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Ghost Rider: Crossroads Vol. 1 #1 (Back Cover)

Art by: Cary Nord and Bob McLeod

Deathstork #9
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If this were me, they’d have to stick my cock in one of those arm shackles too. Mostly because I’d have requested it.

I don’t know how much longer I can be funny because I’m just getting angrier and angrier at what the Republicans are doing. They were anti-Trump when they feared he might bring some liberal ideas into the White House because he’s one of those Hollywood types (plus he expressed quite a few liberal ideas previous to running as a Republican) but now that he’s carrying out their hateful and selfish agenda, they’re happier than pigs in shit. They are pigs in shit. Hell, they are shit. I don’t want to demean pigs. Here’s what I just posted as a Facebook status because I’m ready to burn down all of my relationships with people who think Mitch McConnell basically telling a peer who is a woman to shut up (and then not doing the same to my Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkley, because why? Oh, wait. The why is the easy part, the fucking coward. I wonder how many times Little Mitch got his nose bloodied at school by another boy for being a dick to a girl? Too bad some girls didn’t bloody it to (additional note: oh look. More white men were allowed to read the letter on the Senate floor. Go fucking figure):

If you agree with what Trump and the Republican toadies are doing, you are:

A. Ignorant.
B. Sexist.
C. Racist.
D. A Coward.
E. All of the above.
F. Fuck you.

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