carts before horses

We don’t get poems per se, as we would get a math equation or a statistical analysis. Poems aren’t objects of rationality whereby the world makes sense and we produce order out of chaos. Rather a poem is exactly that, chaos, chaos of a sensual hue, one that produces feelings, impulses, a certain residue or movement within your nervous system, a literary bombardment that churns and mixes in order to both destroy and refine your sensations and ability to sense. So when we demand meaning from a poem we are not simply putting the cart before the horse. We are asking the cart to be the horse while pretending to be the road. That imagery itself is a poem but is also an example of the impropriety in demanding meaning from an artistic task that has other intentions.

My 27 Life Tips

1. Create, sweat, and keep your dial locked on curious. Everything else will fall into place.

2. Be kind, always. It’s the only way to truly feel good about yourself.

3. Forgive every single day. People have hurt you and always will. We can live with that pain and react or forgive and respond.

4. Forgiveness is a practice. Not a light switch.

5. Live through you, not by you. You will only do big things in this world if you squash your ego and allow your story to be greater than yourself.

6. Put the cart before the horse. Or you will never start.

7. Love as hard as you can, until it doesn’t feel honest anymore.

8. Always try to understand before trying to be understood.

9. Never give a dead fish handshake. It’s telling of one’s character.

10. Eliminate “you should” from your vocabulary. Or you’ll never have close friends.

11. Never trust anyone who can’t look you in the eye.

12. Day dreams are more powerful than night dreams.

13. Use sunblock.

14. Progress over perfection. Always.

15. No one cares what you’re doing as much as you think they do.

16. “I know nothing” is the best place to start.

17. Throw away all your blueprints, especially the ones you’ve kept from friends and family.

18. Don’t expect things from people. You will always be let down.

19. Making a choice to no longer be negative or hang out with negative people will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

20. See people as tall children. You will be able to accept and empathize more. Also, because we are.

21. Live inside out, instead of outside in.

22. Stop judging your experiences. That’s how you ruin them.

23. Love your parents. They didn’t know as much as you do now.

24. Be a great leader by being a better student.

25. Be a weirdo. That’s where you potency lives.

26. Be gentle with yourself.

27. Resist nothing. Because your resistance is where you’ll always find the richest soil.

um not to put the cart before the horse but i have a complete and concise list of things i need 1d to do when they sign with their new people since them leaving syco is basically a given now. *ahem*

  1. 1D Day 2.0 [ft. harry&louis hour][non-negotiable]
  2. Missing footage. All missing footage. I don’t care from where but preferably from TIU and Carpool
  3. 1D Christmas album
  4. [will settle for unreleased singles/demos]
  5. No less than six tell-alls, one for each year. [comprised of Niall (for obvious reason) sitting in front of a camera being asked several intrusive questions of various difficulty as to what happened over the last few years.
  6. At least two tours. At least. [non-negotiable]
  7. Seriously, some answers would be great and are of equal importance to everything else.

i’m willing to discuss business, if Capitol/Columbia/whoever has any questions but these are my demands take them or leave them. 

I am so, so greedy.  Not only do I want Daniel Sousa to be “the husband” and he and Peggy to have adorable moppets, but I want him there in future MCU stuffs.  I want Antman and the Wasp to have more 80s flashbacks featuring Hank Pym, Peggy Carter, and her partner-in-crime/adoring husband. (I want him and Hank to sass each other!!)  I want the Winter Solider to remember a run in with a man who was shockingly good at fighting with his crutch.  I want Sharon Carter to fondly discuss “Uncle Danny”. I WANT ENVER GJOKAJ ON A DAMN MOVIE SCREEN. 

Grimoire Thoughts

My spiritual journal is very different from the ‘classic’ grimoire.  It is messy.  It is part personal-journal, part notes, and part drafts of spiritual practices.  It is not organized; it has no table of contents, no index, no chapters.  It is… a journal.

Originally, I wanted a RealGrimoire™ but I found myself Failing.  I think, in retrospect, that I was putting the cart before the horse. I did not know what to include, how to organize it, or how much I would want to write on each topic.  I was a newbie.  I had no practice, yet I wanted to create a book that, potentially, could teach future-children or friends or, at the very least, be useful resource for myself over the years.

I’ve been wandering a pagan path for some 8ish? years now, and I am still not ready to write that Grimoire.  I am closer though - I now know the main topics I would want to include.  It will probably be a few more years until I am even ready to draft one of them.  I hope to make a RealGrimoire™ someday, just not yet. 

If you too have felt yourself “failing”at this - perhaps you just need some time.  I reckon we need to have a practice of our own before we can teach it to anyone - even to ourselves.


(If you’re a newbie with a beautiful grimoire, you probably just learn in a different way than i do.  some folk find the process of organizing and gathering information very helpful. I’m talking about my own experience and reckon there are other folk who’ve had similar struggles.  Maybe they’ll find this perspective helpful.  I don’t think it’s wrong to do a grimoire early, just it doesn’t work for me.)

CunningCelt's Beginner Guide #4 The Five Senses

Witches are often credited with psychic abilities, and as a witch you may seek to develop and further these abilities, this so called ‘sixth sense’. But jumping right into psychic boot camp is a bit like putting the cart before the horse, without having first mastered or fully developed your other mundane senses. Much information can be obtained with the five senses. Scientifically, of course, we have more than five senses, but for the purposes of this post I will be talking about the traditional five: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

One of the easiest ways to make full use of our senses is to remove one of them.

Arguably our most dominant sense. Spend an evening blindfolded. Go about your normal routine as much as you can without seeing (for obvious safety reasons do not attempt cooking blindfolded). When you eat pay attention to the flavours, can you identify exactly what you are eating, what ingredients have been used, the way it has been cooked? Sit and listen to the TV. Can you follow the plot of the show purely by listening? Listen for background noises, footsteps, to help identify different characters. TV is a much better tool for this than radio, since radio is designed to be purely heard whereas TV is a much more visual medium. Walk around your house blindfolded; you will be surprised by how nervous or tentative you are, walking with arms outstretched despite your familiarity with the layout.
To strengthen your sense of sight spend some time people-watching. Sit at a café or a mall and observe people and try to determine what they are doing. Who is rushing somewhere, who is dawdling? Who is happy, sad, angry? Look for facial expressions and body language cues.
Open a magazine and stare at a photograph for 60 seconds, then close it and write down everything you saw; how many people were there? What colours were they wearing? What are they doing? Once you have written down absolutely every detail you can remember, as precisely as you can, open the magazine again and compare the picture to your notes, you may be surprised at what you have missed. A similar exercise is to lay on a tray an assortment of different coloured pebbles or marbles, give yourself 60 seconds to watch, and then cover them with a cloth. Write down how many pebbles there were and their colours, then check how accurate you were.

Again, spend an evening without sound: wear a pair of earplugs underneath some noise cancelling headphones. Can you follow along with the TV plot without hearing the characters? Can you read their lips? Try your hand at cooking without hearing the food sizzle and bubble and boil. Can you feel the presence of someone else without hearing them enter? Pay attention to sights and smells and even vibrations through the air and ground against your skin.
To enhance your hearing a great tool is an audiobook. Listen to an audiobook and close your eyes, let the story appear in your mind, listen to the subtleties in the voice, and take note of the information you receive that wasn’t specifically said but that you 'heard’ anyway.

Harder to eliminate completely your sense of touch, but running your hands under cold water until they’re numb is effective, and then try to perform a simple task such as writing your name; you may be surprised at how difficult it is and how much more you rely on your sense of sight to complete it.
To strengthen your sense of touch gather a number of items that have entirely different feels; cloth, metal, wood, stone, plastic, etc. It is better if you have someone else put together this assortment for you. The idea is for you to, without looking, identify the object by touch alone. Another exercise is to get a selection of different coloured sheets of paper, close your eyes and try to identify the colours by feel. You may find that different colours have a 'warmth’ or 'coolness’ to them.

Smell and Taste.
These two senses are very much intrinsically linked, and eliminating the one can strengthen the other. Pinch your nose with a peg and eat several things of different flavours blindfolded. Packets of flavoured potato chips can be useful for this purpose. Without your sense of smell you are forced to rely solely on your tongue. Complete the exercise again but this time without eating but only smelling, the to identify the flavours by smell alone. Complete a similar exercise with different herbs and flowers; can you pick up the scents correctly?

As with all things in my Beginner Guide series, these exercises will require continuous practice. You will find as well that you begin receiving a lot more information about the world and the lives of your friends and family simply by making a fuller use of your mundane senses. Much you will pick up with your senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and tarts that others would attribute to psychic ability. This is not to be confused with being a charlatan; rather it is a poor witch who relies solely upon their psychic senses and does not make full use of the mundane five.

These exercises will help you develop your senses to a fuller degree, and this will help your witchcraft to no end; not the least of which are your visualisation skills, which are integral to the practice of magic.

*DISCLAIMER: this is how I started as a beginner witch, not how everyone starts. A dozen different witches will give you a dozen different ways to begin. This is merely how I do things.

Some of you reading this book are still on your prodigal journey, and you think your mess is keeping you from Jesus. ‘If I went to church, a bolt of lightning would strike the building,’ I often hear people say. You feel guilty, discouraged, and unlovable; yet you’re unable to shake your addiction to boys, girls, porn, drugs, friends, fame, starving yourself, or cutting your body. You think you need to clean yourself up *so that* Jesus will love you. But you’ve put the cart before the horse. Ezekiel 16 offensively proclaims that God takes the initiative to love us and redeem us. God pursues wayward whores with His unconditional, one-way love *so that* He can clean us up. He won’t send a bolt of lightning to take care of your sin. He already sent a Son.
—  Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace For Us, Preston Sprinkle
Christianity is about a daily walk with this person, Jesus. The heart of Christian faith is a radical and reasonable trust and focus on Jesus, but for many of us our focus has shifted very subtly from love for Jesus and faithfulness to him and obedience to him to a set of doctrines.

Life and living comes from God — it comes from Jesus — not from doctrines or good morals. You can be an utterly moral person and not be alive. Jesus came that we might have life, not good morals.

It’s not that I’m opposed to good morals at all, it’s just that sometimes I think we put the cart before the horse… the goal is not that you should become a great Bible scholar. It’s not about mere intellectual assent to a set of doctrines. The goal is that you should be like Jesus.
—  Rich Mullins
Hawaiian court revokes permit for planned mega-telescope
Decision throws construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope into question.

[IMAGEProtests and legal battles have halted construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii.]

Hawaii’s supreme court has ruled that the construction permit for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on top of the mountain Mauna Kea is invalid. The 2 December decision is a major blow to the international consortium backing the US$1.5-billion telescope, and a win for the Native Hawaiians who have protested against its construction on what they regard as a sacred summit.

Hawaii’s Board of Land and Natural Resources should not have approved the permit in 2011, the court said, because it did so before protestors could air their side in a contested case hearing.Quite simply, the Board put the cart before the horse when it issued the permit,” the court decision reads. “Accordingly, the permit cannot stand.”

“TMT will follow the process set forth by the state, as we always have,” TMT board chair Henry Yang said in a statement. “We are assessing our next steps on the way forward.”

Construction blocked

It is unclear whether and how the TMT will move forward given the new ruling. Work on the telescope’s components has continued at sites outside Hawaii, but the court’s decision to block the construction permit is a significant setback. To proceed, the project would have to acquire another permit from the board.

[IMAGE: An artist’s rendering of the yet-unbuilt Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.]

Part of the planned TMT site, just below Mauna Kea’s 4,200-metre summit, has been cleared, and construction was to have begun last April. But those plans are on hold as protestors have blocked the roads to the site and pursued legal avenues to halt the project.

The TMT would be the Northern Hemisphere counterpart to two other next-generation telescopes, the European Extremely Large Telescope and the Giant Magellan Telescope, now under construction in Chile.

Culture clash

But the TMT faces unique battles at Mauna Kea, which many Native Hawaiians have long argued should not be desecrated by astronomical observatories. Thirteen observatories — one with multiple telescopes — currently sit on the mountain in a science reserve operated by the University of Hawaii. One existing telescope is being dismantled and two others are slated for decommissioning, after the fight over the TMT accelerated plans to limit development on the mountain top.

Because the mountain pokes out from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the skies above Mauna Kea are among the clearest in the world. Some Native Hawaiians say that the benefits to astronomy do not outweigh the need to respect and protect the natural and cultural environment. Many took to social media to praise the court’s decision.

TMT’s partners are the University of California and the California Institute of Technology, along with research entities from the governments of Canada, China, India and Japan.


Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne.” Stannis pointed north. “There is where I’ll find the enemy I was born to fight.

Jonas' Lullaby (Live)
  • Jonas' Lullaby (Live)
  • Carts Before Horses
  • Live at GBS Detroit

Hi guys!
Here’s a new song called Jonas’ Lullaby that we recorded at our GBS Detroit session!
Beez wrote this song about Jonas the cat from the book We Have Always Lived in the Castle (which we learned about from Sherri of the band Eisley- so, thank you again, Eisley for the inspiration).

It’s a creepy, crawly one and definitely my new favorite song of ours. Whether or not you are a Shirley Jackson fan, I hope you like it!


SMTM4 Ravi 150626

Unintended Luxury
A Party that puts the cart before the horse 
Shining brighter than the groom, that guest role is me
Yeah I don’t need the money, I’ll convert it with honor and go back
Prepare the trophy ahead of time
You guys splash blood amongst yourselves, I’m competing with todays me
Yeah, in my life
The best moment’s starting point is here, is what I thought everday
Yeah I’ve heard the words *듣보잡 for three years, at least a million times
At the end, will become an **uncrossable wall and draw a large stroke

*듣보잡: 듣도 보도 못한 잡놈 (basically someone who has never been heard of or seen before)
**넘사벽: can simply mean “out of your league” 
(something along the lines of this. overall flow is a bit lost with translation ;;)


Here’s how Beez and I pass the time when the power is out. YES, we are in the bathtub…that room has the most mirrors (to reflect candle light) AND the best acoustics in the house. :)

Enjoy our cover of Landfill by Daughter

Landfill-Daughter (cover) (by Lauren Reisig)

Hi everyone!

So, this is far, FAR from perfect but…we hadn’t posted a cover in a long while and, in an effort to stay active, decided to post this anyways! This is our cover of “Broadripple is Burning” by Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s.
Please excuse..
1) the dog on the couch
2) the bird noises (we live in a menagerie of sorts)
3) the general screw-ups and awkwardness

We hope you enjoy this (or at least can laugh WITH us at it)!
Cb4H (or Lola & Beez)

Grammar & Style: Why (and When) to Avoid Passive Voice

Anonymous asked:

Silly question, but why is passive voice frowned upon? :)

One of my favorite sayings about passive voice is that it puts the cart before the horse. In other words, it puts the object before the action and reverses the logical progression of an idea. For example: “The cart was pulled up the hill by the horse.” This is just clunky.It forces our mind to imagine the cart being pulled up the hill by–what? We don’t know until we finally get to “the horse.” But, if you switch it around: “The horse pulled the cart up the hill.” We imagine the horse first, then we imagine it pulling the cart, then we imagine them going uphill. It’s a much more logical progression of ideas, and that makes it more concise and easier to read. Having said that, there are times when you want to put the emphasis on the object rather than the action. For example: “The mysterious artifact lay buried beneath the sands of time for five centuries before it was excavated by a team of archaeologists.” In this case, it wouldn’t make as much sense to use active voice: “A team of archaeologists excavated the mysterious artifact, which lay buried beneath the sands of time for five centuries.” This puts the emphasis on the archaeologists rather than the artifact. So, while most of the time you do want to avoid passive voice, when it works better with what you’re trying to get across, it’s absolutely fine. :)


So, we did a quick little cover of Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” tonight. It’s rife with awkwardness, but we hope you enjoy it anyways. -L