With the promotion comes added pressure, of course.  There’s increased visibility: my name and face will be linked with the decisions of the S.A.’s office.  There’s pressure from above, as well.  My boss has appointed me to an ongoing RICO investigation into my old firm, Lockhart Gardner.  I believe the investigation is a relic from an earlier regime, from a time before our office was forced to contend with deep budget cuts.  I’ve articulated these reservations to my boss, but he ultimately decided to press forward with the case.

He is absenting himself, however, which means I’ll soon be reporting to a special prosecutor.  My hope is that an independent party, looking at this investigation with a fresh set of eyes, will come to the same conclusion I have and kill the investigation.  In the meantime?  I owe it to the office and to my boss, who’s been a good mentor to me, to do the job to the best of my ability, so I’ll put my personal feelings aside and pursue the investigation.  At the same time, I don’t want to become part of a witch-hunt.  It looks like the politics of the S.A.’s office don’t get any easier now that my office door reads: Deputy State’s Attorney.

From Cary’s Blog on CSB.COM