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Inktober day 14 // Yellow Lily🌻
Today’s inktober is brought to you from the hotel lounge🏨 I had a lot of fun with this one, I hardly ever use yellow in any of my work (I have printer ink cartridges to prove it haha) but it is a beautiful color paired with blacks and greys!🐝
Today I used:
My skin tone watercolor palette (you can watch me make it on my YouTube link in bio) kuretake menso brush, pentel brush pen and aquash light black pen, micron pen, prismacolor verithin pencil, and uniball signo white pen on fabriano watercolor paper
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Punk magenta printer ink cartridge slime boy because It’s not like I have enough characters that are blindingly pink :^)

He works for a sentient Printer/Copymachine hybrid robot and works with Black, Cyan, and Yellow! (some fellow ink slimes.) They were all created by fellow Concord scientists, but they all are a bit different from each other since they were made by 4 separate people.

Art Show Tips for Newbies

So a friend asked for some tips–he has another friend who’s a good artist, but doesn’t know where to begin in selling his work.  I wrote up a long list of tips and advice for him–and figured hey, there might be a few people online who might find this helpful too!  

So here’s what I’ve learned from selling my work over the last 4 years!

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Teicneolaíocht - technology

Teicneolaíocht faisnéise - information technology


Ríomhaire - computer

Ríomhaire deisce - desktop computer

Ríomhaire glúine - laptop

Luch - mouse

Cúrsóir -cursor

Méarchlár - keyboard

Tiomántán crua - hard drive

Grafaic - graphics

Carta grafaice - graphics card

Printéir - printer

Printéír daite - colour printer

Cartús printéara - printer cartridge

Ag priontáil - printing

Ag clóscríbhneoireacht - typing

Pasfhocal - password

Ar líne - online

An t-idirlíon - the internet

Na méain shósialta - social media

Cibearbhulaíocht - cyber bullying

Gúgail - to google

Blag - blog

Blagáil - blogging

Ríomhphost - email

Seoladh ríomhphoist - email address

Ceangaltán - attachment (as in email attachment)

Comhad PDF - PDF file

Fiseán - video

Cód HTML - HTML code

Haiceáil - hacking

Haiceáil ríomhairí - computer hacking

Baincéireacht ar líne - online banking

Turscar/spam - Spam

Spamáíl/ Turscar a sheoladh - to send spam

Scagaire turscair - spam filter

Zúmáil - to zoom

the types as Things
  • ENFP: drinking ketchup to cope
  • INFP: Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook
  • ENTP: Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook on a skateboard
  • INTP: a single oyster, wrapped in over five thousand feet of embroidered satin, drifting across the fabric of space and time, and making its way towards the event horizon of a super massive black hole
  • ESFP: crying yourself to sleep
  • ISFP: crying in general
  • ESTP: crocodiles, a fuckton of them
  • ISTP: the inexplicable urge to correct your friend's already correct grammar paired with the uncertainty of death
  • ESFJ: Using the :) emoticon to hide the sneaking suspicion that everyone close to you has been replaced by something sinister but virtually identical
  • ISFJ: Latte foam and misanthropy
  • ESTJ: a pair of rival neighbors crashing their retractable awnings into each other during a rather uncomfortable outdoor luncheon with friends
  • ISTJ: three correctly aligned printer cartridges in an incorrectly aligned universe
  • ENFJ: suspicious hand gestures and solar flares
  • INFJ: a brief summary of someone else's existential grief
  • ENTJ: fighting against time, gravity, and the frustration of a broken hole puncher
  • INTJ: screaming into a bowl of clam chowder and your prayers going unanswered

I have a legitimate excuse for drawing squid-kitty space husband again honest XD (I absolutely headcanon that Sunari & Jaal would have some sort of ceremony & I totally plan on drawing wedding art at some point ^_^ )

My printer cartridges won’t arrive until tomorrow and I can’t print out anything new ref wise until they do & I had a ref of him already about XD
How a Supreme Court ruling on printer cartridges changes what it means to buy almost anything
What printer toner can teach us about the future of ownership.

This is actually awesome if you’ve been following the ‘right to tinker’ issue. Basically, the Supreme Court is having none of this ‘the company still has rights to your stuff after you bought it bc patent law/intellectual property.’

Sugar Kisses

“I’m in here!” You call from the kitchen when you hear the front door open.

Dick walks into the kitchen as you pop another peep in your mouth. He chuckles as he leans against the counter next to you.

“Where’d the candy come from?”

“Remember how my mom and grandma sent us a ton of Easter candy?” You ask, continuing when he nods in affirmation. “I hid some of it so I didn’t eat it all at once and forgot about it. I found the peeps today when I was replacing the ink cartridge in the printer.”

You pop another peep in your mouth and Dick notices that the package is mostly empty.

“How many packs of those have you eaten?

“This may or may not be my third package.”

He looks at you then, noticing that your tongue and lips have turned blue from the dye.

“You’re going to make yourself sick,” he scolds lightly, shaking his head.

“Oh I’m already there, but it’s totally worth it.”

Dick sighs in mock annoyance.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Take care of me because I have a stomach ache?” You ask, playing along.

Dicks only response is to laugh and kiss you, grinning at the taste of sugar on your lips.

Oh good, my printer cartridges turned up early, so I don’t have to a) spend all day listening for the delivery to arrive & b) I can print stuff out later and draw teh arts

My laboratory is a place where I write. I have become proficient at producing a rare species of prose capable of distilling ten years of work by five people into six published pages, written in a language that very few people can read and that no one ever speaks. This writing relates the details of my work with the precision of a laser scalpel, but its streamlined beauty is a type of artifice, a size-zero mannequin designed to showcase the glory of a dress that would be much less perfect on any real person. My papers do not display the footnotes that they have earned, the table of data that required painstaking months to redo when a graduate student quit, sneering on her way out that she didn’t want a life like mine. The paragraph that took five hours to write while riding on a plane, stunned with grief, flying to a funeral that I couldn’t believe was happening. The early draft that my toddler covered in crayon and applesauce while it was still warm from the printer.
Although my publications contain meticulous details of the plants that did grow, the runs that went smoothly, the data that materialized, they perpetuate a disrespectful amnesia against the entire gardens that rotted in fungus and dismay, the electrical signals that refused to stabilize, and the printer ink cartridges that we secured late at night through nefarious means. I know damn well that if there had been a way to get to success without traveling through disaster someone would have already done it and thus rendered the experiments unnecessary, but there’s still no journal where I can tell the story of how my science is done with both the heart and the hands.
—  Hope Jahren, Lab Girl (2016)

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my next piece >ahem< speaking of memorization um when I… I got hit by a train in 1983 and I’m not gonna tell you anything about it except the fact that I had a lawyer and a lawsuit and all that shit and when I called up… when I called up, uh, my lawyer to talk about this case every other week or so the secretary would answer the phone “good morning

and I thought isn’t it great that these people have to say this sound poem and they don’t even know what a sound poem is and they gotta say that every time they answer the phone, and there’s people who work for law firms who have even more partners then that, theres a lot of people

last night at about one in the mo… was that last night? yeah last night, about one in the morning I decided to write a piece based on um… law firms and its just called ‘firms’ and I started out with these law firms and then I

then I went and got Zon my little boy and a whole bunch of his books, kids books, and one after one I took a sentence and substituted the pronoun for one of these law firm names and then I started doing all other kinds of things with a thesaurus and fresh words and changing things around and I came up with the following story:

Birs: Habish Habish and Davis desired things, pin q-tips an old box, broad leaf (oh the last thing I used was a book mIEKAL got out of the library about dried flowers, it was suppose to be about guards but it was about dried flowers) Habish Hab…
Habish Habish and Davis desired things, pin kismis and old fox, broad leaf acacia, worn out knox and empty flaps
Lowerman, Hayedvancamp, Preacher-cover and Shwarts however

he put his paw to his beaked hazelnut and he fought and he fought and he fought, the electronic….

(ripped from this video

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🏮My Thoughts on Day of the Departed!🏮

(MEGA SPOILERS AHEAD! I have no idea how to make a “read more” cut, so scroll at your own risk!)

~ Pythor’s kleptomaniac tendencies made me laugh to no end! “Look, a knife!” *takes it just for kicks*

~ Nya seems to get more relatable to me with every episode. One of the first things she said was that the Day of the Departed “wouldn’t be complete without lanterns!” Well I had went out and got a new color cartridge for my printer just so I could make a few lanterns! Guess the feeling was mutual on that one.

~ The montage of lantern releases with Wu’s speech almost made me cry. It made me want to jump across the room and give my mom a hug!

~ Wu: *rises cup of Remembrance Tea to the FSM* Me: *toasts my cup of tea towards the TV while fighting back tears*

~ Morro’s noises as he was being revived though….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

~ Glad they didn’t have the Overlord statue built! Shudder to think what THAT would have caused.

~ Was anyone else getting “Rise of the Guardians” vibes from the scene where everyone just walks right through Cole at the museum?

~ I agree with the sentiments that the whole thing felt slightly rushed, still amazing though.

~ Is it me, or was there less epic battle music than there should have been? Seemed like a lot of the fight scenes were quieter than usual.

~ Chen and his love affair with that ridiculous chair never fails to get a laugh from me!

~ I was a little shocked that Morro didn’t go after Lloyd, but then I remembered the character development he had at the end S5.

~ Speaking of Morro, I felt a bit ripped off at how little screen time he had!

~ Love that Nya dealt the killing blow to Chen, nothing like water-jetting a missile into a mech to finish someone off!

~ Can’t believe they actually acknowledged that the Nindroids are technically Zane’s siblings! Wonder if they’ll go any farther with this…..

~ Really wish they brought Garmadon back for the night. To have seen his ghost fight alongside his son one last time would have been amazing!

~ On the Yin Blade: the yin-yang symbol is all about balance right? As Sensei Yang was testing the immortality spell, he was only using things that were dead, which the blade restores to life. With the theme of balance in mind, it only makes sense that the spell would kill something that’s alive, because it gives the opposite and equal effect of the state whatever the thing it’s being cast on is in!

~ Which student was Chuck, what’s their real name and where are they now?

~ Dear lord, Ronin, your plan was to just rob everyone blind on a holiday!? Dirtbag.

~ Nya: “I can’t get in closer! The winds are to strong!” Me: “Well, if Morro had stuck around instead of just going back into the beyond, this wouldn’t be a problem!”

~ That crazy orange glowy thing that Cole unleashed was too cool! Hope it has some significance in the coming season!

~ Jay is going to freak out if he ever encounters Yang now that they live in the temple!


I spent way too much time on this it’s like 3 in the morning and it’s just now finished.

Yaaay I actually finished some digital art

I feel like death

I’m just now actually looking at it and it looks like shit.

story of my life ppl.

Ima go drink some printer ink cartridges