But let’s be honest: I think pretty much everyone was the most excited about Kalinda and Cary’s antics this week.

After a bunch of episodes that featured lame old Jason O’Mara and Kalinda sleeping with some boring cop lady, it was a very welcome throwback to have her and Cary up to their old tricks again. The cooling-off is officially over, and not because Kalinda proved her worth as a friend. Quite the opposite: She screws Cary over first chance she gets, trying to protect the firm with a false tip he plants for her. But after realizing he screwed her over? Well, game recognizes game. Kalinda’s in this for real now. Cary’s final little fakeout before going out for a drink with her pretty much made the episode.

Friend-zoned: The romantic teases that kept us coming back this TV season

Kalinda and Cary – ‘The Good Wife’

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Kalinda Sharma doesn’t have a lot of friends, and she’d like you to know that that’s the way she likes it. What started out five years ago as a very patronizing relationship where Kalinda tolerated the fresh-faced Harvard-grad at best, over the years turned into a friendship that was built on mutual understanding and respect.

Cary’s always been in awe of Kalinda’s mysterious nature and fiery spirit, and Kalinda’s learned to appreciate Cary’s genuine intentions and kind heart amidst a world of lies and backstabbing. And after a little bit of scheming left a few open wounds early this season, the friends made up and finally took seasons of romantic teasing to the next level. But while we’ve always been sure of Cary’s feelings, we’ve been on the fence with the slippery Kalinda from the start, and after some season finale revelations regarding Kalinda’s manipulations, their relationship is sure to take an interesting turn this upcoming year.

Kalinda, probably as bored with being a mysterious sexy plot device for the past eleven episodes as the rest of us, decides it’s time to patch things up with Cary. Cary wants nothing to do with her, or her silly ideas of friendship, as he suspects she’s using him to get information about his firm. He’s right, she is using him, but she wants to be friends, too. Cary is clever, and feeds her false information, leading to an embarrassing meeting between Will and Kalinda and fifteen-second guest star Tom Skerritt, as a client who wants to move over to Florrick Agos. Cary’s deviousness endears him to Kalinda rather than enraging her, and the two end up going out on the town for a drink, and what we can assume is very attractive sexytimes.

bardotinmotion  asked:

Yeah, what's really striking about C/K is how it's all about Kalinda. Her needs, her wants, her emotions. Something goes wrong between them - Kalinda needs comfort! But when Cary gets beaten from K's ex, work, and his own dad - pfft. Why does HE need comfort or emotional support? Or why should Kalinda be expected to offer any too him? She didn't even apologize for the beating! It's so lopsided that I'm seriously wondering wtf Cary is even looking for with Kalinda. Is he an emotional masochist?

It’s a writing issue. And the big problem is writers’ idea of Kalinda.

Writers’ obsession about her bisexuality is becoming her big limit: every season they give her a couple of love interests, usually a woman and a man (and a little of Cary who’s becoming a third genus: the masochist), but it ends adding absolutely nothing to the character. Her sex life and her sexual tastes have been fully explored and it’s becoming boring and pleonastic that every season they focus on that. 

It’s also completely wrong that those writers have always considered Cary nothing but the fifth wheel of the show and Kalinda a divinity.

And to be honest she never found out about the beating up, so really conveniently she never had a chance to apologize. That obviously was done on purpose. Nobody found out about Cary so nobody had to comfort him. He’s just a tool. No way they would have wasted time to show Kalinda or other characters comforting him.

bardotinmotion  asked:

Love your answer. I can see that Kalinda and Cary have tons of chemistry together but it's honestly a little pathetic to see him still pining over her after 5 years, while she waltzes in and out of his life and does him little sexual favors the way I'd toss a hungry dog a bone occasionally. He really does deserve better. What to do you think of the potential for him and Robin? They're kind of cute to me, honestly! Her goofiness makes his seriousness pop out all the more. :D

Thanks! I’m enjoy talking with you ;)

And I don’t think I’m able to endure another season of Cary pining over her. Enough. Whatever the Kings want to do with them next season is better to be something different from what we’ve already seen those years: game changer. And I like Robin and I see the potential for a funny friendship and partneriship between them but I don’t feel “that” chemistry. But, yeah, they’re cute together!