carved int

Change someones mind

what you need

  • one candle representing your goal
  • a skull (to represent person)
  • a personal concern of the persons… you can use a photograph (mine is inside the skull)
  • anointing oil (ive used my own anointing oil which is just olive and frankincense and myrrh) you can also use compelling or commanding oils.
  • a sharp knife or pin to carve your intent int the candle with


  • Place your photo inside the skull or under it if you cannot put it inside
  • baptise the skull as the person

  • carve your intent into the candle (I want you to not go on holiday etc etc)

  • anoint your candle

  • attach the candle to the top of the skull


‘I turned myself int*burp*o a pumpkin, M-Morty..! I’m JACK O LATERN RIIIIICCCCKKKKK!!!!’


But, really, my peoples: Have a great day, and stay safe and spooky..!!~