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Random Kpop Questions
  • 1: The last kpop song you listened to is your first dance at your wedding, are you happy?
  • 2: Would You trust your bias to make you mac and cheese?
  • 3: The last group you listened to are now your allies in a zombie Apocalypse, how dead are you?
  • 4: Do you trust your female bias to catch you in a trust fall?
  • 5: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 13. The last line describes how your bias feels about you.
  • 6: Turn the clock back. Each member of your bias group is character from a 90's cartoon! Who is who?
  • 7: Would you endure a slam on the back of your ankle from a Razor scooter to get a kiss from the Maknae of your bias group?
  • 8: What 80's song describes your feelings about the visual in your bias group?
  • 9: Look to your right. The first object you see reminds you of who?
  • 10: You get hired to do your bias groups make up, how fucked are they?
  • 11: The second youngest member of your bias group is the driver on a cross country road trip. No map or GPS, just highway signs. Are you making it to your destination?
  • 12: You are picked to be on the amazing race! A race across the world for a million dollars. You have to endure harsh tasks...who do you pick out of any group?
  • 13: Your bias puts the toilet paper the wrong way...your feelings?
  • 14: You go camping with your female bias group, what kind of campers are they?
  • 15: What Beatle song describes your feelings about the lead dancer in you bias group?
  • 16: You get to go backpacking with your 3 favorite rappers, where are you going?
  • 17: Would you go on the highest roller coaster just to sit next to your bias?
  • 18: Did you ever have a dream about a kpop idol? If so, who and what was it?
  • 19: Are you in the same Hogwarts house as your bias?
  • 20: Would you pick your male bias to help you survive a horror movie?
  • 21: Pick a Disney movie to become your reality. You bias is the love interest. How happy does this make you?
  • 22: The last gif you reblogged is your parents reaction if your bias proposes to you.
  • 23: Would you trust your top 3 female bias' to plan your wedding?
  • 24: First 3 letters of your first name and the last 2 of your biases makes up the name of your new child. What is it?
  • 25: Vegas with your female bias or Disney World with your male?
The Steven Multiverse

I was re-watching Say Uncle recently since the show is coming back in two weeks and I really don’t have a lot going on while I’m looking for a job. Now, as I was watching through it something caught my eye that made my theory senses tingle.

Obviously, Say Uncle isn’t canon, but the fact of the matter is that it exists, so if it’s not explicitly canon it is at the very least a part of it’s own canon: an alternate universe where the events of SU still take place up until that point, but in which Say Uncle is canon as well

Now back to what I saw that piqued my interest. The frames were brief but there was enough time to pick out a list of individuals who Uncle Grandpa had helped out prior to the episode

For the sake of brevity I’m not going to include all of the, but among those listed are characters from Dexters Lab, the Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd ‘n Eddy, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Basically, Uncle Grandpa has met with pretty much every Cartoon Network character since the mid 90′s. From this we can conclude that this episode’s universe overlaps in some way or another with the multiverses of each of these shows, and this is huge news, because it means the things those shows overlap with are are also in the same multiverse.

For the first branch, let’s go with Billy and Mandy, because that’s the smaller one and when I say this is huge I’m not exaggerating. If anything i’m endaggerating, this shit is goddamn brobdingnagian.

Now, this should go without saying for those of you who watched this growing up, but for those of you who didn’t or just don’t remember very well, but Billy and Mandy takes place the the Lovecraft Mythos, with Billy having summoned both Cthulhu and Yog’Sothoth at different points in the show. The Lovecraft mythos, which has been added to by horror writers for almost a century is nothing short of enormous. Even non-horror series have had Cthulhu appear before, including South Park, Rick and Morty, and Gravity Falls (the last two of those also intersect with each other directly, as Grunkle Stan’s mug entered a portal in the latter, only to emerge from one of rick’s portals in the former)

At this point ladies, gentlemen and assorted third parties, we are no longer in the mere scope of Steven Universe, but if you thought we were done here, you’ve got a whole other thing coming. I’ll leave Gravity Falls for later, because what it connects to is kind of the cherry on top of everything for me.

Okay, Powerpuff Girls. Where is this going to go you may be wondering? Well fucking watch this


Okay, wait, please come back!

I know, I know, the nu!PPG and TTG are probably the most hated cartoons on the planet right now but let’s be real here. This isn’t the first time the Powerpuff Girls and DC comics have overlapped. The girls met the Justice League in the original series (along with Major Glory from Dexter’s Lab), and DC has been producing the PPG comics for years now. This is just the only image I could find that has both on screen together, and this is where things get interesting

The DC comics multiverse, home of Superman, Wonder Woman, and every iconic super hero or heroine who’s had a god awful movie in the past few years, is massive, and has crossed over with almost every huge universe in some way or another. Hell, even Marvel is in there. Deadpool and Deathstroke are canonically different versions of the same guy.

You realize what this means don’t you? Your LarsXTony Stark slash fic is canonically viable! Also this thing is only still growing. As of late, DC has added the Watchmen to the total canon 

And the silver age batman has met Scooby Doo.

As of Mystery Incorporated, all Hanna Barberra cartoons such as the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Johnny Quest and even The Venture Bros are part of the same multiverse, which means that what we were calling the “Steven Multiverse” now includes all of DC, Marvel, Cartoon Network, the Lovecraft Mythos (including the works of Stephen King). And can you believe we still have more?

Duck Dodgers is an honorary Green Lantern, which at this point may not even phase you, but once Warner Brothers gets added to the mix, things star getting weird, and mind you, this is weirdness in a multiverse where Steven Universe exists somewhere alongside Rorshach.

See, with the introduction of the Warner Brothers and all they entail, we now have to contend with the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where Daffy Duck appears alongside Donald as an actor portraying his cartoon self, which just raises more questions about this megaverse’s own ontology. Who the fuck expected to be gaslighted by Jessica Rabbit?

 If it’s any consolation, the megaverse doesn’t give a fuck, since now that Disney is in there, we can add in Final Fantasy by way of Kingdom Hearts

At this point this has just gotten ridiculous. Between Steven Universe, Kingdom Hearts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty the Powerpuff Girls, and lord knows what else, half the fucking fandoms on this shitty website now take place in the same universe. For fuck’s sake, Space Jam and Steven King’s IT now take place in the same multiverse! At this point, the only thing left to do is give you that cherry on top I promised in the beginning.

Remember how I mentioned I was saving Gravity Falls for last? Well, here’s the fucking roots of the iceberg. See, this show isn’t the only place where Gravity Falls appears. It’s a minor detail snuck in by a background artist and found by a redditor, but there is one last map on which gravity falls is marked, and it’s found on the wall of noted conspiracy theorist…

wait for it…

Jude Harley, from Hiveswap, the long-awaited Homestuck game due to come out next January. Yes, you heard me, Homestuck’s in there too!

[post with a screencap of a transphobic joke from a 90s cartoon]

[unironic comments about how progressive it is, includes the phrase “they didn’t give a single fuck!”]

Sober (Part Nine)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), Song Mino 

Word Count: 5,560 

Part One I Part Eight

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The signs as cartoons from the 90s

Aries: Hey Arnold

Taurus: Rugrats

Gemini: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Cancer: Pinky and the Brain

Leo: CatDog

Virgo: The Angry Beavers

Libra: The Powerpuff Girls

Scorpio: Dexter’s Laboratory

Sagittarius: The Wild Thornberrys

Capricorn: Arthur

Aquarius: The Magic School Bus

Pisces: Recess