Style challenge!

In addition to picking some bigger media I liked I also picked three friends who I’ve worked with and who have drawn me before (though I tried to forget how they did, so the end result is nothing like they have or probably ever would draw me haha).

Check out their actual beautiful work:

@portentous-offerings (I tried imitating her style when she uses markers haha)

@sabubu91 (Specifically from her super cool Rex’s Rangers comic starting soon!)

@arealgreg (…Who needs to draw more)


Lucy makes us smile - even if she rarely does. 

I’m so sorry to have to tell you this...

…but Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics does, in fact, exist.

Even worse… it’s the next series for us to go through.

Basically, in 1977, Hannah-Barbera thought it would be a reeeaaally good idea to make a show where all their characters competed in olympic-like events!

Spoiler: it was not a very good idea.

The three teams, divided up into “vaguely Scooby-related characters,” “vaguely Yogi-related characters,” and “all the bad guys,” earn points, and shenanigans ensue. 

Don’t get your hopes up. They’re the lamest shenanigans ever.

And, y’know, when during your show’s intro, you already have two gratuitous hairs you forgot to clean off the glass… it doesn’t exactly instill the viewer with confidence.

Most of the show is just cutting to one of their irritating characters, and having them say whatever their horrible catchphrase is.

Seriously, in the first episode, that gosh darn rabbit must have said “braaack” 7 freakin’ times. If I see him in real life, so help me, I’m tearing his throat out and placing it above my door as a warning to obnoxious rabbits everywhere.

…but then again, Scooby looks baked as all get out in the title screen, so maybe there’s hope for this series yet.

I guess we’ll just have to see, folks.


New Cartoon “Rubbing His nose in it” 

Shame on You, sell-out Bernie Sanders! Bernie wants political change. So he endorsed a candidate who represents the status quo. He wants to go after the 1 percent. So he endorsed a candidate who received a fundraiser from the Rothschilds—at $100,000 per plate. Bernie wants to break up the banks. Goldman Sachs gave Hillary $225,000 for a speech. She won’t reveal what she said.
Bernie supports a liar, a criminal, a warmonger and a grifter. He wants her and her rapist husband back once again in the White House. Maybe Hillary will return the silverware she stole.
She stuck your face in corruption election fraud and you still endorsed her. Shame on you, Bernie.
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I just got back from two hours of biking (& hunting for dem pokemans) in 97°-but-forecast-says-it-feels-like-109° weather.

So, for all of you enduring the same – have a nice, chilly photo of Scooby in the arctic, forgetting to color his muzzle the same shade as the rest of his face.