Popular RvB Pairings As Things My Friends Have Said

Mainewash: “True romance is finding someone who will put up with you and your 99 cats.”

Grimmons: “Look, it’s not gay if two guys kiss one another as long as they close their eyes.”

Chex: “I would say "I’ll fucking hunt you down if you ever hurt her heart” but she’s perfectly capable of murdering you all on her own.“

Tuckington: "You see, if all of us ever live together, you might wanna wear headphones ‘cause I assure you our headboard will not stop banging all night long.”

Churboose: “Out of everyone in this room, I hate you the least solely because of your pure innocence.”

Docnut: “Hey I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you guys make a cute couple!” *turns to each other* “You never told me we were dating!”

Lolix: “I would say that I hate you with every fiber of my body but you’re the only one who puts up with my shit so-”

Yorkalina: “Your girlfriend is a better man in the relationship than you’ll ever be! ”

Carwash: “To strangers, you look like a pathetic cringy ass couple but once you get to know you two you’re actually adorable together.”

Washlix: “How am I your favorite person?? I don’t even like myself.”

Locington: “At this point I can’t tell whether or not we both friendzoned the shit out of each other or we’re just really fucking bad at romance.”

Tucklix: “We have broken up and gotten back together at least 6 times just this month.”

We were a team. You made us the best and we were amazing.

But it wasn’t enough. You hurt us and shattered your own creations.

We continued on doing our duty, fighting like the soldiers we were.

But it wasn’t enough.

We got turned against each other because of your actions. Your endless need to pit others against one another to try to find perfection.

No matter what the cost.

But you didn’t ruin all of us.

We weren’t the greatest at first. You put us in some fake war just target practice on standby.

Thanks to you, so many of our friends have died because of these pointless battles.

But you know what?

Those of us that did survive, we’re healing. We are learning to trust, and to forgive, and to love.

And look where we are now.