*New idea alert!* *Calling all littles n age regressors!*

I know that one of the things many of us love to do is COLOR! Another thing: watching CARTOONS!

While it is super duper fun on to color on your own, showing off your masterpieces is something that can make us super proud n confident. My idea is that every so often I set up Cartoons ‘n Coloring, a time when everyone can color and submit their drawings while we watch cartoons! And if you can’t color right then, you could always submit a picture of something you colored recently. And I will give it all the praise n encouragement n all my followers can too. I would loooove to commit to once a week but I can’t promise that. I would post this image and say what I was watching (in case you wanted to watch too!) and everyone can color and show me their pictures.

You can be in any community, doesn’t matter to me, I just ask that if you’re n/s/f/w please don’t interact.

Reblog if interested!! If nobody’s interested we will just pretend I never posted this, ha.

Oh noes! The saw is chasing the gang inside the pool!

Granted, I can’t explain to you

  1. How it’s remaining afloat
  2. How it’s going perfectly-straight with no control
  3. How a sawblade is giving it massive forward propulsion
  4. How the power cord we saw earlier is stretching for hundreds of feet

…but it is, probably because

Ted the Animator: “Carl… have you ever seen or used a saw before?”

Carl the Animator: “No, why?”

It just keeeeeeps going… getting closer and closer….

Oh noes twice! It’s right there! 

Cut to wide shot…

…and… uh…

…oh. Well, I guess it just teleported away.

That was convenient.

Sex in cartoons, then and now


The Simpsons: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex!”

King of the Hill: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex, but you shouldn’t ask them about it because that’s rude.”

Family Guy: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex while wearing tight leather and pretending they’re characters from movies, cartoons, and games!”

South Park: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex even though they should stop because they’re old and gross and do weird experimental things because they’re bored of each other!”


The Amazing World of Gumball: “Your parents were pregnant before they were married and keep their bedroom door closed for a reason.”

Star vs the Forces of Evil: “Your parents have seen each other naked more than you’ve seen yourself naked.”

The Loud House: “Your parents got thrown out of a hotel because they got caught playing grab-ass in the pool.”

Steven Universe: “Your parents are definitely still having sex. It’s a beautiful, wonderful bonding experience, it feels good on so many levels, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll understand sooner than you think. Now sit back, relax, and let me scare you half to death with some out of left field body-horror and themes of war, murder, and betrayal.”

Cheer Up Post #4819

For the anon who wants a post with Misha Collins, Castiel from Supernatural, Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe, and galaxy pictures, here you go!

Supernatural Masterpost

Space & Sci-Fi Masterpost

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