cas is left with meg to rely on

Celebrate Me Home - The One Where Maggie Mae Assaults her Teacher

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 10,500+ (I’m sooooo sorry. It got away from me)

Warnings: Allusions to sex (it’s sex, just not as in detail as I usually go), graphic descriptions, swearing, a little angsty fighting because with the ups comes the downs, heart wrenching small children.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ Dean and the Reader are officially more than just friends, but they are reluctant to put labels on it. Mostly because it’s hard to go much further past sex when neither is quite willing to hurt Maggie Mae. The only problem is with school out for the holidays and Sam busy at the Inn, it’s hard for the reader, Dean, and Maggie Mae not to spend every waking hour together. This is a glimpse into the month of December and how these three manage to spend their time.

A/n: This is what I would classify as your obligatory clip show, it’s snapshots into the life the reader is now living with Dean, Sam, Maggie Mae, and Cas. This is dedicated to my lovely, lovely @winchestersnco HOW ON EARTH DID I FAIL TO THANK MY LOVE @fighterflightwrites FOR HER PATIENCE AND HARDWORK WHEN IT CAME TO LOOKING OVER THIS MONSTER OF A PART!?! I forgot to put this before but for those who still need to read, when you get to the part that starts with December 13th, 2011 it’ll be fun to play THIS as you go there’s a reason why I chose that song!

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December 2nd, 2011…23 Days until Christmas

Y/n braces her hands on the edge of the desk, lets her fingers curl around the lip of the wood as she grips tight with all her might, desperately trying to hold on and block out the sound of pounding on the office door.         

“Listen,” Cas calls through the frosted glass, voice a bit muffled but inflection still clear as a bell. “I’m so very happy for you two"—and she supposes he is, but in this moment it seems hard to believe—"but this is getting ridiculous"—that’s definitely true—"This is a place of business—not a bordello."         

Y/n wants to say something back to him, wants to be a bit snide and rude, but her words slip into a gasp instead, trail off into this breathy gust of air that’s a little pathetic but very much uncontrollable on her end. She lets her head fall forward—tucks it between her shoulders—as Dean grips tighter to her hips, his own thrusting up in the process. She moans at the feeling, her arms giving out until she has to lean a little forward, elbows braced along the bonded black leather of Dean’s desk pad.         

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