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I see all these posts that are like “kids of the future won’t know what (insert old technology) is!”

Look my dude, I don’t use a trebuchet but I was taught what one is. I don’t use a floppy disk but I know what one is. I don’t see parapets on skyscrapers but I know what parapets are. I don’t use a hand carved onyx spear to hunt food but I know what it is and how it was made.

If a kid doesn’t know something stop fucking making fun of them or high key judging them and just fucking tell them what it is.

It’s not their job to know everything and making fun of a kid for not knowing what a floppy disk is for is just shitty.

Did people make fun of you as a kid for not knowing what a gramophone was? For not automatically knowing how a Stradivarius was made? Or how the pyramids were built?

No, they didn’t (and if they did they were fucking jerks).

So please just stop harassing and making fun if kids who don’t know why people still motion in circles to indicate dropping the window of a car or any other things like that. I still hear grown adults say “travel to the corners of the globe” even though a round planet can’t have corners.

Teach them, don’t be an ass and make fun if them.

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Ohhh latest twin sons is really good! But, of course, you set yourself up for the next one; what happens to Obi want with krell? How does everyone else react? Anak ? Cody? The councul? Protective jedi are amazing. You are amazing!! Thank you!

“Be-General Skywalker sir?” The Jedi stopped and turned at the voice, smiling at Cody.

“Commander Cody, was there something you wanted? Shuttles about to take off.” He added gently though he emphasized that the shuttle was about to take off.

Cody moved closer and caught Ben’s hand, pressing something into his hand. “I know you have the japor snippet General Skywalker made for you but…I made this for you. Cuyir morut'yc General sir.” He then took a step back and saluted before heading off before Ben could respond.

Ben blinked before looking down at his mech hand.

Black against white and silver metal laid a braided leather cord, strong and well made by careful hands. On that cord a single pendant hung, a simple round disk of onyx carved with Mando’a.



Ben stared at the necklace, Cody’s words in his ears. ‘Be safe…’

A small smile curled his lips before he carefully put the necklace on and slid it beneath his tunic beside the japor his brother had given him so long ago before moving onto the shuttle.

“…Well?” Cody questioned nervously.

“Well he dropped it on the ground and moved onto the shuttle.” Rex offered cheerfully, waving his binoculars before laughing and hitting the shell shocked looking vod in the shoulderpad. “I joke, I joke! He put it on.”

“Oh you osik stinkin-” Cody tackled Rex.


There is something very numbing about getting a fist the size of your head hitting you square in the jaw.

It both dazes and collapses Ben and he hits the dirt like a sack of potatoes, blinking stars out of his eyes as he feels what must be a broken jaw. Though its been years since last time he experienced a broken jaw.

Blood is running down his face as he looks up at Pong Krell, yellow crazed eyes glaring down at him. “Little nosy brat you are. Had to dig into the battle plans huh? Had to know huh?” He growled before grabbing Ben by the front of his tunics and lifting him clean of his feet, Ben’s slim hands wrapping around the Besalisks wrists to try and ease the grip despite the ringing in his ears.

“Leggo.” He slurred out.

“What Madam Nu or the Council sees in you I will NEVER know.” Krell sneered at him. “But I guess going out with the trash is starting to become a part of my job description. I will see to the end of these clones and you at the same time and when I do, I will be rewarded by the coming order.”

“You’re…insane.” Ben wheezed out, nails digging into the others wrists and his mech hand nails drawing blood by how hard he was digging them in. “They are…living beings…they deserve…more then your…contempt.” He groaned, feeling what must be a loose tooth from the punch and blood coating the inside of his mouth.

Or perhaps a cut.

Hard to tell when his head was ringing, his jaw was broken and his airway was being partially cut off.

“They are tools.” Krell sneered, eyes sparkling in a yellow and blood red darkness.

Ben gave a soft whimper when a spare hand wrapped around his throat, wondering if this was it for him before crying out in shock as he was thrown back against a wall, collapsing on the floor.

Looking up slowly, Ben tried to focus on the Fallen Jedi.

“Its not worth it, I’ll leave you for droid bait.” Krell growled before waving his hands, ropes curling around Ben’s body. “I’ll just tell the clones your fragile state doesn’t allow you to be out in the battlefield. Its believable.”

Ben stared at him, taking wheezing breaths as the ropes tightened around him. “You… they… deserve… better.” He wheezed out and Krell only laughed at him, the Fallen turning and heading out of the room.

“Then lets hope death greets them well.” The door slid shut, leaving Ben in the dim light, wheezing and bleeding sluggishly from a crack in his eyebrow and split lips.

Cartier - Panther Vanity Case, 1925

Enamel on gold, diamond, onyx and carved emerald in platinum mounts, baguette diamond, mirrored plate glass (4.4 × 4.1 × 2.2 cm)

Personal gift from Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan (1933–2003) to his wife, Catherine.

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as a new/baby witch, what are some spells I should practice first? I have a few crystals currently {owl carved onyx, obsidian arrow head, smokey quartz heads, unakite, obsidian pendulum}. Also, do you know any active witchy blogs I could follow?

I would recommend learning basic energy work and protection magic first! Those are really good starting points ^^ and crystals help a lot for them.

Oh gosh. I have a huuuuge list haha. @torque-witch @faeryofblackstone @half-human-machine @abrakadangit @orriculum @violetwitchcraft @urbanspellcraft @mauthegrim @paganormal @witchtarts @mrando0fthewoods

I KNOW I’ve forgotten a bunch. But those are some good ones to start you out haha! Best of luck! 💖

heart-eater, they called her:
mother of sleep and death;
she who exhaled the stars,
carved of obsidian and onyx,
a lion in her chest and
fire on her tongue.
god trembles before her:
(she is man-eater, woman and beast)
she is god-killer, rusted blood,
and she
be tamed.
—  and in the shadows she lurks, but all tremble at the sound of her name: nyx. (c.n.s; 11/23/14)
The Witch’s Heart- Chapter 2

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Relationship: Cullen/Lavellan (Cullavellan) Fairy Tale AU
Rating: Mature

‘There once was a girl without a heart and a boy who drank starlight to keep the nightmares at bay–and they met, as stories often begin, in the dark of the forest…’

As a Knight of the Inquisition, Ser Cullen is no stranger to the horrors that linger in the dark woods of the lands. Tasked to locate and do battle with a dangerous lindwyrm, he finds himself cast into the depths of the forest, injured and lost within the tainted memories of his past–perfect prey to a hungry beast of legend. What stumbles upon him instead is a Witch of the Woods and though she heals him, there is no kindness in this dead-eyed elf’s touch. Duty commands him to do away with her quickly but when he realizes she can make lyrium–or ‘Starlight’ as she calls it–Cullen’s addiction leaves him no choice but to keep seeing her, giving away parts of himself he didn’t realize he still had and awakening things within the Witch she didn’t realize were still alive.


Quick disclaimer: this chapter involves the abuse, both physical and emotional, of a child with asperger’s syndrome by a parent. The phrases, words, and names used by the parent, as well the mind set the parent has, is not one shared by the author. I tried my best to write what goes down with as much respect towards the subject as possible–if you are triggered or hurt by any of this, then I am deeply sorry as that was not my intention.

Chapter 2: The Girl

All she saw from her window were the tops of the trees, yet she knew her lands were beautiful. It was second hand information, of course, told by word-of-mouth, through pictures in her books, in the streams of ethereal images that the Lady Deshanna manifested from her hand, and, most importantly, because Papa told her so.

Indeed, the realm of Lavellan’s held its own against the likes of Arlathan’s hallowed halls; cities of interwoven simmering summerstone and mighty birch tree palaces with their stunning onyx carved statues which were given the gift of breath and asked to dance in the streets along lit orbs of pink and red, blue and green, gold and silver hues. It was a place of light, so bright the magic that it was impossible to find a single shadow. Holy; a sight to behold in the sunlight. In their infinite wisdom, the Kings and Queens of the realm came to the highest of all the mountains and with their own hands constructed one hundred temples of platinum and oak in the name of the Evanuris’ above—engraved with their treasures, blessed with their own blood, the brilliance of their magic running through the veins and making the ornate stones unbreakable.

The Greatest of All Gifts it was called and the world knew it to be so. Arlathan may have been the center point of Elvhenan but Lavellan was the most faithful of its lands—the Evanuris’ most obedient children.

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Marie-Agnès Gillot dancing in a “Stellar Christmas” for MILK Magazine. Photograph by Matthew Brooks.

Marie-Agnès is wearing Chanel Fine Jewellery. 18-ct white gold “Tuxedo” earrings, set with white diamonds and carved onyx, and a 18-ct white gold “Camélia Sculpté” ring, set with diamonds, tourmaline and moonstone. Her embroidered silk dress is from Chanel Haute Couture. The ballet shoes are her own.”

Seriously though, the award that Taylor is getting tonight is worth a fortune:

“The Milestone Award trophy is made up of more than 1,010 grams of sterling silver, with the top edged with 4.16 carats of black diamonds and an 18k gold band, and topped by black onyx carved in the shape of David Yurman’s signature Albion® gemstone, with the numeral ’50’ inlaid in 18k gold.”