carts before horses

There’s so many autistic people who support autism $peaks because they have amazing pr, and literally the only criticism of them comes from individuals on the internet trying to spread the information about why they’re horrible. If someone’s not involved with social media in any meaningful way, there’s a very low chance that they would have any clue about any of this.

And that’s an issue! But that’s what happens when you have a multimillion dollar company that’s on tv, chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals, posters at your doctors’ office…

Idk it really feels pretty detached from reality that so many of y'all have gone from trying to spread awareness about a charity that if asked most people in the real world would probably say that they support to ‘this person is problematiqué because they support this charity’.

French Expressions

(From Transparent French)

1. Ca gaz? (Is it gassing?) – How’s it going?

2. C’est pas terrible (It’s not terrible) – It isn’t that great.

3. Et patati et patata (And blah, blah, blah,) – When someone won’t stop talking.

4. Un froid de canard (A duck’s cold) – It’s extremely cold outside.

5. Faire la grasse matinée (Doing the fat morning) – Sleeping in.

6. Avoir une araignée au plafond (Having a spider on the ceiling) – The ceiling refers to a person’s head and means that he/she is a little odd but that it doesn’t bother anyone.

7. Rentrer bredouille (Returning bredouille) – There’s no real translation for the word bredouille but it means returning empty-handed.

8. Tomber à pic (Falling at the peak) – To arrive at just the right time.

9. Avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre (Having eyes bigger than the stomach) – This refers to a person whose desire for food was larger than their stomach and they end up overeating or not being able to finish the food on their plate.

10. Mettre la charrue avant les bœufs (Placing the plow before the oxen) – This is similar to the phrase “Putting the cart before the horse” and has the same meaning.

11. Bête comme un chou (Dumb like a cabbage) – Refers to a person who is dumb, similar to the expression “Dumber than a sack of hammers/rocks.”

12. Avoir le feu au derrière (Having fire on your behind) – To be in a hurry.

13. Donner sa langue au chat (To give one’s tongue to the cat) – To give up or to stop guessing.

14. Avoir d’autres chat à fouetter (Having other cats to whip) – Similar to “Having bigger fish to fry” meaning having other things to do.

15. Boire un coup/Prendre un verre (Drink a blow/Take a glass) – To have a drink.

16. Avoir le cafard (Having the cockroach) – Feeling down or depressed.

17. Être dans de beaux draps (Being in nice sheets) – Being in a mess.

18. Dormir sur les deux oreilles (Sleeping on both ears) – Sleeping well, having restful sleep.

19. Vieux/Vieille comme Hérode (Old like Herod) – Referring to King Herod in the Bible, this simply refers to a very elderly person.

20. À fond la caisse (At full throttle) – To go real fast, especially in a vehicle.
American Gods: Exclusive First Look at Mr. Nancy as Orlando Jones Talks Anansi Boys Spin-Off
Inside the mind of the African trickster god.
By Joanna Robinson

“Like many self-described “nerds,” actor Orlando Jones came across Neil Gaiman’s sci-fi/fantasy classic American Gods well before Starz decided to turn it into a series from genre TV buffs Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. But despite his Gaiman love, Jones never expected in his wildest dreams he’d land the role of Mr. Nancy/Anansi—one of the book and show’s many imported old-world deities vying for the increasingly fractured attention span of modern-day Americans. And Jones is attacking the role of the arachnid African trickster god with all the glee you would expect from a true fan. Mr. Nancy/Anansi is the only one of Gaiman’s American gods so far to warrant a spin-off novel—2005’s Anansi Boys—and speaking with Vanity Fair, Jones reveals his character might get the TV spin-off treatment as well. 

“But that’s all putting the cart well before the horse. American Gods has yet to premiere its first episode on Starz—but when it does, at the end of April, it’s Jones’s character who gets the splashiest intro. Fans of the novel will remember the “Coming to America” vignettes peppered throughout Gaiman’s book that explore how—over centuries of belief—immigrants have brought various gods to American shores. In the show, these vignettes become pre-credits cold opens plunked at the front of most episodes. Jones’s Mr. Nancy lucks out with the most memorable of those stories, set on board an African slaving ship bound for American shores. 

“With a fiery, showstopping speech, Anansi—clad in an anachronistically sharp plaid suit and occasionally morphing into his spider form—uses the full force of his charismatic power of persuasion to inspire an uprising among his followers. It‘s both incredibly socially relevant and one of the most memorable introductions a TV character has had in a long time. As Jones explains, it may also be a hint of much more Mr. Nancy to come.”

Horror Writing: A Monster Is Never JUST A Monster

Originally posted by torturezone

So I’ve talked a bit already about creating monsters, or ways to make them more frightening - by embracing the uncanny valley and/or incorporating predatory qualities. 

But all of that is putting the cart before the horse. Because you can’t write a truly horrifying tale until you know what you’re actually writing about. And, news flash: Horror stories are never just about the things that go bump in the night. 

* Throughout my How to Write Horror guides/advice, I’ll be using the term “monster” pretty loosely to mean “the force of evil or danger” in the story. In other words, the horror villain/antagonist. This antagonist is not always a monster in the usual sense - it can be essentially anything, from killer fog to rampaging cultists - but for ease of discussion, monster is the word we’ll used. 

So, that caveat aside, let’s talk about making monsters! 

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Imagine moving day with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C)

The week after graduation, you started doing what you promised Chris you’d do once you got to put on that cap and gown; pack up everything you owned into boxes. You were finally moving out of your shared apartment with your best friend and moving in with your fiancé, so the two of you could really get started on the happily ever after thing. Although you were moving in, the two of you weren’t going to end the long engagement yet. There were a few things you needed to sort out before you focused on the planning of the wedding, like doing something with your writing and getting an actual job in the industry you’d gotten a degree for. The journey was going to be a long and winding road with a lot of sharp turns and road blocks. It was a journey you didn’t know if you were ready for, one you were terrified of. But like Chris would always tell you when you told him about your fears, “you have to throw yourself into doing what scares you, Y/N.” And you were, you were going to dive right into that pool of fear. After all, his advice had never led you astray before.

Chris had gone out of his way to get you meetings throughout the month with producers he’d told about you and your incredible talent so you could pitch your scripts. To say you were hesitant about the outcome of the meetings was an understatement, you were straight up ready to be rejected the second you stepped into the door. Why? Because you knew using Chris to your advantage- though you didn’t ask- was going to have negative repercussions. They were going to look at you and think you believed you were entitled for a meeting because you were Chris Evans’ fiancée. That wasn’t how you wanted to start out. Your initial plan was to look for an internship and start from the bottom up, but Chris was so excited when gave you your meeting times as a graduation gift that you couldn’t turn him down. It was beyond thoughtful and you loved him even more for it, you just hoped he wouldn’t be too upset when you came home with rejections. You were more than happy to work for success; to take the path not taken and find your own way; to let Father Time do his thing. Chris did all that and look where he ended up, so you were okay if you had to wait a little while too.

Which brought the topic back to the on-going status of your long engagement, which both moms didn’t understand when the two of you explained you weren’t going to tie the knot yet- even after your graduation. They’d both wanted the wedding when Chris finished his contract with Marvel, and argued when you said you wanted to graduate and find a job first that “you can still study and pursue a career while being married.” But Chris knew the real reason you wanted to wait, so he defended the decision even though he did agree with both moms.

Chris knew you weren’t just worried that people wouldn’t take you seriously they only saw you as his wife- which he thought was impossible once they saw your work- you were also worried about being married. He wasn’t worried about your worry because he knew it wasn’t about him, he knew you loved him wholeheartedly. He knew it was the whole concept of marriage and everything that came with it that scared you. You wanted the life you wrote about, yes, but were you ready for all that? To be a wife, to be a mother? It was scary and you were scared, he could tell and he didn’t blame you because you were only twenty-one. What was he doing at twenty-one? Something far from being a husband and father. You wanted to get married and have kids with Chris, but you didn’t know if you could handle all of it while trying to find your place in the world; you wanted to have found your place before you took on all that.

Chris was okay with that, with waiting a little while longer. He’d told you repeatedly- and again with more emphasis after reading what you’d written him in the notebook- that he would gladly wait for as long as you needed him to. How could he not? After reading everything you’d written, he fell in-love with you even more. So yes, while he was excited to start a life with you, to be a husband and a father, he believed that you couldn’t put the cart before the horse. He loved you more than the idea of being married and having children, and if you- the love of his life- wanted to wait then he’d wait. He knew you weren’t going anywhere, and he wasn’t either. He was with you, as Cap was with Bucky, “till the end of the line.”

As sweet and selfless as his offer was, you couldn’t take him up on it as you knew he couldn’t wait that long. He wasn’t getting any younger, and there was no certainty in the Hollywood industry especially for someone starting out. Even with Chris’ help- it could take years, decades even, for you to find success and gain recognition. Chris- who was remarkable at what he did- was still underrated and drowning under Captain America’s limelight. So you promised him six months; it was June now and you’d asked for until the end of the year. If by December you hadn’t had even the slightest success, you’d put a hold on that search and start planning for the coming September so you could have a Fall wedding like you’d discussed.

Chris found you sitting on your naked mattress in your cleared out room with your black cat plush cushion cradled in your arms as you looked around your room, deep in thought. All your personal items had been boxed and hauled into the moving truck he’d rented, leaving behind all the furniture you didn’t need as his house was fully furnished. He knew you were having a little trouble leaving the apartment you’d called home for three years, just like Sebastian knew Ava would too when he decided to propose and ask her to move to New York with him. There were a lot of memories even the guys weren’t ready to let go of, but it was time for all of you to move on.

“Hey,” Chris knocked on the door, drawing your attention away from your thoughts and onto him instead. He smiled at you and you smiled back, hugging your black cat plush cushion to your chest. “You know,” he chuckled as he walked over, “this is the only kind of cat I like.” He poked the cat and you giggled, “inanimate.”

“You’re an idiot,” you chuckled. He sat down next to you and wrapped an arm around you as you leaned your head against him. “I don’t want to go,” you admitted with a whisper and he sighed, kissing your hair. “It feels like the end of an era, even though I only lived here for three years. I was the one who found this apartment, did you know that?” He nodded, remembering the stories you told him. “Ava didn’t move over until February, so I had to live here by myself for the whole of December and January. I was genuinely terrified,” you told him with a chuckle, “flinching at every sound I heard in the middle of the night.”

“Aw, baby,” he cooed and you giggled, leaning into him as he squeezed you. “I wish I were here to take care of you, shield and all.” He joked and you smiled, kissing him on the cheek. “But hey, never again. It’s you and me against the world, kid.”

“And me!” You both jumped when you heard Ava’s voice. As it turned out Chris had been sitting on his walkie-talkie earlier and Ava had heard it all. Chris pulled it out from his back pocket and laughed as Ava continued, “don’t you think for a second that you’re stealing my better half, Evans. We were an old married couple long before you came along.”

Chris hunched over, laughing as he took his arm off you to respond to Ava. “Sorry, Ava. You’re not the one who put a ring on her finger, she’s mine now.” His hand grasped yours tightly and you laughed. “Like Beyoncé said, if you like it you gotta put a ring on it. Is Seb there? I’m also talking to him when I say that,” he added teasingly then released the button and waited for a response.

“Chris, stop it,” you chuckled softly, slapping his arm. Chris snorted then laughed with no sound, holding the walkie-talkie against his ear. “We promised him no more engagement jokes, he’ll do it when he’s ready. Just leave him alo-”

“Fuck you, Evans,” Sebastian’s voice came through, interjecting. You both burst out laughing as he continued, “you’re one to talk. What are you aiming for, the World Record for ‘Longest Engagement’?” You scoffed with a smile as Chris tried to stop laughing. “I’ll propose when you get married. Out of respect, of course. I couldn’t possibly overtake you with the whole marriage and kids thing.”

“Fuck off, Seb,” Chris chuckled into the walkie-talkie. “I’m turning this shit off before you open a can of worms I don’t have a container for.” You knew what your fiancé meant, but you still laughed because it was an odd addition to an old expression. “Honestly,” he turned the device off.

“You started it,” you reminded him.

“I know,” Chris grinned and slipped his hand into yours. “I guess it means he’s proposing next October then,” he pulled your hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles. You smiled at the thought of marrying your soul mate, then felt your stomach flutter at the thought of getting married. It was excitement, not fear. It had to be excitement, you were excited to marry Chris. “Are you okay?” He asked when he saw your angst on your face.

“Are you nervous?”

“About what?” He raised a brow.

“Getting married,” you swallowed. “'Cause I am, and I’m scared that I am.” Chris chuckled softly, gently squeezing your hand. “I shouldn’t be because I love you, so-” You felt your heart beating rapidly against your chest at the thought of walking down an aisle. “Why am I so nervous?” You pulled your hand out of Chris’ and pressed it against your chest, right over where your heart was.

“Because you’re turning twenty-two in two months,” he answered. “Getting married is a huge step, you’re young and you have every right to be nervous about it.” You let out a shaky breath, nodding in acknowledgment. “But I’m turning thirty-eight tomorrow.” His hand wrapped around your wrist and he pulled your hand away from your chest and pressed it against his instead. “I am not young and I am calm enough for the both of us. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, or causing you angst- we’ll work it out together. You just have to be honest with me, whatever you’re feeling- you have to talk to me, okay? I won’t know unless you talk to me, you have to talk to me,” he asserted, afraid the two of you would repeat history. The two of you were too close to the finish line, you couldn’t fall now.

“I will,” you nodded. “Believe me,” you gave his chest a gentle pat. “You are not going to lose me. I’ve learnt my lesson, I won’t let my idiocy get in the way of our relationship ever again.” He smiled, patting your hand. “And I know I want to marry you, it’s just- it’s scary.”

“I know,” he nodded. “It’s okay to be scared, it’s a big change. But hey, we’re going to knock it out of the park.” He smiled at you, drawing a smile from you. “Just like you’re going to knock your meeting with Geoffrey out of the park on Friday, and every meeting after. You got this, we got this. Power couple, am I right?” He held up his hand to high-five you.

“Power couple,” you chuckled, high-fiving him. He smiled and locked his fingers with yours mid high-five, leaning forward to kiss your forehead. “Okay,” you giggled as you untangled your fingers from his. “Let’s finish moving,” you rose to your feet, beckoning him to his. “We’ve taken up enough of Seb and Ava’s day.”

“It’s fine,” Chris waved his hand nonchalantly, getting to his feet. He wrapped an arm around you and steered you out of your bedroom and towards the front door, “they said them being my salves for the day was my birthday present, so obviously I gotta milk it. I’m thinking they can make us dinner tonight, or buy us dinner. Dealer’s choice,” he shrugged and you laughed. “Speaking of birthday presents, I hope you know you don’t need to get me anything after that notebook.”

“And I know you know I’m a 'plan-in-advance’ kind of girl and your presents have already been bought,” you poked his side and he shook his head with a smile. “I like giving presents, you know that. And what are you worried about? It’s not like I can afford anything extravagant considering I’m a recent graduate who only works part-time as a waitress. I just got you things I know you’ll like and use, like baseball caps.”

“See, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” You looked up at him with a raised brow. “Perfect wifey material right here,” he teased and squeezed you against him; you laughed and looped an arm around his waist. “Absolutely perfect,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on the top of your head.

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Part 4

Anonymous asked:

Writing exhausts me. It’ll take me hours just to write maybe three pages of content. I really wanna be an author - I feel like it’s what I was born to do - but it has occurred to me that professionals don’t generally face the kind of blocks I do, where just the act of writing takes so much out of me. As I’m writing, I remain constantly aware of potential plot holes and character consistencies, future plot points that must be foreshadowed, etc., and all as I’m writing. Any help on this?

It sounds like you’re putting the cart before the horse a little bit…

Too many aspiring authors sit down to write, with hardly any writing experience, and expect the first thing they write will be published. Sure, it happens that way once in a blue moon–though usually people like that have an education that gives them a leg up–but for most writers, it takes numerous writing projects before you write something publishable.

Writing is a craft. Like any other craft, you have to create awful stuff before you create good stuff. If you’ve never painted before, you wouldn’t expect your first ten paintings to be museum quality works of art. It’s the same with writing. You’re not going to sit down and bang out an award winning novel on your first try.

If you want to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom. You have to give yourself permission to write a lot of terrible crap if you’re ever going to get good enough to write really awesome stuff.

What I’m saying is this: don’t worry right now about plot holes, character consistency, and foreshadowing. I mean, attempt it, but don’t stress yourself out so much that you can’t write. Because whatever you’re working on right now–there’s almost a zero percent chance it will ever be published. And I’m not saying that to demotivate you. I’m saying that to set you free from the anguish of feeling like it has to be perfect. What you’re writing now is for practice. The next one and the one after it will be practice, too. The more you write, the better you’ll get, and pretty soon you won’t need to stress out about all of those things, because you’ll be so good at writing they’ll be second nature to you. But, you will never get there if you don’t let go and start writing forward. :) <3

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Analysis Ep95 to Ep99 Vex and Percy are hiding something


I very much caution against putting the cart before the horse. Speculation can be fun, but remember that it’s very prone to error, so don’t get your hopes up. I also advise Ockham’s Razor: the simplest explanation is usually right. And the least dramatic possibility is usually right. That said, it’s very obvious that Vex and Percy are holding back some major secret they’re very excited about from the group, and it’s almost certainly about their relationship. There’s a peace, contentedness, joy, and stability to both of them that wasn’t there before the break, and they are acting very much like a unit. I’ve been looking for space possibilities could exist in, and looking very hard for contradictions. I’m also considering long-term character motivations (including what might limit the player’s ability to play a character, especially in a combat situation).

I’m putting the scene transcripts and analysis up front so you can draw your own conclusions from the references I found. If you have other references, I’d love to look at them, and possibly add them.

Happy 100th Episode, Critical Role! And Thanks for all the subtext!

Scenes run:

[1] Ep95 – Passing notes 0:36:07

[2] Ep95 – Jewelry commissions 0:59:10

[3] Ep97 – Allura’s wedding ring 1:28:33

[4] Ep99 – Ascent to new heights 2:24:37

[5] Ep99 – Vex and Vax talk by the Suntree 3:17:08

[6] Ep99 – Percy is flattered by what Tary told his family 3:30:11


[1] Ep95 – Passing notes


Vax is talking about getting used to his duties in the Raven Queen’s temples, and what they are. Laura starts scribbling a long note, very close to her chest, making very sure Liam can’t read it. She folds it very, very carefully, and passes it to Taliesin, using body language to very clearly communicate it was for him. Taliesin looks at it, and gives Laura a very interesting look while she impishly grins at him.

Laura, with an open-armed shrug, nearly silently whispers: “What do you think?”

Taliesin gets a thinking look staring up off to the side, then gives an “I got it gesture.”

0:37:32 Sam may have gotten a glance at the note. He says very quietly, “Do you like me? Check this box.”

Laura very quietly throws her head back laughing.

Liam: “Are we married, yes or no?”

Taliesin: “Check one. Carry on, carry on.” He writes a long reply.

They talk about their trip to Singorn to see their sister.

Laura: “There’s finally this feeling that we don’t need, at least for me, his approval anymore,” Taliesin raises his eyebrows at that, “which is very nice.”

Taliesin folds the note back up even more carefully and passes it back. He has a very restrained, maybe even apprehensive furrowed brow look at her while she reads it. She gives him a thumbs-up.

[2] Ep95 – Jewelry commissions 0:59:10


Taliesin: “But I also a piece of jewelry commissioned,”

Vex is super excited.

0:59:15 Taliesin: “for everybody.”

Vex is happy, but less excited.

0:59:19 Matt: “Well, Keyleth helped you with this one specifically.”

Taliesin: “This one specifically.”

[3] Ep97 – Allura’s wedding ring 1:28:33


Matt: “Uh, interesting, one thing you do catch, though subtle, is she does have her hands folded on one side. You do see a small gold band across one of her fingers.”

Percy’s had his focus on Matt, but he immediately looks towards Vex. He starts watching both Allura and Vex.

Vex, cooing: “Oh, wait a minute!” She leans in smiling and says under her breath to Allura, “Did you guys get married?”

Allura: “It was very small.”

Percy’s glances at Vex with a smile with everyone else is looking at Allura.

Allura: “Very private.”

Percy twitches his eyebrows up smiling, then settles back to neutrality.

Allura: “But, anyway, uh…”

Vex is beaming at her brighter than anyone.

Percy’s clearly thinking about something.

Vax: “Congratulations.”

Allura: “Thank you. I’m sorry, this is conflicting emotions in this moment right now.”

Vex, waving it off: “Of course.”

Allura: “Thank you.”

Vex, trying to contain herself through a pause, blurting out: “When did it happen!?”

Percy, laughing: “I was curious if she was going to explode.”

Allura: “Not but four months ago. We just… It was on a whim. Uh…”

1:29:24 Percy, quietly: “Huh.” He grins impishly at Vex. Looks like he may something towards her.

Allura: “We talked and discussed a lot about all the dangers we’d faced over the years together. With you, and the reality of not knowing how long either of us have on this planet, and figured, at the very least, why not?”

Both Vex and Percy give very slight nods at each of those reasons.

Vex: “I think it’s brilliant. Brilliant!”

Allura: “Thank you. We were going to tell you, we just… it’s been a lot to do in Emon.”

Percy takes a noticeable breath and nods.

[4] Ep99 – Ascent to new heights 2:24:37


Scanlan: “Anybody else ascend to new heights?”

Taliesin looks to the other table, then turns back towards Sam.

Percy, lightly sneering: “Yes.”

Vex very, very slightly nods responding to Percy, like she’s trying to suppress it.

Scanlan: “Yes?”

Laura brushes her hair back, very masked.

Percy, flatly: “Yes. None of your business at the moment. Tell us your business.”

[5] Ep99 – Vex and Vax talk by the Suntree 3:17:08


3:17:08 Vax: “This has been nice. It’s always nice.”

Vex looks at his sideways like she’s thinking “Oh, shit.” She suddenly gets very awkward and fidgety.

Vex, nervously: “Mmhmm.”

Vax is a little awkward and fidgety, but caught in his own head and oblivious to the change in Vex.

Vax: “I’m really happy with my setup these days, but, um…”

Taliesin quickly glances over at them. He’s suppressing a look of gleeful anticipation at a possible mess.

Vex, innocently: “With Keyleth?”

Vax, looking like he thinks Vex is just giving him a hard time: “That was the implication, yes.”

Vex, nervously: “Mmhmm.”

3:17:33 Taliesin shifts his posture and body language towards Laura. As implied Percy, he gives Vex a look of “you know what you should do, even though you don’t want to.”

Vax: “But I miss you busting my balls on the regular.”

Vex: “I know, right?”

Vax: “Yeah.”

Vex, fidgeting after a slightly awkward pause: “Um…”

3:17:41 Laura glances at (implied) Percy, who’s still giving her that look, even more earnestly.

Vex: “I miss it, too.” She really looks like she’s struggling to say something.

Vax: “I think we were about the head back,”

3:17:50 Vex is getting more nervous, and fidgety, but is smiling impishly as well. She’s making eye contact past Vax to (implied) Percy.

Vax: “but we’ve got to get this sorted out, first.”

Vex, chewing her nails: “Yeah.”

Vax: “What do you reckons next? We’re going to Marquet, then?

3:18:02 Vex: "Yeah, probably Ank'Harel.”

Vax begins to notice Vex is acting strangely. Vex and (implied) Percy are nervously, impishly grinning at each other.

Vax: “Are you alright?”

Vex, still biting her nails, but shrugging and trying to sound non-pulsed: “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Vax, perplexed: “You don’t seem fine.”

3:18:08 Vex: “Well, uh…” She looks like she’s flinching from a decision, drops her hand and looks away from Vax. “No, I’m great.”

Vex, shifting back to Vax, and biting her nails again: “You know, it’s interesting, Scanlan being back…”

Vax: “Yeah.”

Vex shakes her head side to side in a “You know” gesture.

Vex: “Makes me realize that, you know, he’s not the only one who keeps secrets.”

3:18:22 Vex smiles nervously at Vax.

3:18:24 After a pause, Taliesin smiles like he’s weathering something but content.

Taliesin’s posture shifts back to anticipating something.

Vax: “Mmhmm.”

Vex, shifting into a plaintive shrug, starting to ramble: “And you can’t blame someone for- for- for keeping things to themselves, you know?”

3:18:32 Vax’s posture shifts to wondering what this is really about and what he’s about to get hit with.

Taliesin shifts to looking resigned.

Vex: “So, I’m not mad at him anymore for the things that he… he keeps to himself. Because everybody’s got their something, you know?”

Taliesin very slightly nods at Vex, and settles back into his egging on posture.

Vex starts fidgeting again, and looks away.

Vax, looking very confused: “Are you getting at something?”

Vex, too forcefully: “No!”

Taliesin slightly shakes his head at Vex.

Vex: “I’m just saying I understand where he’s coming from,”

Taliesin sits back grinning. Silent, laughing exchange with Marisha.

Vex: “and I’m alright with it now. I’m fine with it. With the secrets.”

Vax, deadpan: “I feel like I’m missing something.”

Vex, breathily: “No, nothing at all.”

Taliesin snickers, and grins towards Sam, who’s looking away.

Vax, softly and a bit sad: “Well, I’m not mad at him.”

Vex relaxes significantly when it seems she won’t be pressed further.

Vax: “And I hope Pike and Grog come around.”

Vex: “I think they will. He’s quite charming. I think everyone will…” she nods nervously, “come around.”

Vax: “I hope so.”


[6] Ep99 – Percy is flattered by what Tary told his family 3:30:11


Percy: “By the way, what you said back there with your family about me?”

Tary, looking apprehensive: “Yes?”

Percy: “That was very flattering.”

3:30:19 Tary: “Well, I know you’re taken,

Vex sits up straighter, shimmying her shoulders with joy. The grin that washes over her could cast Daylight. Percy looks content.

Tary: "and, you know.”

Percy: “It doesn’t mean I can’t be flattered. I’m quite flattered. That was very flattering. I just…”

Tary: “Well, I meant it.”

Percy: “And, you know, if things were different, I would feel the same way. If things were very different.” He gives Tary a thumbs-up.

Tary: “I get it. I get it.”

Percy: “No, no, you’re quite a catch.”

Tary: “You’re sort of making it worse.”

Percy: “You’re quite a catch.”

Vex: “Can you stop flirting with each other?”

3:30:40 Percy, wryly: “Thought it might be fun. Never mind.”

Taliesin (Percy smiling at Vex): “I’m going to… gather up our things, and prop up the table again, and leave… How much gold would be appropriate for the damage?”

Marisha: “I know we destroyed some.”

Matt: “I mean, technically, the table isn’t that expensive, to be honest. Between the drinks you guys had, a solid 7, 8 gold will handle anything.”

Taliesin: “I’m going to leave 10 gold. Be like,”

Percy, earnestly: “I’m so sorry, but try never not to make it worth your while and be too horrible.”

3:31:25 Innkeeper: “It’s nice to know that the de Rollo’s are as lively,” Vex looks up and nervously rubs her ear, “as the rest of the people who live here.”

Percy quietly sighs, slightly nods, and slightly grimaces. Reads as, “Boy, ain’t that the truth.”

Vex flicks a glance at Vax, who’s looking away. Then she suppresses the fidgeting.

Percy: “Thank you for running this establishment. Have a good day.”

3:31:29 Innkeeper: “You, too, my lord, my lady.” Vex impishly smiles and twitches her eyebrows up. Not in the self-satisfied, accomplished way she was reacting to her title before the break, but with peace and joy.


Vex and Vax’s awkward conversation under the Suntree was the big red flag that something was up. She’s only ever been that awkward around Vax when discussing her relationship (or potential relationship) with Percy. She doesn’t want Vax to disapprove of her, and she doesn’t like the feeling that they’re drifting inevitably apart. Compare their dynamic here to their talk in Ep72 1:48:16. Vex’s awkward deflection, in particular. Vex, “Hey, I’m living a life. I’ve got Trinket. I’ve got you, sometimes, when you’re not with Keyleth.” So, in Ep99 when Vax says, “I’m really happy with my setup these days,” and Vex faux-innocently asks, “With Keyleth?” she’s nudging back to the division that their romantic lives have put between them as they’ve grown into separate people. This is where Vex gets intensely uncomfortable and starts showing there’s something she does and doesn’t want to talk about.

While Percy isn’t in the scene, look at Taliesin’s body language through it. It has his full attention, he’s tense through the whole thing, his body language is open towards it, and he’s even slightly crowding Marisha. He isn’t even trying to hide how much he wants to crawl into that scene. Percy might not be there, but he’s shifted into Percy’s mannerisms as if he’s Percy in her head. He’s silently urging her to say something, and they are making way more eye contact with each other than Vex is with Vax. Taliesin shifts back into himself only when it’s clear that Vex isn’t going to actually tell Vax what’s going on.

But Percy’s remarkable stability through Ep99 should be its own red flag that something is up. He was angry at Howaardt for how he treated Tary, and for clinging to what he considers the worst notions of nobility (even more so in Ep97). But when Vax says to Howaardt (1:07:47), “Second chances are a gift. I pray you don’t squander it.” Percy adds somberly, “And you’re not the first man to panic at the loss of his shackles. I hope you eventually enjoy the freedom that you’ve just been given from your legacy.” He put his anger away in a way we’ve never seen him do so successfully. He was “very angry” at Scanlan, but he lashed out very little and reigned himself in well. Most of what he did with that anger was to sit beside Keyleth, then Vex, state flatly, “I’m really angry,” and then try to do something productive. Choosing to drink chocolate milk instead of liquor, and the acknowledgement that he might drink too much, is serious character growth. A year ago, he was on the edge of developing a serious drinking problem. Drinking far too heavily had become one of his favorite and worst coping strategies. Here we see him recognizing it’s an impulse that won’t help and successfully pushing it away.

Before the year break Percy was very susceptible to getting overtaken by his emotional patterns. I made a case at Ep84 for Percy being bipolar, and it was not remotely controlled. Taliesin also said that Percy specifically has a lot of anger issues. We’re not seeing the same levels of mood swings since the break. He’s angry at Howaardt, but lets it go. We see them all get hit by the emotional wrecking ball of Scanlan’s reveal in Ep99, but even though he’s angry about that, Percy isn’t consumed by anger. The worst he throws in Scanlan’s face is that he (or one of them) has ascended to some new height and it’s none of Scanlan’s business. Petty, but pretty mild. He laughs through the brawl with Lionel. Study him the still from 3:30:19. Percy for that moment looks deeply contented. He could observe anger in himself enough to talk the Vex, and ask her what to do, but he was more than that anger. Taliesin said Percy has serious abandonment issues, and we see him disappointed his close friend and roommate was leaving. But he handled it with positive humor, in the middle of that moment he looked maybe more peaceful than we’ve seen him, and that happiness is coming from the idea that he’s taken by Vex.

Now for a closer look at the details of what we’re seeing and what they might mean. We know that Vex and Percy are living together in Vex’s house. That’s where he goes after he’s alerted everyone that there’s new information about the orb (1:21:01). At 1:36:12 he refers to it simply as “the house.” The others think he means the castle until he clarifies, meaning they didn’t realize Percy had moved. Percy lived most of his life in Castle Whitestone. Freeing it from the Briarwoods was an all-consuming goal for him. One he’d give anything to achieve, including offering “up the souls of those I took,” which he clearly knows is terrible and wrong. Add to that the nostalgic pull a childhood home has, and the convenience of living in the same building he works in. A noble house is also the physical manifestation of a noble family’s power. That’s why the family is referred to as the house, and a house is referred to as the family. Motivations like traumatic memories may be part of it, but it’s a clear sign that he’s separating himself from his family’s legacy. He’s happy to serve as a civil servant, he’s happy to use his wealth and power to improve the city, but he’s literally rejecting his house. “I hope you eventually enjoy the freedom that you’ve just been given from your legacy.” He’s not bringing Vex into his domain. His place is in her domain, outside the castle. So, we know that we’re looking at something more significant than living together.

On the other end of the scale, I do not think Vex is pregnant. For starters, they know they’re taking their characters into combat, making that supremely iffy choice. If that were the case, why would Vex throw herself into harm’s way by choice, and why wouldn’t Percy try to stop her? Matt was extremely clear that he will never force pregnancy on a player’s character, and that he firmly believes a world with resurrection magic also has excellent birth control. A lot of trauma in Vex’s life has come from the stigma of being a bastard child. Why on Pelor’s green earth would they risk that? They’ve been dating a little over a year, starting during a very traumatic time, and then going into a period of taking on tremendous professional responsibility. They both also have serious mental health issues they’ve had to work on, including parental issues. I can’t imagine them thinking bringing a child into the middle of that is remotely a good idea.

The two most likely relationship developments between those points are getting engaged, and getting married. Moving far away is possible, though their emotional responsibility in Whitestone makes that unlikely. Starting a large venture together is possible, but they did start a bakery, and they sound very busy with other duties, so that also sounds unlikely. Their reactions and possible motivations both support having secretly gotten engaged or married. I was deliberately looking in my analysis for contradictions to the possibility they eloped. I will say that I found none. Actual evidence is a bit loose, too, though.

Ep95 0:36:07, while describing what they did over the break, Taliesin and Laura exchanged long, private notes agreeing to something. It’s quite possible that Sam and Liam’s joke wasn’t far off the mark. The note could also have been, “Should we tell them? This is what I think.” We can’t tell what that note said, but it was something very private that from the context was something to do with what happened over the break.

Ep95 0:59:10, Taliesin discusses the jewelry Percy commissioned. Look at Laura’s initial reaction, and how that changed when he finished the sentence to “for everybody.” That’s a very “heart bursting with joy” initial reaction from her. It’s also notable that both Matt and Taliesin reiterate, “Keyleth helped you with this one specifically.” That implies that there’s more than one, and Keyleth only helped with this specific one. describing finding the pearls in Ep95 1:19:04, Matt says, “You and Percival both find similar pearls. Imperfect.” Percy says, “I think I know how to pierce them, then we can put them on a rope. I’ll be lovely. I’m learning how to jewel.” There’s an implication that he commissioned jewelry for other people, but he’s still learning the skill for his own purposes. Although Percy loves fine craftsmanship and aesthetics, if he were to give Vex a ring, it would mean far more to him that he made it. Kerrek also set that example well in the ring he made for Keyleth.

Ep97 1:28:33, speaking of rings, we got some tremendously interesting clues in how Percy, in particular, reacted to Allura’s marriage. Everyone else is looking at Allura, but Percy is looking at Vex. A smile for, “very small,” a nod of recognition for “very private,” and that gleeful, impish, guilty grin he’s failing to suppress for, “on a whim.” This set of reactions is very strong evidence they’ve at least considered eloping. Or maybe done so.

Ep99 2:24:37, when Scanlan asks, “Anybody else ascend to new heights?” Percy derisively says, “Yes,” and Vex nods slightly in response to him. Despite all the time that’s passed, Percy didn’t gain any social or professional station beyond what Scanlan already knows about. His political position in Whitestone was already clearly established. His position as the diplomat to Emon was already established. Expanding his workshop was predictable, and Scanlan already knew about the riflemen. “Ascend to new heights” is also a definite, something that’s already happened, rather than something you’re planning, however big. It is possible he was referring to Vex officially claiming her title, but Percy almost never speaks on behalf of others, especially not Vex, who he regards as being perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Taunting Scanlan with a secret he wasn’t going to reveal anyway was exactly the sort of petty slight Percy was in the mood for. This reads better if the secret is that they got married.

Ep99 3:17:08, could read either way. It’s clear that it’s something about the progression of Percy and Vex’s relationship that Vex is very nervous telling Vax, and that Percy wishes she would. Given the history of all of them, Vex would be no less worried telling Vax they were engaged than that they’d eloped. Particularly if she could explain why. It’s the separation and the acknowledgement that there are other people in their lives equally as important which really pains the twins. Vex may be hoping Vax will figure it out on his own, like he figured out her feelings for Percy in the first place.

Ep99 3:30:11, as I said before, it’s very important to note just how happy Percy and Vex are here, despite everything that’s happened that day. Tary might also be referring to more than the obvious. If they did elope, there’s a very good chance that they asked Tary to be their witness, and that he’s the only person who knows. Coming out to his dad as gay by saying Percy’s the sort of man he’d like to marry may be the direct result of conversations with Vex and Percy about marriage. When Tary said, “I know you’re taken,” they may have lit up because Tary is the only person who knows the extent to which that’s true. It’s also possible they only talked about the prospect of marriage or future plans.

The end of this scene is also interesting. 3:30:40, Percy says, “I’m going to… gather up our things.” It’s a good example of the way in which they’ve become much more attached to each other over the break. They are almost always together doing anything. It’s a given to Percy they’ll be leaving together. 3:31:25, the innkeeper says “"It’s nice to know that the de Rollo’s are as lively as the rest of the people who live here.” Vex nervously fidgets at that. If that doesn’t include her now, she’s definitely considering the prospect of it. Percy’s on the same page when he responds, Boy, ain’t that the truth.“ If they did elope, it would be a reminder to her that she and Percy fly in the face of social convention. Deliberately and often. 3:31:29, the innkeeper says, ”[Good day] my lord, my lady,“ and Vex reacts differently than she did before the break. She’s not acting like every time her title’s used is a victory that builds her prestige, but as something that fills her with true joy.

Guitars and Scarred Hearts 5/?

A CS Rockstar!Killian AU

Also on AO3 - check the new tag, loves

Super huge shoutout to @lenfaz​ for carrying my ass to the finish line. Tagging @teamhook​ and @galadriel26​, too. 


“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit!”  

Emma scrambled to get herself back to rights in order to help Henry. The sundress she’d stripped off was tossed five feet away and even in the dim light, she could see it was inside out. Killian was holding up one half of her bikini sideways, clearly trying to determine whether it was the top or bottom. As another heave and telltale splatter came from the rear of the boat, he all but threw them at her, quickly doing up the three bottom buttons on his shirt and stuffing the tails down into his boxers, jostling his hand a little to try and clean himself off. 

“Swan, I’ll go see to Henry.” He was already on his feet, moving away from her. “You take a moment.” 

“Killian you don’t have to-“ Cursing under her breath, Emma found the two halves of her bikini and made quick work of tying the bottoms back on, stretching to reach the last piece of discarded clothing as she heard him speak to Henry.

“Come on. We’ll hit the head and see if there’s anything left in that stomach.” 

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anonymous asked:

Loved your essay on Regina's feeling about Belle. any thoughts on how Snow feels about Belle or headcanon why they never became real friends?

ETA: This is the Regina and Belle essay anon referred to!

Some of that I semi-covered in my fic Life in Black and White. But have an essay anyway, because it’s been two seasons since then and I have feelings. Please take this with a pinch of salt: the show’s characterisation isn’t remotely consistent, and so it’s hard to pull the strings together into a coherent argument. 

So generally, Belle and Snow come from a similar place. They have the same black-and-white start point - understandable given the general FTL culture of light vs dark - and they’re both Disney princesses. They both believe in love overcoming all, and any scene where they do connect is based on that.

They’re also both a little obsessive about their faith in heroics. But their definition of a hero, and how they try to live up to it in their daily lives, is where they fatally diverge. Ultimately, Belle believes in individual moral judgements, where Snow believes in the judgement of a group. 

Belle’s point of view is fairly straight forward. She believes a hero saves everyone, and relies their own individual judgement on the best course of action. That best course of action should harm as few people as possible, and benefit as many as possible. Self-sacrifice is encouraged if it saves someone else. Belle is can be stubbornly morally upright, and unwilling to bend or see another point of view. When she makes her moral judgement, she’s hard to dissuade, and has utter faith in her convictions. Only with the Gideon situation are we seeing that bend, love for her son being more important to her than being a hero or morally right all the time. But in her defence, she’s too smart to believe anyone is purely good or evil. She believes everyone should try and be good, not that people fall into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories from which they cannot deviate. She’s willing to judge based on the choices someone is making now, not on past behaviour - at least as far as morality goes, if not in terms of personal relationships.

Snow, on the other hand, believes a hero is loyal above all else, and defends their home and their loved ones first and foremost. Snow is more than willing to sacrifice someone who falls outside of those she personally values, if it will save someone who falls within that inner circle. She relies heavily on the moral judgements of others, her team, and is susceptible to group-think. Her team isn’t just her loved ones, though - unlike Rumple, who will make choices based on their effect on him and his family alone. Snow’s team is the ‘heroes’, with all the moral judgement that term implies. However, that label is not earned via self-sacrifice or moral strength, nor is it lost through vice or hurting others. No, the ‘heroes’ are those who work with Snow and Snow’s family. Morality, for Snow, is based on obedience to the group’s moral judgement. Anyone who works opposed to the group’s interests - such as Rumple, frequently - is a ‘villain’, and will be treated as such until they come into conformity. Anyone already firmly in the group - i.e. her family, and extended family - gets a very liberal carte blanche. Anyone outside gets little consideration at all.

Now, often there is a genuine moral aspect involved: the ‘heroes’ will be fighting at least nominally to protect others, and the ‘villains’ will threaten the safety of everyone, not just Snow’s family. However, consider Gideon. Gideon only threatened Emma’s life, and he did so because he professed a belief that by taking her powers, he could save hundreds of children. Snow never seemed to question Emma’s willingness to kill Gideon for a moment, despite the moral issues at stake. Emma, the ‘heroes’ group leader - the Saviour - had decided to kill Gideon. She didn’t stop to question whether there was a better answer. Neither did she consider the question of saving the Dark Realm’s other lost children. The ‘hero’ group’s judgement was that it was right to kill ‘villainous’ Gideon to save Emma. Morally, therefore, that conclusion was correct. 

For Snow, a decision is heroic by virtue of its decider being a hero; one does not become a hero by making heroic decisions. This is the same reasoning that allows her to excuse Hook’s actions carte blanche - he is a ‘hero’ now by virtue of working with her family, so his decisions are all heroic by virtue of that status. The cart essentially goes before the horse. 

However, for Belle one becomes a hero by making heroic choices, and one can lose that status by no longer making those choices. That’s what fuelled that horrid confrontation with Rumple in 6A - ‘that’s being too weak to be good’. She believes that everyone has the ability to make good choices, and bad ones. Her blindspot tends to be accepting that sometimes the cost of making the good choice is just too high, or that others’ morality can differ from hers without being invalid. It’s stubborn, sometimes even destructive, but it’s grounded in a deep moral conviction and an admirable desire to do right by everyone, not just her loved ones. Her decisions are always on her own moral judgement, whether they be right or wrong. 

Best example: think of the Bear and the Bow. Belle is with the heroes until they will sacrifice Rumple. She refuses to stand by them then, and not just because Rumple is her husband, but because he is a victim of Emma’s machinations and now left weak and alone. Once she opposes the ‘hero’ group’s judgement and goes to find Rumple herself, she is outside Snow’s willingness to help or protect her. Snow doesn’t offer to help, and they have no more contact that episode. Belle then helps Rumple, until he’s willing to skip town and leave them to face Emma alone, despite his having helped create the problem they’re now facing. Whether or not you agree with her choice to walk back to town alone, she made it based on her own moral reasoning: it wasn’t right to abandon Rumple in the woods, and give Emma a free pass while vilifying Rumple despite their both having been the Dark One. But it also wasn’t right for Rumple to skip town and refuse to help, abandoning everyone else without his help or expertise. In both situations, Belle made and followed through with her own moral judgement, despite the opinions or wishes of those around her, even her loved ones.

Being a hero for Belle is about stepping up and doing the right thing regardless of the cost, and it’s an option open to anyone at any time. Being a hero for Snow is about being a part of a group of ‘heroes’, and conforming to their reasoning while protecting the group members at any cost.

That’s why they don’t have a better relationship: Snow’s a conformist, Belle’s an individualist, and that’s like oil and water. 

TMI Tuesday - ask me anything!

But what happens, my dear, when the little red riding hood befriends the W͓̦̱̗̻̦̬̯ͥͭ̾̋O̺̻͔̬͉͑ͭ͆̋͋ͬ̆ͨL̙͈̻̎ͬͯ̽ͨͩF̝̬̪̂̒ͧͬͥ̚̚?

I’m surprisingly very happy with how this came out! As far as drawing roleplay interactions are concerned, I have a knack of putting the cart before the horse, and not waiting until two characters have at least a basis of some sort of interaction before drawing scenes with them. I’m incredibly excited to see the possible dynamics between Jenny and Tamatoa!

“Heart Song”

Summary: This is my first song fic. The song, “It Might Be You” from the movie “Tootsie”, sung by Steven Bishop. Roberta Flack also recorded her version and honestly, it blew me away! Enjoy and thank you for reading.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x PoC Audrianna Palmer OFC: Steve, Nat, Wanda, Sam

Word Count: 1,153

Warnings: None


The day James Buchanan Barnes arrived at the tower, he was a shell of a man; scarred psyche and tortured soul. He had no idea what life would be like outside of HYDRA. Yes, the triggers were removed in Wakanda, but that was only a smidge of what really lurked around inside his head. Steve did everything possible to make him feel comfortable.

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My name is John Kim. I am a therapist and life coach. I created a blog seven years ago called The Angry Therapist post divorce to document my personal and professional journey. I pulled the curtain back and practiced transparency. I started helping people in unconventional ways. Through this experienced, I learned that there are better ways to help people. I believe in with you instead of at you. I believe there is power in our stories. I believe we are meant to rebuild ourselves through others. I now help people help people.

I am 44 years old. I live in California. I have holes in my jeans. I like soft tee shirts. I ride my motorcycle daily. I sing in my car. I love hard. Try to forgive often. I don’t trust the moon. I always put the cart before the horse and I’m okay with that. I can not punch a clock. I’m a loner. I don’t know how to cook. I have insecurities. I choose to believe in something greater. I wake up each day and try to be a student to life. I only like half my face.

One truth one lie.

1. I used to steal car stereos.
2. I’ve been to Mars.

I feel like a lot of radical trans women on here become sort of self-negating in order to sort of bring themselves into line with their particular ideology, which is putting the cart before the horse tbh

Like, if it doesnt give you room to exist, maybe the ideology needs to be adjusted, not you

Okay so we wanted to do something for people who have been listening to us for awhile and we wanted to maybe make a little money for the podcast, give people a place they can donate.

So we are going to try on occasion releasing a novella about Kay and Arthur as knight and squire. 

now announcing this seems like it maybe putting the cart before the horse, but I am only posting this because I finished the first rough draft.

So yay we have more than the bones.  I am really hoping w can bring this thing to life, of course if it suck we’ll scrap it.

This one will be the story of how Kay earns his spurs and a set up for the state for Kay and Arthur’s home life.

I am super excited and also nervous. -Dame Leslie

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I see se/bac/el shippers changing their ship name to "sebastre", should we also change cielizzy to astrizzy or something?

Nah I don’t think that’s necessary just yet. Yana hasn’t revealed our!Ciel’s name (yet) and I refuse to utilize a fan theory for the tags. It’s like putting the cart way before the horse. I prefer to wait until Yana tells us what our!Ciel’s true moniker is before changing the tags/ship names :) 

25 Qualities Of All Successful People

The following is a common characteristics between all very successful people.    These are in no particular order, and they are all equality important. 

1) Passion

Successful people are passionate people - not only are they just passionate about what they do but they’re inspired on some level by life somewhere.  For instances, they may be by art, nature, music, writing, speaking, technology, science, human knowledge, or by other examples of amazing people.

2) Abnormally hard-working

Successful people are abnormally hard-working. Mediocre people which are the opposite of successful people- these people are not hard working.  Instead, they’re lazy and they work 40 hours a week, and that’s about it; they  put in the bare minimal to get by. Successful people, on the other hand, are obsessive about how they work – they’re almost workaholics, and this is one of their weaknesses but it’s also an important strength because you’re not going to get successful without massive amounts of hard work.  Strong work ethic is absolutely necessary.

3) Persistent

Successful people are extremely persistent.  Successful people have a high tolerance for failure because they don’t take it personally, they don’t get depressed about it - they just keep going forward every time until they get to their goal.  This is a very rare characteristic in people which is why success is quite uncommon.

4) Iconoclastic

Successful people are iconoclastic which means that they’re rule breakers.  These people do not follow the rules of society, of the organization of the family unit or other religious structure, or whatever.  However, this doesn’t mean that they do illegal stuff - it just means that they are kind of like flexible with the rules; they’re able to skirt around the rules,  and to think outside the box – and this is important because to get stuff passed through the system requires thinking outside the box a lot. If you’re thinking inside the box, then you just get the results of the mass of the herd and herd doesn’t really get extraordinary results – you wouldn’t want to call them successful; you call them mediocre.

5) Cleverness and Manipulative  

Successful people are abnormally clever than the bunch and manipulative. They’re good at manipulating situations and people to get what they want past through.  So maybe this person is good at manipulating a bureaucracy, a government system, their family, their friends, people in their company, manipulating giant massive crowds the way that politicians sometimes do.  Manipulation could of course be bad but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used towards evil - it can also be used towards good.   Some people are good manipulators, while others are bad.  And if you’re a bad manipulator, then it’s going to be hard for you to become successful and if you’re not very clever about how you do your manipulations and thinking around obstacles and problems,  than you just gonna hit an obstacle and it’s going to look to you like it’s just a giant brick wall. Cleverness is very important because you’re going to have a lot of obstacles on your journey towards success.

6) Creativity

Successful people are highly creative. Creativity here does not refer to the artsy, poetic, and  imaginative sense(although those great attributes to have) but more in the fundamental definition of creativity, meaning like you can create stuff. The ability to create not just in the arts but anywhere, like in business or anywhere else. Successful people are creative people, they create lots of stuff. 

Another point that goes along with this is that creative people generate massive value so this means that they don’t just impact tens of people or  hundreds of people - they impacts thousands or millions or even billions of people with their work or with their ideas or with their speeches or with whatever. You need to generate massive quantities of value in today’s world in order to become successful. 

7) Strong Technical Skills 

Successful people have a training in strong technical skills.  They’re willing to train hard and to develop their technical skills in whatever field they’re trying to master and become successful at. This is a big obstacle for many people because many people just assume that ‘oh, if I just go to work and kinda like punch in the clock, then that’s going to be enough to make me successful.’ However, the truth is that it won’t. What you need to do is something called deliberate practice where you deliberately and methodically practice certain set of skills over and over and over again until you finally master it. And this takes a lot of hard work which most people are not willing to do,  but successful people are.  Successful people invest thousands of hours mastering technical skills. Every single career or field that you’re going to be successful in has a certain set of technical skills that needs to be mastered perfection, and that takes a lot of deliberate practice to do which most people are not willing to do.Most people are mediocre because they have mediocre technical skills.  

8) Value Excellence

Successful people value excellence above the mediocre people; they really want to do excellent work and take pride in their work.  They have this sense of being the best at what they do or doing something really exceptionally well, that gives them a certain joy and a certain satisfaction that the mediocre person does not have.  To the  mediocre person, doing the average piss poor job is good enough, and that does not just cut it enough if you want to be successful.

9) Vision 

Successful people are visionaries meaning that they can see a big bright picture of what the future should look like for them for, for their life, their followers, business partners, or for their customers.  They can see into the future which is a very powerful skill to develop.

10) Leaders

Successful people are leaders because they have this vision which allows them to now lead people, and they don’t necessarily need to be leading millions of people (there are successful people who lead very few people) but nevertheless they are leaders because what they’re doing fundamentally is that they’re carving their own path through life and they are on the cutting edge of their field, and they’re not content to just be followers.  They don’t just pick someone to follow, and then follow that person to success - they do a bit of that but ultimately they have to break off from anyone they follow in their life and do it themselves (their own way).  And that usually means some new unique way that hasn’t been done before - that’s where that iconoclastic comes in and the cleaver thinking.

See all these points synergize together.  One requires the other in many cases.

11) Intuitive

Successful people are intuitive, more so than the average person. They know how to use their intuition. They are guided by their heart and gut more than just by their logical mind; they’re right brain and holistic thinkers, and they can take in and asses multiple variables in a kind of a complex holistic way.  They get this kind like big picture view of what needs to be done and sometimes it just comes as a gut feeling which they don’t  always understand where it comes from, but nevertheless, they have it. 

12) Decisive 

Successful people are decisive compared to most mediocre people who are highly indecisive and often don’t know what they want (, which career path to choose or major in school to choose from).   Most people really hesitate and don’t make a firm decision and they’re not clear about what they really want in life – and so, they get just a mediocre result.  

If you want an excellent result, then you have to be very crystal clear about what you want, and that’s what successful people do.

13) Money is not first 

Successful people don’t do what they do because of the money.  If you think that you can become successful because you’re putting money first and money is your top priority and top goal and that this will motivate you to become successful - then you’re really putting the cart before the horse and you’ve got this whole equation backwards and you’re actually selling yourself short.  And you will be far less successful than you could have otherwise been.  For successful people, it’s not about the money, and sure money can come as a by-product, but in fact that’s not why they do what they do.  Successful people are motivated because they want to impact the world, have a positive contribution to society - maybe because they’ve got a big ego and a lot of pride and they want to grow and expand that ego(although this is not necessarily healthy but still superior to being driven
by money alone).

And of course most successful people just love their work
and are passionate about it so it comes more naturally to them, and not because the

14) Focused 

Successful people are highly focused and are able to select one field or domain and invest years of time and build up a lot of experience in that one
field.  Whereas mediocre people, they bounced around and doubt a lot and they never master any one field because they lack focus.

15) Ambitious 

Successful people are ambitious and have a desire to be the best.  Now this point might sound very similar to another point I made earlier about valuing excellence but I think there’s something unique and different about this point of ambitiousness.  To be successful, you have to have a sense of ambition,  it’s like you want to rise to the top and it’s almost like an ego thing( although this is not necessarily the healthiest drive) but there’s a kind of desire to be the best, to be the top of your field, to be the one
who accomplishes something really great and extraordinary – and that’s what we call ambition.

16) Rapid implementation 

Successful people have a rapid speed of implementation which means that as soon as they hear an idea or they have a great idea, they go off and they
immediately start to implement that idea. They don’t just sit around and
philosophize and theorize - they actually go out and do it.  They have a bias towards action rather than sitting and thinking because when you sit and think a lot, you get into paralysis by analysis, and if you get into that situation then you’re not actually out there doing stuff which means that you’re not actually creating success.  So they avoid that trap. And a lot of mediocre people, they do the whole paralysis by analysis thing and they also sit around and kinda mold over ideas for years without actually doing anything.  

17) Opinionated

Successful people are opinionated.  They have strong and firm opinions because they have a strong firm values and beliefs – because of course, they are decisive.  

Another point that goes along with this is that successful people have a spine which means that they stand up for themselves, their values, beliefs, and ideas. They don’t just weakly sit on a corner while very body else is out there talking and implementing and taking charge – instead, they are the ones that stand up and take charge.  It’s the mediocre people that sit on the corner and just kind of quietly think about their own values and ideas and never have the courage to stand up and fight for what they really believe in.   Because if you don’t have any spine; what will happen is that other people just overpower you (i.e institutions, popular culture, friends, media, etc). 

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18) Optimistic and hopeful

Successful people are optimistic and hopeful.  Fundamentally, they believe in themselves and believe that they can, people around them can, and that society can, too.  They have some kind of positive outlook, in the sense that like they believe in science or they believe in technology or they believe in
arts or they believe in the power of writing.  They believe in the power
of humanity to reform itself – or something hopeful like that.   Because if you can’t believe in any of these things  or believe in yourself, then  how can you
accomplish anything ? You’re not going to become successful if you don’t honestly believe that you can become successful – you have to have at least a little much hope. 

19) Courageous

Successful people are courageous which means that they’re willing to act in the face of fear. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have fear(they are plenty of fears) but the differences is they’re going to act even though they are afraid – they don’t let the fear to paralyze or stop them or scare them away. 

20) Value knowledge and learning

Successful people value knowledge and learning in some capacity, or at least in their fields or across the board.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be book smart – it could be street smart or learning from your co-workers, learning in a social environment, or learning from trial and error experience – but they have to value learning and knowledge.  Because without learning and knowledge, you’re not going to get very far, master anything, develop technical skills, and you’re not going to be good at anything.  

21) Sacrifices 

Successful people are willing to endure the cost and make sacrifices to get success.   Success comes with certain sacrifices in many cases.  People who generally work hard and long usually don’t have as much fun, socialize, party, drink, entertaining, spend as much time with family, and their relationships could suffer.   All of these things are sacrifices that successful people are willing to make, and when it comes down to a choice between all these things, and success - they will select success.  Whereas to mediocre people,  usually this trade-off goes the other way - they would
rather have the socializing, party , fun and entertainment , and the
relationships than success. And that’s exactly what they get usually get.

22) Self-Motivated

Successful people are highly self-motivated- intrinsically motivated versus extrinsic motivated. Intrinsic motivation means that your fueled from the inside and that nobody has to kick you in the ass to tell you what to do - you do it yourself. Successful people beat and push themselves too much, to the point that they even burn out. 

23) Long-term Thinkers  

Successful people are long-term thinkers. They think 10 years down the road and not just 1 year down the road like most people do.  You have to be a long-term thinker in order to be successful because to be successful, you need to spend at least five or 10 years developing some sort of proficiency or excellence in some kind of field. For example, how are you going to do that if you don’t plan five/ten years down the road ? It’s almost impossible which is why mediocre people struggle so much with this because they only think one year down the road - if even that far.  And so they’re not able to master basically anything of value and they have nothing of value to offer to the world and so the world offers of no success back in return. 

24) Pragmatic 

It’s been found that successful people are pragmatic, meaning that they’re practical. They actually go out into the real world and create real success and real results.

25) Work for themselves 

And lastly, successful people work for themselves. Its important to know that not all successful people are self-employed(even though many are) but what is meant by self-employed is that, even if they’re working for an organization or they’re working in the government - if they’re successful they’re not working for the government or for the organization,  they’re really working for themselves within the government or within the organization.  They’re fundamentally advancing their own agenda, not the organization’s agenda. People who are loyal to the organization’s agenda usually they’re like cogs in the machine and they don’t make it very far and don’t make the best leaders. The best leaders are a little bit egotistical and they’re a little bit narcissistic and there are a little bit selfish and these qualities turn out to be effective when you’re trying to rise to the top.

So there you have it, those are the 25 qualities of all successful people- at least according to the research that exists out there.  So how did you compare? Rank yourself and see if you could use some work in developing these skills.

- sugarbabypie

anonymous asked:

Hey Rosy! Yes, the flashbacks were confirmed as a storytelling device by JR for s5. I speculate too that the fandom's somewhat negative reaction to Momma Clarke isn't so much transference about not wanting to grow up. If it was a Bellarke baby, people would be through the roof. The show put the cart a little before the horse (I imagine they think) because we skipped the love/romance of Bellarke and went straight to a kid that's not his. Maybe they feel they're getting cheated somehow?

You say that, but I got a LOT of flack for suggesting that we would see Clarke with a baby. Even a Bellarke baby. Lot’s of hate. Or for any of the delinquents having a baby. So, no, I don’t think it’s just about feeling cheated over not having bellarke growth. I got anon hate over it. I got a shitpost about it, declaring single motherhood and a traumatic family history to be the worst horror I could inflict upon a character. Keep in mind that I am a singe mother with a traumatic family history. 

This fandom has *issues* with mothers.  Do they also want Bellarke to have a romance? Sure. Are they also watching through shipgoggles? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t  a certain unwillingness to to let their self-identified characters grow up and move into a stage they are not ready for or do not want. And also, there is, sadly, a bit of misogyny about this. Yes. Feminists struggle with internalized misogyny. 

Motherhood is a traditionally feminine role and The 100 is an empowering, feminist, female heroic story. Mothers are not heroic to many. Despite motherhood being treated as heroic in this show. This is an aspect of this show that makes them uncomfortable. As seen, in the fan fiction representations of, particularly Abby and Aurora. Aurora is pretty much seen as an abusive, neglectful, drug addled, incompetent mother. Despite raising Bellamy and Octavia to be these powerhouse heroes. Bellamy acknowledged Aurora as the one who taught them how to survive.  And Abby, who has literally moved heaven and earth to save her daughter and thus save her people. The 100 was Abby’s plan and this show wouldn’t exist without Abby. But you know, fandom often writes her as a criminal, neglectful, prideful, dishonest, classist, racist, selfish, power hungry and the actual villain of a good many Bellarke fics. 

So when we get to Clarke becoming a mother and fandom reacts negatively, I’m going to have to say it’s not *just* sadface over no Bellarke baby. Nope. Too much evidence to the contrary in the fandom. Especially when I bet any mother on this site who has been outspoken will have heard, “why are you even here? shouldn’t you be taking care of your CHILDREN?”

Sorry. None of us are immune to bias and bigotry. I’m not going to brush it off because it’s not a cool social justice issue. Oh well. Did I even say all this in my last post,or did I avoid it because I was trying not to call people misogynists? I think I took the misogyny part out of my last post on this. Oops. I think I just left it at transference. 

I’ve been saying that children were part of the genre. I said that Clarke (or Octavia, wasn’t sure with the symbolism which would become a mother) might have a child. I have a tag #pregnancy in the apocalypse about it. Now I was thinking of the traditional manner of having children, but Clarke adopting a child does actually fit right in along with the symbolism and themes. It also avoids the technical and storytelling struggles of filming an action show with babies-toddlers-young children around. Not just the little actors, but the difficulty of making it action oriented when the characters are trying to raise children.

They didn’t cheat anybody out of a story. This is the story they were always telling and being a parent has ALWAYS been a part of it. Abby, Aurora, BELLAMY, Vera. Dante. Jaha. Hannah. The fandom gets off on all the found families and loves EarthDad and EarthMom, but when it gets beyond playing house into actual responsibility, and parenting, they react with outrage?

Listen, if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, okay, but this is just a little bit of what I’ve been experiencing as a mother and in regards to mothers for the last year and a half I’ve been on this site, so I am not nearly as inclined to brush it off as just  shipping stuff.

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Okay so I forgot but I figured I'd ask, which one is the interview where Chris is like "you can only have kids when the love you have for someone branches out" or something like that??? It was super fucking sweet and I can't remember 😩

Is this the exact quote you’re looking for? If so, it’s from his interview with USA Today.

“I definitely want children. I definitely want a family. But you cannot put the cart before the horse. The family only works if it’s built off the extension of the love you feel for a person. If you all of a sudden want the kid more than you want the relationship, you may be on shaky ground.”