cas drank the liquor store

Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge

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To celebrate I’m doing my first challenge. You write an AU fic using a funny quote from Supernatural! The list of quotes to choose from is below the cut.


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2. It needs to be an AU (alternate universe).

3. Reader insert only. Dean, Sam or Cas. Whoever’s quote you pick, he will be your character.

For example: If you pick a Dean quote…then your fic will be Dean x Reader.

4. Include the funny quote in your fic. It can be smut, fluff, angst, etc.

5. Minimum word count - 1,000 and maximum - 8,000.  It can be a one shot or the beginning of a new series. Please use the Keep Reading feature.

6. Fics will be due by Friday, March 24th.

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destiel & malec x-over headcanon that hits me in the middle of my shower

-Dean, Sam and Cas followed the trail of a rogue werewolf and it led them to New York.

-Luke and the Shadowhunters also got wind of a rogue werewolf killing Mundanes in the streets of New York.

-Dean, Sam and Cas got the werewolf but came across Shadowhunters + Luke during the hunt.

-They kind of get into a little bit of a fight but called a truce when it became obvious that both party were on the ‘good’ side.

-And somehow they ended up comparing notes.

Cas: Oh, I know Raziel! He’s a nice fellow. A bit distant and not really into ’communicating’ with human, But he’s helpful. I myself is more of the hands on type of angel. And we thought Uthriel was sulking somewhere after Father scolded him for playing with the dream sigil. *shakes head* If only we’ve known he was kidnapped….

Sam: So you draw these runes to help you fight? Interesting. They look kind of similar with our sigil, but ours are mostly in Enochian…

Dean: Wait, are you telling me you don’t kill werewolf and vampires here? Like, you’re all live together in harmony? No one’s hunting no one? Then why call yourself Shadowhunter?

Alec: Well, as long as the Downworlder don’t cause trouble and obey the law, we leave them be. But demons are another story. We hunt them.

Jace: So you hunt Downworlder with guns? Do they even work?

-and so on and so forth. until somehow Magnus appeared and had a look at Castiel

Magnus: *gives Castiel the elevator look* Dark hair, blue eyes, meh, Alec is prettier.

Dean: *gets offended on bae’s behalf* Excuse you. Cas is an angel.

-and it went downhill from there. Dean and Magnus just bickered back and forth about heir boyfriend, and finally Magnus snapped.

Magnus: Well, you’re short!

Dean: You wear glitter!

Magnus: And i look fabulous in it.

Dean: Sam is taller than you! Sam is taller than everyone of you!

Magnus: But I’m 400 years older!

Dean: Well, I’ve literally been to hell, heaven, purgatory and back!

Magnus:…. I have a cat *shrugs*

Dean: And i drive an Impala. Your point?

-and they finally ended their bickering on a stalemate because Dean and Magnus was on par in the sassy scale.


-Dean get to meet Simon at some point and they compare their Mark of Cain

Dean: My mark is killing me.

Simon: Mine is protecting me.

Dean: Dude! You’re so lucky you got the upgraded version of the mark.

*added on june 20th:

Winchesters: You guys wear lots of black…

Shadowhunters: You two wear lots of plaid…


Clary: This is a seraph blade, we named it after an angel and we kill demons with it.

Cas: This is angel blade, we kill angels with it.


Jace: I’m Jace Lightwood Herondale, aka Jace Wayland, aka Jace Morgenstern.

Team Free Will: *empty their pockets and produce 24011980 fake IDs with different names*


Jace: I was once under Lilith’s influence.

Sam: I almost slept with Lilith, we kill her though. I was possessed by a demon named Meg once. Oh, and I was Lucifer’s vessel for a while.

Dean: i was once a demon, Knight of Hell and all that. *shrugs*

Cas: I was once a God, Leviathan and all that *shrugs*

And yeah, it was a mess of one-upping each other for a while until Magnus couldn’t take it and just magicked loads of cocktails so they can shut up for a moment and just drink.

Until Cas piped up: I once found a liquor store and drank it.

Request~ @ellen-reincarnated1967 said: Can I request a drabble or one shot with Cas, where he “drank the whole liquor store” and the reader has to coddle him with fluff. Maybe she cooks him greasy food, etc. And Sam and Dean complain that she doesn’t ever do things like that for them…

A/N~ This is a bit of a drabble, but without a prompt.

Originally posted by constiellation

“Come on, Cas. Eat the burger, it’ll make you feel better,” You promised, pushing the plate towards him.

He frowned and shook his head, pushing it back. “No, it tastes like molecules.”

You sighed softly, taking it and getting up, before grabbing a bottle of Tylenol.

“Hey, why don’t you ever do that sort of thing for me or Dean?” Sam asked as he scrolled through his laptop.

“Because you and Dean know better than to drink that much, but you do anyways.”

A/N~ Request an imagine here!

Dean: Cas, can we talk?

Cas: Of course Dean.  I enjoy our talks.

Dean: It’s about, um, Aloysius.

Cas: My guinea pig?

Dean: Uh, whatever.  He found the bunker’s liquor store.

Cas: And?

Dean: He drank it.

Cas: How wonderful: he must be going through a growth spurt!

Aloysius: BURRRRRRP!

Dean: Cas, are you sure that thing is a guinea pig?

Cas: He is cute and fluffy!  He is therefore a guinea pig.  We will need to restock the bunker.

Dean: I think it’s a koala.  An evil koala.

Cas: And get some kale chips!  The all natural kind.

Dean: *sigh*