cas and sam are good with each other : )

One Last Thing

12x12 coda almost a week late (oops)

When they get back to the bunker, Dean is surprised to see Mom head toward the room they’d assigned to her all those months ago. He assumed she’d leave as soon as they were safely back underground. He’s still staring down the hallway after her when he hears Cas sigh.

He turns to find him slumped in a kitchen chair, his hands in his lap and his coat closed enough to cover the blood and black…goo on his shirt. He’s staring down at the table with a crease between his brow.

“You OK?” Dean asks gruffly as he takes a tentative seat perpendicular to him.


Dean balks at the honesty but doesn’t say anything. He leans forward and folds his hands on top of the table. Somewhere in the direction of Sam’s room, a door opens and closes.

“I shouldn’t be alive,” Cas continues, still staring at the table. “I would’ve never…”

Suddenly Cas’ eyes pop up and past Dean as Sam enters the kitchen.

None of them say anything as Sam grabs a cold cup of coffee. Dean and Cas look at each other. When Sam leaves, Cas’ eyes find the table again.

“I wouldn’t’ve…said what I said,” Cas continues, hesitance clear in his tone, “If I had known…”

A couple of seconds pass before it clicks for Dean. “That you weren’t actually gonna die?”

Cas nods minutely.

Dean leans back, runs a hand up through his hair and then drops it to his knee. “Look, man, you know I ain’t good at this. But you are family, so…what you said…it’s not–it doesn’t–you’re not trying to take it back, are you?” What the fuck–that’s not what he meant to say at all.

“No, of course not.” For some reason, Cas sounds angry. “It’s just that I–nothing.” He quickly turns his head to the side, the way he used to do when Dean had hurt his feelings.

“Cas,” Dean says softly. He waits until Cas looks at him. “I was scared to death when I saw that…what that spear did to you. I can’t lose you, man. So, uh, tell me. Whatever’s on your mind, spit it out.” It’s too harsh, too casual, but anything else wouldn’t be Dean.

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”


Cas squints at him. “It was a declaration made because I thought it was the last chance I would get to tell you. I couldn’t die without telling you that I…that.”

Dean leans forward again and wipes his hand over his mouth. “You, uh, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. You know I’m not–I’m not very good at the whole, uh, love thing, but I know it’s there. I know we’re–you know, we’re good.”

Cas squints harder and leans forward so they’re only inches apart. “You knew I was in love with you?”

Hold on.

“That’s not–you didn’t–that’s not what you said, man. You didn’t say that.”


That’s his “quit being a dense idiot, Dean” voice.

Dean huffs a nervous laugh and stares at the table. “Yeah, uh, this would be a hell of a lot easier if you had died.”

Now Cas is laughing, too. “We are terrible at this.”

Dean lifts his eyes shyly. Cas is studying him.

“Do you remember…” Dean stops and sucks in a breath. He shouldn’t be talking about this. “That day in the cemetery, when we all thought I was gonna die.”

Cas nods once but doesn’t say anything.

“I wanted to, uh, say something.” Dean smiles and scratches the back of his head. “Actually, I didn’t. I wanted to–to kiss you.” He winces in embarrassment.

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

Dean looks sharply over at him.

“If you waited until you were on the brink of death to kiss me, I would’ve killed you myself.”

“You waited until your deathbed to tell me you lo–”

Cas cuts Dean’s argument off with a kiss. It’s just a tentative press of lips, but Dean still lets out a needy, embarrassing whimper as it happens. When Cas pulls away, Dean mumbles, “Nuh-uh,” and grabs him by the cheek to pull him back in. His hip is digging into the edge of the table, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care.

It’s sloppy and too fast and Cas is breathing heavy and whispering, “I love you,” over and over right against Dean’s mouth and it’s all too much and not nearly enough.

Later, in the pitch black of his room, lying breathless next to an angel, Dean tells Cas that he loves him, too.

anyway shipping samcas is the most predictable thing i’ve ever done in my entire life. i mean, honestly like?? it’s literally everything i Love?? a relationship based on trust and mutual support?? literally always in awe of each other 24/7 100% of the time?? are always checking if the other is okay?? friends to lovers trope?? polyglot buddies that argue about translations of ancient texts?? weird animal facts?? sassing each other occasionally but most importantly, sassing other people together? hand holding?????????? so many hugs???????????? platonic cuddling??????????? only ever fight bc one wants to protect the other?????? have occasional ritualistic/sacrilegious sex????????? would kill and die for each other????? have actually done that already & would do it again?????????? hEIGHT DIFFERENCE???????????????????

This Is War (Part 2 of Runaway Ballerina)

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Castiel x sister!reader 

Warnings: Fluff, fluff and fluff

Summary: Chaos and war within the bunker between siblings.

Part 1

For those of who wanted a part 2 here you go!!! Hope you guys don’t mind that I tagged you in Part 2.  @sandlee44 @supdarling @queenpammy13 @evyiione @radstudenttravelerblr @straightasdeanwinchester @violinmyhead @xfanqirlinq @cozyjaws @meeshw777 @sassyspn67 @winchesters-favorite-girl @i-is-small-winchester @dauntless-dean @moose-and-sqruille-lover @galifreyanotaku @skeletoresinthebasement @babygoatsaf

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It’s late at night around 3:15 am and Cas is sitting in the bunker library reading some lure on witches to try and help Y/N get back to normal. He suddenly hears a chair next to him scrape the wood floors. He slowly looks to his right to see a tiny Y/N sitting on her calves with her dark brown hair all over the place with one of Dean t-shirts as pajamas, her eyes red and puffy.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not sleeping?” He ask.

“I has a bad dream. I don’t wanna sleep no more.”

“Why don’t you go to Sam or Dean’s room?”

“I don’t wanna wake them up, I usually went to my daddy’s bed bu-but he’s not here.” She says looking down. Cas face softens hearing this from her. “Castill” she says. Cas chuckles hearing her butcher his name. “Castiel.” He corrects. “Case.. cast…Castie.” She says frowning and Cas sits there smiling. “Can you take me for a drive?” She ask. “A drive?”

“When I can’t sleep my daddy takes me on a ride.”

“Well I don’t have a car.”

“We can take baby.”

“I don’t think Dean would like it if I took his car that he considers as an infant.”

“Well, Dean told me you’re baby in a trench coat and that you have wings like a fairy. So can you fly me someplace?” Cas frowns at this remembering the day at the diner. “I’m don’t think that’s a good idea Y/N.”

“Please Castie!” She begs. “I don’t wanna see anymore monsters in my dreams.” She whimpers. He looks down at her pouty face and sighs. “Only for a few minutes.” He gives in. She gasp reaching up for him. He picks her up and zaps them to a field. Cas sets her on his lap and they both look up at the stars. “How many stars do you think there are?” Cas ask pointing up.

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The Tea is Decaf


3.7k words
Dean/Cas, Sam/Eileen
Based on this text post

Castiel just barely slips out the door into the hallway and turns the knob as he closes it so the latch doesn’t make a sound. The light is always on in the hallway, and Dean always wakes up if too much of it pours into his room, so Castiel has mastered the art of slipping through the smallest space possible.

He breathes a sigh of relief once he’s in the hallway.

A small voice to his right lets out an amused laugh. He turns to see a particularly tiny woman wearing a very large plaid shirt and nothing else. Well, he supposes she could be wearing shorts under the shirt. It really is very big on her.

“You must be Castiel,” she says rather loudly, mispronouncing his name just slightly.

He walks over to her with a finger to his lips.

She puts her hand over her mouth in embarrassment before signing, I’m deaf.

Castiel mouths an “oh” before dropping his head and laughing. He then pops his head back up fast and mouths, “Are you Eileen?”

She nods eagerly and signs, You’ve heard about me?

Sam has mentioned you a few times, he signs back. He says you’re a very good hunter.

Her face lights up. You’re damn right I am. Still, that’s very sweet of him.

So, are you two…? Castiel looks back toward Sam’s room and then down at Eileen’s shirt.

Eileen’s eyes widen in embarrassment. He’s asleep. I was just going to the bathroom.

I was heading to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Would you like some?

Is there caffeine in it?

Not at 4 in the morning.

Eileen smiles and gives him a thumbs up before moving past him toward the bathroom. Castiel watches her go for a second before it hits him.

He looks down at his plain black t-shirt and too-small boxer briefs and wonders if Eileen could tell that these clothes aren’t his. And that he came out of Dean’s room instead of one of the countless other extra bedrooms in the bunker.

By the time Eileen pads into the kitchen, Castiel has two mugs ready with decaf teabags in them and he’s standing at the stove staring at the pot so he can pull it off the burner before it whistles.

It’s only a minute longer before Cas pours the water into the mugs and takes a seat across from Eileen at the kitchen table.

You’re an angel, aren’t you? Eileen asks as her tea steeps.

Castiel nods as he takes a drink.

Does that mean you don’t sleep?

Sometimes I do. I didn’t feel like it tonight.

Is Dean good in bed?

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Destiel is just a part of Cas and Dean

I’m kind of fed up with some of the anti-shipping stuff I’m seeing going around making out that Destiel takes away from Cas and Dean’s characters or in some way people who ship them are only interested in this aspect of the characters.

It’s like there’s this weird universe where people can’t see that a relationship is just a part of a person’s life and I worry for these people and what they think should happen in real life.

The whole point of Destiel is that Dean and Cas have their own characters, personalities and endgames. They are currently and will continue to help each other get to these endgames, but it is NOT that they are each other’s endgame in themselves!

This is a ridiculous and frankly upsetting notion to me, that a person’s life and happiness hinges just on another person?! This is so unhealthy in reality - I don’t want it in fiction, thank you. 

Much as we see in other stories the idea is that the character has their own endgame which is generally to end up happy and the “best them that they can be”. The relationship is just a part of the way to help this develop eg. Ariel, Belle, Lizzy Bennet & Mr Darcy, like… all good love stories?! I wrote about this in more depth here… just cos I love how Destiel can literally be liked to Disney, classics, bloody Shakespeare…because it is just a standard trope, it is a love story.

Cas rebelled and loved humanity before he met Dean, he has always felt ‘different’ and like he didn’t belong. He wants more. Dean is helping with this, he has taught him Free Will, to belong with them etc etc.

Dean has always struggled with low self worth and a lack of self acceptance and faith. Cas is helping with this, he continually strives to show Dean that “he deserves to be saved / good things do happen” - from their FIRST MOMENT. 

I mean, there’s loads more but those are just the bullet points.

Yes, their endgames are interlinked but they do not FIX each other like a bandaid by covering up and negating all their issues, what they do is address these issues alongside other factors (like Sam, the overriding story arcs etc) and therefore complete each other.

And that is a beautiful and healthy love story.


They’re good for each other. They fill the gaps in each other that they were missing before and all that jazz. They’ve had their hiccups, but they’ve worked through them as healthily as I could ask of them, you know, knowing them. Dean’s communication skills especially have improved tenfold since they got together. You can tell he really wants this to work. And it has been working. They’ve been in a serious relationship for what, over three years now?

12x10- THE Destiel Episode

Jesus Christ in heaven. This entire episode was pure magic. Normally I write a post called ‘Destiel bits on episode xyz.’ This episode? No need because every single second was Destiel. So this post will be more of a recap and screaming about every scene. 

And before we proceed, Steve Yockey… Marry me. 

Warning for long post ahead with a metric ton of gifs. SPOILERS AHEAD.

(gif credits to @yourfavoritedirector​, @subcas @some-people-call-it-tragic​, @angvlicmish​, @codestielckles)

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We're seriously missing out on some "dude when will you two stop flirting and looking at each other like that!" about Sam and Eileen and earning a bitch face and heavy eye roll from Sam who looks at the camera

Oh man SO MUCH.

Give me all the Saileen / Destiel parallels (come on, they condensed 9 years of Destiel into 40 minutes of Saileen in 12x17, they can do more). Then make it painfully obvious that Dean totally ships it and thinks they’re flirting all the time when they do stuff that Dean and Cas do. 

Oh and Dean and Cas then do it in the same episode, for good measure, while Sam looks on.

Sam every time is like:

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Oh… these are all already about Dean / Cas.


Heat and Lightning

Destiel + what about one where dean and cas have been crushing on each other for ages. One night, Sam has a party, where they both get invited without knowing the other is going to be there too, with pining and crushing and awkward blushing and all the good stuff | requested by @jimminovak

~1,700 words | College AU, fluff, getting together, awkward blushing


Sam had begged Dean to go with him to the party. He’d turned his nose up at going somewhere with a bunch of students who he wanted nothing to do with. Who even wants their big brother at a party with them?

Dean enters the house, following Sam through the door, he can hear some music going but it’s not that loud and there’s not even that many people here. Dean narrows his eyes at his brothers back.

When they enter the lounge area, Dean realises that this isn’t even a party… it’s a fucking get together. Dean scans the people in the room, all of Sam’s friends. Why does he even need to be here, Sam’s not eight anymore.

Then his eyes land on a dark-haired head, sat with his back to Dean.

Oh. Oh no.

“Sam!” Dean hisses. Sam spins round and gives his brother a smile like he’s completely fucking innocent and Dean hates him so much right now.


“You said this was a party. Not some nerdy get together.”

“I wanted you to come okay.”

“But he’s here.” Dean looks pointedly over to the darker haired guy, who still (thankfully) hasn’t turned around to see who’s entered the room.

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The Three of Us

Summary: You, Misha, and Jared find yourselves in Misha’s apartment, sharing a bed..and each other

A/N: I know, I know! This is a bit different than what I usually write. But it’s good!!!! 

Pairing: Misha x Reader x Jared, Mishalecki x Reader (Yes, some Mishalecki happens)

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), squirting, slight over stimulation, light cum play…it’s a wild ride. 

Word Count: 3.1k

Originally posted by sastiel-and-such

Have you ever slept with or wanted to sleep with any other cast member?

This question changed the mood between you, Jared, and Misha for the rest of the night. It was you that had asked it, surprisingly - immediately after a taking a shot. The three of you had worked later than anyone, wrapping up the end of the season –damn Jensen for dying in this finale and getting done early– so the three of you decided to crash at Misha’s apartment for the night.

Whenever everyone sat in silence for a moment after you asked this question, your stomach felt as if it had twisted into a knot. Then everyone stumbled over their words slightly until you all noticed the way you were all looking at each other.

That’s essentially how you ended up here, on the couch, in Misha’s lap, straddling him as his tongue traced along your bottom lip. You toyed with the bottom of his shirt before you felt Jared’s arms wrap around you from behind as he pulled you back from Misha, laying you down with your head in his lap as Misha cupped your clothed sex.

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Bruised and Battered Part 2

Sam, Dean x Reader (Friends, soon to be more)

1250 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

A/N: Mentions of Abuse. Also, sorry this one is shorter than I wanted, but at least I got something out!! Now I’m going to fall asleep and hope I feel better!

Read Part 1

With your legs tucked underneath you, you continued to stare out the window of the Impala, watching as trees and buildings sped past you, nothing but a blur. Your mind a million miles away as you thought about what lay ahead. If your parents were still alive, and whether you cared if they were dead.

Truthfully, that part of you was numb. Your parents had treated you so horribly, that you weren’t sure if you wanted them back or not. Sure, they were your parents, and you should love them no matter what. But this might be the break you were looking for. Feeling horrible for thinking that way, you quickly brushed away a spare tear, amazed that even after everything you had gone through you could still cry.

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Words: 3,843
Cas x Reader
Warnings: description of injuries, blood
Summary: Y/N patches Cas up after he’s injured.
A/N: angst and FLUFF! This was requested like a year ago, so whoever you are, I hope you are still reading, and thanks for the request!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Get him in!” you urged Sam and Dean. They were each supporting one side of Cas. You slammed the hotel room door behind the trio and rushed in behind them, tossing your bag of gear down and flicking on lights haphazardly.

”Easy,” Dean said as they lowered him to sit down on the bed. “Easy. Okay. You’re alright, Cas. You’re good.”

You grabbed the bag of first aid stuff out of your duffel, carelessly kicking it aside and rushed back to Cas. You glanced over at the brothers who were both worse for wear too. “Dean, your face,” you said, stepping closer to him. “That eyebrow needs stitches,” you said. “Sam—“ Sam was again pressing a hand to his shoulder.

”We’re fine. Just take care of Cas. We’ve got more supplies in our room. We’ll patch each other up,” Sam said. He patted Cas gently on the shoulder and looked alarmed when he only winced and hunched over farther in response.

”What about you?” Dean asked. “You’re gonna be sporting a black-eye tomorrow.”

You waved him off. “I’m fine. Just—come grab me if you guys need help.”

The brothers nodded and limped through the adjoining room door, shutting it quietly behind them.

”Y/N…” Cas’ voice was weak and the grit in it was heavier than usual.

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Whenever he gets the chance Cas will visit Claire and Jody will insist that he eats with them. And sometimes Dean will get messages from Claire with pictures of her and Cas (often with filters on; Cas' favourite is the flower crown one). She'll also send Dean pictures of Cas that she took without him knowing because Dean asked. If you ask him, he'd deny it, but he's got an album on his phone full of candid photos that either he or Claire took of Cas; Sam's unsure whether it's sweet or creepy

Well, if Claire sends Dean snaps of her and Cas, we can imagine it would look something like this


As for the album full of candid shots of Cas…Dean doesn’t look at them that often, really. Like the treasured pictures of his family members, the mere knowledge that they’re closeby and accessible to him whenever he wants to look at them is good enough, most days.

But when Cas is out on another mission - when they’ve barely seen each other for weeks and Dean feels that bone-deep ache grow inside his chest, he’ll take out his phone and flip through the dozens of pictures.

Even though he does it in private, Sam will always know when Dean’s spent some time looking through his album, because he’ll have this distinctive small, soft, private smile on his lips. Sam will never tell Dean about it, though, he knows his brother too well for that. Knows that if Dean found out he had such an - in his eyes - embarrassing tell, he’d put his guard up and make sure not to show it to him again. So Sam says nothing, and, like Dean, takes comfort from that little smile when times are rough.

He’s self-aware enough to know he has a very similar smile after every skype call with Eileen.

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hey there, so i always wondered about the purpose of dean's church confession in 10x16, what the hell were the writers trying to tell us?

Originally posted by dmitri-mish-ackles

Well…. it’s a part of Deans whole storyline since the pilot - a component of the exposition that his 12 years of story that we have been watching is all emotionally driven, a character based arc rather than plot based, all centering around Dean’s journey to self acceptance and self worth.

It’s also in large part a part of my #performing!dean tag and I imagine every meta writer’s performing!dean tag as performing!dean is a large part of this arc, the deconstruction of which leads to his self acceptance and works alongside his self worth.

At this point in 10x16, Dean is realising that he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t think he deserves to die…

Remember all Dean’s self hatred, all his self loathing and feelings of worthlessness from earlier seasons? Remember how he constantly put himself in harms way because he felt that any life, anyones, was pretty much more worthy of living than his own?

Well, that has changed by this point. He still cares for others and their lives in a massive way and will still put himself in harms way to protect them but it isn’t with the same nonchalance towards his own life, he isn’t actively thinking that his own life is worthless anymore…

Remember this?

Originally posted by castielsource

Remember how, over the whole show but particularly since Hell Dean has grown, has evolved, not to change himself as such but to change the way he sees and portrays himself to others? How he has started up to 10x16 to let some of his guard down? How only 4 episodes earlier he admitted to liking and listening to Taylor Swift in front of Sam for example? How he has become more emotionally available with Cas since purgatory?

This is all part of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean and his emotional journey to self acceptance… Self acceptance is for me Dean’s whole arc since the pilot. It is with key points such as going to Hell, the introduction of Cas and more recently the introduction of Amara as the exposition but then Mary as her extension as the actual catalyst that we have come to the climax of this arc for Dean in 12x22.

There are moments throughout the show though that of course build to this moment and this is just one of them. The others being for example:

1x09: Dean walks away from Sam to call John about going back to their family home, facing the ghost of Mary, he breaks down and sobs into the phone, revealing that he is an extremely emotional person and family is his weakness but also his biggest focus in life.

2x11: Dean asks Sam why everyone assumes they’re gay, Sam tells Dean he is a bit butch and seems like he is overcompensating (gee, ya think?!).

2x13: Dean and Cassie: basically a huge exposition for the fact that Dean portrays himself as a give-a-shit lothario but when it comes to it he loves and he loves hard, he’s a gentle lover and fell in love with a passionate woman who only left him because she thought it was for his own good and what he wanted, they argue, they stare deeply at each other, they fight, because they care. Sam even tells Dean:

“What’s interesting is you guys never really look at each other at the same time. You look at her when she’s not looking, she checks you out when you look away. It’s just a… just an interesting observation in a… you know… observationally interesting way.”

I even did a gifset parallel with 12x19 of this episode cos dude, exposition much. She’s even called Cassie FFS *Tink looks into the camera*. gifset here.

4x01: Cas looking straight into Dean’s heart and seeing that he doesn’t think he deserves to be saved etc. leading to Dean then convincing Cas himself that they deserve to have Free Will, that they can save the world and they do by s5. *sobs a little at how beautiful this story is and it’s only 2 years in*

The whole of season 7: Dean is an alcoholic mourning Cas and worried for his brother then also mourning Bobby, feeling his life is worthless if he can’t save and protect his family.

MoC era: Dean loses what makes Dean Dean. He becomes hard, full of anger and pain, without the soft side. This is frightening and he would rather die than become like this.

Season 11: Amara is a complete exposition of Dean’s emotions, as I wrote it a few long posts about Amara, search #amara on my blog but here and here are the main ones. She exposes that he feels love but also shame, that he is holding himself back from something (add this to 11x11′s: follow your heart and all the heart / love themes of the early season right before Cas gets taken away and Dean spends the last half of the season desperately trying to get him back while Amara, all powerful being has to use Cas to get to Dean).

Season 12: Mary is the extension of Amara, she is the catalyst for Dean to finally face himself, all this has built and built to the point where, nearing 40 years of age he finally doesn’t want to sublimate anymore, he doesn’t want to hide. This post is my explanation for how Mary is exactly what he needed at this point, I think I wrote it mid season, but it was clear by 12x03 that this was her role and of course 12x22 was a great big wave hello and goodbye to Performing!Dean, another meta I wrote called “Dean Winchester is going to die” after 12x11 harked at the fact that this was coming and wasn’t it GLORIOUS?!

In his confrontation with Mary in 12x14 Dean essentially tells Mary that he thinks he deserves better, this is a huge deal for Dean - a HUGE deal for his self worth arc. He then in 12x22 addresses the fact that his upbringing wasn’t FAIR, that he didn’t cope well with it, that it has damaged him. He lets his wall down, he also literally blows down the walls of the bunker with the grenade launcher, the metaphorical taking down his walls, even Toni says it was a metaphor to hammer this home to us…

So yeah 10x16 is one of the key components throughout the years to show us that Dean’s story is all about his emotional journey to self acceptance of his softer side, the side that he hides by using the Performing!Dean facade, also he talks about people, feelings that he wants to experience differently to before or for the first time…  make of that what you will but for me…

In 10x14 just two episodes earlier we have: Dean choosing Cas over Crowley (to give the first blade to) right after a deleted scene in which Crowley and Cas have a whole conversation about Dean being CAS’s boyfriend rather than Crowleys, and Crowley telling Cas that he is running himself into the ground trying to save him, also Cain paralleling Cas with Colette after telling Dean he knows him.

Not long before that we had the burger date where Dean asked Cas to take him out if he got really bad with the MoC then there was the episode where they were heavily paralleled with a married couple where the wife had to let the husband go for fear of killing more people I mean, not to mention the whole Demon!Dean arc where Cas sacrificed himself to save Dean, where Dean knows it and seems to be… clearing a space on his bed but Cas is pulled away by Heaven again, I love this visual metaphor, where then Destiel is actually brought up on screen in 10x05…. you cannot tell me that…

Originally posted by foxylosu

So yeah, this scene in 10x16 is just part of the overall exposition for Dean’s emotional journey throughout the show, it’s a part of the intricately woven pattern of Performing!Dean and Destiel that alongside other aspects of his journey make up a large part of Dean’s overall self acceptance and self worth arc, with the Performing!Dean side climaxing in 12x22, we are just waiting for the second part now… 

12x23: Some Destiel foreshadowing for S13...

I’m crying with laughter, but I’ll just compose myself and share this with you.

I’m rewatching 12x23 (because @margarittet sucked me in with her wily ways) and dudes, within the span of a few minutes - and within the same sequence of scenes - Dean refers to two things that I feel are heavy with innuendo. And, possibly, hopefully, with foreshadowing for what to expect for Dean and Cas’ Love Story Arc in S13. 

The first of these two references I’ve been aware of since the first time I watched the episode because it stands out like a sore thumb, but the second I only just discovered, and it’s what has me laughing with glee. 

(I swear the writers must be taking the piss at this point)

1. Narnia

Originally posted by xabbisx

The first association that springs to Dean’s mind when Cas tells the brothers they’re dealing with a tear in space and time, a doorway to another world, is to say “What, like Narnia?”

Now, Narnia is a fairy tale kingdom that does exist outside of our space and time, so it’s a shrug-let’s-move-on assumption that this could be an accurate parallel. Cas, of course, informs him that this isn’t what it is: it’s like our world, just different.


So, to clarify: Dean’s mind immediately parallels Cas’ description of “a doorway to another world” with crawling into a closet of fun and magic and adventure that’s filled with Biblical symbolism - such as Jesus in the form of a mighty Lion that sacrifices himself and then rises again in the light of dawn. 

A closet, one should add (and put thick lines under for emphasis) out of which you return changed, bettered, but still the same.

Dean’s mind goes there

While Cas immediately debunks this parallel and states that no, this world they’re about to enter is just like Earth, but different.

Do you see where I’m going with this, guys?

If not, let’s see what reference Dean makes once they’re through the door and looking at this Earth that is like our own - just different.

2. A Whole New World

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Well. Disney, Disney, Disney. Stuffed full of the most romantically trope-y romantic arcs of all the romantic arcs that ever did arc. @tinkdw knows and has written extensively on the subject. @margarittet knows, too, we’ve been talking Dean’s Disney Library for a few days now.

And here we have yet another reference to a Disney movie. And not just a movie, but - true to style for our beloved Dean - a reference to an actual song. (I googled A Whole New World just to be absolutely sure this isn’t a reference to some obscure classic rock ballad or something) (it is not)

I will now attempt to write down these beautiful lyrics with a straight face:

I can show you the world/ Shining, shimmering splendid /Tell me, princess, now when did/ You last let your heart decide!

I can open your eyesTake you wonder by wonder/ Over sideways and under/ On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world/ A new fantastic point of view/ No one to tell us no/ Or where to go/ Or say we’re only dreaming — [Free Will rules]

A whole new world/ A dazzling place I never knew/ But when I’m way up here/ It’s crystal clear/ That now I’m in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights/ Indescribable feeling/ Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling/ Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world/ (Don’t you dare close your eyes)/ A hundred thousand things to see/ (Hold your breath it gets better)

I’m like a shooting star/ I’ve come so farI can’t go back to where I used to be

A whole new world/ (Every turn a surprise)/ With new horizons to pursue/ (Every moment, red-letter)

I’ll chase them anywhere/ There’s time to spare/ Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world/ (A whole new world)/ That’s where we’ll be/ (That’s where we’ll be)/ A thrilling chaseA wondrous place

For you and me

This is a beautiful, beautiful love song.

And it’s also rife with innuendo when it comes to a radical change in lifestyle. (yes I have a dirty mind) (I will not apologise) (ok maybe I will) (someday) (just quietly giggling) (never mind me)

And though Dean’s line of dialogue is “A whole new world, Sam”, he’s quoting Cas here, as Cas began this sequence of scenes by stating that the tear is a “doorway to another world”, which directly links Dean’s reference to Cas.

*slow motion eyebrow raise*

The core of any good Love Story is the Lovers facilitating a healthy internal growth for the other. By questioning each other and challenging each other and guiding each other. By highlighting what the other person needs to let go of in order to move on from old beliefs about themselves and the world at large and become a whole person. Once they’ve grown into a whole person, they get their reward: which is true love, shared with the person who facilitated their growth.

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Usually the Lovers are therefore, by necessity, Opposites in many superficial things, while sharing core character traits that clarify why they’re perfect for one another. These shared traits are what make us root for them to get together. Clearly it’s meant to be, if they could only let go of all that baggage already!

We are watching the love story between a man afraid of flying falling in love with a man who has wings on his back. Wings. On his back

I sincerely cannot think of a more poignant or visually compelling use of the Opposites trope.

My point is this:

In Dean’s Narnia reference there’s an acknowledgment of there being a closet, and the closet is a safe space, filled with the promise of adventure and growth, but just because one was to indulge doesn’t have to mean one has to change, right? Time stands still in the closet, you come out with more experience, but still the same. Right?

Wrong as fuck, so says Cas.

And why is it Cas who says this?

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Because Cas started Dean’s character growth towards self-acceptance and true self-worth, which will result in endgame and a long and happy life for Dean. (no going out in a blaze of glory Dean) (let that go now)

Cas is the reason Dean wants to go through the growth, because Dean is so in love with Cas that he can’t imagine life without him, and he wants a shared life with him. Dean is now so deep into his internal growth that what he truly wants is to reach the endgame of his shared love story arc with Cas. The obstacle in the way of this, at the moment of this Narnia/Aladdin exchange, before Cas’ angel death, is Dean’s fear of rejection. He is scared of getting hurt, of Cas getting hurt, of getting Cas hurt, of all the things that actually take place throughout 12x23.

And so Cas is there, yet again, to call him out on his bullcrap.

Because, no, Dean, this whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is nothing like the closet in Narnia. You won’t crawl into it and have your fun and crawl back out again, still the same as when you went in. (pfffffff)

The whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is like the Earth you’ve always known, but different. 

And, my darling Dean, that’s ok. Because Cas will be right there with you. Every step of the way. 

(yes this will most likely be a bit of a bizarro world to Sam) (though I’m sure he will not be the least bit surprised)

*crossing fingers*

Invisible, Chapter Nineteen

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1950

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Political Animals-Part 4

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Omega! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I didn’t hear a single word of the debate.  Not one damn word.  I hope no one asks me anything about it.  Every time I sneak a glance over at Sam he is looking at me, and he looks pissed.  I know there is nothing aside from my actual death that will get me out of the reception afterwards.  I am so screwed.

Finally the torture ends and we are able to leave.  The reception is being held at a hotel down the street.  A staff member ushered my mother, Cas, Meg and I into a waiting car.

“I think that went really well, Mom.” Cas said.  “What do you think, Y/N?”

“I……..” I stammered.

“She has no idea, because she didn’t pay attention to any of it, did you?” My mother snapped.

“Mom……” Cas said in a warning tone.

I sat up straighter.  “Look, you wanted me here, so I’m here. And your still not happy.”

My mother gave me an appraising glance.  “You could’ve at least pretended to listen.”

“Can we please just try and get along for one night?” Meg said softly, ever the peacemaker.

I didn’t say another word for the rest of the drive.

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Cafe Surprises

(Based off of the fanart that I don’t own)

Dean was bored. Bored enough to believe that there was no cure for his boredom. So, he had gotten up from his bed in the bunker and decided to do what every annoying older brother would do and mess with Sam’s things while Sam was out getting groceries.

Dean grinned with satisfaction as his pillows started smelling like fart and his toothbrush was slathered in his spat out saliva and finally opening up his drawers and shuffling through them, but not quite closing them completely (some more obvious then others). Dean let out a low chuckle as he opened the final drawer when something caught his eye.

He pulled out a picture of him and Cas smiling at each other and sharing a pie. Dean’s lips formed into a warm smile at the fond memory, but the smile soon turned into a laugh as he saw Sam by the window and almost going into shock as he saw the two of them.

Dean remembered the kind photographer that had taken picture when he saw him and Cas together, but little did he know that Sam was passing by at a purely coincidental time. Dean grinned at the memory and started to replay it in his head.


“This is good pie,” Dean had said with a smile and good mood. Cas grinned and took a forkful even though he knew it would just taste like molecules.

Just as Cas expected it had tasted like molecules, but Dean didn’t notice the look of disappointment on Cas’ face because he was too busy singing along to the music in the cafe and leaning in to kiss Cas’ cheek when he felt a flash of light, but didn’t actually register what happened until his lips were actually on Cas’ cheek.

Dean pulled away and saw a man with a professional looking camera in his hands and a smile on his face, but his smile quickly faded away as he noticed the look of anger and embarrassment on Dean’s face.

“I’m sorry sir,” the man said. “I just saw you two together and I just had to take a picture,” he explained and paused before continuing, “I’m doing a project at school and I have to take pictures of natural moments, but if you don’t want me to use it then I won’t.”

Dean tried to be angry, he really did, but when the man had shoved the picture in his face he couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll tell you what,” Dean said in fits of laughter. “If you give me a copy of that picture then I’ll let you use it.”

Cas had a confused look on his face as Dean put the camera in his hands and pointed out a flabbergasted Sam Winchester outside by the window. Cas started to chuckle as Dean swerved towards the window to see if Sam was still there, but soon saw that he wasn’t at the window, but headed towards the door to the cafe.

Sam sat down at their booth just as Dean had given the photographer his number so he could have a copy. Sam, with his mouth agape and many questions on his tongue, couldn’t quite spit out what he was wanting to ask.

“So uh, how long has this been going on?” Sam had asked, starting the beginning of a long conversation and a few stolen kisses between Dean and Cas, teasing from Sam, and of course, dragging Sam along with Dean and Cas on a long path of what’s to come.


Dean smiled fondly of the memory and took the picture from Sam’s room and put it in his own with a footnote in his head to get a picture frame.

Dean placed the photograph in a drawer next to a small black box, deciding that maybe tonight was the night he would ask his boyfriend to become his fiancé.

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Do you know if there is any meta about the time stamps from 12x12 like bible verses or something? Or were they rather picked to show how much time every event has taken?

Hi! I haven’t seen any myself. 

So I guess, here is my interpretation :) This episode (12x12) was a Cas - focused episode so it’s no surprise that the episodes that they relate to seem to reveal something about Cas or Dean in relation to Cas…

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1. Timestamp 5:20 PM: The diner scene. Cas/Dean subtext. Wally and Mary lead the boys to the case, to Ramiel. Mary says they’ll be fine, but Wally dies and Cas is gravely injured. 

Episode 5x20:

Crowley leads the boys to the 4 horsemen. Brady reveals that he is the one who killed Jess, the love of Sam’s life.

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2. Timestamp 9:05 AM: Mary’s discussion with Sam. Mary learns that Wally is dead, knowing that her deception led to this. Mary doesn’t tell Sam the truth.

Episode 9x05: Dean nearly learns something important from the Colonel but a break down in communication stops it. He doesn’t learn the truth.

3. Timestamp 10x07 AM: “Mother Mary” - Mary’s cover up re: telling the boys that Wally was the one to bring them the case is revealed. 

Episode 10x07: Dean’s exaggerated (to Sam) sexual encounter is scuppered and proved to be ‘false’ as a dark, sex working horror story. Meanwhile Cas is portrayed in a possibly sexual light and rejects Hannah while insisting that Dean is the most important thing to him.

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4. Timestamp 8:23 PM: Mary is revealed to have been lying. Mary explains why she did it: “Since when is life about getting what you want?”.  Dean reveals the reason why he didn’t want to work with the MoL is because they tried to kill Sam. Cas reminds us of his time as Human “urination, I understand” and his trust in others, was easily deceived by Mary.

Episode 8x23:

The climax of the toxic codependency. Dean puts Sam above saving the world. This is their climactic “bad moment”, revealing that putting each other before the world is not what is healthy or good for them or the world. Cas was deceived by Metatron and ended up Human.

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5. Timestamp 9:03 PM: Cas has been stabbed and is dying.

Episode 9x03: Cas gets stabbed and dies. Dean tells him to “never do that again”…

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6. Timestamp 9:07 PM: Dean threatens Crowley to help them save Cas or leave. Crowley tries to talk Ramiel out of killing the four. He puts himself in danger to save the Winchesters.

Episode 9x07: Dean gives up his own life for Sammy. He also puts Sammy before his love interest at the time.

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7. Timestamp 9:12 PM: Cas tells Sam, Dean, and Mary that he’s not going to live, that he loves them all, and he wants them to leave for their own good. The Winchesters refuse and Sam says that they are fighting for him. Cas reminds them of the things they’ve shared, that changed him, how Human he has become. Mary is the one who has led Cas to this point, because she doesn’t believe in the grey area of coexistence between monsters and humans. Found family and friends are the focus. Crowley saves the day (and my personal POV is that he does so due to a kind of love for Dean, given that he says “you’re welcome” directly to him and I believe in Crowley and Dean’s summer of love and complicated feelings from Crowley thereafter).

Episode 9x12: Garth is no longer Human, but he still is capable of love and loves his wife so much that he starts to turn when she is threatened, his protective streak is clear. His wife’s family (mother in law) is the real monster that caused the deaths because she didn’t believe in a grey area of coexistence between monsters and humans, meanwhile love saved the day. Garth’s father in law is described as “holding onto his Humanity” and therefore being “good”. Found family and friends win.

Dean “who cares where happiness comes from… even though they’re (not Human), don’t let that go, you’ll never forgive yourself”.

So yeah, I think there are plenty of links between these timestamps and the episodes that they allude to (and to be honest I got a bit sidetracked by work for my job so I perhaps haven’t noted down all the most important points where they relate, please feel free anyone to add!), also notice how none of these happen to be after the 23 of the hour… hmmm. I don’t think its such a coincidence, even if some of the points aren’t as clear as others, a lot of the episodes that are alluded to here reveal some real insight into Cas himself and Dean in relation to Cas at this point in 12x12…