PSA animation assignment: Packbonding With Your Human Coworkers

this PSA can also be used by humans trying to get along with other humans

song: crepe suzette

also big thanks to my siblings for helping out with the hand poses

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That one goofy response is by far not the only instance of people getting real bent out of shape that so much money was made by what they’re assuming is a stupid, empty market-driven kiddie movie but for one thing, any interviews you find with the writer or the art director show a whole lot of sincere love for a fantasy setting they were given total creative freedom to develop. For another, they felt there were apparently some relevant things that children’s movies don’t express enough in ways that children would really “get” so for example here’s a LARGE SPOILER you should go into knowing that the “pop trolls” are the main protagonists.

Yeah the finest animated features are all more indie but the Disney-Pixar movies are far more “vapid cash grab” than the Trolls movies regardless of superficial appearance.