cas angel

Castiel x Reader: Angel Boy

Fandom: Supernatural(Soul Mate AU I think?)

Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas

Warnings: Mean reader, fluffy cas

Word Count: 1,066

Summary: Y/N finally meets Cas after running into Sam and Dean at a Bar.

A/N: I haven’t had much insperation lately. I really need to finish those love letters. Anyways hope ya enjoy.

You walk into the old, dark, musty, bar. Taking a quick once over of the joint as usual, just in case. You did a double take as your gaze drifts across the bar, seeing the back of a familiar head wearing his signature flannel. You hear the door of the bar open behind you so you quickly move out of the way to let the customers by. A light smile spreads across your face. Your boots slighty clunk under the sticky wooden floor as you make your way to the bar. You sit next to Dean Winchester the fearless hunter, turning so he could actually see you, he glances at you then does a double take just like the one you did moments before. He quickly turns with a big grin on his face.

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