etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.3.17

chair hammock by thebeeandthefox

thebeeandthefox is an EFOTD go-to for rad retro-style tees for women and little ones, but their rustic and boho chair hammock is my newest fave. NEED.


Loyal Loot Collective makes these amazing bowls carved out of rough logs (bark still intact) and hollows out the top in a bowl form that is lacquered with wild, glossy color.

The juxtapositions of rough/shiny, rustic/slick, earthy/colorful are what make this collection so irresistible.

Netsuke. Ivory and Horn. Japan, approx. 1975 HEIGHT 3,2 CM The work of a modern master born 1931 in Tokyo. According to legend, the rabbit turns snow white after 1000 years of age. The eyes are two-colored inlaid horn and very lively in expression. Himotoshi on bottom and signature BAI-SHODO YASU-FUSA on legs. The name Baishodo comes from the studio, the artist´s real name is Saito Yasufusa. From a private German collection