I got the card together with the cartouche. I’m going to frame both and put them on my wall of Game because I’m already wearing Atemus cartouche I got when I was in Egypt☺️

You can’t imagine how much I love this card😄
Okay… no… I think… you can 😅


A fine brilliant yellow Spitalfields brocaded silk robe à l'Anglaise, circa 1750, 

Woven with brightly coloured large scale oriental poppies, posies and swags, the ground figured with arabesques and wine silk spotted cartouches, the robe with linen lining to bodice, pleated front robings, double tiered engageants with bows, the hem lined in fine yellow silk; with matching petticoat front panel trimmed with pinked furbelows; and a stomacher trimmed with rosettes and braid


It is a common misconception, however, that the mermaids of No Man’s Marsh are universally murderous. Fishwives (by profession or temperament) who venture into their channels are said to return in remarkably good spirits, their necks and heads draped in jewelry made of pearls and coral.