kkomadyo  asked:

(waddles in) When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you! ♥

I saw your message! *cries* I’m glad you volunteered as well. Its been a lot of fun talking with you aswell~ c”: plus…like you’re really I’m jelly ughhh

So I’ll go on with the message not really good with words :/

mellowzelo - alexis, where do i even start with you…..we’ve known each other for years now and I’m glad I met you! Youre such a great person eventhough youre mean to me 100% of the time hahahaa I can’t believe you were all shy at first when we talked…. But now your short, loud ass is nothing compared to when I met you hahahaa. I want a refund hurhahahaa im kidding! *harteu* Even though you’re the complete opposite of me, youre always there for me tho! Whether its making me laugh or insulting my hubby(kyungsoo) and also even serious things that go on in my life. And the thing is…you don’t forget sHIt. Like….if I tell you something now…you will remember 6 months for now. How do you do it hahahaa. Anyway…you know you’re like my best friend. are. And hopefully i can visit you soon so you can stop breathing down my neck about it!!! Damn! You know I want to say more but idk how to English.

cartsoo - taytay the bae!!! My little cute sunshine c”: I’m really glad we started talking all that time ago~ i really am!!! eventhough youre away at school often and cant be on tumblr much, you always find a way to talk with me and tell me your concerns or even just random things..and its really nice! You’re my breath of fresh air hahahaa! I know you’re leaving in a few days so hopefully we can chat some more before you go :c

lay-me-kris - awhhh Larissa…bby! We’ve also known eachother for years and im glad you stumbled into my inbox talking about how you shouldve followed me so long ago. I still remember and then a friendship like ours couldnt be broken. You’re such a great friend and funny as…sometimes I just close my laptop at some of your posts so i can collect myself hahaa and recently I found out you can sing like GAWDDamnit in luhbbb hahaaa. Youre always so shy about your accent but whatever. You will talk on the phone with me soon. I’m gonna force you hahaaa!!!

ohcharizard - ohhh my bae char….you’re the little angel nugget that sits on my shoulder and is always positive and encouraging! I love the fact that you type in caps lock like 90% of the time! It just takes my mood to a higher level. I love speaking to you cause its always so random and we never know what were talking about but we follow along as if we know hahaha. Also you claim to be my fanclub president because of my mixes. You’re just really adorable ughhhhhhh

ayejongdae - Anne!!!!!!! Its so sad we don’t talk enough. I know school has tooken a lot of our time but I hope we can get back to how we were. Oppa, you’re so funny and talented and squishy af!!! I miss you terrorizing me with Kris photos. They were the highlights of my days~ *harteu*