cas goes shopping


Request- Hi this is my first Castiel request. :can you do one where Cas goes shopping for a ring and proposes to you in the middle of the bunker

A/N- I really like this one. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count- 1178

Castiel’s eye were intensely boring into a ring he was presented. Sure it looked beautiful but, it just wasn’t what he was looking for. What was he looking for? A perfect ring. A ring for who? Well you of course. Cas and you have been dating for a while now and he wanted to take it a step further. Although he was an angel, he wanted to go with the human custom of marriage. So here he is, looking for the perfect ring.

Now, Castiel didn’t exactly know what ring he was looking for, it just had to be perfect. See, Cas believed that once he saw the perfect ring, he’d just know. Just like the time he met you. He didn’t know much about you yet he already knew you were the one for him. It was a strange feeling, but it was the greatest strange feeling he’s ever received.

“If I go forge myself a jewel, will you be able to make it into a ring?” Cas asked the clerk.

“Erm- Yes we can do that, but sir. Forging a diamond is no easy task. It would be nearly impossible for a human to do it.” he chuckled.

“Right.” Dean said, grabbing Castiel’s shoulders and pulling him away from the clerk. “Hey uh- Cas, buddy, just pick a ring. I’m pretty sure Y/N won’t care what it looks like.” he whispered.

“I know Dean… but- but I still want it to be the right one.” Cas sighed.

“Alright then. Let’s keep looking. I don’t think Sam can keep Y/N busy for long.” Dean explained.

You’d probably be asking Sam why Dean was gone, and since Cas had promised to drop in early that morning, you’d get suspicious.

Cas nodded and continued to look through the rings. Each one looked the same to him. They each lacked, something. Cas couldn’t really place it but they were all missing something.

The jeweler saw that look in Cas’ eyes, the one where he thought he’d never find what he was looking for. He sighed and leaned in towards the two men, “I do have some rings in the back. They aren’t supposed to go on sale until next month. There was one, which we call, a defect. It wasn’t properly manufactured and has a few… flaws. I for one, believe it looks more beautiful. Here, I’ll let you see for yourself.” he said as he walked off.

Dean and Cas shared a weird look but by the time they looked up again the man was already on his way back. He opened the small red box, exposing the dark silver ring. The diamond in the middle was surrounded by decoratives that made it look like a rose, with pedals and leaves.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Dean says.

“The flaws are in the leaves.” said the jeweler as he pointed at them.

“Those are leaves?” Dean questioned.

“Exactly. They don’t look at all like leaves. They look more like-” he started.

“Wings,” Cas sighed in amazement. This was it. This was the ring he’d long sought for. “I’d like this one.”

The jeweler smile, “I thought so.”

“Can I also ask for it to be engraved?” Cas asked.

“Of course sir. What would you like?” the man took out a piece of paper and a pen. Castiel took it from him and wrote what he wanted. The man looked at the figures curiously, thinking it was a language he’d never seen before. “These letters are beautiful.” he whispered. He was so entranced by the intricate letters that he had forgotten to ask what they meant. “I’ll have it done as soon as possible. May I have your phone number so I can call you once it’s finished.” Cas happily nodded, giving him his cellphone number.

With that Dean and Cas returned to the bunker.

“Hey Cas!” you say as you walk into the library.

“Hello Y/N!” Cas smiled brightly. He walked to you and gave you a big warm hug.

You chuckled, “What did you two do, that you’re so happy?” you ask, hugging him back.

“You’ll see tomorrow.” he let slip.

“What happens tomorrow?” you inquire.

Dean sighed, “You see. You spoiled the surprise. I told Cas about this place where they make the best pie. He wanted to get you some but they ran out. Sorry Y/N you’re gonna have to wait.”

“Oh. Cool.” you smile.

The next day~

“What’re we doing today?” you ask. “And where’s Dean? Did he go with Cas again?”

Sam continued to type away in his computer, “I don’t know. Something about pie or something.” he said.

“Oh right.” you say almost to yourself, “I forgot all about that.” you sigh.

“What’s with the face?” he asked.

“Hm? Oh uh,” you blush slightly, “I just kinda miss him… I didn’t get to see him all that much yesterday”

Sam chuckled, “You really love him huh?’

You picture Cas in your head, his smile, his eyes, just everything about him and you smile, “I really do.” you answer.

As if on cue, Dean and Cas arrive. Cas had a huge smile on his face and he immediately walked over to you. He just could hold himself back.

“Y/N,” he whispered lovingly.

Hearing his voice, you smile, and turn toward him. You stood up and walked over to hug him. In your excitement you didn’t notice Sam and Dean holding up their phones, recording the whole situation.

“Cas!” you beam.

But before you got to him, he got down on one knee. You gasped.

“Y/N… Will- Will you marry me?” he asked. He was so excited that he had forgotten he was nervous.

You stared at him in disbelief. ‘Holy crap is this really happening?’ you thought. Even the ring itself was mind-blowingly beautiful. When you saw he was waiting for an answer, you vigorously nodded. “Y-Yes!” you shouted.

He happily slid the ring on your finger and you hugged him like never before. Kissing him several times out of sheer happiness.

“I love you.” he whispered.

“I love you too.” you whispered back.

Then you both heard a sound. Looking over you see both Sam and Dean still holding up their phones, and they were pointed at the two of you.

“That’s a wrap,” Dean said with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes, but still smiled. Nothing could ruin this moment.

“Oh, what was it that you had engraved on it?” Dean asked curiously.

You looked at Cas and then at the ring. Sure enough there were marks on it. You knew it was Enochian.

“What does it say?” you inquire.

Cas smiles. “It says that you are wonderful. That I love you. That this, what we have, what we feel, will last forever.”

You looked surprised, “It says all that?” you question.

He chuckled, “It says soulmate.” he admitted.

You looked up to him, tears of happiness wanting to fall. You buried you face in his chest, “Soulmate.” you repeated, your smile wider, and your heart happier than ever before.

Hope you liked it! x)


cas goes shopping. no lie, this is like one of my favorite scenes from the entire show now. 

Cas arrives unannounced following his supply run

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean’s hands fly up, his back to the angel as he shuffles to put himself in order and stow the magazine out of sight.

“I see you got the supplies I picked up for you.”

That slight smile Dean finds so amusing finds it’s way to the angel’s face. That hint of pride, the old Cas who doesn’t understand boundaries beams through, he thinks he has done something right this time.

“Cas, really?”

Dean turns around, shifting to hide any remaining evidence of his recent activities with the “supplies.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your gentlemen time, I just wanted to make sure you had everything you needed. If there was anything else I could get to make you more comfortable." 

"Gentlemen time?”

Dean’s eyebrow raised so high Cas knew this was not the right thing to say.

“Whatever it is you like to call it… masturbation, that is.”

“I don’t call it anything, and neither do you.”

The hunter’s ears were beginning to redden, and that was definitely his annoyed voice.

“I will leave you to it then.”

He didn’t really have anywhere to go, so he teleported himself to the other side of the door, just for the sake of saving Dean from what Cas feared was another awkward encounter. Maybe it wasn’t the best plan to check in, but at least he had gotten one thing right; Dean still liked his Busty Asian Beauties.