Solidarity Speakout For The South Boston 10, Fired from Virginia McDonald's In Mass Purge of Black and Latino Workers

This Thursday, January 29th, from 12-1pm, at the Carytown McDonald’s (3410 West Cary Street, Richmond VA), there will be a solidarity demonstration for the South Boston 10, ten of the 17 workers fired from a McDonald’s in South Boston, Virginia, in a racist purge of Black and Latino workers. 

These ten courageous workers have filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s corporate, who refused to intervene when they reported the racism and sexual aggression of the managers at the South Boston locations, and the franchise itself. 

In documents related to the suit, the workers describe an entrenched culture of racism and sexual aggression from management. Supervisors used racial slurs and derogatory, degrading language toward Black and Latino employees, and to women. One supervisor sexually harassed female employees. When the new franchise owner, Mike Simon, announced a plan to hire more white workers, a supervisor announced “Now we can get rid of the n*****s and the Mexicans.”

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Let’s come out in support of the South Boston 10!