This is how we met Trianna

I didn’t remember that when Trianna and Eragon met she was fiercely flirting with him and that my sweet dumbassy didn’t notice. You can’t even imagine how much i love this moment. And then jealous Saphira just growled and it was over and I died of laugh even I had already read this another 7 times.

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(i’m going to start using this giff for everything new I discover rereading)

And, well, here you have the scene, but I added Saphira’s possible comments before exploding at the end. They in bold and cursive. It’s a bit long, but I leave you this to entertain you for a while because I’m on my exams period and I’m quite vanished, I know. So here it is:

“Argetlam” She curtsied gracefully

He inclined his head in return. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so. I’m Trianna, sorceress of Du Vrangr Gata.”

“Really? A sorceress? he asked, intrigued.

“And battle mage and spy and anything else the Varden deem necessary. There aren’t enough magic users, so we each end up with a half-dozen tasks.” She smiled, displaying even, white teeth. (oh, I’m noticing what you are doing woman) “That’s why I came today. We would be honored to have you take charge of our group. You’re the only one who can replace the Twins.”

Almost without realizing it, he smiled back. She was so friendly and charming, he hated to say no. “I’m afraid I can’t; Saphira and I are leaving Tronjheim soon. Besides, I’d have to consult with Nasuada first anyway.” And I don’t want to be entangled in any more politics… especially not where the Twins used to lead.

Trianna bit her lip. “I’m sorry to her that.” She moved a step closer. “Perhaps we can spend some time together before you have to go. I could show you how to summon and control spirits… It would be educational for both of us.” (HA, what a pittyful aproaching that was)

Eragon felt a hot flush warm his face. (of course you do dumby Little One) “I appreciate the offer, bu I’m really too busy at the moment.” (that’s my boy. Deal with it human)

A spark of anger flared within Trianna’s eyes, then vanished so quickly, he wondered whether he had seen it at all. (oh, I have seen it. She deserved it) She sighed delicately. “I understand.”

She sounded so disappointed -and looked so forlorn -Eragon felt guilty for rebuffing her. It can’t hurt to talk with her for a few minutes, he told himself. “I’m curious; how did you learn magic?” (wait, what?)

Trianna brightened. “My mother was a healer in Surda. She had a bit of power and was able to instruct me in the old ways. Of course, I’m nowhere near as powerful as a Rider. None of Du Vrangr Gata could have defeated Durza alone, like you did. That was a heroic deed.” (shut up for Gods sake)

Embarrassed, Eragon scuffed his boots against the ground. “I wouldn’t have survived if not for Arya.”

“You are too modest, Argetlam,” she admonished. “It was you who struck the final blow. You should be proud of your accomplishment. It’s a feat worthy of Vrael himself.” She leaned toward him. (okey I’m getting mad) His heart quickened as he smelled her perfume, which was rich and musky, with a hint of an exotic spice. “Have you heard of the songs composed about you? The Varden sing them every night around the fires. They say you’ve come to take the throne from Galbatorix!”

“No,” said Eragon, quick and sharp. That was one rumor he would not tolerate. (see, “sorceress”? He’s too good for you). “They might, but I don’t. Whatever my fate may be, I don’t aspire to rule.”

“And it’s wise of you not to. What is a king, after all, but a man imprisoned by his duties?” (okay that is something I would say, I must give her that…) “That would be a poor reward indeed for the last free Rider and his dragon. No, for you the ability to go and do what you will and, by extension, to shape the future of Alagäesia”. She paused. “Do you have any family left in the Empire?” (shut. it. DOWN)

What? “Only a cousin.” (seriously Eragon how can you not be seeing it?)

“Then you’re you’re not betrothed?” (there it is now you see it!?)

The question caught him off guard. He had never been asked that before. (aw God. I’m gonna leave your mind). “No, I’m not betrothed.”

“Surely there must be someon you care about.” She came another step closer, and her ribboned sleeve brushed his arm. (back off. Back off right now. He cares about someone, and that someone is ME)

“I wasn’t close to anyone in Carvahall,” he faltered, “and I’ve been traveling since then.” (oh Trianna you are so lucky he is a baby because you would be missing a body part by now otherwise)

Trianna drew back slightly, (great) then lifted her wrist so the serpent bracelet was at eye level. “Do you like hiim?” she inquired. Eragon blinked and nodded, though it was actually rather disconcerting. “I call him Lorga. He’s my familiar and protector.” Bending forward, she blew upon the bracelet, then murmured, “Sé orúm thornessa hávr sharjalví lífs.”

With a dty rustle, the snake stirred to life. Eragon watched, fascinated, as the creature writhed around Trianna’s pale arm, then lifted itself and fixed its whirling ruby eyes upon him, wire tongue whipping in and out. Its eyes eemed to expand until they were each as large as Eragon’s fist. He felt as if he were tumbling into their fiery dephts; he could not look away no matter how he tried. (oh please)

Then at a short command, the serpent stiffened and resumed its former position. With a tired sigh, Trianna leaned against the wall. “Not many people understand what we magic users do. But I wanted you to know that there are others like you, and we will help if we can.”

Impulsivelky, Eragon put his hand on hers. (oh no no no no no) He had never attempted to approach a woman this way before, but instinct urged him onward, daring him to take the chance. It was frightening, exhiliarating (ERAGON WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH YOU). “If you want, we could go and eat. There’s a kitchen not far from here.” (well, you can try yes)

SHe slipped her other hand over his, fingers smooth and cool, so different from the rough grips he was accustomed to. “I’d like that. Shall we…” (that’s enough!)

Trianna stumbled forward as the door burst open behind her. The sorceress whirled around, only to yelp as she found herself face to face with Saphira.

Saphira remained motionless, except for one lip that slowly liften to reveal a line of jagged teeth. Then she growled. It was a marvelous growl -richly layered with scorn and menace -that rose and fell through the hall for more than a minute. Listening to it was like enduring a blistering, hackle-raising tirade.

Eragon glared at her the whole time.

When it was over, Trianna was clenching her derrss with fisrt, twisting the fabric. Her face was white and scared. She quickly curtsied to Saphira, then, with a barely controlled motion, turned and fled (that’s so much better, human). Acting as if nothing had happened, Saphira lifted a leg and licked a claw. It was nearly impossible to get the door open, she sniffed.

Eragon could not contain himself any longer. Why did you do that? He exploded. You had no reason to interfere!

(Okey, here we go)

Well, guys, if you have read till here, can you stop your lives for a second? Yeah yo did? And now can you take a moment to appreciate Saphira? And her mother-like caring? And how such a great badass she is? Yeah? Okey. You can continue with your lives now. Cheers!

Songs for the Inheritance Cycle | vol.III: Eldest. [listen]

• A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Eldest. Follow Eragon’s adventures from the halls of Farthen Dûr to the enchanted Du Weldenvarden, and then to the smoking lands of the Burning Plains. 

1. Requiem (Ajihad’s Funeral): Dumbledor’s Farewell (Nicholas Hooper) | 2. “As my father did before me, I give my life to you and our cause.” (Nasuada is appointed as the new leader of the Varden): 4x01 End Credits (Ramin Djawadi) | 3. Hrothgar’s Gift: The Dwarf Lords (Howard Shore) | 4. Katrina’s theme: Lucrezia Donati (Bear Mc Creary) | 5. Battle of Carvahall: Swords Drawn (Bill Brown & Jamie Christopherson) | 6. The villagers flee Carvahall: Path to Freedom (Audiomachine) | 7. Arya’s theme: Everlasting (Brand X Music) | 8. Arrival in Du Weldenvarden: Fire and Ice (Groove Addicts) | 9. Ellesméra: Evenstar (Howard Shore & Isabel Bayrakdarian) | 10. Oromis & Glaedr: Our Final Hope (Steve Jablonsky) | 11. Eragon’s training in magic: Sanctuary (James Newton Howard) | 12. Tialdarí Hall: Even in Death (Adrian von Ziegler) | 13. A black Morning Glory (Fäolin & Arya): Kingsfoil (Howard Shore) | 14. Broken Egg & Scattered Nest (The Stone of Broken Eggs): Sky Above, Voice Within (Jeremy Soule) | 15. Eragon & Saphira: Eternal Light (Future World Music) | 16. Agaetí Blödhren: Aniron (Enya) | 17. The Gift of Dragons: A Flame Within (James Horner) | 18. The march of the Varden: The All Spark (Steve Jablonsky) | 19. Nasuada’s theme: A Legacy of Comfort (Martin Phipps) | 20. Battle of the Burning Plains: Warlords (Audiomachine) | 21. Eldest (The arrival of Murtagh & Thorn): Only Two Survive (Immediate Music) | 22. Inheritance (Eragon vs Murtagh): Find Your Courage (Jon Bourne).

Imagine: Eragon and Saphira finding an island to settle on; they start building and when everything is completed they contact Nasuada and the relay of eggs and new dragon riders began; they meet knew children and Eragon realised how annoying he probably was for Brom and Oromis during lesson’s. When one day he learned from Nasuada that Murtagh and Thorn had resurfaced and was currently staying with Roran and Katrina. When Eragon heard this he was worried, when Saphira she was concerned, then they learned how the people in Carvahall were healing and accepting Murtagh as their own (Saphira and Eragon laughed a little when they heard about the flower crowns) and they were glad for the show of love for Murtagh and Thorn

realfrost  asked:

Why do you think eragon is gay? :v that's interesting

I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED. ok this started because my friends and i were talking about books we read as kids and obvs eragon came up bc dragons. and then it began. the questioning, the wondering. we all know eragon was trying to have A Thing with arya for fucking eons but JUST WHEN she’s like ok maybe, he backs the fuck up like lol lets hold hands instead while their dragons are LITERALLY FUCKING IN THE SKY like goddamn eragon its almost like u had a crush on an unattainable woman bc u were deeply, deeply closeted its ok bb we’ve all been there. 

thats where we started. and then the googling began and by the way there is a depressingly small amount of meta about gay eragon HOWEVER, we stumbled across this homosexual gem:

“Going to the stream by the house, they quickly disrobed. Eragon surreptitiously watched the elf, curious as to what he looked like without his clothes. Oromis was very thin, yet his muscles were perfectly defined, etched under his skin with the hard lines of a woodcut. No hair grew upon his chest or legs, not even around his groin. His body seemed almost freakish to Eragon, compared to the men he was used to seeing in Carvahall—although it had a certain refined elegance to it, like that of a wildcat.”



i mean there’s description and then there’s Staring at Your Friend’s Hairless Groin While He Bathes and i gotta say, through door #2 is a whole lotta repressed homosexuality. theres another place where my man paolini spends i kid u not three goddamn paragraphs describing the physical characteristics and walk and the curves of this guys fucking face and dont forget his “hard, sinewy muscles of his arms and chest, the narrowness of his hips, and the coiled power of his stride”

im just sayin. eragon is gay.