it’s a little rough but it’s also the most i’ve written in like a week, so i’m not really complaining at all. to my best friend, imnotleavinherewithoutyou, just because i can.

He knows what Dean looks like. Bright green eyes, full lips, high cheek bones, and freckles all over. The only way his eyes would actually focus was if he was wearing his glasses and only five inches away from whatever he was trying to see clearly, but it worked nonetheless. Castiel knows what Dean looks like.

Before that, what he knew most about Dean was kindness and his protective streak. Technically the seniors at their school were adults, but they didn’t often act like it. 

Someone pushed him down, another two people laughed, and someone yelled, “watch where you’re going! Are you fucking blind?”

He replied, “yes, actually, I am.” 

They still laughed.

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May I direct you towards this wonderful Hogwarts AU? 

Nothing Says Holiday Spirit like a (Dangerous) Tournament (Full of Teenage Wizards) by dreamedofwings

Summary: Dean’s life could be very bizarre at times. It wasn’t that it was a bad life, not at all. Other than the fact that he had an uncanny ability to get into trouble (and, luckily, out of it), his… little problem just started when he decided to put his name down for the Triwizard Tournament on a dare from Benny and Victor.It had seemed harmless enough at the time.

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Tags: AU - Hogwarts, Misunderstandings, Fluff, Romantic Comedy, First Kiss, Friends to Lovers, Triwizard Tournament, Yuleball

I’d be happy if you gave it a read and, if you liked it, let the author know! ♥♥

Teaser for 'Can't Deny My Love' Music Video Debuts

A teaser for the ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ music video has been uploaded on Brandon’s YouTube account.

This video confirms that ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ will be released on March 23, 2015.

Victims will recall Brandon discussed the music video with NME in the February 28, 2015 issue.  You can read that overview here, spoilers.  You can read the full NME interview here.

Update: The teaser has also been posted on Brandon’s website.