This one time I decided it’d okay to adjust my seat while the car was in motion, let me tell you that it was NOT! First I went flying all the way back and when I managed to reach the brake my hand was still holding the lever so I flew all the way forward and smashed into the steering wheel honking the horn with my face. I was laughing so hard at myself that I had to pull over.

Car Accident Aftermath and Lessons

Yesterday while I was working at Costco, my car got hit by a huge raised dodge ram truck with a long bed. To say the least, my 1996 camry did not stand a chance at all and the guy’s tire pulled the top part of my bumper and smashed the whole front…

But something else happened that surprised me greatly. As my manager was trying to figure out who’s car that was outside that just got hit, Dan  (name has been changed),who was around fifty, put a note on my windshield saying he’s sorry he hit my car and I should give him a call with his business card on it. He then walked into Costco and told the manager that he had hit someones car outside and gave the manager his business card to call and asked everyone who’s car it was. As if that wasn’t enough, he stayed in his car and waited for an hour before I got out.

First of all, why did he not hit and run? He could’ve just left a note and let it be, but he didn’t. He waited.This act along showed that he took responsibility for his action and he was going to fix it no matter what the cost.

And what surprised me even more was the witnesses that stood by the whole time and wrote down license plates numbers and information. I was told Dan was a firefighter, and he stuck around. Such random acts of kindness instead of just minding their own grocery shopping and leaving.

So as I show up in shock, Dan immediate apologizes for the damages and explained what happened. He then offers to pay for my car or fix it and get a tow truck or taxi so I can go home after work. I was overwhelmed because this was my second car accident so I just made jokes. Maybe I should’ve been more responsible and asked for insurance numbers and called the cops, but I kept it casual and we tried to put the car back together. He never asked for my name and I never asked for his insurance or anything. I had his number and I told him I was student so I will call my mom and he said I was a nice girl and we parted ways after he told me he’d deliver a check for the full price of the car to my work tomorrow. I told him to just talk to my parents cause I had no idea what to do.

Least to say parents weren’t too happy we didnt get any information besides a business card, after many missed phone calls and phone tags, eventually my parents worked out a deal.

So today I was told he gave me a check for the price of the car instead of just paying for the damages. I can’t help but feel bad because to me the among seemed a bit much. My parents told me he wanted to pay for the whole thing because I was a student supporting myself. I just wanted him to pay for the damages or go through insurance.

Is it just weird I feel like I can not accept the check? I think if he didn’t just stay and all then I wouldn’t feel bad. But the genuineity in his voice made it ahhh. Like yes, it it cheaper to cover it “under the table” rather than insurance, but me accepting that amount makes me feel crappy even if to him it wasn’t as much.I think I may just get the car fixed and then give him back the rest of the money? I have no idea what to do at the moment.

After all, it was an accident and accidents happen. If the situation was reverse, I would hope insurance covered it and not have me pay for it form my personal funds and I’d feel pretty shitty that by chance it was my car that got hit and his that hit it.

But maybe this was happened because it wasn’t about the money or the fact that I am cursed when it comes to cars, maybe it taught me to believe that there are some good people out there who will take full responsibility to fix their mistakes even if they don’t have to. Maybe we crashed so that I found out that I can becomes a better person and take responsibility for my own actions. If the situation was reverse, I dont think i would’ve been that strong of a person to stay and make that much effort. But most of all, I think it taught me the compassion that I had been lacking due to retail. So maybe this chance meeting wasn’t so bad after all, it’s not amount the damage or the money, it’s about how I can change for the better.

So thank you very much Dan for your kindness and character.

Adam and the Ants


@1980 UK Pressing (7″)


The first song Adam Ant and guitarist Marco Pirroni ever collaborated on, “Car Trouble” was initially included on the band’s 1979 Dirk Wears White Sox LP, although it was more a bridge between Ant’s two eras, as Ant re-recorded it with the next generation of his band for a 1980 single. (This is the version included on 2000’s Antbox box set.) Snotty and snarly, this new interpretation of the song would become a strong forebear of the band’s later pop sensibilities. Lacking any of the tribal Burundi beats which dominated that same year’s Kings of the Wild Frontier material, it was still a raucous slab of rough pop, ragged enough around the edges to placate the punks but also blessed with jangly hooks and riffs. Working for the first time with producer Chris Hughes brought an added dimension to the song. Slicking up the finished product, too, was the adroit drumming of the Damned’s and later Culture Club’s John Moss.

Posted as fuck

My car wouldn’t start. Had to get a ride to meet my wife. We get groceries and then dinner and on our way home notice the tire pressure is low. We stop at the 76 to fill up and the tire literally blows.

Posted as fuck with my wife and kid waiting on AAA. Y'all keep me company. Not that my restless kid kicking the back of my seat is not entertaining…

I forgot that vinyl records sometimes had run-out etchings - the “secret” messages that were etched into the center of the record.  

This one says:

On the A-Side - “GOOD JOB OF WORK BOY” and


But Shhh… it’s a secret!