Hi guys! I just want to thank the people that I became friends with, shipped with me, and shared their love for many characters (be it in movies or tv shows, especially Carol Peletier and Bucky Barnes) this year. This year has been a blast, and it obviously wouldn’t be if it wasn’t with you all. And for that, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope 2015 will be better than this year! <3

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thelaylah | mochikyuu | intralogical | shinebackot5 | luhaniesm | inseparablewhispers | lighterx

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Here we go! :) (the bolded ones are the people who made this year extra-happy for me) (btw i follow too much blogs i’m so sorry i’m trash)


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Dear Carylers,

We have a little CARYLER Mission to accomplish and I hope you guys help me out with this and signal boost this to every corner of our little community! 

See one of our has been missing for a little while because somebody was very un-nice and hacked into our friends account..and deleted it!

Gone…erased…missed terribly! 

BUT SHE’s BACK and is now desperately looking for HER FRIENDS and Followers (YOU) to have back in the fold! 

You might know her as Carylcherokee or as her genius alter-ego Huddyelectra on YouTube but regardless of the past, this here is her new account - CAROLANDHERCOOKIES - and she really-really wants to get in touch with you so she can rebuild her blog and continue to shatter your hearts with her incredible CARYL celebrations (sorry calling them videos doesn’t seem enough!). 

She’s like one of our unofficial CARYL videographers and an invaluable member of the CARYL family and we REALLY need her back so PLEASE;

*Signal boost this 

*Pass it on somehow to people you know would want to know 

*Follow her new account… 

Also the CARYL “video celebrations* I gushed about are HERE!  

If you need a laugh only a Caryler understands - the one that makes you chuckle out loud and almost kind of cry inside (because Carol and Daryl are so darn perfect and so darn clueless about the loving they keep missing out on) Carol & Daryl CrackVid Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 . Part 4  

If you need some swooning, perfection and some extra reminding about why we are all shipping CARYL I recommend; 

Carol & Daryl - "We Ain’t Ashes”, Carol & Daryl - “Running Up That Hill” , Carol & Daryl - “Tortured Souls”,  Carol & Daryl - “Where you think you’d fit in”  and Carol & Tyreese - “I Forgive You” 

I encourage ALL OF YOU to go to her YouTube Channel  and check out her other videos as well! They are all so-so-so soul-crushingly good. 

These are all not just visually or musically appealing BUT show such depth of understanding of the inner workings of CARYL that there has been more than one occasion where I noticed a parallel or subtlety about this relationship that never occurred to me before. 

The way the editing is done is so thoughtful and beautiful that you can really feel the love she feels towards Carol and Daryl and she simply gets them….

Its like a CARYL meta on film…le sigh… 

 To the meanie who hacked her account and deleted all those FEELS I just want to say “how do you sleep at night and i hope all the cookies you buy from now on end up being stale until you apologize”! 

To My Dear Friend - Thank you so much for coming back! 

This place wouldn’t have been the same without you. 

Carylers please signal boost this so carolandhercookies can find all her friends again! 

Thank you so much! 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


CARYL - Creative Sunday With Carylcherokee aka HuddyElectra

The CARYL community is full of amazingly creative and brilliantly talented people whose contributions and masterpieces inspire all of us to continue celebrating what Carol and Daryl are today and what they could be “together” in the future.

Without the numerous fan-fiction stories, fan-edits, fan-metas, fan-art and all the other things that boost our “feels” on a daily basis, the CARYL tag wouldn’t be nearly as awesome and our spirited enthusiasm wouldn’t be nearly as determined to remain hopeful.

These dedicated shippers take their time, their talent and their vision, to create CARYL testaments that are invaluable to all of us because with the amount of hardship, uncertainty and negativity we’ve had to deal with for so long, sometimes our “feels” just need a bit of a boost to continue keeping on.
Everything the artists submit or post for their CARYL community is filled with such passion, such beauty and such dedication, that their existence alone reinforces and confirms the validity of the magic we see playing out between Carol and Daryl. The solidarity alone is beautiful to see.

I like to think of each one of them as mini CARYL celebrations!

While I know a lot of us are more than a little aggressively eager to reblog our favorites I’ve noticed that as of late there appears to be a lot of pleas from these artists asking people to please not repost their art or edit any of it because that is not just unfair to them but it’s also a form of “stealing” their work. So much creativity and thought goes into these projects and each and every piece has intimate meaning to the creator of it, making the infraction even more hurtful. 

I am not an artist and I can’t say that I have any “special talents” that could benefit any of you BUT it occurred to me that my way of giving back could be providing whatever exposure my little blog can give to these creative do-goodies by featuring their works in a weekly regular post. I am constantly asked for recommendations so I figured this would be a way to do so a bit more openly and thereby introduce not just my followers but also myself to some amazing things I haven’t noticed before.
You guys can send me notices about your top picks as well and we can make this into something good for both parties.

For my first Creative Sunday feature I decided to focus on fan-made videos because it seems that these somehow get lost in the shuffle sometimes AND just happen to be things that I personally find the most moving and maybe even most versatile of all other types of media.
Fan videos essentially combine almost everything art can offer, which is probably why their impact goes straight to the heart so quickly.
A video can manifest it’s feels on a lot of different levels - it can tell a story, it can stir up deep emotions through its chosen music, it can be breathtaking visually through editing and thereby can be significantly memorable to the viewer as it stimulates and exploits several senses all at the same time. Just like fan-fiction, fan-videos can tear your heart out and make you feel things that stick with you for a long time after you see it.
I don’t know anything about how these videos are made nor do I know how long it takes to make them BUT from the looks of it I am assuming that the process is difficult and probably even nit picky. The feels from them however can be off the chart and the impact just confirms that the creator really does understand Carol and Daryl’s bond.

My all time favourite videos are usually the ones that are slightly narrative and more prone to the story telling approach with the music being a little more second-hand and a little less purposeful.
The one Caryler than NEVER fails to move me with their video masterpieces is none other but our very own carylcherokee  aka HuddyElectra on YouTube who is probably already well-known (she should be) but I couldn’t help putting her first.
She tugs at my heartstrings every single time and I’ll admit I lost count a long time ago of the number of times I have watched and shared her work! The videos she creates are not just visually or musically appealing BUT show such depth of understanding of the inner workings of CARYL that there has been more than one occasion where I noticed a parallel or subtlety about this relationship that never occurred to me before.

The way the editing is done is so thoughtful and beautiful that you can really feel the love she feels towards Carol and Daryl and she simply gets them….

Here are my Top 5 Picks;

Carol & Daryl - “We Ain’t Ashes”

Carol & Daryl - “Running Up That Hill”

Carol & Daryl - “Tortured Souls”

Carol & Daryl & Tyreese - “Cry Me a River” AU

Carol & Daryl CrackVid Part 1

Carol & Daryl CrackVid Part 2

The CARYL CrackVid can make me laugh no matter how bad of a day I am having!

I encourage ALL OF YOU to go to her YouTube Channel and check out her other videos as well! They are all so-so-so good that I had a hard time choosing my top picks and I bet you will too.

In the meantime send carylcherokee some love and praise - she is an amazing person and a artsy genius that I am very happy found her way on to the good ship USS CARYL!

I can’t wait to see what she does next!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come



carolandhercookies-deactivated2  asked:

Prompt idea: prank backfires

It started at the prison. Anytime Daryl was within reach and distracted enough, Carol would reach over and tug that red rag out of his back pocket. Of course he caught her the first few times, before she honed her craft and got better at being sneaky.

After the prison, it wasn’t until they’d been settled in at Alexandria for a month before she remembered that game, spotting that red rag swishing slightly as he walked across the porch in front of her. She wondered sometimes if he barely tucked it in like that just to tempt her into yanking it out. She also wondered if that was the same rag that he’d had since she’d met him…or if the original had finally just fallen apart and he’d replaced it with another.

Either way, she was always pulling it out of his pocket.

She got so good at it, that it stopped being fun almost. Almost, because watching him subsequently reach for the rag, find it missing, swat at his pocket, and then curse her name, immediately knowing that it was her behind it…would never not be hilarious.

“How does he get it back every time? Do you just give it to him?” Rosita asked when she caught Carol doing it one afternoon.

Carol shrugged. “I usually just leave it by his crossbow when he’s not looking. He always knows that it’s me.”

Rosita smirked. “I’ve got an idea. A challenge.”

Carol lifted an eyebrow. “I’m listening.”

“Take the rag out of his pocket, like you always do, but then try to stick it in his other back pocket…all without him noticing.” Rosita looked at her smugly.

Carol narrowed her eyes. “Challenge accepted.”

Rosita nodded to where Daryl hadn’t moved, still standing beside Tara in front of the open engine of the blue car, surveying her work. “Go on then.”

Put on the spot, Carol paused, drew herself up, and put on her game face. She crept back up behind Daryl, waiting for moments when he was making comments to Tara or the woman was asking him a question. Yanking the cloth out was all about speed. Putting it back, she wasn’t so sure about.

She ended up going for stealth instead of speed, and she kept carefully in his blind spot, starting to slide the corner of the rag into his other back pocket. Without warning, Daryl shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and Carol couldn’t withdraw fast enough. Her hand collided with his backside. Instead of jumping or yelling angrily, Daryl simply twisted around and looked at her.

Carol stood there, frozen, with one hand completely cupped around one buttock. She’d dropped the rag on the ground. She slowly took her hand back, and his expression was deadpan.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Carol stuttered and straightened. His nonchalance was wrongfooting. She wasn’t sure why, she’d done a lot more invasive things to him in the bedroom than grab his ass. But this wasn’t the bedroom. This was public in the middle of the day.

“Just…making sure it was still there,” she rambled, making a hasty retreat.

Daryl snorted and snatched up the rag, stuffing it back into his pocket. Beside him, Tara snickered and watched Carol flee.

“She touched the butt,” Tara giggled.

Daryl looked at her flatly.

She sighed. “It’s from a movie–”

“I know what it’s from.” He pointed for her to get back to the engine.

I got tagged.....

Carylcherokee tagged me with these fun questions so I’m up for answering….

1)      First tv show you were obsessed with?

Oh - easy question!! For all you lambs out there you will likely not have heard about it. Leigh57 will be the exception because like me she is ancient and therefore will perhaps remember the housewife turned spy.  I fell head over heels in love with a show in the mid 80’s called Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  I became OBSESSED.  This was back before youtube and the ability to save every freaking detail to your computer and so all I had to work with was fan magazines and get this ***audio taping the show each week***.  I listened to those tapes constantly and to this day I still have huge whacks of dialogue memorized from the original runs.  The show starred Kate Jackson (look her up - sadly she has botoxed herself beyond all recognition and so is no longer able to create any facial expressions) and the Babylon 5 guy Bruce Boxleitner.  Kate played Amanda King, a housewife from Arlington VA who gets hooked up with Bruce’s character Lee Stetson (yes - I know ridiculous right?) code name Scarecrow.  He worked for The Agency a government spy shop that was better than the CIA/FBI/NSA combined.  The show aired at the height of the cold war so it was all tongue in cheek Russian and Bulgarian spies. Each week Amanda would ‘save the day’ by getting Lee out of sticky situations with the Russians by using like a bobby pin or something to crack him out of a safe.  The first couple of seasons were seriously tongue in cheek - totally making fun of the cold war.  I adored Lee and Amanda they were my original OTP!!!!  I am proud to say that I still have my SMK t-shirts and trading cards and bumper stickers (don’t laugh at me I already know I’m sad) and the cult following for it was huge.  

2)      What’s the last book you read?

The Red Market.  A non fiction book all about the trafficking of organs, tissues, bones, fertility and children in today’s culture.  Terrifying.  Amazing. Awful - but in a really intelligent way.  Everyone should read it.

3)      What’s your greatest fear?

Fucking Claustraphobic.  That movie - The Descent - it was so awful.  The idea of being stuck in a cave underground.  Gah. Just kill me now.  That an being on a beach in front of a tsumani.  I dream about being crushed by walls of water.  I’m sure a psychologist would have something cute and trite to say about that.  

4)      Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh God I’ve had so many.  Currently it is the lovely and unparalleled Melissa McBride but I have been known to crush out on Helen Mirren, Idris Alba, Katy Sagal, David Tennant.

5)      Do you have a guilty pleasure, if so, what?

Malbec.  Yep pretty much that’s it.  

6)      Favorite song of the moment? 

I pretty much could listen to anything by Ed Sheeran or Birdy or the Eurythmics all day everyday….

7)      If you could be an animal which one would that be? 

A cheetah - because damnit they can run fast.

8)      Describe yourself in one word!


9)      What is your favorite place in the world

Oh so hard.  My favorite place in the world SHOULD be an exotic location but if I’m really honest probably my favorite place in the world is the kickboxing dojo where I spend most of my leisure time.

10)     Favoite TWD quote

Damn that is also a hard one as there are so many great lines in this show.  "Sorry Pookie" was pretty awesome but if I had to pick something overarching in the show I think it would be Dale’s speech about time.  I loved Dale and miss his wisdom.

Ok here are my questions - I’ve decided to make them all TWD themed:

1) Favorite Carol scene

2) What is the thing you dislike most about TWD

3) If you could change one thing but one thing only about season 3 what would it be?

4) Andrea? Yes or No

5) Favorite Caryl scene

6) If you took away all the cool items that give Daryl his ju-ju - angel vest, bike, crossbow,emo hair curtain, poncho - what is the one item you would leave him with?

7) Did you actually sit through the Gov centered episodes in Season 4?

8) Was Dale right to talk Andrea out of killing herself?

9) Hands down who is your fave character and why??

10) If AMC gave us the most perfect back half of season 4 what would that look like for you?

Because I’m hopeless and don’t really know how to tag - I am opening this up to ANYONE who wants to answer.

thewalkingcreg-blog  asked:

"Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly then send this to your ten favorite followers! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ" <3

Five nice things about myself huh? That’s a tough thing to do for me. I have a lot more things I don’t like about myself, than what I do like, but I’ll try.  

I got three of these (youwereneveraslicebitchcarylcherokeethewalkingcreg) (and its easier for me to post just 5 things than try to think of 15, so here it is for all three of you (only because you all love Caryl and I love you guys): 

1. I’m a really good dancer, bellydance, latin, bollywood, hiphop, etc.

2. I have an hourglass figure and I’m quite proud of it.  

3. I’m not a trend follower.  In fact, I would say I’m not much of a follower at all, in any aspect of my life.  I like to make my own decisions and like things for myself, not because others say it’s cool.

4. I have a great sense of humor (somewhere between sarcastic, silly and nerdy) and I use it to put a smile on as many faces as I can. 

5. I like my eyes.  People always tell me I look like Kim Kardashian.  I’m flattered and I don’t think I look like her but because we are both Armenian, we just have those same dark features and I’m okay with it. 

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to say that I shipped Bethyl last Friday and honestly thought all of you Carylers are nuts. Today i ship Caryl 100% and it’s all your fault. I stumbled on a post you did about Daryl apologizing to Carol and after spent the whole afternoon reading your blog. You are so full of hope all the time and even when people deserve it you don’t hate. The Carylers are lucky to have you on board. Thank you for showing me how beautiful Carol is, you are right she does deserve to behappy

Thank you so much for such a lovely message!

You have seriously made me blush quite profusely but I can’t pretend that I am not happy about your comments regarding my blog posts.

My blog is my own personal space where I celebrate Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon (to a lesser extent), the bond they share and my fellow Caryler friends.

While I would never want to write or post anything indicating that I am recruiting new people or trying to change someone’s mind, I am ecstatic that my little CARYL musings were able to communicate just how beautiful the Daryl and Carol connection really is!

USS CARYL is filled with wonderful people who are very passionate, informative and inspiring when it comes to our ship AND everyone is so eager to share their impressions and thoughts about Carol and Daryl.

I am what you might call “a small fish” in this pond so while I unofficially welcome you aboard I also want to encourage you to visit a few Carylers that have inspired me in the past;

*Optimism and Laughter - upsgirl88psychoanthrowalker,and auntheddy2001

*Top Notch CARYL analysis - rhinozilla and adelicateflower08 

*Intelligent metas - ikkleosuleigh57 and imorca 

*Fan art - oohhshiny and lapasita 

*Caryl videos- carylcherokee 

*Fan fiction - upsgirl88, blackqueenphoenix and clare009 

*For the best kind of randomness don’t miss these - chi-shiro, littleshelly0619 and youwereneveraslicebitch

There is so much greatness out there to discover!

I have all the confidence that Carylers will welcome you with open arms and tell you each in their own little way just how special CARYL is to all of us.

Thank you for the message - it’s inspired me to keep pouring CARYL sunshine into the tag and be even more proud of our ship!

We are happy to have you



This ship feels like home <3

I would like to say thank you and acknowledge some of the carylers that I find fantastic either for their metas, fanfictions, fanart and more. I’ve known them since the first day I started shipping caryl and signing up to tumblr. You guys help me a lot understanding the relationship between Carol + Daryl and when I need reassurance, your metas and fanfictions are there! So thank you so much :) <3

sanjamac, rhinozilla, upsgirl88, lapasita, uss-caryl, carol-on, queen-mcbride, psychoanthrowalker, hillaryn11, thesilentbeauty, blackqueenphoenix, bsparrow, carylcherokee, imorca, thereadersmuse, ikkleosu, daisylou2013, detective-pookie-dixon, kimsangel, carylfan84, rubinegoslay, looniejoolie, fangirl4ever, edithmcbride-lovingmisswatson, argentgale, teamcarolbitches, dryna90, fionaloover, upper-ecchelon, spunkristen, meeshiefeet, fairiesmasquerade, silverblacker, adelicateflower08, thaliasandy, detective-p00kie, vampirebarbie85, ultragirlvfr750, youwereneveraslicebitchsubversivegrrl,​ mythorna, oohhshiny and many many more

*you may not know me, but I know you and you guys rock and make this whole ship amazing and I look up to you!

I still feel a bit like a stranger in this fandom but I try to get in and be friends with everyone (even though im shy and don’t speak english really well)

I can’t write metas or fanfictions, I can’t draw, I can’t do manip or videos but one thing I can do is ship the hell out of caryl :E And I’m very passionate about it.

Thank you for this amazing ship that feels like home and for always being friendly and helpful! This whole show became an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life :)

love u all :D

ps : I can’t get over that hug uwu


My gods, you guys. I cannot stop watching this somehow both hilarious yet shiptastic video by carylcherokee, and just … it goes into slo-mo and … suddenly I have actual feelings about a Celine Dion song … and the looks on their faces when they pull back from the hug and … like … and and and and and …

[.gif by memoriesinatrunk]

Seriously, “Heart Drift” isn’t even here yet, and nobody can safe me from these goddamn life ruiners. *violent sobbing*



carylcherokee you kill me! 

anonymous asked:

One friend on STD used to share your posts and I got to tell you I wouldn't be a Caryler today if it wasn't for your stuff! I needed more so I came to find you and thank you Someone like you must get inspiration from all kinds of different places to write like you do Who do you recommend here? Thank you by the way!

Hi Anonymous Friend,

Thank you very much for your message and the kind sentiments. I am so happy that my hopeful musings helped you carry on with the beautiful CARYL spirit and stick out the little bump in the road that we endured in Season 4.

I firmly believe that there was a greater purpose and a specific reason why TPTB chose to handle the Carol and Daryl arcs this way AND while the angst and uncertainty certainly wasn’t pleasant I can’t help but feel that it was needed to achieve something powerful.

Shipping CARYL has never been easy or simple BUT then again Carol and Daryl too, have never had anything come to then without much effort and pain - their life journey has always been about heartache, struggle and doubt.

Finding love only followed suit!

That being said those are the very reasons why people ship them so passionately in the first place - their love story and their heartbreak are why we want them to find peace in each other, to find unconditional love, to finally have someone who puts their happiness first…
I digress…sorry!

While I appreciate your praise and acknowledgment I can’t help but think that you are giving me a little too much credit here!
USS CARYL is filled with wonderful people who are very passionate, informative and inspiring when it comes to our ship AND everyone is so eager to share their impressions and thoughts about Carol and Daryl.

In the grand scheme of things I am literally a nobody and there are so many magnificently brilliant Carylers whose wisdom and spirit leave anything I have done in the dust and who have inspired and bolstered my feels more times than I can count.

These are the ones to keep your eye on;

If you need some optimism and a smile;
auntheddy2001, babaojay, youwereneveraslicebitch, bellbroetchen and fairiesmasquerade

If you are feeling analytical and need some wisdom;
rhinozilla, ikkleosu, leigh57, Carol-on, meganpetaf, meggiebrick, schizotrichia and imorca

If you need some CARYL fan art to make you swoon,
oohhshiny, stuff-so-far, 5percentspirulina, ikkleousu, festergut, morphinepudding and lapasita

If you need some CARYL video inspiration;
carylcherokee and jannes-fandoms

For some tantalizing CARYL fanfiction;
Nine Lives

For the best CARYL cheer-leading;
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There is so much greatness and so much awesomely positive energy to soak up and discover…and I know I am forgetting soooo many brilliant geniuses too!
Just peek at the CARYL tag (ignore the random irrelevance by “others”) and explore by yourself - our ship is so diverse and full of creativity that could never fit in this ask! 

If you liked my posts you will adore them - after all they they inspire me daily!

I have all the confidence that Carylers will welcome you with open arms and tell you each in their own little way just how special CARYL is and what it means to them :)
I am proud of every single one of them!

I am happy you are here