cary stayner

The Signs as Famous Criminals

*based off actual birthdays released on the Internet*

Aries: Clyde Barrow, Butch Cassidy, Gerard John Schaefer, Keith Hunter Jespersen

Taurus: Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, John Wilkes Booth, Albert Fish, Timothy McVeigh

Gemini: Jeffery Dahmer, Christopher Dormer, John Hinckley Jr., the Unabomber

Cancer: Lizzie Borden, George Machine Gun Kelly, Amanda Knox

Leo: David Koresh, Mata Hari, Cary Stayner, Gavrilo Princip

Virgo: Jesse James, Carlo Gambino, Gerald Stano, Yolanda Saldivar

Libra: Bonnie Parker, Lee Harvey Oswald, George Zimmerman, Fred West

Scorpio: Charles Manson, John Gotti, Belle Gunness, Willie Pickton

Sagittarius: Billy the Kid, Ted Bundy, Charles Lucky Luciano, Vito Genovese, Pablo Escobar

Capricorn: Al Capone, Benedict Arnold, Alfred Rosenberg, Martin Grossman

Aquarius: Frank Costello, Jerry Sandusky, Prettyboy Floyd, Emily Harris

Pisces: John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Bugsy Siegel, James Earl Ray,


Signatures of Serial Killers

Serial murders tend to share a number of common characteristics. Anger, low self-esteem, fantasy, facilitation, and objectification of victims are all common factors in understanding the general etiological roots of serial murder. Some cases, however, have distinctive behaviours that make the crime and the offender(s) unique. These are referred to as the signature or personal marking, of the offender. Signatures include verbal, sexual and physical acts. For example, most cases of serial murder are described in terms of patterns of murder customised to fit the special needs and fantasies of each killer. The signatures are also referred to as ‘calling cards’ or ‘trade marks’ and can be used by repeated violent offenders who are not serial killers. For example, a serial rapist may demand that their victim beg for mercy or tell them they are enjoying the assault.

The MO, or Method of Operating, is separate from motive and signature. MO includes techniques to commit the crimes, which may evolve as the offender becomes more experienced and skilled. Signatures are actions of the serial offender usually unnecessary to completing the murders. There are exceptions, such as the case of Cary Stayner (pictured above) who enjoyed decapitating female victims. Such signatures are extensions of paraphilic fantasies and can facilitate the offender in actualising his fantasies.