cas and burger

Every time Cas comes back to the bunker after a long time away, Dean makes burgers. He knows Cas loves burgers, especially the burgers Dean cooks. And Cas doesn’t need to eat, but he enjoys eating those burgers, and Dean loves that soft smile Cas shoots at him when Dean places the burger in front of him. Dean tries to make the gesture as casual as possible, but every time he makes a burger for Cas and places it onto the table, Dean is silently saying: welcome home, Cas. I’ve missed you.


“all i’m getting from you is…colors.”

or the one in which cas is basically a walking and talking color wheel

I’ve Been Waiting

If Cas had ejected Lucifer in 11.18… 

“What’s that look for?” Dean asks through a mouthful, eyeing Cas over his burger. 

A hint of a smirk graces Cas’ lips. “What look?”

“Don’t go pretendin’ to be innocent,” Dean bumps his boot against Cas’ dress shoe. “Tell me.”

“It’s nothing,” his best friend insists, though the light dancing in his blue eyes tells another story.

“Okay, then,” Dean says, unconvinced.

He takes another humongous bite from his burger and shoves a couple of fries into his mouth as well. Humming, he chews slow to savour the taste. It’s a pretty damn good meal. It’s been a pretty damn good day so far, in fact.
This morning Sam had tromped into the kitchen, sniffling and croaky. Dean had taken one look at him and went nope! No way I’m spending time in the car with Sneezy!

The previous night, they had planned to check out a lead for a hunt. A run-down house at Junction City, not too far away, had been swallowing up a few daring, but stupid, teenagers. Sipping his coffee, observing Sam and the trail of tissues that follows him – Dean had considered not going, period.
But then, he had heard the quiet but determined “I’ll go with you,” from Cas. 

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