I don’t follow many people, but I love all who I do, and I love all who follow me. These are just blogs who post a lot often and a lot of stuff I love. I think this whole thing was an excuse to make this terrible photo.

Anyway apologies if I left anyone out, some blogs I have just followed are awesome but I don’t feel I should include them until I’ve followed them for longer than a week

Here are my stars:

A- aloneinthedark/fuckyeahpatrickmcgoohana-bit-nearer-home

B- babybacallingbuscateunomasalto

C- carystewartpacinodowneycinemaocd

E- emilyjoyinthisbitterearth

F- futuremrsdaviea

G- gregorypecks, greenkneehighsgeorgebaileyscheesecake

H- haroldlloydshumphreysbogart

J- jamesdeanpiefieldjoancrawfordsjamesfuckingkirk-and-his-vulcan

K- kellycgtsfan

L- lesliehowardforeverlars134

M- misshazelflaggmarthaiversmissanthropicprinicple/colincliveforevermoronicalakemiriamhopkinsmaudit

R- retro-spectrumrattersboner

S- slowlytonguedbycaptainkirksteamboatbilljrshoopdancer2504,samgagmeestretchingthestrudelstillsparkling

T-  tea-with-theothisisnodreamthefilmwriter

U- uppishwhore

V-  vintageho, victoriaquilty

W- wholockian-trekkie

Merry christmas and lots of love xx

In no particular order or reason:

|grimmspeight | carystewartpacinodowney | katiebug445 | jessixsweetxlove|
|winchesterbrosinc | trenchcoatsexual | luciferious | crankywhenprovoked|
|s-creenager | headfullofcats | prinzesspaige | bartyjoonyah|
|danceanddestroy | xiaoisthename | aegidoll | sociallyawkwardhufflepuff|

Tumblr Crushes:

I also want to mention:

You´re great, like all the other blogs I follow. I wish I could mention everyone.