Bonded (Part 2)

Summary: Castiel is determined to get you back after your death. But where are you? And what’s going to happen if he actually does find you? (I hate summaries yall mine are always shit. just read it and youll find out hahahaha)

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.4k (go me)

Warnings: uh angst, arguing, torture, blood, yeah (there is more to come, dont worry! it’ll get better….maybe?)

A/N: weeeeee! feedback is greatly appreciated!

also, shoutout to @willowing-love for helping me with the plot for dis story (thnx mom u rock)

Bonded Series Masterlist


Castiel rushed through the hallways of heaven, searching desperately for you or one of the very few Angels left, because perhaps they knew which room your Heaven was in. Eyes frantically seeking any sign of anyone around, he turned a corner and almost ran straight into Naomi.


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13x19: Funeralia


Rowena’s back and better than ever (and so is Billie)(and so is Gabriel)(Asmodeus, not so much)


In Portland, Oregon, our favorite witch Rowena gets a call from the three musketeers Team Free Will. 

They need her help with Michael. She takes the time to compliment the cutest angel in the universe, but can’t be bothered with assisting further. She’s at a party, and has things to do. Namely: dance the tango and set a woman on fire.

Later, in the bunker’s kitchen (Dean’s comfort zone and Cas’s comfort zone!…still a table between them though), Dean and Cas try to brainstorm ideas for tracking Gabriel that doesn’t require Rowena.

Dean needs a beer to get the brain juices flowing, and despite Cas’s quick decline, he gets him one too. #goodhusband Cas comes up with asking the angels for help.

*Boris Determined Soon-to-be Classic Dialog Alert*

Cas: This would be something of a Hail Mary

Dean: Hmm

Cas: It’s a sport’s term, like slam dunk or ball handler

Dean: That’s uh, mm…I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Ah, they’re really talking here, discussing angels, Donatello, and being on the same page but approaching things from different perspectives. Interrupting Sam interrupts so I guess the rest of the episode won’t be domestic Dean and Cas chatting over a beer. Missed opportunity, I’d say.

Sam reports on Rowena’s recent activity. Dean gets testy with him about helping her and now Sam’s got to make things right. He then tells Cas that he can contact the angels, but adds, “don’t get dead again.” Guh, he couldn’t look at him until he said those words. He doesn’t like what Cas wants to try, but only makes eye contact when he really wants to make that last point clear. #worriedhusbandisworried

Cas heads to the playground and finds Indra, one slightly inebriated angelic guard.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. Quick question I was wondering, do you think that there is a chance that by absorbing his spear power Cas became Michael s wepon?

Heyyy my lovely! Quick answer to your question is: no, I don’t think there’s a chance. :) Here’s the thing - or three things - that make me give that reply:

1. We would’ve been shown and told that this was how the weapon works way back when. They won’t smack this in our faces in the 11th hour. What is this, Buffy and her scythe? I think not. ;) The spear was used to foreshadow Michael being the bad egg, planting the idea of Michael returning and reminding us that Michael is a fanatic with a truly sadistic streak in him. The spear was also used to foreshadow Cas’ angel death at the end of S12. I don’t think it’ll be a major player now. Unless Michael gets his hands on it. (oh boy)

2. There’s been no foreshadowing of anything like this anywhere this season. The spear hasn’t been mentioned once thus far and again with the naw, not in the 11th hour comment. The spear kills demons and makes angels suffer, right? So it wouldn’t kill good old Mike anyway. They need a more powerful weapon! (behold the planted archangel blade) (unless it’s a red herring) (Dean is the Michael sword, after all) (they could flippety flapjack that one any which way)

3. Cas is an expert at weaponising himself - he’s doing it right now again - so even though it would be an amazingly ironic turn of events for him to literally be tied to a weapon of Michael’s, I don’t think this is what his arc is asking for. It’s asking for the chance for him to finally get to make the choice not to. Forcing him into a position where he’s turned into a weapon after nearly dying from a stab wound from said weapon wouldn’t just be dramatic irony, it would be cruel and unusual and Cas has done nothing so far this season to deserve that type of character based punishment. What he needs is something to open his eyes to what he’s making himself into. His eyes wouldn’t be opened to this if he was being made into a weapon by an externally rooted source. Instead we get him focusing on the mission and being rah-rah by any means necessary. And it’s lining him up perfectly for eyes opening to this great big lesson he’s about to be taught - he was never the weapon first, he was always the shield.

Make sense?

Quick and long answer. All based in my personal perception of this story of ours and where it’s hopefully headed, of course. :)