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Say It Again - Jughead Jones

If requests are open, could you make a jughead x fem Reader where he never asked what her real name was (everyone just calls her by a nick name and has been doing so for years.) and when he finally figures it out and calls her by that name, the reader falls in love with the way it sounds when he says it. Sorry if it’s confusing, I just thought it’d be cute :)

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Y/N/N = Your Nick Name

Y/N = Your (real/full) Name

L/N = Your Last Name

I loved this idea so much! I hope you like the way I wrote it!

The first time it was brought up was at the diner. You sat next to Jughead, and the two of you were sitting across from Betty and Veronica. You all were sharing stories from your childhoods, including Jughead, when it finally got to you. 

“Y/N/N, did you ever have a nickname?” You smiled at Veronica, who had admitted a few of her own embarrassing nicknames.

 “Y/N/N,” you replied, sipping at your milkshake. 

“What,” Jughead asked and you laughed while turning to face him.

 “Y/N/N is my nickname,” you said, but he still looked confused, “I’ve gone by Y/N/N my whole life. Even my parents use it rather than my actual name.”

“No, I get that,” he said, meeting your eyes, “but what’s your real name?” Veronica raised an eyebrow and Betty let out a laugh. “You’ve been best friends with Y/N/N for how long, and yet you still don’t know her full name?” Jughead squinted his eyes at Veronica and you let out a small giggle. “Now I have to know,” he said, turning to face you, but you just stared at him. “You’re a smart, independent, young man,” you said, causing Jughead to smile at you, “you can figure it out.” Betty rolled her eyes, “stop flirting you two, we’re trying to be nostalgic.” You felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks and with a glance at Jughead, you saw he was blushing too.

The second time it was brought up was at your locker door. School had ended and you were grabbing your jacket and text book out of your locker. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Jughead walking towards you, looking annoyed.

 “What’s up Juggie,” you asked as he leaned against the lockers next to yours. 

“So I went to the library during my free period,” he said and you started to close your locker door.

 “Sounds adventurous,” you said, looking up and smiling at him. 

“Ha! Very funny,” he said, “I went there looking to check out some yearbooks. When I asked for them she said, and I quote, ‘they’ve all been checked out.’” 

You gave him a smug smile, “Hmm, how strange.” He nodded, “isn’t it?”

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dragon age starters

feel most free to change pronouns ,  etc .

❝ it doesn’t matter that they won’t remember me. what matters is i helped. ❞
❝ bad things should happen to bad people. ❞
❝ i’m here to set things right. also ? to look dashing. that part’s less difficult. ❞
❝ planning has never been my strong suit . now, killing…killing & love-making. those i am better at. ❞
❝ oh ! we could get matching outfits ! ❞
❝ i’m not saying i should be your first pick for a dance partner at the ball , but in the deep roads , i’m your man / woman. ❞
❝ draw your weapon & say that again ! ❞
❝ we’re here to kill them all, yes ? for sport ? ❞
❝ you tend to get up to interesting things. you meet interesting people & then you kill them. ❞
❝ i never worry, darling. a leash can be pulled from either end. ❞
❝ it’s like you need permission to be alive. ❞
❝ has anyone told you what marvelous eyes you possess, my dear ? ❞
❝ have you ever licked a lamp post in winter ? ❞
❝ i’ll try not to hit anyone. ❞
❝ there you are. everyone’s been looking for you. ❞
❝ the last man standing gets final say on who is right or wrong. ❞
❝ i like my hair the way it is, thank you. ❞
❝ do you think about how to kill everyone you meet ? ❞
❝ are you… sassing me, ____? ❞
❝ yes, but she/you seems more… “ooh, pretty colors !” than “muahaha ! i am princess stabbity ! stab, kill, kill ! ❞
❝ congratulations ! you have found a wastebin . ❞
❝ what are you going to do with that sword ? ❞
❝ not listening ! la la-la la la ! ❞
❝ i saw you looking at the girl/boy in town earlier . ❞
❝ anyone wishing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try. ❞
❝ …did you cut your own hair ? ❞
❝ ”one by one they follow, drowning in the sea”. the rest of the poem is sad.. ❞
❝ you aren’t all stone, ____. there is a person inside of you. ❞
❝ we crush the heads of rude women when we feel like it. just so you know. ❞
❝ protect what matters with everything you have, or you’ll have nothing, and deserve it. ❞
❝ i want you to know that what we had was real. ❞
❝ in the end you are always alone with your actions. ❞
❝ somebody’s been drinking. ❞
❝ let’s show them our hearts, and then show them theirs.. ❞
❝ do you feel that ? my magic-sensing nose is tingling. ❞
❝ well, shit. ❞
❝ you worry me, you know that ? ❞
❝ i’m cold. & it’s indoors. this is so wrong. ❞
❝ i saw what you were doing back there. ❞
❝ we will never speak of this again. ❞
❝ you’re a big softie ! ❞ 
❝ i’ve got just the thing to cure that pout. ❞
❝ eight, nine, now you die. ❞
❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞
❝ i don’t need my pants, anyway. ❞
❝ smiles. we must be careful how we present ourselves. ❞
❝ be careful what you wish for. power is treacherous. i have seen many people–great leaders–consumed by it. ❞
❝ don’t touch me ! stay away ! ❞
❝ i think of him/you/her as much as he/you/she thinks at all. ❞
❝ i knew nothing of friendship before we met. ❞
❝ you can approve or not approve as you wish, but this is one thing you cannot influence and mold to your liking. ❞
❝ there you go, breaking my heart. ❞ 
❝ does anyone else feel the verge to vomit? ❞
❝ i…love you. just… wanted to tell you that. ❞
❝ let those who would destroy us step into the light. ❞
❝ it’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right. ❞
❝ if you love a character, you give them pain, ruin their lives, make them suffer. maybe even throw in a heroic death. ❞
❝ i do quite like watching you leave. ❞
❝ send him a fruit basket. everyone loves those. ❞
❝ did i stutter ? ❞
❝ are you kidding ? i’m surprised you didn’t kill anyone just coming over here. ❞
❝ the world may want my time, but you have my heart ❞
❝ have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’?  now would be the time to consider it. ❞
❝ that sounded much better in my head . ❞
❝ i have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. & good hair.  ❞
❝ the air hurts. i have to stop. ❞
❝ challenge someone to arm-wrestle me. ❞
❝ so, you’re not like a lot of other girls/boys. ❞
❝ not long ago this was impossible to imagine. you, the man i love, victory close at hand. ❞
❝ how do you do that ? make everything better with a smile ? ❞
❝ it gets no easier. your struggles have only just begun. ❞
❝ there comes a time when you must stop running, when you turn & face the tiger.  ❞
❝ it’s family, you protect. doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not. ❞
❝ perhaps we should carve our names into the giant tree ? ❞
❝ hey ! that’s mine ! ❞
❝ our mistakes make us who we are. ❞
❝ fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could. ❞
❝ don’t let anyone tell you when to move on. take their hand & say, “my choice". ❞
❝ words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find. ❞
❝ shitballs. fuck. shit. crap. ❞
❝ living a lie … it festers inside you, like poison. ❞

let’s make gods out of these hollow corpses.
i’m tired of the weight of mortality, i want
to tear it from my veins til i bleed silver and gold,
til i can feel something again. let’s carve our names
in a heart on the ivory pillars of history. maybe
one day they’ll chant our names. maybe one day
they’ll paint us into the constellations and name
galaxies after us, and we too shall be eternal.
—  divinity | a.c. for @lxcuna | want one?

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"There are few men more superstitious than soldiers. They are, after all, the men who live closest to death." -- Mary Stewart (i'd love to see something about superstitions and traditions in the alliance, resistance, first order, empire etc!!!)

It’s mostly arbitrary, the things that survive from one war to the next. The uniforms, even if the desert world they were designed for was some fifty rebel bases and half a war ago. (Before my time, General Organa says, waving her hand. But we’re not really in a position to turn down surplus.) Call signs—there will always be a Blue and Red and Rogue Squadron, in every rebellion from here until the star death of the galaxy. Soldiers complaining about where the sleep, what they eat, the weather—some things are eternal. 

There’s drinking, the night before Starkiller, the night before every morning, and Leia tells the leadership to be gentle on these living wakes. We who are about to die salute you! she remembers Wedge laughing, before—she doesn’t remember the battle, but she remembers that, Wedge stumbling into Luke and laughing, though his face was haunted and pinched-white. 

(Say goodbye to me, Skywalker, Wedge said, and Leia remembered going hot at the raw, awful yearning in his voice. You might not get a chance, tomorrow.)

Other things that survive are less arbitrary. Leia Organa, who has clawed her way back to the battlefront. (War is her sister, born clutched between Leia and her brother. It is natural, easy, that she should find herself here again. What sort of sister does not come, and embrace her twin?) Certain battle plans…They haven’t learned, really, but in some cases neither has their enemy. Images and symbols too—Leia brings with her the flame of the Rebellion, the Jedi lost to sands and myth but born again. The Force. The Light. 

She didn’t know the story, the first time, but she’s a master of telling it now. (She was living it; you can’t see the forest when you’re standing among the trees.)

And still, other things, which survive because there is no killing them, not at all. One morning, Poe finds her  in front of—he’s not sure you can call it a mural, but it’s painted and scratched and nailed onto the lone, crumbling stone wall of old D’Qar. Names. Sometimes sigils. Sometimes lines from songs, and poetry, and stories like the one they’re writing. 

The General is pressing her fingertips to a black inscription—Han Solo, and a crude scratching of the Falcon. Poe is pretty sure it’s Rey’s handiwork, but he doesn’t know how to convey that without admitting what this is.

It turns out he doesn’t have to

“On Yavin it was a statute,” the General says, and Poe swallows back his excuses. “It probably had historical value, belonged to the native Yavinese, but—we wanted something that would remember us. The temple had stood so long, we thought….on—Hoth, it was in the ice with a vibroblade. I wonder if it’s still there.”

“Endor?” Poe asks quietly.

“A tree,” the General says. “We stripped the bark and carved our names and the names of our dead into the wood. The Ewoks helped.”

Her hand moves, and Poe stiffens when she presses her palm to Shara Bey, in Poe’s careful Aurebesh. “Her name spans eight worlds,” Leia says, very quietly. “Wood and stone and paint and—where she was, she was there, and she left her mark.”

The General smiles absently. “Well, her name and three diamonds, arranged in a triangle—one for herself, one for Kes, and one for you. On every world. In every…she painted it on the side of her x-wing.”

“I remember.”

The General’s gaze is distant. “Thank Rey, for me,” she says finally. “Though hopefully her handwriting improves before we have her submitting reports.”

“Yes, General,” Poe says. When he turns to watch her go, the morning sun is in his eyes.

❛ I love you so much…❜
❛  Can I kiss you ? ❜
❛  You are so beautiful — So fucking beautiful. ❜
❛  Close your eyes, you can trust me. ❜
❛  I got you a present-❜
❛   Kiss me. ❜
❛  Love me– ❜
❛  Mmm, taste like cherries.  ❜
❛  Pull me in, Pull me in - ❜
❛   Make love to me…❜
❛   I love your eyes… ❜
❛   You got wipe cream there .❜
❛   Waffles or pancakes ? ❜
❛   Knock It off that tickles ! ❜
❛   You’re so warm… ❜
❛   I can hear your heart beat — it’s soft.❜
❛   it’s raining outside and all I can think about is you.  ❜
❛   Hold my hand - ❜
❛   We have something special, You and I.❜
❛   You mean everything to me.  ❜
❛   When can I see you again ?❜
❛   Say my name, just one last time… ❜
❛   You’re a mystery worth solving. ❜
❛   I trust you — that means a lot more than love.❜
❛   I fall in love with you every time I open my eyes. ❜
❛   You are infinite like the universe.  ❜
❛   Kiss me like you wanna be loved. ❜
❛   You’re the apple of my eye.❜
❛   You make me happy. ❜
❛   You make me feel safe…❜
❛   Hold me just a little longer… ❜
❛   Please don’t let go.❜
❛   All my fears go away when I’m with you -  ❜
❛   Thank you for teaching me what love is. ❜
❛   Aye, share the blankets ! ❜
❛   love is an action word, prove it to me. ❜

❛   ready or not here I come ! ❜

❛   Ah! I scared you didn’t I ?❜
❛   I know you love me -  ❜
❛   These flowers match your eyes. ❜
❛   I’m gonna catch you !❜
❛   We should carve our name in this tree. ❜
❛   Every moment with you is special  ❜
❛   Hold on tight ! ❜
❛   Give me a kiss for good luck - ❜
❛   think about me. ❜

I used to be a waitress for this small local restaurant and the majority of customers we had were old. But there was this one night when this couple in their late 20’s or early 30’s came in and I was their server. I was still really new at the time and messed up a small part of their order, but they were so sweet and forgiving. I ended up giving them a free hot chocolate that all of us waitresses in the back had worked together to make it look as amazing as it could. We also decided they were the cutest couple we had ever seen in the restaurant and I told them that. They were so happy and tipped me really well. 
They ended up coming back several times and requested me by name every single time. I’m pretty sure the last tip they left me was like 75% and they are about the only thing that makes me miss being a waitress. 
(I also had an older gentleman who made wood carvings of all of our names and gave it to us. I still have mine lol)

Check, Please

You weigh our flesh
Pound for pound
A buffet for your consumption
To poke and prod into preferred portions
And leave the rest for spoil

You feel entitled
To devour
To send us back to the kitchen for
More butter
More sugar
Less fat
Less spice

You ponder: should you
Take a moment
To wash your hands
Before returning for seconds
Or thirds
Or more
Make it one-stop fast and greasy
Or best our regulars
Carve your name high on the walls?

Do you see the neon “Open”
24/7 for your convenience
As though we’re inviting you
To dig into us?

It’s all about you, right?

(Collaboration between @just-4-thought and @autumnsunshine10)

Carve A Name

Evan felt the breeze on his face as he sat against the tall oak tree in the forest, he felt…content. In his left hand he held his boyfriend’s hand, smiling to himself. He had a boyfriend. Slipping away Connor pulling out a Swiss army knife. “What are you doing?” Evan asked opening his eyes. “Connor?”

“I’m carving our names into the tree, Ev. Just st-” Practically throwing himself at his boyfriend, Evan knocked Connor onto the grass. “Evan, what the fuck?!” He couldn’t stay annoyed for long though.

A couple feet ahead Evan stood in front of the tree, glaring intensely. “Connor, do not cut the tree.”

“Evan, it’s just the bar-”


Cracking a smile Connor chuckled. There stood his boyfriend, cheeks puffed out and stance wide, protecting a fucking tree. Evan fought to keep a straight face when the taller boy fell to the ground laughing. “Oh my gosh, Ev, it’s just a tree.”

A sharp gasp came from the freckled boy, who was grinning wildly under the shade. “Connor, how dare you say that?!” Walking up to his boyfriend, Evan’s grin melted into a look of admiration. “I love you, but don’t carve a name in the tree.”

“Fine…” Connor smiled rolling his eyes playfully. “I love you too, and there will be no name carving in this tree.”

“Good.” Evan, on his toes, gave Connor’s cheek a peck.

Boop there we go

spring day

◦ pairing: reader x hoseok

◦ rating: m [angst]

◦ word count: 1.3k

mood music: spring day // bts

a/n: Y’all I don’t even know what this is or where it came from, but my mind just went crazy with inspiration from Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Boy Meets Evil, and this happened. It’s one of my more experimental, creative things. Lmk if you like these!

m a s t e r l i s t


It was nearly eighty degrees when your hand wandered up my thigh, catching all the words in my throat. God knows what useless thing I had been rambling on about, but my mind had gone blank and you just chuckled. Your eyes were still fixed on the road as you dared to reach under the cotton of my thin sundress. I gasped when your fingers brushed up my folds ever so slowly.

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Pharaoh Harsiese: Part Two

So happy you enjoyed part one! Here’s part two as promised! Hope you enjoy and leave me some feedback! Tell me if you want a part three! It means the world! x


I gaze off the balcony to the courtyard full of frantic servants as they rush to prepare the palace for the wedding of a lifetime. So many things have happened in the past few days after Harsiese suddenly chose me to be his wife and queen instead of my sister. It was chaotic, confusing, and I was beginning to get overwhelmed.

Every few minutes, someone would rush by asking if I needed new linens or perfume. I was asked if I needed spiced wine to calm my nerves and I may have taken a sip or two.

I was going to be queen while my sister, the one with all the training and lessons, was thrown aside and probably planning my death as we speak. She hadn’t spoken to be since that night and though she was unbearable, I was still upset about it.

“Senit,” a hand is suddenly placed on my shoulder making me jump. Turning quickly, I sigh in relief when I see it’s just my father. I’m surprised I didn’t hear his sandals tap against the alabaster floor as he walked towards me. I guess I was too far into thought to notice. “It’s time to get ready.”

I nod and link my arm with his as we make our way down to my chamber. Passing the hallway to Pharaoh Harsiese’s chamber, I pause for a lingering stare. He’s probably in there now getting ready for our wedding. Who knows what will happen in the nights that are my turn to spend in his chamber. Who knows what memories have already happened in the room with Bahiti. Will I have much to live up to or will I be the one setting the mark?

I try to even my anxious breaths at my thoughts as I begin to walk faster, ignoring my father’s curious stares as I walk ahead of him.

Entering my chamber, I am immediately swept away by my body servants and guided into the hot bathing pool. Warm, thick, sweet smelling oils are massaged into my skin as I try to relax and calm my mind.

Once I am finished bathing, they help me into a beaded faience dress before lining my eyes with rich, black kohl and color my lips with red rouge, just like the night I met Pharaoh. I am silent as they brush and braid my hair with intricate designs.

They were told that Harsiese loved my long, dark, wavy hair natural and not a Nubian wig. Where he saw me without my wig was beyond me but making Pharaoh happy was my only goal. Carefully, they place the queen’s diadem on my head before stepping back and admiring their work.

“You are ready,” my main body servant, Halima, says as we all share a secret smile.

“I am nervous,” I whisper as she hooks a necklace around my neck, the heavy gold weighing down on my skin as I gently place my hand on the statue beside me, thinking hard.

“Don’t be. Rumors have spread to the commoners that you are the reincarnation of Isis herself and can heal Egypt with the touch of your hand, even Pharaoh thinks so. I hear he thinks you are even more beautiful than Bahiti and are going to be replacing her as chief wife already,” she says as my eyes widen in disbelief.

Bahiti was gorgeous and had been his wife for many years. I had only met him one time and he was already making me chief wife. How badly did he hate Bahiti for not giving him another child?

My breathing thickens as my mind wanders. What if I couldn’t give Harsiese a son? Would I be humiliated and thrown to the side like Bahiti? I pray not.

Please, I pray to Bastet, the goddess of fertility, when the time comes give Harsiese and I a healthy son who will rule all of Egypt like his father.

A knock happens at the door and my father peeks his head in. “It’s time,” is all he says before I am swept away once again into the halls where I connect arms with my father. My sister is at his other side and I fight myself to not meet her heavy glare. Instead, I hold my head high as we slowly make it to the main entrance of the palace where Pharaoh awaited.

“In a moment, you will see more commoners than you have ever seen. They have come from Upper and Lower Egypt to see the new queen be crowned. Stay close to Harsiese. He and the guard will keep you safe for you are their future queen.” I nod at my father’s words as I go over the coronation in my head.

The Royal court will be carried in open litters through the streets as Harsiese and I will be the only ones on foot. It was tradition for the king and queen to walk through the crowds and city to Pharaohs barge, that is a gorgeous sight as its gold pennants glittered on the waters of the Nile as the Egyptian sun beat down on it, where we will sail to Karnak and go to the temple where we will be crowned. Today, I and my family would ascend to immortality. Our names carved into stone as we will be worshiped like gods for eternity.

I could see the tenseness in the guards as they look out at the large, loud, growing crowd as I see Harsiese and angry, cold looking Bahiti waiting at the doors. Harsiese took my breath away in an instant with his undeniable ability to look like a god himself as he turns and our eyes connect.

He grins ear to ear, moving away from Bahiti as he outstretches his hand to grab mine. He towered over me with a presence of pure power and excellence that I had to fight my instinct to bow before him.

“Miw-Sher,” he sweetly whispers as he leans down and places his forehead against mine. I become entranced by his vibrant, viridescent green eyes as they gaze into my own with a look of gentleness and adoration. It surprised me how he looked at me after only meeting me once. “You look beautiful, my little cat.”

“Thank you,” is all I can whisper back as I smile gratefully before we are escorted out. Loud cheers and roars of the people fill my ears and I can barely hear my father say, “May Amum be with you,” before his words are covered by the thousands of people’s passions.



In shock, I smile as wave as Harsiese and I walk hand in hand down the streets as the guards pushed and held the people back from swarming us. Glancing over at my soon to be husband, I see him watching in amazement and astonishment as they cheer for us. It was like we were beloved gods to them. They reached for our robes and dresses so they too could live forever.

Even at Harsiese’s and Bahiti’s coronation, the crowds and cheers were half the size and sound. It was amazing and I felt powerful and loved as they cheered and shouted their adoration for me.

Looking at the glow of love on Harsiese’s face, I suddenly feel overwhelmed with pride for my husband and hold his hand in mine high in the air as I stop and face the crowds. “YOUR BELOVED PHARAOH!” I shout and proclaim loud enough for Amun and Osiris to hear and in an instant, the crowds become wild and barely tamable as the guards tried their hardest to hold them back.

Harsiese gently squeezes my hand and I barely notice as he looks down at me taken aback and astonished as the guards quickly escort us onto the barge before the thousands of people could reach us.

The entire short ride to Karnak, which was a walking distance away, Harsiese and I exchange gentle smiles and adoring gazes. I could already feel myself falling under his spell as I watch as he stared at the glistening, clear waters of the Nile.

Soon, we reach the banks of Karnak and once again are met with cheering, screaming crowds of our people as the limestone temple loomed as the shrines of the Elders towered above. The sun spilled across the sand and as we enter the temple, the air became cool as the shouts of our names were blocked out. The only sound was trickling water and sandaled footsteps slapping against the stone floor as the temple boys held candles and burning incense. The royal court followed behind us silently and the shaven headed priests of Amun stand at the top of the dais, waiting for us.

My skin shone like liquid amber and the gold cuffs on Harsiese’s arms sparkled as the lit lamps flickered as a cool draft swept through the temple. I almost giggle at the sight of the priest’s bald heads glistening in the light. Setting me at ease, I listen to Harsiese’s calm, deep breaths as I force myself to calm my quickening heartbeat. For a moment, I wonder how he’s so collected but then I remember he’s been through this before with the woman who was currently glaring holes into the side of my head.

Sensing my panic, Harsiese lightly squeezes my hand again as he helps me up the dais, my father and sister standing to the side as Harsiese and I stand before the priests.

“Behold,” the high priest begins as my breathing speeds up once again. “Amum has called upon us to exalt Harsiese the Magnificent and his new queen. From east to west, north to south, in Upper and Lower Egypt, there will be celebration because of this day,” he lifts a gold jar of anointed oil as he stands over us. “Amun pours his blessing over you,” the high priests speaks as he pours the warm oils over mine and Harsiese’s heads.

The thick oils spilled and dripped through my hair and damped my gown as he grabs our hands and leads us to the sacred pool. Pulling us into the water, he washes away the oil as everything becomes silent as the court stands with bated breath. Mine and Harsiese’s eyes meet as we both stand from our knees and intertwine our hands again, our bodies soaking wet and weighed down by heavy robes and dresses. I smile thankfully as Harsiese gently reaches forward and tucks a wild, wet strand of hair behind my ear with a grin.

“King Harsiese and Queen Nafretiri,” the priest says as everything hits me. I am now Queen of Egypt, wife to Harsiese the Magnificent. “May Amun watch over you and grant you a long, healthy life together.”

Shocking me, Harsiese leans over and ghosts his lips across my cheek before they meet the lobe of my ear. His breath is steady and hot as it cascades down my neck. “Miw-Sher, my queen, my Nafretiri,” his voice saying my name sounded like melted honey as I placed my hand on his bicep. “I told you you would be mine.” He says before his lips capture my own in a passionate embrace, taking my first kiss, as his arms wrap around my waist. I inhale sharply as I grab onto his robe and kiss back just as hard as quiet gasps and whispers fill the temple from the court.

Now, my goal is to become pregnant with his heir, a son. My son will be the next king of Egypt or else, I will die.


purple was the color of the flower, the first one i gave you. it reminded me of Sappho and violets then i thought of you, after that i never stopped thinking about you. purple because i hoped our love would prosper.

brown was the color i always thought of as being the most unattractive, but you changed my mind about it, just like you did with everything. the things you’d bake for me, the picnic table we carved our names in, the sand fort we built the summer after we met. brown reminds me of home and i’ve been lost ever since.

blue was your favourite color, it was also the color of the the towel we shared when we snuck into the pool and pretended not to care. it was 2am, the night sky was dark, you were shining in the moon light, we were the only ones in the park, in a city i had no familiarity with, but you told me not to worry and i flew into your arms. so blue because of trust, trust i no longer have.

white was my shirt that your hands helped pull off, as the cold wind hit my wet skin and your fingertips quickly scrambled to warm me up. i thought i would die, i’d dreamt of this for so long. your lips licked mine and we danced in time, to the song… something from Ed Sheeran, it was the one you told me to listen to all those months ago, the one i played every night after you left. white because of safety, purity and innocence, the two latter is obvious, but safety is something i no longer feel unless i’m back in your arms.

black was the sky with twinkles of star dust, and your eyes filled with lust, even if i try, i cant remember what they look like now. black is how i feel inside without the color you brought to my life.

- it’s been years and my life has been black and white ever since // cxw

Holland, Michigan

Story 1

The first year I arrived in Canada I met a girl named Kara, and we instantly hit it off like a house on fire.  We became the type of best friends portrayed in movies.  We spent the summer whizzing about town on our bikes, hunting through the ravines with our brothers, carving our names into benches, getting ice-cream on hot days, laying on her roof hoping to get tanned and talking about potential boyfriends.  She’d score the local boys’ baseball games, so I’d spend hours in a booth with her on hot summer evenings laughing and chatting and planning sleepovers. Then her dad got a job and her family moved.  And it is for that reason that I’ve always known about this little town called Holland, Michigan.   

Story 2

On Sunday morning Lucy and I decided to go to Mudgies, a cute little brunch place downtown Detroit.  We hadn’t even reached the end of the road when I mentioned that Holland, MI was currently having their tulip festival.  

Wanna go?
I do! You?
Yes! Let’s do it

And just like that we put the petal to the medal, and floret west (okay, I’m done with flower puns, promise), to the far side of Michigan. Zoom Zoom!

As Wikipedia tells me, Holland was founded by Dutch Americans, and today is in an area that has a large percentage of citizens of Dutch American heritage. It’s about 30,000 people, and was settled in 1874.  

Lucy and I wasted no time heading straight to Windmill Island Gardens, as that sounded promising.  The parking and people were a little nutty, and it cost us $9 each to get in, and truthfully we missed the peak bloom by about a week, but regardless it was still pretty. 

There wasn’t too much to do, except walk around and take in the village sites, and… 

try to take photos with no people in them (quite the challenge!). 

We then decided to head downtown Holland for a little stroll down their main street, and to grab some food.  Their main street was so cute and American and picturesque. 

What Starbucks are to Toronto’s corners, Churches are to Holland, MI. 

Churches were everywhere, which makes sense as I actually saw on Wiki that it was once known as the “City of Churches.”

After a little (re: massive burger and fries) and stroll around the ‘hood, we got back in the car and continued to Lake Michigan!  One thing I miss a lot about Toronto is not being close to a big body of water (I know Detroit is near Lake Huron, but it sits on the river and you don’t get that same feeling), so it was a must-see for both Lucy and I. 

The western coast of Michigan is scattered with amazing national parks and dunes and is high on my summer’s road trip to-do list.  We didn’t really know where we were going until we hit a dead end and I asked a young guy where to go. He recommended the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. 

Done & done!

Unfortunately the photos don’t scale the place well, as the dunes were MASSIVE with golden soft sand.  Come to think of it I’ve never actually scaled a sand dune, and let me tell you: not.easy.

We scaled up, and then had to head down! (Look at all those stairs in the photo below. We headed back in that area to the right there). 

<Insert cheesy quote here about two paths….>

Lake Michigan was a lot more wild n’ woolly than I had expected. I wish we could have sat on the beach all evening watching the sun slip away, but western Michigan sits on the western side of the Eastern timezone, so the sunset was at 9:02pm (!! in May !!) and we had to make the nearly 3 hour drive home.  

Overall, a very very successful first (of many!) Michigan road trips. And I am so (so!!!!) thankful for friends who on spontaneously want to do nutty things like this with me. 

ps. Like tulip posts? Here’s the post about the Keukenhof Gardens in the real Netherlands

pss. I messaged Kara when I was there, but unfortunately timing didn’t work out for Lucy and I to take her up on her dinner invitation. Next time!