I remember reading the script and being like, ‘Yes! Finally!’ This whole season I’ve been separated from everyone and finally I have been getting to be with everyone again. There are certain actors I’ve been with a while and totally trust and we have that rapport, we know it’s going to be good, and Melissa is one of them. We can throw rocks through windows and it’ll be great. It was like two kids on the first day of school.

I don’t even know if that hug was in the script. Our first rehearsal of that scene, everyone was crying. Everyone on set was waiting for that to happen. We were waiting for it to happen as much as everyone on the show was. Everyone was like, 'F—, finally.’

Norman Reedus, Vanity Fair [online] (19/Feb/2017)

As you said, it feels like it’s been a few decades since Daryl and Carol were on screen together, even though it’s only been about 12 episodes. What was your first day back together like?

On the possibility of Caryl Romance @ WSCLondon (21/Feb/2016)
  • Norman Reedus: Oh, damn. Um, I mean never say never, you know? Um...at the moment... [looks to Lincoln] what do I say? I can't really say stuff like that. I think that those characters really care about each other, that's for sure. They've always had each other's backs. They're like minded.
  • Andrew Lincoln: I kind of dig that tension. I like the tension, the sexual tension between those characters. So, maybe restraint is better than actually "the thing," you know what I mean?
  • NR: Or [gestures finger-in-hole]. One or the other.
  • [https: //youtu.be/S1wD5VgYcdc]

prettyinpetunias  asked:

What is the way you ideally think Caryl will start as canon if we are to be so lucky? *damn I hope we are* My perfect world..... there is a close call & Daryl is almost injured, in the aftermath (call back to when he was injured trying to find Sofia?) Carol starts to express her feelings but can't quiet get all of it out. Daryl nods & says "me too" bringing her in for a hug & a kiss on the cheek. Doves are released, fireworks go off *roll credits*

So many ways I want them to go canon it’s unbelievable, but I’ll tell you my most recent thoughts based on the upcoming season.

It’s been said that Daryl’s thirsty for revenge and Carol’s in a very different place this season. 

So, Carol’s trying to calm him down after he misses his shot at killing Negan (or something like that). He’s pacing back and forth like the angry caged tiger that he is and Carol finally interjects him, placing a hand on his chest, hoping the contact will bring him down from the state he’s worked himself into. 

His chest is heaving with angry breaths as he meets her soft gaze, Carol telling him they’ll get other chances, it isn’t over until he’s dead.

Daryl’s anger deflates a little, that pent up energy becoming something else as he realises how close they are. He has an epiphany moment that she’s always been it for him, the only one who can drag him out of the darkness, soothe his pain away, calm his uncontrollable anger.

Her eyes flicker between his lips and his mouth, waiting it out to see if he’ll do something.

Daryl will finally grunt a soft ‘c’mere’, hands falling to her hips, head ducking down slowly to snag his lips against hers softly, testing the waters. 

Of course she’ll instantly kiss him back and…bam, canon Caryl. 

I love your idea too! They’ve never been the type for words, it was never needed between them. I fucking need them to go canon this season.