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Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes

it’s gonna be the year 2076 and my grandchildren gonna be asking me about what’s the happiest day of my youth and i will say “in episode 10, season 7 of the walking dead at exactly 0:35:60 daryl presses his lips on carol’s shoulders and carol wraps ha fingers in daryl’s neck and hair” right in front of m’ children’s faces. deadass :/

There’s this moment when they’re reaching for each other in the 2nd hug that I swear I thought they were going to kiss.  I read the spoilers, knew it wasn’t supposed to happen, but still there was a split second that made me hold my breath, and when the kiss didn’t happen I was more surprised than disappointed.

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If you had to pick one scene to represent what Caryl means to each other what would it be?

I had to think about it, cause I could think of many scenes but I think the one that has always hit me the hardest was the one from Consumed.

You know which one I’m talking about right?

They hear a noise and check it out only to find that it was a mother and child walker and you just see when he realizes what they are looking at. Knowing how this is going to affect Carol

They are in DV shelter after all. And he knows Carol. Knows what she’s been through. Can relate like few can. And wants to do whatever he can to spare  her any further pain.

Carol thinks she has to do it. Thinks that her job but Daryl stops her before she can.


He trying to tell her, she doesn’t HAVE to do this. Its not on her to do it. He gets her to leave it alone for now and when she goes to sleep what does he do.

He does it himself. For her. to keep her from having to do the heavy lifting for once. To take it himself so she doesn’t have to. Something that was probably very difficult for him to do too. But he knew it would kill her so he took it himself.

And when she found out, she knew how much he loved her. What he was willing to do for her and how much he meant to her as well. But no ones really ever done anything the selfless for her.

She watches him burn the bodies with tears in her eyes and it was beautiful and heartbreaking. And to me so important to show what they mean to each other. What he means to her, what she’s always seen in him. And how much he was willing to do for her. Reflected in NBF when he lied to her to spare her the further pain of knowing what had happened.

And Carol knows that now too.

It was so defining and so important and once again is making me emotional just thinking about it.

Because THAT is Caryl right there. The very definition of unconditional love and selflessness that is the very heart of them.

Thanks for the asks tonight guys its been a nice distraction :)

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About Caryl………..

This was from 147 issue, after the All Out War. Comic-Rick and Michonne talking. (imo they’re like Rick and Carol in friendship way (only)

I’m wondering if this will happen in s8 but with Rick and Carol. They talk and it’s something that helps move Cary to be canon. Like Carol can move on and then be able and ready for relationship with Daryl.

It would be such a great Carick scene and shippy for Caryl/Richonne. If the writers wanna remix that scene. 

maybe, just speculating. (i find s8 hard to speculate!)

*so i guess i chose this comic scene because it seems like this is the time when comic!michonne’s misery-arc/guilt of her daughters-arc ends there. imo, it’s similar to Carol’s done with the killings-depressed arc which I think ended in s7 finale. (unless writers wanna stretch the misery arc more to after the AOW bleh)

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What do you think makes the caryl relationship NON platonic?

Non platonic? Okay *cracks knuckles*. Here we go.

Okay so I suppose I’ll add something first. Daryl is not a touchy feely person. So for him any sort of physical contact is something to be noted. Carol is the only one he has given a massage to, Carol is the only one to have kissed him (twice might I add) and they’ve shared numerous hugs.

Unfortunately the show being written the way it’s written it leaves very little time for our two love birds to actually blossom. One of them is always either gone or is going through a state of emotional hurting (making it very hard for anything other than comfort and non platonic shows of affection appropriate). Also any scenes we do get where there is a chance for progression is more than often rudely interrupted (you’ll see what I mean as I go though).

We’ll start with the biggest contender in the mix, (and one of my favourite Caryl scenes may I add) the season three bus scene.

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The idea of a platonic relationship does not involve making jokes about ‘screwing around’ nor does it about ‘going down first’ either. That moment in the gif above where Carol glances back at Daryl and his eyes flicker up from what he’s doing to meet hers and his movements stop, well, (and take this as you will) I feel like Daryl stopped because he realised how sexually under toned what he was doing was. Both of them obviously feeling the same hence Carol’s sexual jokes.

Moving swiftly on.

This scene below. A whole massive, shit load of feels for this whole episode, but this moment in particular. Had this scene been allowed to play out, not only do I think there would have been more room for Carol to actually vent her emotions, but I think something else could have progressed. I was rather content to watch them on a bed together for however long they would have chose to stay there. The fact that Daryl is even comfortable laying on a bed next to Carol is a notable point, he breaks so many of his no contact, no affection rules with her and honest to god I feel like they just need time to initiate that (season 8 I’m looking at you).

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Okay just imagine, they were allowed just 30 more seconds of lying there, heads gradually turn towards each other, Daryl’s hooded eyes glancing between her eyes and her mouth, Carol knowing what he was asking without him having to say a word and BAM…but of course, interruptions are key and happiness is not allowed for my babies.

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So this moment above is my all time Caryl fav and if Rick the Prick hadn’t been lurking to cockblock I honestly believe that this moment would have progressed to a kiss. I mean he goddamn fucking nuzzles her! Her hands cradle his face, all she had to do was pull him forward. I spent the whole of this scene anticipating a kiss, I feel like this was a moment just waiting to happen. But of course it was ruined.

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THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. I feel like the first hug was more full of hurt, relief and unresolved tension. But this one? Do not tell me this was not full of pure romance, I wish he hadn’t had to leave. Again this was left with so much potential to open up that physical side of their relationship that is yet to be uncovered but is so clearly there. This goes past just platonic for me, for me I feel like there is something more that they want to establish, just never the right time or situation.

Bonus content - Eye fucks for daysss (no one looks at someone like that and does not want to bed them, end of):

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