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Unspoken Words

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Summary: Castiel hates the reader and she doesn’t know why so she pretends to hate him too, but on one case, they are forced to play nice….

Request: Cas and reader hate each other but then they have to attend a party to hunt down a demon so then the reader gets her hair and makeup done and she wears a dress and Cas goes weak at the knees … could lead to smut or not idm 😊❤️

Pairing/Characters: Castiel x reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Demon

Word Count: 2479 (wow, i didn’t expect this from myself 😂)

Warnings: angst, fluff, language

A/N: I really liked writing this :D I tweaked it a little bit, hope that’s alright 

(Y/N) never knew why Castiel was so bitter towards her. She thought back a lot, trying to retrace her steps to see if she said anything that would cause him to act that way, but she came up empty handed. She even asked Dean, but he told her that Cas never mentioned anything to him about it. Same goes when she asked Sam. It looked like she hit a dead end. So she tried to pay herself forward, being nice and complimenting him to her fullest ability, but nothing seemed to work. Maybe it was an angel thing. The rest were pretty much dicks, but he never acted the way he did towards the Winchesters, so she stopped making an effort all together. Gave him a taste of his own medicine. At first, she stayed away from him much like he did when he was around her. When he popped into the room, she’d walk out.

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A very Destiel Truth or Dare
  • Sam: So, truth or dare Cas?
  • Cas: Truth.
  • Sam: Do you like someone? Like,in the love way?
  • Cas: Dean.
  • Dean: ...
  • Sam: ...
  • Cas: What? I supposed to say the truth, didn't I?
  • Dean: Shit, Cas. Everybody lies on Truth Questions. Don't you say anything about IT.
  • Cas: About our night togheter the other day? Okay, Dean.
  • Sam: ...I like how it goes.
Headaches & Case Breaks

Dean Winchester/Castiel
Words: 1.1k
Warnings: none
A/N: For @super-not-naturall ’s 200 Follower Challenge (congrats!!!)! <3 The prompts are in bold.

Summary: Ignoring Dean always went awry. At least, it had in Cas’ experience. Every time he had chosen to no listen to the hunter, something went wrong. This time, however, disregarding Dean’s suggestions may have been his best decision yet.
The one where Cas gets a sunburn, and Dean has to take care of him.

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Two blankets - along with his sheets and comforter - covered Cas like a shield. He was burrowed under the layers, laying in an awkward position with his arms resting on his thighs and his legs bent at an odd angle, shivering an hurting. He was downright miserable.

The previous day, Dean had taken Cas out to a nearby lake for what he claimed to be some ‘good-ol’-fashioned relaxing.’ The men had stayed in the water for hours, floating on cheap inflatable floats and drinking beer. Dean had liberally kept sunscreen on, having already experienced the worst effects of the sun early in life and having no desire to go through it again. Cas, however, hadn’t listened to the hunter and had only put it on once in the eighty-five degree heat, protesting that the substance was too cold and that he would be alright. He was having too good of a day to interrupt the fun for something so miniscule.

Boy, was he wrong.

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