something effing wonderful happened today!!!! Fruit Of The Loom is making superhero underwear in larger sizes!!! This is a boys XL next to a standard size 8! Only available at Target stores!!!!!!! Pretty freaking stoked!!!!

Here’s an update: These were only carried in select stores for a very short while before going on clearance. However they have been picked up by several discount chains (at least here on the west coast) where they are being sold for $2 a pop. I bought a shit ton just in case, and may open an e-bay store sometime soon. I found that the size larges actually fit me better than the XLs, but I still love them!!


bringing back some of the oldies! To my knowledge, these are the first production models from handcraft (i’d be interested to know if this is a fact, but they are the first ones I was made aware of!). When I first started buying up Handcraft briefs, I thought I would never be abel to sew them together because of their odd cut, however, I have learned over the years the secrets of bringing these briefs back to “larger than life” in my frankenstein lab!!