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Un concept : Macron et Trudeau parlent, Valls devient jaloux mais Macron le calme avec un baiser ( c le meme anon , perso les ships me gênent pas, tant qu'il ya Macron dedans c l'essentiel)

Re bonjour anon#13 :D

Merci pour ta request, je me suis bien amusée à dessiner ça x) Bon par contre c’est un peu long donc je mets la suite sous le cut ^^

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For my dear Lexi, @caslikescoffeeandfreckles, who wanted a jealous!cas in a college setting and an accidental love proclamation.

destiel, 3k, jealous!cas, light dean/lisa, pining and angst with a happy resolution

Castiel is about to fit his key into his apartment door when he hears the voices: Dean’s gruff baritone mixed with a lilting melodic voice.

Lisa’s voice.

Castiel rests his forehead against the door, shopping bags in his hands lightly hitting the pale wood. He squeezes his eyes shut and wills himself not to be upset that it’s the sixth day of the week that Lisa has been at their apartment. 

He tries not to be bothered that for the last month Dean has been utterly obsessed with this girl: from late night phone calls to taking her to romantic dinners softened by candlelight.

Cas tries to ignore the fact that he’s inexplicably jealous of Lisa.

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The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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wayward-authors-kitsune  asked:

221 from the prompt list, if you want to?

Prompt #221: “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and- Oh screw it!”

Dean sidles up next to the wall, trying to stay out of everyone’s way as they rush to the concession stand and into their assigned theaters. 

He sees a cute couple walk past, fingers entwined and soft smiles on their faces, and he fills his mouth with popcorn. 

Cas is late. And he’s like never late. 

Cas was the kid in high school who carried all his textbooks with him throughout the day so he never had to risk stopping at his locker and being late to class. 

Cas was the kid who showed up an hour early to graduation rehearsal. 

Cas was the kid who showed up two days early to college orientation because what if something happens to the car, Dean? What if we can’t fix it on time and we miss orientation?

And Cas is the one who insists arriving at the theater twenty minutes before the film starts.

Dean looks down at his phone. Two minutes to screen time.

Just then the front door lurches open and a boy with wild hair sweeps into the lobby. He makes his way to the ticket booth and starts to hand over his credit card as his eyes roam and find Dean. A big smile splits his face and he waves.

Dean is about to wave back when the door opens again and a blond man with a sneer ingrained in his face enters. Dean’s hand falls.

The man walks right up to Cas, sneer easing into something resembling a smile and Cas leans back into his chest before handing him a ticket.

Oh hell no, Dean thinks.

But yes, it’s happening. Cas and the man start walking toward him, hands clasped together but where Cas is smiling, the man is sneering again.

“Sorry we’re so late, Dean!” Cas says once they’re in earshot. “Brady had to finish an assignment.”

Dean arches a brow. “On a Friday night?”

Brady’s grin is telling enough. “The pre-med workload is a bit different from secondary education.”

Dean catches the barb even if Cas seems oblivious but he just squeezes out a thin smile. “Of course it is.” He turns and begins walking into the theater without another word.

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Who’s your Boyfriend?

Summary: You wake up from a sexy dream featuring Dean to come face to face with your less than pleased boyfriend, Castiel. 


Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, slight dom!cas, oral (female receiving….lots of it), multiple orgasms, over sensitivity, bondage (if you considered getting pinned down by cas’ grace and tied to your headboard with his tie), also, smut. I think that’s it?

Word Count: 2.3k

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

You leaned up to kiss Dean as he’d slid an arm underneath you, and pulled you up and straddle his lap. You moaned into his mouth as you sank down onto him. Your head fell back as he slowly filled you, his mouth finding one of your breasts as you slowly began to move your hips back and forth. He sucked and teased your nipple with his teeth, the sensitivity causing you to tremble as you rode him. 

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Heaven is Hotter Than Hell

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1980

A/N: Jealous!Cas with a hint of Dom!Cas for extra spice. Public sex. Adult/NSFW/smut warning!!! A little fluffy, because I don’t know how to write Castiel without the fluff. I am not ashamed of this.

Effervescent laughter rose above all else - the din of bar conversation, the clinking of glass, the sloshing of alcohol, and the classic rock humming on repeat from the jukebox. It needled at the patient reserve of the angel isolated in a dimly lit corner. Castiel’s steel-blue eyes smoldered - fixed on the raven-haired man in a well-fitted suit situated at the bar - lids burdened with disdain.

Bouncing hair flirtatiously tossed, teasingly dragging your lower lip through biting teeth, fingers playing with the lapel of the man’s coat, you exuded virility.

The delighted pitch of your giggle pierced the seraph more painfully than any angel blade could - fuel to the flame, his fiery gaze flared, the wrath directed towards this stranger barely contained in tightly wound muscles primed to snap. Cas observed you dance this dance before – the choreography a festering lesion seared into his memory. Next, you would excuse yourself on some pretext to reapply needless makeup and straighten already perfectly mussed hair. Upon returning, you would whisper something meant only for the stranger’s ears, yet also perceived by angelic ones - an invitation to call it a night and join you in your motel room. The rare evening such as this one, witnessing you escape the rigors of the hunter life into a stranger’s arms, was nearly overwhelming. The angel seethed with envy, longing for those words to be uttered from your honeyed lips - spoken only for him. But you didn’t look at him that way, and never laughed so freely when he spoke.

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Dating Castiel would include:

Originally posted by magneticcas

·        Awkward hand-holding in public

·         Light cheek kisses when you get a side glance from a guy in public

·         Deep, passionate, all-tongue kisses when someone checks you out at a bar

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Baby Sitting with Destiel
  • Castiel: Why is this child crying so much? (holding baby at a distance)
  • Dean: Did you change his diaper?
  • Castiel: Yes.
  • Dean: Did you feed him?
  • Castiel: Yes.
  • Dean: (holds hands out for the baby) Give 'm here. Come to Daddy.
  • Castiel: (glares at baby) I thought that you were my Daddy.
  • Dean: (craddles baby to his chest) Cas, stop it, we're not doin' this jealousy thing. It's a baby.
  • Castiel: hmpf! (sits down and glares at baby harder)
  • Dean: (speaking to the baby) Alright, Papa is here. How about your paci? Such a good boy for daddy.
  • Castiel: I thought that I was YOUR good boy.
  • Dean: Castiel, enough. (turns and places baby in crib)
  • Castiel: (about to snap his fingers)
  • Dean: I WILL END YOU IF YOU MAKE THIS BABY DISAPPEAR, CASTIEL. We're not having the same situation with the Impala. (tackles Castiel off the bed)
  • Castiel: But-
  • Dean: GO STAND IN THE CORNER and wait til Daddy says you can come out.

Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving by cenotaphy
Rating: T  
Word count: 10,000
Summary: Amara’s gone, the world didn’t end, Dean didn’t blow up, and he and Cas—well, they’re working it out. It’s the holiday season and everything is looking up. Except Dean should have known he’d mess it up somehow.
Canon-divergent from the end of season 11.

Nothing beats a good old bunker fic where Dean and Cas kinda, finally, maybe get together… and then Dean runs his mouth and they’re not together anymore. Despite the familiar set up, I was totally sucked in by this story and was nodding my head all along - yes, yes, Dean would totally dig himself into such a hole and then would continue to dig himself deeper in just for the sake of it. Misunderstandings, jealousy and communication fail is at the heart of their conflict. It all feels so achingly familiar and believable. And I’m fretting all over again - but will they get together again? I guess you gotta read the fic to find it out.

If you enjoyed the fic, please drop by the archive (AO3) and let the author know with your comments and/or kudos!

The devil you love

Title: The devil you love

Pairing: Lucifer x female!Reader

Word Count: ~2.2k

Warnings: bit of jealousy, Lucifer (almost/kinda) killing someone, fighting, not really canon-timeline compatible (Lucifer is out of the cage at times he shouldn’t be)

Request: Hey 😊 if you have time, could you do a reader x Lucifer where the reader is the only one who can get through to Lucifer and calm him when he’s angry because they’re could mates? And maybe like he gets jealous when she helps calm down another angel who is struggling to control their powers? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense… Thank you!!

A/n: Hope this is close to what you wanted. I feel like I kinda fulfilled the request but not really. Anyway if you’re not happy, let me know and I try again. Anyone else have fun reading.

Originally posted by casclarenceunicorn

Your relationship with Lucifer could be called unconventional, but like every relationship it was built on love and trust, so the fact that your loved one was an archangel and the devil was just a tiny detail really. Both of you had known each other before you decided to make it an official and full on relationship, you had known the worst and also the best sides of him. Especially the good sides most people refused to acknowledge in the devil himself. Lucifer was caring and if he decided to love someone he was fiercely loyal and protective. Nothing, no angel, human, demon or other supernatural being would ever dare looking at you funny on his watch. His protectives even after years of being together made your heart still flutter to this day.

But you also knew the dark not so easy to love sides to the devil. Years of knowing and dating him, had taught you a lesson or two about him and his freaking temper tantrums, his hate for most of humanity and also his unbelievable mocking attitude. He wasn’t easy, but in the long run he was worth it, you would always love him with all your heart including amazingness and flaws.

“One more time stairway to heaven and I’ll make you sleep on the couch for a week” You growled at your humming lover. Normally you loved his voice, especially his singing voice, but after five hours of the same freaking song you were done.

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First Rule of Fight Club

Title : First Rule of Fight Club

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 3,397

Prompt : You and the boys practice your hand to hand combat all the time to stay fit for each case. But when Dean gets a bit too handsy in training, Castiel takes it upon himself to intervene.  


You blinked as you stumbled backward, raising your arm to your mouth. It came back bloody.

“Let me see.” You tried not to flinch as Dean caught your face gently in his gloved hands.

“What the heck, dude?” Sam called from the sideline, ducking under the ropes to get to the pair of you.

“It’s fine…” You mutter, running your tongue along your teeth. They were all still there so you were fine.

“I thought you blocked it.” Dean whispered with a sympathetic hiss, turning your face gently in his hands.

You let out a scoff. “Me too.”

“You really should stop now, Dean.” You tapped at your bloody lips with your glove as Cas spoke up from where he stood close to the door. “You are being too rough.”

“Look, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Dean snapped, shooting Cas a sharp look. You followed Dean’s eyes.

Cas was leaning on the far wall, his body tensed as if the sight of you fighting each other had him on edge. Castiel never partook in the bunker training sessions. He was inclined to sit back and stare. As always. You almost smiled to yourself, despite the pain in your lips. Could you imagine Cas boxing against Dean, or God forbid, Sam? The skinny little guy would get destroyed. Dean was like a train in the ring. You ran your fist along your jawline, flinching at the tenderness. It was going to leave a bruise.

Dean heard you inhale sharply at the touch and he turned back to you, his eyes soft. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” You shook your head to clear it, wiping away some blood on your lip. You knew how to take a hit or two. That was the point of training. Bobby always used to say, better to take a fist to the face from one of the boys rather than a thing that’s actually trying to kill you.

You heard Dean sigh beside you. “Look, your stance just needs a little work. You could have blocked that if you had more power behind your arms.”

“I know I know.” You grumbled, shuffling away from him. “I’m tiny and I can’t beat you. You said that before.” You looked up at him, and you saw a flicker of guilt in his eyes and you instantly lowered your head. It wasn’t his fault you couldn’t knock the guy down. It wasn’t your fault he could punch through your block like Rocky. “Sorry.” You mumbled.

Dean shuffled closer to you. “Just try to keep tension in your stomach. Your core is the strongest part of you.”

Before you could react, Dean had his huge hands on both of your hips, steering you into the correct stance in front of him. “Feet shoulder width apart.” You blinked uncomfortably. You didn’t exactly like Dean touching you. You felt heat rush to your face.

You hesitated and your eyes flickered up to the far wall where you knew someone was watching. Castiel stood a few feet away, rigid and still as a statue, his blue eyes fixed on you and Dean as you practiced. You weren’t big on physical touch at all, and this was new, even though you probably should have expected it seeing as it was Dean.

“Lower your butt.” You gulped down a gasp of shock as Dean placed his hand wide on your lower back, pushing you down. You looked straight ahead, feeling blush redden your cheeks. You knew that if you looked around now you would find Castiel’s eyes and you were too embarrassed at the moment to look to anyone, not even Sam.

Dean leaned over you. “Now take a swing.” You swallowed hard as his arm came around and he rested his other palm on your flat stomach, pressing his fingers into your abdomen. “Feel it here.”

It took you an uncomfortable moment of transition to finally take a step and swing. Dean let out a hum of approval as you did. “Good, that was better.” He patted your stomach lightly. “Did you feel the difference there?”

You nodded, a little dizzy. You felt horribly awkward, Dean’s hands were still on your body. You weren’t exactly comfortable. “Yeah.”

“Swing again.” Dean commanded as he steered you around to face the other direction, your back facing Cas. Sam stood in front of you, bouncing lightly as he took a moment to warm his arms up. “Hit Sam.”

“Uh,” You hesitated, unsure.

But Sam gave you an easy smile. “You’re fine, Y/N. Take your time.”

Part of you wanted to turn back to Cas, see what he was thinking, but Dean was right behind you, his hands on your back and abdomen.

You lunged forward, swinging at Sam with your gloved fists.

And that was when two things happened. First, you hit Sam, and he smiled widely, blocking your strengthened blow with a nod of approval. And second, as you lunged forward, you let out a squeak of shock as Dean’s hand slipped lower and he grabbed a handful of your ass. You wheeled around, but Dean was already stepping away, a faint smile on his stupid, handsome face. “Sorry.” He ducked away from you as you instinctively lashed out to kick him, your face bright red. “I didn’t mean to,” Dean was laughing lightly, his eyes pleading yet amused. “I slipped, it was an accident.”

“Yeah right!” You snarled, swinging at him. You punched him in the arm before you turned around to stalk to the side of the mat, your face slowly regaining its normal color. “You’re a jerk!”

“Y/N, I swear that was an accident.” Dean took a step toward you, and you shook your head. As the embarrassment wore off, you kind of just wanted to punch him. But this was Dean, and you were kind of used to it by now.

“Maybe we should call it a day, guys.” Sam offered, his face slightly pink. He shot Dean a glare, as if he was scolding him for ruining a perfectly mature training session, but he didn’t say a word.

“Fine.” You muttered, feeling your jaw. “I need to shower anyway—”


The three of you turned at the voice behind you.

Cas was standing, moving towards you, shaking of his trench-coat as he moved. He tossed it on the floor, his eyes hard and cold, fixed on Dean. You swallowed hard as he moved past you to face the older Winchester brother, leaving the scent of his aftershave in his wake. He loosened his tie and pulled it free with a sharp jerk, and tossing it away before he met Dean’s eyes.

“I want to practice.”

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Summary: Castiel has been crushing on you for a very long time now, yet he never told anyone except for Dean, who had enough of watching his best friend denying his feelings and decided to take matters into his own hands, leaving you with a big surprise.
Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1084

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Warnings: smut, jealous!Cas, rough sex, grace play, NSFW gifs, unprotected sex

A/N: Written for Smut Appreciation Day!


Dean had known about Castiel’s crush on you for months now. He had told Cas that he would wait and give him time to figure out how to tell you, considering Cas had told him he wanted some time to figure it out.

But now about three months after Dean had found out, Castiel had still not made a move and it drove Dean insane. He hated seeing how Castiel was looking at you, admiring you from a distance but yet he would never go for it.

Sure, Cas was a way different person than Dean, but then again he was never that shy about saying out loud what he felt.

Dean had enough and he promised himself he would make sure Castiel would now finally tell you how he felt. No matter what it would take.

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