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Ri Cruin Bronze Age Cairn, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, Scotland, 15.4.17. This cairn contains two chambers. Image 2 contains contains the decentralised burial chamber whilst image 3 contains the examples of four axe heads carved into the side of the the chamber at the time of construction (one of the axeheads is largely obscured under the leaf litter). Like many of the other cairns in the Kilmartin area, the site has yielded several examples of pottery and other key artefacts.

“Black is traditional

So I had a long discussion with a friend one day and I went, with all the magical/supernatural shit happening in Gravity Falls you’d think there’d be a coven of witches overlooking the weird stuff. So I came up with this;

What if Mabel and Dipper were of-age witches sent to Gravity Falls for the summer to start their apprenticeship under Grunkle Stan, a grumpy enchanter. And Gravity Falls is weird enough that it has two Head Witches, mainly Pacifica (town witch) and Wendy (forest witch).

Basically I want more creepiness/fun factors that comes with being witches like stealing of names to control people, and demon contracts,and odd witch jobs, blood magic, heavy uses of salt for repellents, iron against faes, and wacky witch apprentice hijinks, etc. But mostly I want to see the cast dress like witches and battling horrors from beyond.

Also does anyone notice that Pacifica, Mabel, and Wendy fulfill the roles of Mother, Maiden, Crone (Hecate trio) in a sense? And Dipper, Soos, and Stan is kinda the male equivalent?


A Taste of Norse Culture

*listed in order as shown above

This double-edged iron sword was found in Denmark’s Tisso Lake. (Carsten Snejbjerg)

Gold jewelry found in Hiddensee, Germany. (The National Museum of Denmark)

A sculpted brass lion on this 11th-century gilded copper weather vane, found in Norway, guided Viking sailors from its likely perch on the bow of a ship. (Carsten Snejbjerg)

This silver carving may feature Odin, a Norse god, or another figure from Norse mythology. (Ole Malling / Roskilde Museum)

Swords at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen bolster the Vikings’ image as warriors. (Carsten Snejbjerg)

Swords at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen bolster the Vikings’ image as warriors. (The National Museum of Denmark)

The world’s largest-known Viking ship, the Roskilde 6 (above, on exhibit in Copenhagen), is some 120 feet long from stem to stern. (Carsten Snejbjerg)

This silver-inlaid ax head was one of several artifacts found in a Scandinavian burial chamber. (Carsten Snejbjerg)

At an annual festival in Gudvangen, Norway, modern marauders don Viking-era clothing and weapons. Above, re-enactors tackle the martial art of glima. (Thomas Haugersveen / Agence VU / Aurora Photos)

To Val Royeaux We Go
  • Desya Lavellan: Say, Bull?
  • Iron Bull: Mm?
  • Desya Lavellan: Let's go to Val Royeaux. Just you and me.
  • Iron Bull: Oh! I had my eye on an axe carved with bloodstone. Nice call, boss.
  • Desya Lavellan: Well, we could shop. Walk around. Hold...hands...?
  • Iron Bull: Is my little Kadan asking me - a Qunari - out on a date, in the heart of Orlais, in the very home of the Chantry?
  • Desya Lavellan: Um...yes?
  • Iron Bull: Ohhhhoho...Kadan, the things I'm gonna do to you afterwards.

Brother, is the cave as dark
As your insidious heart?

Burn her, you said
The world smells of skin half-baked and little girls’ tears

Sugar, spice, half beasts and beautifully aged wine
Forest trails of half eaten candy hearts
Do you remember the warmth of your arm inside my chest?

Brother, you were born to destroy and carve
Axe hands swinging harder than a knight’s sword
Magnolia trees and pigtail braids, all mere game

(Papa said beauty can turn a man’s blood mad)
Hyacinth limbs and smiles darker than the crescent moon
The shadow of a lily; wolfsbane and wolf’s scream

Brother, I too was born from the axe
I too was born bear; oaken jaw and a waterfall mouth
Complete forest, all dead and brilliantly burning
Like a storm tossed ship we came out of mother

Don’t believe a word when they say the witches have all been burned
Monsters exist, brother, and not all live in gingerbread houses

—  Camillea

clive_standen: Just as Rollo’s true agenda is hidden from all going in to season 4, it’s fitting that my new axe made by the crew at @thegrimfrost has Jormungandr (the Midgard serpent) carved into the axe head & shaft…The Midgard serpent is hidden beneath the seas until it lets go of its own tail & ultimately spells the end of the world!

Leicestershire Gothic:

  • Many years ago there was a king and he drowned. The monks laid him to rest in a chamber built into the bank of the river. No-one can find him. The walls are wet. He cannot sleep. 
  • Centuries later there was another king and he was slain. Red were the banners and the blood that came after and the white and the pure fell and fell and the storm clouds cried over the deaths of so many roses and the king was dead.

  • They carried him over a bridge where his crown scarred the stone, or so they say. The stone is still there. The king is still there. They buried him in secret, and in secret he was lost. Richard of England, found under an R, painted on tarmack that is as black as the skies when he fell.

  • No-one knows how well he sleeps but the men asked for the body from other cities other counties other towns where he truly belonged. But we kept this warrior king and entombed him in stone. People say the cathedral feels different now. But not many. Few prayed before he was found.

  • There was a lady. Born to be no-one. forced to be queen. She died alone at the hands of her family. This stone is cruel. People do not mourn queens that never wore their crown. But our trees are empty of centres after our ancestors took their axes and carved their mourning into the forests forever.

  • People came from afar, they spoke with words we had never heard and brought gods we had never seen. Now they are part of us. When the skies turn black on an autumn night, we light candles for the sky like they taught us. People venture outside their homes and eat and talk and pray in languages so varied no-one there can understand all that is said. The dark is scared by these brave ones for another year.

  • There is a folly on a hill. It is shaped like a tankard. It reminds us to drink. It reminds us to forget. It is safer to not ask questions and so everyone drinks deeply here. You should too.

  • It is raining again. This valley is like a basin and the rock is deep. The forests cannot hold the land forever. Everything can change.

  • The people who live here are cursed. The North will not have us. The South curses us. We belong nowhere. We are hated everywhere. Our accents cannot place us. Our manners cannot help us. We are the lost people of this land.

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Anya returned to Polis for the first time in over five years, but she’d not really had any reasons to.  She’d just be a burden, considering her days as a warrior ended when the Ice Queen’s axe had carved a bloody swath through her thigh and shattered her knee, and raising horses was something she couldn’t exactly do within the city, either.  But this year, she had some fine stock to sell at the Harvest Festival, and she figured it was probably overdue to visit with her former second.  That she’s coming with a fine warhorse in tow meant for Lexa is merely a bonus.  

There were already booths and pens and training grounds going up all over the grassy swaths of country outside the city, and Anya directed her second to begin stringing up a rope fence for her horses as she carefully let herself down from the mare she was riding.  Her wince was hidden against the dark neck before her before the former warrior started limping her way around to strip gear and equipment from the horses, releasing them into the simple enclosure with a nod to the boy she’d taken on a couple summers ago.  

From her previous experience with Lexa and the Festival, she knew that the Commander and her retinue were probably already deep into viewing the wares that were brought to the city from the far reaches of the 12 clans.  And when she rounded her mare and spotted the intricate braiding of familiar dark hair, the warrior couldn’t help but carefully limp her way over to her former second as the younger woman remained unawares of her presence, browsing some trinkets or another.  “I see you’re still letting me sneak up on you, Leksa,” Anya drawled slowly, unable and unwilling to keep the wide grin from her features as the Commander turned to face her, “But I’m not really a threat to anyone these days.  You look well.”