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Dinara Kasko’s sculptural cakes are carved from sheets of chocolate

The multilayered, three-dimensional works of artist José Margulis have been transformed into tasty treats by architect-turned-patisserie chef Dinara Kasko. The Kinetic Tarts are the result of a collaboration between Kakso and Margulis, who worked together to create edible versions of his artworks for food publication So Good.

This post includes images of other creations by Dinara Kasko.

AUTUMN IS COMINGfrom my sketchbook ©Lolle  (2017)
* media: ink on paper + photoshop

Awww!!  (ノ♡ヮ♡)ノ*:・゚✧ Autumn is coming and I really can’t wait!! it’s my fav season ever! and there are a lot of activities that I love to do during fall… baking cakes, carving pumpkins, drink cappuccinos, wear sweaters, watch movies, exploring woods, find new inspirations… and what about you? what’s your fav activities during this marvelous season?

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Klaus Appreciation Week 😍 Day Three

Klaus and favourite family member scenes. 


etsyfindoftheday | halloween is almost here! | 10.28.16

halloween fondant decorations by seasonablyadorned

monday is one of my FAVORITE days of the year, followers … it’s HALLOWEEN!! and you’re getting a few extra freaky finds this friday to celebrate. these spooky-cute fondant decorations would look sweet on your all hallow’s eve cake or cupcakes.

The Cake Fic

here’s my warning liam is making me post this bc he wants everyone to see it i swear i’m so sorry rip

disturbing content ahead

“Happy birthday, Phillip!”
“Why thank you, Daniel!”
Oh, no! Dan had forgotten to make Phil a birthday cake! He pushed Phil down onto a chair and handcuffed his hands to the arms of the chair. Phil could hardly budge, for he was bent into a painful position.
“Yes, Phil?”
“What are you doing?”
“Why, I’m making your birthday cake!”
“Why did you handcuff me to the chair?”
Dan shushed Phil, putting his finger to him lips and dragging it down to his chin.
Dan pulled out a box of birthday cake mix.

He opened the box. “Open wide, Phillip!”
Phil hesitated.
Suddenly, Dan’s sweet voice turned horrific and voilent.
Phil’s eyes snapped wide open as he flung his mouth open as well.
Dan smiled sweetly again and mix into Phil’s mouth.
Phil coughed the dry mixture everywhere, but Dan covered Phil’s mouth to make sure his cake was complete in the end.
Phil was almost choking on the dryness, as well as crying.
Dan collected Phil’s tears and dropped it into Phil’s mouth.
“Not so dry now?” Dan laughed. “Now, let’s read the directions.”
Dan read the back of the box.
“Let’s see, one cup of milk..” Dan looked evilly at Phil as he got up and walked to the fridge. He swung the door open and pulled out two gallons of milk. He opened both and began to pour them all over the floor. When they were empty, he looked back at Phil. “Oopsie doopsie!” Dan giggled. “It seems we are all out of milk.” Phil was staring at Dan in horror. Dan gripped the waistline of his jeans and began to slowly slide them down. “But this will be much better.” He slips out his massive, hard cock and sticks the tip to the entrance of the carton, as the whole thing could not fit in. “Now all you have to do my friend, is look sexy for me.” Phil was crying, but kept his mouth closed out of fear of what Dan might do.
Dan rubbed his smooth, stiff dick slowly, still looking into Phil’s eyes. Dan tried to scream in pleasure, but a slight groan escaped his mouth. A blast of come exploded into the carton. Dan began toward Phil again.
“Open up, dearie,” Dan smirked. Phil looked away, mouth closed.
A furious expression appeared on Dan’s face as he grabbed his penis by the base and flung it towards Phil’s face. It struck him hard, leaving a long red slash across his face. Tears pooled in Phil’s eyes as he opened his mouth for Dan. Dan then began to spill the fresh batch of come into Phil’s mouth.
“It says to mix the wet ingredients together first and then add it, but I like breaking rules,” Dan said.
Phil whimpered.
Dan tossed the carton aside. It was time for the next ingredient.
“Two large eggs,” Dan read. He went to the fridge again and pulled out the carton of eggs. He took two from it and brought them to Phil. “It says to beat them slightly before adding them to the mix.”
Dan cracked one egg and let it slide into his own mouth. Then, he lowered his head down to Phil’s genitilia. He undid the button in his jeans and pulled them down. Dan reached into Phil’s undies for his penis. It was soft.
Dan’s eyes darkened. He tried to scream without spilling the egg from his mouth. “Bitch! Am I not sexy enough for you??” He cracked the other egg open and let it fall into his mouth. Then, he picked up Phil’s cock and slid it into his own mouth. He flung it around in there, beating the eggs. It was hardening. Phil was crying out, letting out some ingredients.
“Keep your mouth shut!” screamed Dan. Phil shut him mouth immediately. Dan was tickling his dick with his tongue. Phil was squirming. Then, Dan stood up and looked at Phil. He took his lips between his fingers and spread them open.
Dan then opened his mouth and spit the eggs out into Phil’s mouth. Then Dan took his hand and put it under Phil’s chin and jammed his mouth shut. It hurt Phil’s jaw, and he let out a groan through his closed lips.
“A half cup of oil,” Dan continued. “Why, I know where there might be some oil!”
He walked into the bathroom, leaving Phil alone for a minute. Phil fidgeted with his hands to try to free himself, but didn’t dare open his mouth in case Dan came back. And he did indeed. Dan turned the corner holding a small container.
It looked familiar to Phil. Lube. It was lube.
“This will do nicely,” said Dan. Dan pulled out his dick once more and poured the whole entire thing of lube onto it. He rubbed it around viciously. “Ready to add it to the mixture?”
Phil opened his mouth slightly. Dan shoved his whole dick down Phil’s throat. Phil’s eyes fluttered, and he was making gurgling noises. He was choking on Dan’s dick. The chains from the handcuffs were rattling under the chair. Dan moaned. Phil stopped moving as much. He was almost dead. Dan decided he had had enough and pulled his hard dong out, all the lube had transferred to Phil’s mouth. Phil was weak and limp.
“That’s it.”
Phil was relieved for Dan to say that, but somehow knew it wasn’t over.
“Swallow it.”
Phil’s heart dropped. There was a ton of mix in his mouth. He regretfully swallowed all of it, choking as it went down. Every last drop.
Dan grinned. He got up and pulled a cake pan out of a cabinet. He brought it back to Phil and held it under his mouth. Phil was terrified of what was going to happen next.
“Open your mouth, babe,” said Dan.
Phil did as he was told. Dan stuck his index finger into Phil’s mouth and lightly touched the back of his throat. Phil gagged hard, but nothing came up. Dan ran his finger up and down the back of his throat, and soon, he started to see the mix run back up into his mouth. He pulled his finger out and watched as Phil vomited into the cake pan. When he was done, Dan got up to turn on the oven. He swung the door open and threw the pan in. For 15 minutes, Dan sat there, staring at Phil, attached to the chair and crying.
When the cake was done, Dan pulled it out and brought it over to Phil.
“This isn’t cake without frosting!” Dan said happily.
Phil’s dick was still hanging out in he open, so he grabbed it tightly and shoved the cake pan under it. The hot cake burned Phil’s cock so bad, but he had to. Dan slid his tongue up and down Phil’s erection. Semen then began to squirt out all over the fresh cake. When no more came, Dan slid it out from underneath. He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and stabbed it into the cake, carving a slice out. He picked up the piece of cake with his bare hand and forced it into Phil’s mouth.
“How does it taste?”
“It tastes… Amazing,” said Phil, his mouth full.
“I’m glad you like it. It is your birthday after all.”

I’ve decided if I ever get married I want something far from traditional. I’ll trade in that little brown church for the rugged forests . The atmosphere just ripe with crisp cool fall air. If people get cold we’ll provide cozy plaid blankets, along with hot apple cider. I’d walk down the isle to a traditional Celtic tune that screams of the romance of autumn. Another thing I’d love to do, is instead of freeing some doves or butterflies I’d love to write my partners and my name on two  leaves and drop them in a nearby stream and let them float off to new places. 

I love the idea of carving into a pumpkin cake, dancing under the pale autumn moon, and falling asleep on a hay ride back to our cabin for the night. But alas, that is a long time off. It’s nice to dream though!


Awesome camera cake I got to make today! This customer always goes all out for her cakes, and today was no exception!

It started as two 4" rounds and a 6" square. Quite possibly my favorite sculpted cake I’ve done so far.

Have your own work you’d like to see on Fuck Yeah Cake Decorating? Please submit!

#76: Pregnancy Series | Finding Out The Gender


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time


Small talks from Luke and Liz was the only thing that was volume in the smaller area on the pregnancy department at the smaller hospital Liz had found on the internet, it being the closest to you guys on the current place of the tour, you lying on the bed next to them, listening to them talk and mainly waiting for the midwife. Since Liz had found the hospital, she wanted to be 100% clear that it wasn’t something none professional which was the main reason why she wanted to join you guys; plus she wanted to see the growing state of her unborn grandchild. Sooner than expected, the door to the room crept open and inside walked in a young woman in white hospital dress, muttering out a small hi with a smile before she walked towards her equipment “So.” The midwife asked, taking a seat on her chair. “Any contemplation on which gender it’s going to be?” She asked, turning on the computer in front of her, looking down at you with a smile. “Well, we think it is a girl, yet Luke thinks it’s a boy.” Liz explained, crossing her leg over the other as she bumped her shoulder into Luke’s next to her. “It’s a boy, I told you guys.” He defended, raising his arms in surrender as his mom scolded at him. “I’m 100% sure.” He stated, his thumb running over the back of your hand as your fingers were intertwined in a tight grip, the both of you buzzing with adrenaline. “We’ll found out then.” The midwife spoke as she found the tub with gel, you removing your shirt from your belly and letting her split the content on your prodding stomach, “Cold as always.” She mentioned as she noticed your hissing manor, a chuckle coming from Luke’s lips. “Now, let’s see.” She mumbled, using the transducer to spread out the gel whilst turning on the screen in front of you guys, sooner the black and white image of your developing baby being showed on it. “It’s so much bigger than last time.” You said in awe, a hand coming in front of your mouth. “Let me see.” The midwife mumbled, running the transducer around to get a better angle. “Testosterone has been produced so it’s not harsh to see what it is.” She smiled, “It prompts the bud to grow and develop into what you can see now as a very small penis.” By the midwife’s statement, Luke’s arms raised in victory, looking down at you with a smirk. “I told ya.” He teased, sticking his tongue out at you. “So it is a boy?” You asked, turning your head fast to look at the midwife, “It clearly is a boy.” She confirmed nodding her head and turning on her printer. “I told you so.” Luke teased Liz, now giving her a push with his shoulder. “Trying to get more girls in this family is harder than expected.” Luke shook her head as she spoke but a small smile appeared on her lips anyways, happy to be given the chance to experience and join you guys on this joy incident.


”I think it is a girl.” You stated, looking up at Calum with a smirk, your hip pushing into his to annoy him. ”How much do you wanna bet?” Calum smirked, looking down at you as your hands were swinging front and back, fingers intertwined whilst walking down the corridor of the hospital, trying to find the right room to meet up with your midwife. ”If it’s a girl and not a boy? How about we say that the person who is wrong will have to do the dishes for at least 3 weeks or so?” You challenged making his eyes go wide, yet the smirk plastered on his lips didn’t fade away, just increased by your words. ”Fine. That’s a deal.” He reached out his hand for you to shake it, the both of you smirking at each other shaking your hands, walking towards the number that was requested on the papers you had received, walking inside and being greeted by your midwife. ”Happy as always.” She smiled referring to the two of you, you taking a seat on the bed and Calum taking a seat on the chair his hands instantly wrapping around yours, leaning back in his seat with a cocky smirk as he looked up at the screen. ”Any guesses for what gender it’s gonna be?” The midwife asked as she removed your shirt and placed gel all over your stomach, the transducer sooner spreading it out to a small layer, turning on the screen. The both of you yelled up the two different genders in unison, giving each other a fake death glare after. ”Let’s see what’s hiding inside then.” She smiled, running the transducer around to get a full look of the baby, taking screen shots whilst doing it. ”As far as I can see there’s developing penis.” She announced, yet she didn’t seem sure. ”There shouldn’t be!” You stated, looking over at Calum who was smirking, his tongue sticking out at you. ”Let me just take a better look.” She mumbled, zooming in on the screen towards the lower parts of the baby, typing something into her computer. ”See! Penis!” Calum laughed, reaching his hand out and pointing towards where it was.” ”I think you’re correct Mr. Hood.” She smiled, taking a last screenshot. ”So I’m correct? It’s a boy?” He wanted to be 100% sure before hollering in front of you. ”It is a boy Y/N is expecting.” She nodded her head, laughing as Calum raised his hands in victory. ”That’s it. I’m right; you’re going to take the dishes from now.” He stated, his hands going up in surrender, you chuckling at him. ”Remember I am the pregnant one carrying around your child. If I can’t do the dishes you’ll have to do it anyways.” You smirked leaving him with a dumb folded expression as he looked over at the midwife who could only shrug her shoulders.


There was no doubt that you and Michael was having different ways and rules of an enjoyment relationship, and that was not only in the relationship but also on the way to find out about the gender of your baby. Since you guys were still on tour, it would be hard to ask one of your mothers’ to do something about it so you had to find some other solutions. The both of you had agreed to do something ordinary about this special event, and it was actually the boys’ idea to do this. So after going to the midwife and getting a gender scanning you informed her that you didn’t wanted to know it but wanting the information’s printed down on a paper so you could give it to the boys. They were enthusiastic to say at least, barely letting you guys give them the envelope with the papers before they had ripped it open and read it through, sprinting down towards the nearest grocery shop and bought food coloring and ingredients for the cake they had planned to make. Ashton and Calum was sitting in front of you, buzzing with excitement when Luke placed the cake in front of you, trying to keep their cravings for carving the cake open just now. ”Come on you guys, OPEN IT! Ashton and Calum yelled in unison, pushing to each other in a play fight, being impatient and having a hard time to wait for you guys. ”We worked so hard on it.” Calum giggled, Michael looking over at Luke who was leaning against the counter of the tour bus kitchen, ”Can you give me a knife then?” He requested, and Luke turned around and opened one of the drawers, grabbing a knife before giving it to you and Michael. ”You’ll do it.” He smiled, swinging an arm over your waist and pulling you in to his side as his eyes were burning on the white cheese frosting covered cheese cake, waiting in excitement to see what color the dove would be hiding inside. ”Now!” The boys giggled, Luke taking a seat next to Michael as you started to cut into the cake. ”Ready?” You asked, looking over at him in confirmation and he nodded his head, you cutting into the cake in two pieces before placing the knife under the cake, your eyes going wide in excitement when the pink crumbles appeared from the cut, Michael’s mouth opening wide. ”It’s a girl.” Luke, Ash and Calum yelled, hollering around and starting to throw pink pacifiers they had hidden under the tables towards you guys. ”Are we seriously getting a girl.” He said in awe, looking down at you, ”The papers are over there.” Luke pointed towards the counter where a stack of papers where lying, you starting to collect the pacifiers, ”We’ll be getting these then.” you smiled, putting one into Michael’s mouth. ”Thank you, you guys, you don’t know how much your support means to us.” You smiled and the boys started to blush in awe, walking towards you guys and ready to pull you in for an embrace.


The midwife next to you were having her eyebrows increased as she stared at the screen in front of her, the transducer on your belly moving around, you and Ashton waiting in excitement for the announcement of your twins’ genders. The screen in front of you guys were something Ashton still had gotten used to, but adored so much. ”As far as I can see, one of them is a boy.” She announced making Ashton’s face lit up in joy and excitement, his hand that was intertwined with yours grabbing tighter to almost cause pain in your hand, a small groan coming from your lips making him loose it instantly. He pressed a kiss to the back of your hand in apologize, making you mouth out a ”It’s okay.” ”I can’t really see..” The midwife mumbled, starting to move the transducer around on your belly, her eyebrows furrowing as she moved her head forward towards the screen, trying to find out the other gender. ”I’ll have to ask you to stand up and jump for a bit Mrs. Irwin.” She stated making your eyes going wide before you held the paper that was used to dry off the gel, holding it against your chest to keep the blouse you were wearing away from the gel, now standing on your legs and ready to jump. Aston was laughing in the background as you started to jump lightly up and down, the feeling of your belly moving inside making you nervous, ”You sure it’s okay for the baby?” You asked, looking over at the midwife in fear but also curiosity. ”Y/N, it’s normal, just keep on jumping.” She reassured, Ashton taking his phone out from his pocket, your eyes instantly burning into his. ”Don’t you dare make in Instagram Video now.” You warned yet with a smile as he moved the phone in front of his face, not even wanting to hide the fact that he was filming you. ”I just wanna memorize this.” He laughed, making you just ignore his presence, ”So here we have Y/n trying to get one of the twinies to move since we can’t see which dingeling is hiding.” He announced making you only roll your eyes at him as you continued jumping in a normal pace. When he had finished the video placed his phone back in his pocket, you jumped a few times more until the midwife said done, you back on the bed and the transducer back on your stomach before she had just placed a little bit of more gel on your belly. ”Now let’s see.” She mumbled, her eyes lit up when she finally got the answer. ”Congrats you two, not only are you getting a boy, but you’re getting a girl as well.” She announced making your face lit up as well, pushing Ashton’s chest repeatedly. ”I told you there would at least be one girl.” ”And I told you that it would be a boy!” He raised his arms in surrender, the midwife laughing at you guys. ”Well, the both of you were right.” She smiled, starting her printer.


Believe it or not, the above meals are all made out of cake! It is made by Debbie Does Cakes. They are a custom sculpted cake studio. A sculpted cake is a cake carved by hand to resemble anything other than cake.

Making a scale eluvian scene

Over the course of the next couple of months I’m going to be updating this tumblr with process pictures from a small scene I’m building. Up until now I’ve built all my environments digitally, but I’d like to try to build out a set made of plaster, foam, paint, etc as an exercise in thinking about environment design in a different way.

This is the basic concept, which is also, technically, fan art from Dragon Age. 

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anonymous asked:

Omg that video is so perfect and cute and emotional and kinda weird but still good weird and sb needs to write drabble about everlark!djsnake video and I don't know if I can but I would ask you for it so very much because you're such a great writer💔

Hey anon! I don’t know what this ended up being, but it’s where my brain took me. Thank you for sending me this ask and for being so sweet. I really appreciate it. I hope I did right by you and Amazing Marv!Peeta. <3 

A/N: Modern AU Everlark, Rated E for explicit language, sexual situations, and references to violence. Contains quotes from The Hunger Games books and movies. Inspired by the video for Middle by DJ Snake. Unbetaed. With thanks to @lifeloveanddance​ for being the best cheerleader a girl could ask for.

Shards of glass were embedded in his palm, tiny fragments so small he couldn’t see them unless he held his hand up to the light to watch them sparkle. They stung sharply, a hundred bloodless gashes, but they didn’t sting as badly as his injured pride. That hurt so much worse, but unlike the gash on his leg, exposed by the tear in his cargo pants, or the scrape below his blackened eye, at least he could hide that away behind a mask.

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