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we love at dawn

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader.

Genre: Fluff / Light smut.

Count: 1,044 words.

Note: I miss melting in the summertime. Inspired by a paragraph on facebook that I cannot find for the life of me.

The heat, it simmers, gathers between the gaps of fingers, tucks into the crooks of elbows – making itself known in the sheets damp with perspiration that lay crumpled beneath bodies sparse of garments, just the odd article of underwear, a flimsy lace bra. 

Fingertips brush ribs that are swathed in sidewalk lamplight, filtering in a pale gold beam through the open window where the sheer curtains gently sway their hips, stiff summer air sitting still upon the sill of chipped white paint. Legs attempt to tangle, knot together, though the slightest of touches has them sliding apart, urging limbs to the opposite ends of the well loved and worn mattress with dissatisfied groans that hint at the fleeting forlornness of being so close, yet in the dreaded humidity that blankets the fitfully slumbering city, being aeons of scorching seas apart.

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Heartbeats - Chapter 8

Well hello! I’m currently in a different part of the world and tomorrow I’ll be in the middle of nowhere so I’m posting the new chapter today. Many expression of gratefulness to hartfic for the proofreading ^_^ Also, just a comment on the fact that this fic started off as a ‘musical prompt’ - inspired by Heartbeats by José González, ovbs: the story took various turns and now it’s just a big “I don’t know” that’s not necessarily related to it anymore. Just in case you were wondering. Let’s just all find out together where this is going :)

SFW, NSFF, 2,698 words

“Here we are!” Tyler says triumphantly once they found the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and parked his car.

Both Mamrie and himself are standing in front of the majestic entrance, arms crossed, while Beanz violently scratches her ear with the rear paw.

“Let’s go get a couple of rooms” She says as she makes her way to the hall.

“A couple?” Tyler asks trotting close to her, dragging both their trolleys.

“Yes honey, I don’t want to be in your room when things happen.”

“Nothing is happening!” He protests.

“I know, I know” She reassures him, and shrugs dramatically, “just in case.”

“I don’t like what you’re implying one bit.”

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