Holy Crap! I first saw these on @seriousunderwearcollectors page, and I was obsessed with them for about a week!!! I finally found them!! These are a bit of a departure for Handcraft Mfg as they have two unusual pairs in each pack! First off, the yellow trimmed pair is not printed, but has “wedgie power” woven into the waistband, and also has two velcro tabs at the rear to attach a cape!!!!!! The white pair, also without any sort of printing, also has the cape attachment tabs! the other 3 pairs in the pack are pretty standard. Apparently they are only available at target, at the moment, and they are slated to be a part of a special Captain Underpants display in the book/magazine section, instead of the traditional underwear rack in the boys department!!! I only managed to get a pack of 8s and a pack of 6s. I will frank them up soon!!

I really hope that Handcraft starts making fun, special edition pairs in the future!!!

something effing wonderful happened today!!!! Fruit Of The Loom is making superhero underwear in larger sizes!!! This is a boys XL next to a standard size 8! Only available at Target stores!!!!!!! Pretty freaking stoked!!!!

Here’s an update: These were only carried in select stores for a very short while before going on clearance. However they have been picked up by several discount chains (at least here on the west coast) where they are being sold for $2 a pop. I bought a shit ton just in case, and may open an e-bay store sometime soon. I found that the size larges actually fit me better than the XLs, but I still love them!!