Does it ever just hit you that Cas is an angel. I get so caught up in him as he is to the Winchesters that I tend to forget that. He’s dorky and insecure and sometimes makes bad choices and he’s so human that I tend to say it like, “Yeah, Cas is an angel but not the kind of angel you normally think of.” 

But no, he is that kind of angel. He’s been alive for longer than people can comprehend. He has all that history that he doesn’t even talk about, I think we tend to forget that his life didn’t start when he poped into Jimmy, he has more stories than we’d ever have the lifespan to hear. He’s not this dorky little guy in a trench coat at all, he’s light so bright it will burn the eyes out of your head. He was the leader of his garrison. He fought in wars important enough to involve angels. He was in charge of raising the man who would bring about the end of the world. 

So yeah, we already know all of this but I think we need a reminder sometimes. Cas is very human but he’s also very angel. 

“ Take Me Out ” 

I’m loving this Balmain collection! 

Many thanks to all of the CC creators! :)

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How He Wakes You Up - Supernatural Preference

I was originally going to do this for the Avengers but I had this weird feeling I’d done it before?

Dean rubs your arm gently or shakes your arm gently if he needs you up faster. When you wake up he presses a kiss to your neck before getting out of bed. 

When Sam wakes up he pulls you into his arms and just holds you tight for a moment. He then gets up and if his hug didn’t wake you up then he’ll kiss your face until you wake up.

Cas usually doesn’t mind if you stay sleeping. He’ll make sure you’re safe. But if he does need to wake you up, he’ll either go into your dreams if you have time or he’ll snap you awake.

Crowley will rub your arm or poke you until you wake up. He mumbles “wake up love” as he does so. As soon as you’re awake, Crowley will say good bye and give you a kiss before disappearing to do his daily tasks. 

Gabe will either tickle you awake or just play with your hands until you wake up. You sometimes wake up to him making shadow puppet shows on the wall using your hands. 

Lucifer will either wake you up with his loud singing or he’ll start kissing your neck to wake you up, laughing when you push him away only to call him back again when you realise it’s him.

Balthazar would wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him before nibbling your neck and ear gentle until you wake up.

Valentine's Day at the bunker~

SAM: Is that’s a hickey?

DEAN: It’s Valentine’s Day.

SAM: Oh, hi Cas, I didn’t know you were here.

CAS: Hello Sam, just now I learned it is customary to leave a bruise on the neck of your valentine.

SAM: *looks at Dean, and smiles amused*

DEAN: *Blushes, clear his throat and walks towards the kitchen*

SAM: Hey Cas, come here. You know what else is customary? Let me show you this list. *Smirks devilishly*

CAS: Is this Victoria’s Secret near here?