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Next week, on Friday June 15, noted comedian, actress, writer, and Dakota Fanning impersonator Amy Poehler will be speaking at New York’s 92nd Street Y in conversation with Indiewire’s Caryn James. Got a burning question you’ve always longed to ask Amy? Just put your question in our ask box! We’ll compile the best Amy Poehler interrogations from the Tumblr audience, and she’ll be asked those questions onstage and on video. Then we’ll post her answers in animated form for your viewing pleasure. If you want to attend the event in the flesh, get your tickets now. As an added bonus, one lucky and eligible question-asker will get two free tickets to the event. Ask away!


Amy Poehler Answers Tumblr’s Questions

You may recall that we solicited your questions for Amy Poehler, to be asked during a recent talk at the 92nd Street Y. We received almost 600 questions via comments, reblogs, asks, and emails. As you can imagine, Amy couldn’t answer them all – so we put together a dozen of the best, and they only had time to ask four, and here we have the best three questions of those. The successful Tumblr question-askers were kevinsweeney, talkdirtytotheanimals, and terminusundefined. Enjoy, and thanks for playing!

Chris Mohney

Michael Fox is known as a nice, unpretentious guy, and on the set he works hard to protect that image…He offers me a taste from his vial of fake cocaine; it’s a prop called milk sugar that, he complains, lingers in your nose so that ‘two days later your nose runs milk.’
—  “Bright Lights, Big City”– Big Trouble  (New York Times, 1988)