encouragement I honestly would never have posted this work of trash, so make sure you send her love!

(GIFs are not mine!)

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The Nightly Routine

Summary: Being a parent means you get no sleep.

Pairing: Domestic!SamXReader

Warnings: Breastfeeding (not explicitly described), mostly just fluff, I think I dropped one F-bomb in there too

Word count: ~700


“It’s your turn,” you mutter weakly, turning over onto your side as he groans in protest.

“I just checked on him,” Sam returns sleepily, though you notice how he sits up and rubs his tired hazel eyes, the both of you tuning out the sound of the crying child a few feet away.

It’s loud and needy, but the few hours of sleep the two of you have been running on for weeks helps to dull the volume slightly. Just slightly.

“Fuck,” you moan, and you find yourself sitting up as your son let out another wail. “He’s probably hungry.”

Sam makes his way to the small crib and softly coos to your child, picking him up to bring him back to your bed.

The crying doesn’t stop, and you exhale quietly as you take the red faced infant into your arms. He settles within seconds of beginning to nurse on your breast, and you lean back against the headboard, closing your eyes.

“You okay?” Sam asks, and you nod weakly.

“Just tired,” you admit to him, rubbing your son’s tears from his cheeks carefully as he nursed. He was fussy and very picky when he ate; he didn’t like to be bothered.

“Daddy, Bubba woke me up,” you both look to the small voice in the doorway, rubbing her eyes with the back of her tiny fists.

“I’m sorry, baby girl,” Sam makes his way to your daughter, scooping her into his arms to bring her back to your bed as well. “He’s hungry.”

“Why can’t he just learn to say I’m hungry like I did?” she asks tiredly, laying her head against his shoulder. Her pout is almost as good as Sam’s, and you have no doubt that as she grows she will perfect it into a weapon that will be hard to combat.

“He will, when he gets older,” you tell her quietly. “Right now he’s too young to talk.”

“He cries a lot and hurts my ears,” she continues, sticking a thumb into her mouth.

“No thumb,” Sam reminds her, gently patting her forearm. “You said you’re a big girl, and big girls don’t suck their thumbs anymore.”

“I don’t wanna be a big girl, Daddy,” she pouts and nuzzles into his neck. “I wanna be little again and not wake up when Bubba cries.”

“I know, baby girl,” he rocks her slightly as he sighs. “He’s gonna grow up soon, and he won’t cry at night anymore. Can you wait just a little bit longer?”

You turn your focus to your son, who is now pushing away from your chest, signaling that he is done with his meal.

You don’t hear your daughter’s response, or Sam’s following comments as you focus on your son.

Grabbing the rag from the bedside table, you throw it over your shoulder and burp him gently as Sam quiets your daughter.

After the burping, you rock your son gently until he falls asleep, and one look at Sam shows your daughter asleep on his lap, her arms curled around his neck.

You smile slightly at the sight and catch his gaze. As one, you both move to put your children back to bed, Sam to the adjacent room, and you to the crib nearby.

You make it back before Sam does and crawl under the covers, already almost asleep as he moves in beside you and lays his head in the crook of your neck.

A hand moves instinctively up to his hair, settling through the long locks as a comfort to the both of you as he places a featherlight kiss against your collar.

“And you want more of them,” you mumble against his forehead, throwing a leg over his hip as you cuddled into him comfortably. The lack of sleep was a very large reason of why you were hesitant to have more children, but Sam didn’t seem to mind.

“Shh, go to sleep,” he states against your flesh. “We don’t know how long this one will last.”

“When he cries again, he’s yours,” you inform Sam with a yawn. “I fed him, he shouldn’t need me.”

“Fine,” he agrees. “But she’s yours.”

You groan against him and then sigh, closing your eyes as sleep closed in.

“Deal,” you say, but you’re pretty sure he’s already back asleep and taking advantage of the quiet moment.

And in seconds, so are you.

anonymous asked:

What if Dean puts his arms around way when he hugs him, because unconsciously he knows where Cas' wings are and he wants to make that hug as comfortable as possible. That would be so cute.

you mean the way he hugs him to allow room for the wings? I guess… he does hug him loosely quite a few times, so it could make sense but its not always, like his hug in purgatory is a massive all encompassing hug and cas has wings then so…. i don’t think so, it’s more just the level of emotion thats thrown into it.

but i do love how in 11x23 we see a real difference in Dean still being the big brother/parent and hugging Sam whereas he lets himself be hugged by Cas…

Originally posted by lovemypleaseee

Originally posted by xen29superwholock

and then is reserved in front of his mom in his reunion hug with Cas, but still goes with open arms EXPECTING a hug

Originally posted by neilgosten

then he’s totally sublimating and hiding the fact that he’s about to die again in 12x09 so we get the angsty fist clench and eye twitch of doom

so yeah hugs show a lot of where his emotions are at for Dean :)


This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge.  My quote was  “You seem troubled. Course that’s a primary aspect of your personality so I sometimes ignore it.” - Cas

Summary: Your senior year of high school isn’t turning out as epic as you hoped it would.

warnings: Cas fluff, HS AU, slight teenage angst at the beginning

word count: ~1650

Originally posted by destieltime

You sat on your front porch, cradling your chin in your hands and staring blankly at the street in front of you.  Here you were, senior in high school, finally the “top dog” at school instead of just some dorky underclassmen.

Wasn’t senior year supposed to feel…better than this?

You didn’t feel any different than before.  In fact, you felt a little more like a loser, mainly because you hadn’t all of a sudden become super cool, like you hoped would happen.

Sure, you had your friends, your family, a few college acceptances that were ready to go.  But you weren’t quite…

There were no words – you must just be in a funk.

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Study Blues

A/N: hi it’s been forever I’m aware (this is the busiest I’ve been in my fucking life goddamn) but here’s a little destiel college au fluff to celebrate me finishing a huge project a.k.a. I need me a man like cas lol.

Cas, nose deep in a novel, barely noticed the silence that ebbed into the room. The past 4 hours had been a quiet chorus of keys tapping, complemented by the occasional page turn.

“Oh my god.” Dean’s whisper cut through the newfound silence.

“What?” Cas closed his book, straightening up on the bed.

“It’s done.” Dean cleared his throat. “I mean. I think it’s done. I’ll probably look it over one more time before I submit this but… I finally finished it.” He turned to face Cas, his eyes tired with a small gleam of relief.

Cas smirked. “Well, you know what that means.”

Dean narrowed his eyes at him.

Cas patted on the bed next to him, setting his book on the night stand.

Dean hesitated a moment before getting up and moving to the bed. “What?”

“Come on.” Cas smiled. He scooted over and gestured for Dean to lay down. “I think you deserve a reward.”

Dean fought the blush rising to his cheeks, unsure exactly of Castiel’s intention.

Cas leaned over his resting body, eying Dean up and down before cracking his knuckles. “You know, I haven’t seen you smile once since you’ve been working on that awful project.”

“What can I say, it’s a pain in the ass. It’s tedious. It’s not even required for my job, just school.” He groaned. A moment later he caught on to Cas’ wording. “Hey, wait a sec…”

Cas stretched a leg over Dean’s waist, wiggling his fingers tauntingly. “We both know you will be much happier in a few minutes. I just want to see you genuinely happy.” He replied innocently.

Dean curled his hands into fists on the blankets, wadding them up in anticipation. Cas was such a tease and knew him too damn well. He hated and loved it.

“Where should we start, hmm? This is a reward for all your hard work, after all. Any preferences?”

Dean huffed out a laugh, leaning his face into his shoulder.

“No? I guess I’ll just find somewhere and see where it takes us.” Cas smirked, slowly lowering his hands toward Dean’s middle.

The thin t-shirt did little to protect him when soft fingers descended, lightly scratching and playing over the soft fabric. Dean bit his lip, already squirming. “Yohohou’re the worst.” He giggled.

“I know you mean best.” Cas snickered, leaning down to press a kiss to Dean’s red cheek.

Without much warning, he picked up the pace, growing impatient and wanting to see Dean happy and bubbly again. They both needed to de-stress.

“Ohmygohohod!” Dean squeaked, kicking his feet against the mattress as fingers scribbled along his stomach and lower ribs. A few squeezes to his sides brought nearly undeniable urges to jerk his arms down against him for protection.

Cas slid a hand under Dean’s shirt and he was lost. Giggling, light laughter that hadn’t been heard from Dean in weeks filled the room, an intoxicating sound. Cas hummed along, reaching one hand up to sneak a few tickles under Dean’s arm and around his neck, which he squirmed at.

“Ahahaha Cas! Yohohohou-” Dean whined on principle, not because he didn’t love it just as much as Cas enjoyed dishing it out.

“You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” Cas pressed another kiss to Dean’s forehead. “And when you laugh. And when you giggle.”

“Shuhuhut up.” Dean snorted.

Cas only kept it up for a few more minutes before collapsing down next to Dean, a smile on both of their faces. “Feeling less stressed?”

“Definitely. Well, mostly. I’m still gonna be nervous until it’s submitted I guess.” Dean chuckled.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great with the project. If you want I can peer review a little for you, just double check for any last minute mistakes?”

“I would love that.” Dean replied as he pulled Cas closer to him.

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when people say they don't want Cas to become human i get generally confused because they've made it so clear that being human is what Cas truly wants, he just doesn't think Dean would find him useful. In Cas becoming human, he would then realize that Dean doesn't want him around for his usefulness, but because he loves him. idk i've just seen a lot of GA saying they want angel Cas. I personally would love BAMF hunter Cas in cute flannels eating honey and gardening.

Well, I see two sides to this even though obviously I am also on team Human!Cas.

I think there are some people who probably think that Cas shouldn’t have to change for Dean, who see Human!Cas as more of a shipping thing maybe and for Cas’ own story feel that he shouldn’t have to change, that he should be himself and remain himself.

Which I totally totally get :)

However for me the point of what we have been shown so far is that Cas doesn’t want to be an Angel, he wants to be Human, born out of his own desires and totally aside from Dean. His love of watching Humanity, taking part in it, never feeling quite like he belonged as an Angel, always needing to be re-brainwashed in order to belong, his love of children, wonder at certain aspects of Humanity and the world like the bees, the honey, PB&J’s, pork rinds, enjoying a beer with his friends and trashy tv… then of course yes Dean but that is aside from all this.

The fact that on multiple occasions he has been asked whether he wants to be an Angel or a Human or had this alluded to and has always either hesitated, which is important in itself, or when he himself said that he was “letting himself die” when taking back his own grace… I mean for me these are the reasons why I think he wants to be Human.

It all comes down to what Cas wants and if they change that in the show, then fine, but for me since day 1 Cas has been out of place as an Angel, he has always had a chink in his chassis and his story is that he wants to be a Human and will end up one, a happy one, eating PB&J’s and drinking the family beer with the boys, watching netflix and saving people, hunting things… then coming home to cuddle with Dean as a fantastic bonus… I just want this smile :D

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I saw the askbox open and i go nyoooom todoroki turned into a cat and his s/o takea care of him until he turned back scenarios

I tried to nyoooom as well anon, but I failed. Hope you like it.

Dumbfounded. It was the best way to put it into words what their current face was offering to the small furry little being in front of them.
Believe it or not but their love, Todoroki Shouto had himself turned into a cat by another student’s quirk when he was just reading something peacefully in the library. It must’ve been something like a prank because nobody just starts to approach icy-hot in the middle of nowhere – he’s way too intimidating for that at least in other people’s eyes even though he’s just a real dork in reality.„Shouto…“, they closed their lids and sighed heavily, trying to process the incident that was playing in front of them in attempt to deny it. 
In response they have just earned themselves a purr from their boyfriend. 
‘It’s really weird to call a cat your boyfriend, (Name.)’, rumbled in the back of their head, brows knitting in thoughts. Guess denial won’t help here.   

With a groan coming off their throat, they have decided it would be the best decision to just take care of the male till he’d turn back.  
Kneeling down to pick the furball up, he meowed.
So apparently his partner always had a soft spot for cute things, for animals especially but this was beyond the scope, making them to question the point of their life where this was currently taking place. This. This was the most adorable thing on the whole universe and as time continued to pass, Todoroki’s lover started to debate if him being a cat should occure more often from today on than he himself would probably wish for.

He was such a good boy though. Behaving himself, listening to what they said and following just like he was supposed to do. Not whiny at all though a bit clingy with a lot of need to be cuddled – it seemed like his character did not change at all as he was turned. Not to mention the white fur on the right side and the red fur on the left side which looked seriously weird for stranger’s eyes but those beautiful different colored nobs left all the odds melt away.

❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊  ❊

Finally being back in his own human body, the male touched himself all over to see if everything was there and that everything was in place, irritation clearly crossing his features meanwhile. 
His love chuckled at that and threw some clothings at his face with a grin: 
„Get dressed, you pervert.“ Todoroki felt his face heat up as he realized that he was indeed completely nude and complied to their rude statement, muttering quietly that he was not a pervert and that this was not what he wanted anyways. That just got them into a more intense fit of small laughter.

Leaning back into their bed, their expression softened when their boyfriend sent them a thankful look: „I’m sorry that you had to take ca-“
Interrupted by their voice: „Uh-uh Shouto, what was the rule again?“, closing their eyes while making a waving off movement with their hand.
His partner watched as he became thoughtful before gifting them with a small smile that they ever so loved: „Thank you.“
With an approving nod they opened up their arms for another cuddle session but this time in his original form.

„You were really cute as a cat tho.“ 
Todoroki hummed into their chest as his one arm lied over their waist. 
Hesitation, hesitation: „You know, I wouldn’t mind if you-“ 
No, (Name).“ Aah, that was an instant rejection. Maybe next time.

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Being Castiel's Mate...

Originally posted by animarecrafter

  • being completely fascinated by his wings
  • meeting Cas through the Winchesters and when you see him standing in front of you, his wings proudly spread out you think you are  hallucinating
  • Castiel explaining to you that you are soulmates, but telling you that you still can reject him and that he will be whatever you want him to be for you
  • Cas looking so sad when he talks about you rejecting him, your heart breaks for him
  • telling Cas that you won’t reject him, but that you want to get to know him and that you just need a bit time to get used to everything
  • Cas smiling brightly and eagerly nodding his head at your words
  • Cas following you around like a lost puppy
  • immediately feeling a pull to him
  • Cas always bringing you little trinkets from all over the world
  • asking Cas to touch his wingers
  • Cas wanting to give you some soft of normality so he asks you out on a real date – with Sam and Dean’s help of course
  • it always calms you down when you run your fingers through his soft feathers
  • always holding hands because it physically hurts to be away from each other
  • Dean and Sam making jokes about how disgustingly cute you are together
  • teaching Cas new things about humanity on a daily basis
  • Castiel wrapping his wings around you when you’re cold
  • praying to Cas every night when he’s away to take care of something in heaven
  • waking up one night to find Cas standing next to your bed – simply staring at you
  • after you screamed your lungs out, you ask him what he’s doing
  • Cas innocently explaining that he’s just watching over you
  • Cas sleeping in your bed from this moment on
  • well, not really sleeping but he lays next to you, observing how you curl up next to him and softly running his fingers through your hair – he never gets tired of watching you sleep
  • Castiel always telling you that you are his father’s greatest creation
  • Cas wings always protectively curling around you
  • for the first time in his existence Cas experiences jealousy and possessiveness
  • Sam and Dean making fun of Cas because of it
  • all the angels coming to meet you because it’s such a rare occurrence that an angel actually finds his mate
  • Gabriel being the one who really explains you the different steps of the mating ritual
  • Cas getting jealous of you spending so much time with his brothers
  • having to assure him that he’s your angel and nothing will ever change that
  • Castiel telling you stories of heaven
  • running your fingers through his feathers for hours
  • feeling completely safe whenever you’re wrapped up in his wings
  • Castiel being very protective and it’s almost cute how much he freaks out when you just get a paper cut
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas makes you lay down and heals your paper cut
  • being loved unconditionally
My friend's impressions of Supernatural


Castiel.. Is there one called Destiel and one called Cas? Or are they the same person? Always has angel imagery and looks kind.


Longish shortish hair? Always mistreated. Looks like a long haired guinea pig, seems sad, but at least he’s alive. He’s alive, right? Probably lost belongings as a child and bit damaged tbh.


The brown haired one in all the pictures and edits. Cute eyes, but all the time when I see pictures of him, he’s dead, is he dead? Main character? Probably a 30 year old emo. People usually have a crush on him but don’t show it so as not to ruin a ship. Wait, is he Destiel?

@kaysha7 @fearlessinblue24 XD
Meet Me in Heaven

Title: Meet Me in Heaven

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: language, ANGST, canon-like violence and gore, character death, the lightest of fluff.

A/N: This was another Anon request from a while back. Sorry it took so long for me to post it. I only tweaked it ever so slightly. And I wrote this pretty late at night, so I apologize if the flow is a little off. So, yeah. Grab your tissues, guys.

Request: “A reader x Cas Tragedy?. The brothers and reader have always been really close, like a family since she moved in with them after her family was killed. Through out knowing Cas reader fell in love with him but hid her feelings for fear of getting hurt. Little did she know he had the same feelings. one day when she was on a hunt she gets caught alone with the which they were hunting, it pretty much kills her, but as she’s dying she prays to Cas wanting to see him one last time before she passed.” –Anon

You smiled down at the picture of your parents, taken just a few years back. They always seemed so happy, especially for married hunters. That was a rarity in itself, but the happiness they shared made them one of a kind.

Running your finger over the small, silver frame, you smiled. You hoped to be like them one day. But, for now, you had your job… and your parent’s death to avenge.

The Winchesters, and their angel friend Castiel, had been helping you track down the werewolf who murdered your parents in cold blood. The day you walked into your home and found the two of them on the floor, lying in their own blood, hearts missing was the day you swore to slaughter every fucking werewolf you could find. Bastards.

Sam and Dean were packing their weapons bags on the library table as you stepped into the large room. “Ready to rock and roll, sweetheart?” Dean asked as he swung his rifle over his shoulder.

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destiel4life67  asked:

I have this headcanon where TFW goes karaoke and Dean totally sucks and then for the last song he sings a love song and stares directly into Cas' eyes as he sings and instead of bad singing we get Jensens voice. And that is how it becomes Canon and like everyone is like "Dean can sing?"

Originally posted by hashtagsandships-blog

Hehe, I love this idea.

I heard this unfounded rumour (Idk if its true, don’t quote me, I just like it) that Dean was supposed to be singing “All by myself” at this point in 10x01 but they changed it for song rights or whatever, when it then cuts to Cas in his robe of despair telling Sam how much he misses Dean…

When I was young  I never needed anyone  And makin’ love was just for fun  Those days are gone

Livin’ alone  I think of all the friends I’ve known  But when I dial the telephone  Nobody’s home

All by myself  Don’t want to be, all by myself anymore  All by myself  Don’t want to live, all by myself anymore

Hard to be sure  Some times I feel so insecure  And love so distant and obscure  Remains the cure

Oh yeah, then Cas cures him of being a Demon :D

Your idea is super cute I could totally go for it, I mean we had season fanfic 12, let’s see what season 13 brings us :p

Originally posted by mockingbbird

Hey! I love your AU!!! So cute and perfect… And I adore Cas and Gabe’s relationship, and I thought, did Cas ever stood up for Gabe? I tought of that all day and this was born XD, trashy, i know, but i couldn’t hold myself lol. (Also don’t mind my english please, it’s so bad oh god. Greetings from Brazil mate XD)

Greetings from Holland :D ♥

Aaaah that’s so awesome ♥♥♥ ;w; thank you!! And YES, Cas most definitely starts taking his Brotherly Duties seriously when he gets older. Unfortunately he is kinda tone deaf concerning social interaction, so a very surprised Dean had to pluck him off of a bemused Lucifer after the Archangel had been (playfully) taunting Gabe, hehe ♥

Little beekeeper!Cas fluff

(submitted by anonymous)

Beekeeper Cas sells honey at a sort of farmers market or something, at weekends maybe (guess who has no clue how that stuff works) and Dean is dragged there by Sam and…

And he can’t get over the cute blue eyed beekeeper in the ‘ugly’, adorable sweater. And soon it is Dean who is dragging Sam along to see Cas and… and they become friends. And exchange numbers.

But they meet for coffee and Dean buys Cas lots of adorable stuff with bees and bee puns like t-shirt that say “🐝 happy” and says things like “When a bee is in your hand, what’s in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.” and compliments Cas which gets him all shy and blushy and Cas bakes Dean pie and they love the same books and cartoons and they’re HAPPY.

So when one day, Dean doesn’t find Cas’ stall anywhere, he is worried as heck and texts, and then calls him. Turns out Cas isn’t too well.

An hour later, Dean’s at his doorstep, with soup and comfort food and and a cute mug that says “Vitamin Bee” and has two happy bees frolicking on it.

And Cas just squints at him, blue eyes bleary amd droopy and dark circles under his eyes. He looks actually relieved when he sees Dean, and somehow guilty too. And utterly pathetic.

And Dean tells him he really can’t be trusted to take care of himself, which is why Dean is here. And Dean heats soup while Cas lies on the sofa, talking to him, telling him about the crazy things that happened in his day and then they drink soup and cuddle and watch a movie, well Dean watches the movie. Cas just leans into Dean and enjoys the feeling of Dean’s fingers stroking his hair and the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes and when laughs. Cas doesn’t even realise when he falls asleep.

Dean wakes him up a while later and guides a still disoriented Cas to his room, neater than he’d left it, Cas will realise only later, and tucks him in.

He’s a really kind and attentive friend all weekend, nursing Cas throughout, reading to him, cooking for him, cuddling and petting him and being so caring and patient.

Cas keeps thanking him over and over but Dean just smiles softly at him and brushes his thumb against Cas’ cheek or ruffles his hair or squeezes him tighter and asks him what else best friends are for.

And Cas, under the influence of cough drops and cold meds and half asleep is utterly adorable. And, as Dean hands Cas his tea- and honey, and Cas smiles at him, red nose crinkled, eyes watery and scrunched and just a hint of gums, it hits Dean with such force he almost drops the cup.

He’s in love with Cas.

He’s fallen in love with the shy, dorky, adorable beekeeper. Which is rather fortunate because right at that moment, Cas is thinking about how he loves Dean so very very much.

Still takes them another couple of weeks to admit it, somehow. But it’s so worth the wait.

And then they realise nothing has changed..

Dating Castiel Would Include

Requested by anon:

Could you please do a Dating Would Include for Castiel from Supernatural? You’re amazing!!!

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

  • It’s not really dating, per say
  • But you two do have something going on together
  • Something trully special
  • He calls you by your full first name
  • Which you find adorable
  • There’s not much physical contact
  • Maybe a bit of hand holding
  • And a few kisses here and there
  • But that’s all
  • Because Cas is a bit shy and awkward about it
  • But there are lots of hugs
  • Like a lot of constant hugging
  • Since even though he’s still awkward
  • Castiel doesn’t mind you hugging him at all
  • Basically you and Cas are like best friends
  • He’s not against trying new things
  • In fact he enjoys discovering new stuff you tell him about relationships
  • Like dates and the usual things people do
  • Sam and Dean keep telling you how adorable you both are
  • Cas always asks Dean for advice
  • Because he wants to give you the best and is afraid to mess up
  • Protective!Dean
  • As in “Take good care of Cas, alright, kid?”
  • Even if him and his brother are always smirking when they see you and Castiel together
  • Cas trusts in you as much as he trusts Dean
  • And tells you everything, including his worries
  • He can be a bit oblivious of some things
  • But is more than ready to learn and listen
  • A lot of perks from his angel powers
  • Like being healed instantly
  • Even if it is just from a mild headache, as soon as you tell him Cas heals you from anything
  • As well as popping up whenever you feel like it
  • Even if that same power gets on your nerves sometimes when he randomly appears out of the blue
  • At first he used to accidentally scare you a lot when he did it
  • And he would cutely apologize
  • You love teaching him stuff about movies, music, etc
  • And he likes telling you stories about the angels and God and history
  • You’re so damn protective of the other
  • Because you deeply love each other 
  • And think you are too precious

anonymous asked:

1/2 Would some cute destiel headcanons make you feel better?? After Cas becomes human for good, he's intrigued by everything. He wants Dean to take him to a movie theater (they see the newest Star Wars). He wants to go fishing. He wants a library card (Sam fields this one). He wants Dean to take him to a county fair/carnival. Dean tries to put his foot down but 4 hours later they come back, Dean rubbing his shoulder from throwing and Cas carrying a goldfish in a bag, smiling happily.

2/2 (Cas felt bad for the poor creature and made Dean win it for him). Sam stifles a snort when he sees Dean rotating his sore shoulder. “You kids have fun?” “Shut up, Sammy. It was awkward enough trying to win a fish for a 40 year old man.” “Yeah but you did it. Give me your best estimation; how whipped are you, Dean?” “Sammy i’m coming after you as soon as this arm heals.” “So did you two behave yourselves in the tunnel of love or do i need to escort you next time?” “Go eat a salad, bitch.”





*Dean gawps at Cas in a remarkable impression of Steve the goldfish, Sam looks torn between horrified and delighted, and then Dean just turns red, grabs Cas by the sleeve, and drags him off*