Cartright - Jass Song

In their first video ever, these Austinites take mushrooms and lose their shit and go to a party and sing husky-voiced psycho drama in the vein of, say, Man Man. Sure, sounds like an average day from back in my weirdo college days.  I think you’ll enjoy the trip.

Directed with the band and Alex Nguyen. Get their debut 7" of this song b/w “Curatins” over on their Bndcmp.

Austin’s Finest: Cartright

‘Austin’s Finest’ is a new feature I’ve decided to do on a weekly basis. The goal is to expose my audience to the best of the best in the Austin, TX music scene. You might have heard of the “Live Music Capital of the World” tag that’s attached to my city. It’s nothing more than a gimmick and usually does not relate to the best of our underground musicians. 

Cartright is a band that began in another creative TX oasis, the city of Denton. Eventually they made their way to Austin and settled down, releasing an EP entitled A Tall Tale Comes Of Age in 2006. It’s an absolutely riveting group of songs that come off as both celebratory and confessional. The sound of this band brings to mind a group of deranged pirate punk rockers who have been drinking without remorse into the wee hours of the night. Interestingly enough, their sound relies heavily on folk instrumentation but still packs a heavy punk influence in the howling vocal delivery of front man Ben Cartright. It’s the composition of the songwriting that really keeps me coming back to this EP nearly ten years after its release. They’re all sing along anthems which exhibit great control and can explode at any moment into a wonderful mess of folky aggression.

My first encounter with Cartright came in 2010 at a show headlined by one of my all time favorite indie rock groups, Titus Andronicus. They took the stage in front of small crowd and played like what seemed to be their last performance ever. The groaning, boozy singing crashed into the backwoods twang of un-tuned guitars at a relentless pace. I never like to admit it, but they seemed match Titus’ energy if not surpass it altogether. To me, Cartright’s music can be best appreciated around a bond fire with a surplus of cold beer and the company of your best friends. 

Cartright released a Christmas single in 2010, followed by the Jass Song 7′’ in 2011. It’s a bit shocking to see their tiny discography throughout this ten year span, however almost everything they’ve released is perfect. So I’m hoping for a new album in the coming years but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t happen. On rare occasions they do shows in Austin and other TX cities, so keep an eye out for those. They’re truly one the city’s best kept secrets. 

FD SOLO LIVE: This Saturday, December 21st, 2013 at The MUSEUM OF HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT in Austin, Texas.

 This event will be fucking nuts. I’d explain the whole premise to you but seeing and hearing it for yourself is advised.

Some of my absolutely favorite performers from Austin (and beyond) like Zorch, Daniel Francis Doyle, Cartright, and Corduroi are involved.  


Austin Record Label Flea Market 2015

First, a HUGE thank you Marcus and the Transmission team, as well as all the friends at The Mohawk for their amazing hospitality for making their home our home for a day. Record Nerd Takeover!!!

By conversations I had during the day with patrons and vendors, it seems the Flea Market was a success. We were amazed with the support, despite the fact that we were up against some serious rain storms and potential flooding. It was a team effort and if the labels hadn’t bought into the idea, it would have been DOA. One recurring theme, let’s do it again.

But let’s take a quick look back, relive it if you were there or take a gander if you missed out.

Thank you to everyone that came out and we are looking forward to feedback, email us. Thank you to the bands, Botany, Flatliner, Moving Panoramas and Cartright. Botany did the solo songcrafting thing while Flatliner as a duo built tracks and had the synthed out vocals and put down beautifully dark electro beats. Moving Panoramas showed why the Modern Outsider team is so happy to have them on board and my apologies to Cartright – I was dead to the world and made a break for the house. Rain check, I’ll catch you soon.

It was an amazing collection of music up for grabs. Happy to see all the records go home with new parents…

Austin Record Label Flea Market 2015 was originally published on Austin Town Hall

DAZED and AMUSED ep. 8

Origianl air date: 4/15/2015


1. John Wizards - iYongwe
2. Waxahatchee - La Looze
3. Alex G - Crab 
4. TV Torso - No Idea Why
5. Cartright - Curtains 
6. Courtney Barnett - Depreston
7. Eternal Summers - Lightswitch
8. Hop Along - Waitress 
9. Jeff Rosenstock - Beer Again, Alone
10. Jonathan Richman - Up In The Sky 
11. Pavement - Shady Lane 
12. The Modern Lovers - Girlfriend
13. The Replacements - Alex Chilton
14. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Rush Apart 
15. Father John Misty - Rush Apart 


Merry Christmas from Cartright


“Texas Toasted” a stop motion of painting a custom Bell helmet