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Prompt idea: prank backfires

It started at the prison. Anytime Daryl was within reach and distracted enough, Carol would reach over and tug that red rag out of his back pocket. Of course he caught her the first few times, before she honed her craft and got better at being sneaky.

After the prison, it wasn’t until they’d been settled in at Alexandria for a month before she remembered that game, spotting that red rag swishing slightly as he walked across the porch in front of her. She wondered sometimes if he barely tucked it in like that just to tempt her into yanking it out. She also wondered if that was the same rag that he’d had since she’d met him…or if the original had finally just fallen apart and he’d replaced it with another.

Either way, she was always pulling it out of his pocket.

She got so good at it, that it stopped being fun almost. Almost, because watching him subsequently reach for the rag, find it missing, swat at his pocket, and then curse her name, immediately knowing that it was her behind it…would never not be hilarious.

“How does he get it back every time? Do you just give it to him?” Rosita asked when she caught Carol doing it one afternoon.

Carol shrugged. “I usually just leave it by his crossbow when he’s not looking. He always knows that it’s me.”

Rosita smirked. “I’ve got an idea. A challenge.”

Carol lifted an eyebrow. “I’m listening.”

“Take the rag out of his pocket, like you always do, but then try to stick it in his other back pocket…all without him noticing.” Rosita looked at her smugly.

Carol narrowed her eyes. “Challenge accepted.”

Rosita nodded to where Daryl hadn’t moved, still standing beside Tara in front of the open engine of the blue car, surveying her work. “Go on then.”

Put on the spot, Carol paused, drew herself up, and put on her game face. She crept back up behind Daryl, waiting for moments when he was making comments to Tara or the woman was asking him a question. Yanking the cloth out was all about speed. Putting it back, she wasn’t so sure about.

She ended up going for stealth instead of speed, and she kept carefully in his blind spot, starting to slide the corner of the rag into his other back pocket. Without warning, Daryl shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and Carol couldn’t withdraw fast enough. Her hand collided with his backside. Instead of jumping or yelling angrily, Daryl simply twisted around and looked at her.

Carol stood there, frozen, with one hand completely cupped around one buttock. She’d dropped the rag on the ground. She slowly took her hand back, and his expression was deadpan.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Carol stuttered and straightened. His nonchalance was wrongfooting. She wasn’t sure why, she’d done a lot more invasive things to him in the bedroom than grab his ass. But this wasn’t the bedroom. This was public in the middle of the day.

“Just…making sure it was still there,” she rambled, making a hasty retreat.

Daryl snorted and snatched up the rag, stuffing it back into his pocket. Beside him, Tara snickered and watched Carol flee.

“She touched the butt,” Tara giggled.

Daryl looked at her flatly.

She sighed. “It’s from a movie–”

“I know what it’s from.” He pointed for her to get back to the engine.

I got tagged.....

Carylcherokee tagged me with these fun questions so I’m up for answering….

1)      First tv show you were obsessed with?

Oh - easy question!! For all you lambs out there you will likely not have heard about it. Leigh57 will be the exception because like me she is ancient and therefore will perhaps remember the housewife turned spy.  I fell head over heels in love with a show in the mid 80’s called Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  I became OBSESSED.  This was back before youtube and the ability to save every freaking detail to your computer and so all I had to work with was fan magazines and get this ***audio taping the show each week***.  I listened to those tapes constantly and to this day I still have huge whacks of dialogue memorized from the original runs.  The show starred Kate Jackson (look her up - sadly she has botoxed herself beyond all recognition and so is no longer able to create any facial expressions) and the Babylon 5 guy Bruce Boxleitner.  Kate played Amanda King, a housewife from Arlington VA who gets hooked up with Bruce’s character Lee Stetson (yes - I know ridiculous right?) code name Scarecrow.  He worked for The Agency a government spy shop that was better than the CIA/FBI/NSA combined.  The show aired at the height of the cold war so it was all tongue in cheek Russian and Bulgarian spies. Each week Amanda would ‘save the day’ by getting Lee out of sticky situations with the Russians by using like a bobby pin or something to crack him out of a safe.  The first couple of seasons were seriously tongue in cheek - totally making fun of the cold war.  I adored Lee and Amanda they were my original OTP!!!!  I am proud to say that I still have my SMK t-shirts and trading cards and bumper stickers (don’t laugh at me I already know I’m sad) and the cult following for it was huge.  

2)      What’s the last book you read?

The Red Market.  A non fiction book all about the trafficking of organs, tissues, bones, fertility and children in today’s culture.  Terrifying.  Amazing. Awful - but in a really intelligent way.  Everyone should read it.

3)      What’s your greatest fear?

Fucking Claustraphobic.  That movie - The Descent - it was so awful.  The idea of being stuck in a cave underground.  Gah. Just kill me now.  That an being on a beach in front of a tsumani.  I dream about being crushed by walls of water.  I’m sure a psychologist would have something cute and trite to say about that.  

4)      Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh God I’ve had so many.  Currently it is the lovely and unparalleled Melissa McBride but I have been known to crush out on Helen Mirren, Idris Alba, Katy Sagal, David Tennant.

5)      Do you have a guilty pleasure, if so, what?

Malbec.  Yep pretty much that’s it.  

6)      Favorite song of the moment? 

I pretty much could listen to anything by Ed Sheeran or Birdy or the Eurythmics all day everyday….

7)      If you could be an animal which one would that be? 

A cheetah - because damnit they can run fast.

8)      Describe yourself in one word!


9)      What is your favorite place in the world

Oh so hard.  My favorite place in the world SHOULD be an exotic location but if I’m really honest probably my favorite place in the world is the kickboxing dojo where I spend most of my leisure time.

10)     Favoite TWD quote

Damn that is also a hard one as there are so many great lines in this show.  "Sorry Pookie" was pretty awesome but if I had to pick something overarching in the show I think it would be Dale’s speech about time.  I loved Dale and miss his wisdom.

Ok here are my questions - I’ve decided to make them all TWD themed:

1) Favorite Carol scene

2) What is the thing you dislike most about TWD

3) If you could change one thing but one thing only about season 3 what would it be?

4) Andrea? Yes or No

5) Favorite Caryl scene

6) If you took away all the cool items that give Daryl his ju-ju - angel vest, bike, crossbow,emo hair curtain, poncho - what is the one item you would leave him with?

7) Did you actually sit through the Gov centered episodes in Season 4?

8) Was Dale right to talk Andrea out of killing herself?

9) Hands down who is your fave character and why??

10) If AMC gave us the most perfect back half of season 4 what would that look like for you?

Because I’m hopeless and don’t really know how to tag - I am opening this up to ANYONE who wants to answer.

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"Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly then send this to your ten favorite followers! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ" <3

Five nice things about myself huh? That’s a tough thing to do for me. I have a lot more things I don’t like about myself, than what I do like, but I’ll try.  

I got three of these (youwereneveraslicebitchcarylcherokeethewalkingcreg) (and its easier for me to post just 5 things than try to think of 15, so here it is for all three of you (only because you all love Caryl and I love you guys): 

1. I’m a really good dancer, bellydance, latin, bollywood, hiphop, etc.

2. I have an hourglass figure and I’m quite proud of it.  

3. I’m not a trend follower.  In fact, I would say I’m not much of a follower at all, in any aspect of my life.  I like to make my own decisions and like things for myself, not because others say it’s cool.

4. I have a great sense of humor (somewhere between sarcastic, silly and nerdy) and I use it to put a smile on as many faces as I can. 

5. I like my eyes.  People always tell me I look like Kim Kardashian.  I’m flattered and I don’t think I look like her but because we are both Armenian, we just have those same dark features and I’m okay with it. 



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