Reiner as a girl would look…exactly like regular Reiner, I guess: muscular, with blond short hair and large breasts (ahah). And Bertholdt would probably be twice as anxious because he wouldn’t be able to follow fem!Reiner everywhere to make sure she doesn’t do something extremely impulsive and risky


I drew my version of the Matsuno sextuplets as girls.
Maybe I characterized them too much, to the point they don’t even look like twins anymore..? ahah
I don’t regret it though, I had a lot of fun interpreting their designs.

A fan art insipired by my friend’s Karatodo fan fiction, “All Yours” 
(人´∀`*) 。・:*:・゚'★,。・:*:♪・゚'☆ミ
Thank you Nok for writing this amazing fan fiction (I can’t wait to read the next chapter!). I’m so happy you fell hard for this ship as I did! I always have a lot of fun sharing my ideas with you, and chat about AUs and hcs. Thank you ~ ♡

I have a ton of different AUs where Karamatsu is either a kindergarden teacher, or the only young adult/teenager among his baby brothers, or Todo’s uncle (I hc Totty as Osomatsu and Totoko’s kid ahaha) 
So yeah, Karamatsu taking care of baby Todomatsu here, trying to stop him from pulling a tantrum. He’s failing. 


Fun fact: flattery, moe moe maid outfit and fan service are all weak spots of mine.


Hello, Osomatsu san fandom! 
I’m going to use this set design for soon-to-be merch:
Ichi, Kara, Jyushi and Todo are gonna be used for phone charms.
I also have drawn Oso and Choro, even if I won’t make charms out of them, I still wanted to include them in the set ahah I could make stickers or other kind of merch with them, I still have to decide. 
What do you think of these designs? are they yay or nay? Feedback is appreciated thank you!