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Only Carol

Daryl Dixon was rude to a lot of people in Season 2 BUT the only one he apologized to was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon saw other people in the group losing hope and struggling to find their place BUT the only person he reached out to and tried to comfort was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon watched the others experience loss and grief BUT the only person he specifically chose to watch and help was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon lost other ‘family members’ at the prison BUT the only one he poignantly grieved for was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon came back to the prison with Merle, angry, defensive and distant with everyone BUT not CAROL.

Daryl Dixon put down Merle and came back to the prison overwhelmed with silent grief BUT not with CAROL.

Daryl Dixon flourished into the ‘rock-star’ of the prison community, with a tough but aloof image to sustain BUT yet CAROL allowed to call him Pookie.

Daryl Dixon went on a medicine run and left the whole prison behind BUT when he came back the only one he asked about was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t always agree with Rick’s decisions BUT the only one he vocally and strongly disagreed with was the one that took CAROL away from him.

Daryl Dixon has cried tears of pain, loss, hurt and anger on several occasions BUT the only time he cried tears of JOY was when CAROL came back.

Daryl Dixon can destroy a tank, kill walkers with a chain and be 'cool’ doing anything BUT whenever he’s around CAROL he often seems to be off his game.

Daryl Dixon has spent a life time trying to get self-worth validation from other people BUT the only person he has ever openly asked about what they think of him was CAROL

Daryl Dixon knows how to be light and funny BUT the only person he’s openly tried to make laugh is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon isn’t very 'touchy-feely’ and it seems like his hair is a big deal to him BUT the only person he’s allowed to brush his hair and kiss his forehead is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon has spent his whole life covered with dirt and wearing whatever BUT the moment CAROL changed her clothes he not only noticed but also suddenly cared about what she wore.

Daryl Dixon has 'started over’ a lot throughout his life BUT the only person he ever talked about it was CAROL.

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So my son is 9 years old and loves TWD.  Daryl is his favorite character and he has accumulated over a dozen different Daryl toys over the years.  He has never asked for any other characters from the show.  Tonight he told me I have to get him a Carol toy because, “she’s so cool with her knife and her rifle and DARYL IS IN LOVE WITH HER SO THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER.”  That’s right.  Even a fucking 9 year old can see that shit!  Stay calm & Caryl on.

I was thinking, cause I’m bored and all, about this little moment that I know is a a personal favorite of @onedayyoujustchange and all ;)

About all those little touches as he helps her along, holding her up in so many different ways almost like a metaphor for the entire episode..

Carol trying to walk on her own, but unable to do it so he puts his arm around her and helps her and they lean on each other. Cause that’s what they do.  The way she runs her hand over his back and shoulder before she stumbles. Its very couple-like but the way he puts his arm under her and helps her up is just so lovely as well.

She’s stumbling under the weight of it and he’s trying to help her carry it.. I could die..

And I was thinking of this (a personal favorite of mine) in which he’s trying so hard to hold it in hide it but her touch has an effect on him like no others.

See no has, and still hasn’t touched him like that. No one else could. You can actually see his face reacting to her fingers on his skin and it just destroys me on so many levels. Because he’s letting her in spite of wanting to pull away because it’s Carol and she gets through. Her soft touch and her words opens a door no one else can or would be able to.

His eyes close (just like they flutter a little when she touches his face) and lets her pull him to her lips because he has no resistance when it comes to her.

Just watch these two and the little things they do. Sometimes the moments are not massive but  are intensely meaningful just the same.

Now I can go to bed and think about that..

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For those who ship Caryl;

 When did you start to really ship them? 


 Who do you think started to have feelings for the other first? 

 For me:

At the prison when Carol suggested to “Screw around?” To me his reaction was never ever a reject, more like a “whoa, really?” It was super cute.

I think Carol started to have feelings as far back to the farm, ultimately when Daryl brought back Sophia’s doll. “You’re every bit as good as them, every bit.” I’m on a rewatch now and this has me right in the feels. Daryl I believe on the other hand, started to realize when Carol got banned, and -ultimately- when they reunited at the Terminal.

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i know this has been pisted before but I LOVE thus vid it gives me such massive feels every time. Its just perfect..


I told you, I won’t run anymore.


So why are you still carrying me?


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Underrated Caryl moment

As I sat stuck in the Caryl sandtrap in Youtube for 4 or 5 sleepless hours this morning, I got to thinking about a moment from the prison, that everyone seems to overlook.  It’s when Daryl thinks Carol is dead and places the Cherokee Rose on her grave.  Every time this moment is noted, they only mention the rose.  I have never seen anyone notice what is already on the grave.  If you pay attention, he’s not just laying the rose in the dirt.  There is a perfect letter “C” formed in small white stones already there when we see him returning to the grave with the rose.  Since the other graves bare no such personalization, one can infer that he had taken the time to carefully select the stones, which are all roughly the same size and color, then lovingly lay them out to mark it as hers.  With that done, he goes one step further, and looks specifically for a Cherokee Rose.  A flower which held great meaning and sentimentality to them, from a deeply meaningful moment that only they shared.  He showed no such care for the other two graves.  And as he places the rose down, he is sure to place it within the “C” and then takes a moment to fix the dirt around them, before placing a hand on the cross to say a silent goodbye to the woman he came to love.

You guys remember after he hugged the absolute shit out of her, what happened after… cause it was my favorite part and the most unexpected, most wonderful aspect of The Hug. 

It destroyed my heart and and my feels with just the abolute beauty of it. 

It was this..

I mean the man cried and nuzzled her shoulder like a puppy. He was just so overcome by seeing her that he just couldn’t control his emotions and was comp0letly overwhelmed by them. It was so unexpected and just so damn beautiful to see this. 

And then she lifts his face to look at at at him and has the sappiest love of love i’ve ever seen. I mean that lhuge intake of breath as he stares at her. Do I have a close up of that stored in here somewhere?

Just take a good look at that guys. That hand on her face as she looks at him,  that slight back and forth movement of his head. Tell me again they don’t love each other. Tell me when you look at that face of his and tell me hes not in love with the woman. 

Tell me and watch me laugh at you haha.

And just imagine how he’s gonna look at her when he sees her again. After everything that has happened to him since he last saw her. Just imagine how he is going to look at her then. 

Just imagine it.. and feel the feels :D

(btw gifs are not mine and I apologize I don’t remember whose they are but credit to them)