"Allegories" EP is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

We cannot thank all of you enough for the outpouring of love and support you have shown us since we started this band. We truly hope you enjoy this EP as much as we enjoyed making it.

There is a TON happening with #cartsbeforehorses right now, you guys. 1) we are less than $400 away from reaching our kickstarter goal 2) we will be playing a fun show at @oaklandu on April 16 3) we will be playing ANOTHER super fun show on April 26 with #flashingbluelights and Sean Moylan at the Vernors Room ($10). This is the first time our name has been on the ticket! #milestone 4) we are busy writing and working on new material to play at these shows! Thank you to all of you for making it possible to keep this momentum going!

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YOU GUYS! “Allegories” will be available tomorrow on iTunes and Amazon! We absolutely cannot believe this is actually happening and we are sooooo excited for you guys to hear it! Please check it out and let us know what you think!

After this, I promise I am done with the #bandspam for the day, but…we are playing with one of our favorite (Top 3, for sure) locals, @americanopera on march 4! I don’t think we have ever been so excited for a show! Please come out and say hello and sing with us! Tix are $8 and we will hand deliver or, you can get them fee-free online from @fusionshows #cartsbeforehorses #americanopera #vernorsroom #thecrofoot #PicFrame

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5 facts about Carts Before Horses

Since we have been gaining more followers who don’t know us personally, we thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves to you all by sharing five facts about eachother. (Beez wrote Lola’s and vice versa)

5 Facts about Beez (by Lola)

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1. Beez started singing in choir in high school and fell in love with it while taking a vocal techniques class! She did all sorts of spectacular things while in choir (she sang at Carnegie Hall but is always hesitant to tell people about it! I can brag about it though…), and really grew as a vocalist!

2. Beez is rather shy. She’s the sweetest, funniest, most amazing person on the planet (in my humble opinion), but she has a VERY hard time approaching people. She’s more than willing and loves to talk to people…but is just to timid to go up to them.

3. Beez is an extremely talented drawer and painter! She’s been drawing/painting/sculpting ever since she was a babe and, her stuff is GORGEOUS. She is hoping to open an Etsy store soon!

4. Beez is very, very laidback. She creates a calming effect for those who are around her because her “come what may,” “c'est la vie” attitude is so palpable.

5. Beez loves, in addition to folk/indie stuff,  screamo and metal music! Such a pretty little lady with an edge! :)

5 Facts about Lola (by Beez)

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1. Hmm.. Where to begin?! Lola LOVES her job as an intern at 89X Radio. She works 2 normal jobs (I don’t know how she does it..), but 89X has given her a lot of really amazing opportunities and great friends. I’m pretty proud of her..

2. Lola, though she is the more goal-oriented, plan-making one of the two of us, is a living tornado. Her life is organized and on schedule. Her car and room, however, are in a constant state of disarray. It’s pretty hilarious.

3. Lola, unlike me, is NOT shy. At all. Seriously, it blows my mind. She loves approaching people and has no fear of strangers. Thankfully, she is always more than willing to be the mouthpiece for our band, and, on a pretty consistent basis, for me. Everyone who knows Lola (most of the world, I am convinced..) loves her for her open attitude and fearlessness around people. It’s refreshing.

4. Lola’s mad skillz (sorry, I’ll stop) on guitar began when she took lessons from our Youth Pastor. She began playing in youth group and later picked it back up more seriously when we started fooling about with music together.

5. Unexpectedly, she LOVES rap and pop music. She is constantly rapping in her sweet angel voice (Kanye and Jay-Z make frequent appearances.) and cracking up everyone around her. She also loves really awful old-school pop. Like, the so-bad-it’s-good stuff.  I’m talking “Toxic” and “No Scrubs.” I love her for just liking what she likes and not ever being embarrassed of it.. even if she does make me listen to Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake on occasion.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us, and PLEASE feel free to drop us an ask with your five facts! We lovelovelove getting to know you guys!

(Beez’s photo is by Defining Moments by Sheri Marie)