In the pre-Christian religions of Meso-America existed Naguals. They are people who can shape shift into animals like jaguars. Although they can be either good or bad, today naguals are synonymous with the word brujo or witch (sorcerer) associating it with evil.

Statue carved from wood by artist Manuel Jimenez

NEW DRINKI TIKI COASTERS!!! COMING OCTOBER! Thanks to the tremendous response to these whittle Tikis, I’m excited to announce a much larger batch is on its way. Been working on these babies all summer long! Thanks to my extremely talented pal Austin Creek for the original Drinki Tiki music! #drinkitiki #seriesone #tiki #wood #carved #coasters #october


The Department of Delicious Deception should know better than to try to eat wooden food, but the work of Japanese wood sculptor Seiji Kawasaki is so awesomely realistic, we just know they’re going to take a nibble at the earliest opportunity. Just look at these croissants, so flaky and buttery:

But they aren’t flaky, buttery pastries at all. They’re blocks of wood, hand-carved to the tiniest detail and painstakingly painted by Kawasaki. Each piece takes 2-3 hours to complete, some of which aren’t simply decorative. These red peppers, for example, function as chopstick rests:

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[via My Modern Met]