The Car Wash

Pairing: Stanchez

AU: Teen Stanchez AU

Not NSFW but hints at masturbation

This was torture.

Why young Rick Sanchez decided to do this to himself on a near daily basis  was beyond him, but hell, was it good.

About a week ago, his good friend Stanley Pines had decided to venture in a small business. Nothing too serious, just a quick carwash, five dollars a pop. Rick wasn’t interested at first. After all, he only rarely got the keys to his Father’s car and the idea of  grabbing a full wash just when your car was going to get dirty again made no real sense to him. But, for the hell of it, he decided to drop by, “handle the money,” he suggested. Stan accepted immediately, saying something about his hands being too wet, blah blah blah. Whatever, it was an excuse to hang out with the guy.

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Carwash siblings where Wash doesn’t know he’s related to Carolina. Carolina knows, she found that out after he joined the project. But after years in Project Freelancer, and however long it’s been from then to the end of s13, Wash still doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know why the toughest bitch on the squad is so incredibly soft around him. He doesn’t know why she is always the first to pluck him from danger in the field. He doesn’t know that he is Allison’s son. He doesn’t know where the platinum blond hair and freckles came from. He doesn’t know that the Director gave him a self-destructive/suicidal AI on purpose because even though he is of Allison’s blood, he is still the bastard child from another man. 

And he hates himself for it. 

Leonard hates himself for being so caught up with designing the project when Carolina was little and not being around when Allison needed him. He hates himself for letting it get to the point divorce papers and affairs. He hates himself for making her give up that baby boy all those years ago, promising that he will leave the project for good if she did. He hates himself for keeping her in a failing marriage. He hates himself for trying to destroy what he had left of Allison. He hates himself for depriving his only daughter of a life-long friendship with her baby brother.

He hates himself for fucking up so many lives, but most importantly, he hates himself for fucking up theirs.