Red vs Blue Fic: Softly, Gently

Summary: Carolina knows what it means, when Wash looks like this.

Parings: Wash/Carolina.

Warnings: none

Notes: Also available on AO3!

I sent @tuckerfuckingdidit a Fluff Week prompt and then immediately wrote it myself like a punk. SORRY.

Carolina knows what it means, when Wash looks like this. The pinch between his eyebrows. The tension in his shoulders. She knew it well in Project Freelancer—how could she not? It was her job to know what each of her squad looked like under stress, near to breaking.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Carolina can fall asleep in the most ridiculous places. Like sometimes she'll fall asleep standing up and no one is brave enough to go and confirm

The group’s conversation dies off gradually, until anyone who entered the room would see half the New Republic Lieutenants and a Freelancer, inexplicably staring in awed silence at an armored woman leaning casually against a wall.

Except it’s not just any woman. It’s Carolina.

And she’s asleep.

“…You do it,” Tucker whispers. 

Wash shakes his head. Neither of them look away from her. “I did it last time.” It had only taken her name and the lightest of taps before their positions were reversed, and he was pinned against the wall.

Wash isn’t exactly looking to repeat that incident.

Epsilon materializes next to her shoulder, and makes a show of rolling his entire head, in lieu of a pair of visible eyes. “Wake the fuck up and go to bed, Lina.”

Her eyes snap open instantly. She straightens, and the hush that’s fallen upon the room dissolves. Grif is the first to snicker, but he quickly falls silent again as Carolina narrows her eyes at him. 

She stretches, picks up her helmet, and as she steps away from the wall, her eyes fall directly on Wash. “Come on.” And with that, she exits.

“Uh.” Wash exchanges a look with Tucker. “Okay.”

He catches up to her out in the hall, still confused. “Are you… going to try sleeping?” He asks, pushing for casual, and probably failing. 

“I am,” she says. “We don’t have anywhere to be for two hours.”

Wash nods. Then why is he here?

Realization hits, and he flushes. We.

Oh. “I’m not…”

She looks at him, finally, and he can see the tired lines in her face even clearer up close. It makes him not want to protest. “Wash, you always need a nap.” 

That, and the fact that he really sleeps better when he’s not alone.

​Helping Your Cat Adjust to a New Home

Pairing: Carwash for @tuckerfuckingdidit.
Prompt from @crantzypants“What’s with the cat photos?”

Spoilers for RvB S15E5.

“What’s with the cat photos?”

“What?” David—no, it was Washington, he was Agent Washington, code-names only—had heard her, but he was stalling. The locker room had cleared out. The two of them were alone. 

The teams were starting to transition to wearing armor for longer periods with shorter breaks in between as practice for longer missions, so he hadn’t seen everyone’s faces yet.

This girl—woman–was pretty. Beautiful. Self assured, built like a dancer and strong. She wasn’t South or Connie. Could this be— He straightened up and tried to look competent.

He never thought Agent Carolina would talk to him personally.

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