cas bad cop


“What? What’s that look? That guy saying anything useful?” Dean asked, looking up from his watch to see Cas’ troubled expression as he listened in on the conversation behind the closed door.

“’Useful’ is a generous stretch,” he replied flatly. “He’s talking to Y/N about when they used to be together. It hardly seems relevant to the case.”

“Ah, so Y/N might be getting a little more action than just a typical salt and burn, huh? Maybe a little blast from the past with an ex? Risky move, but…it can be worth it,” Dean chuckled. Cas turned to him sharply, jaw set, and stood tall, squaring his shoulders.

“I’m going in there to get them back on track. This is inappropriate.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous,” Dean grinned. Cas narrowed his eyes at him before turning away and striding towards the closed door of your ex’s office, ready to put a swift end to his flirting.