Ah, the carnival... so many fun attractions to go on!

First, check out the merry-go-round, and treat yourself to an ice-cold…

…“Clused Pop!

They come in three flavors: chary, leem, and opal.

Next, prepare yourself for the wacky thrills…

…of the Fun Hose!

We don’t know exactly how this virtual world designed to be the best amusement park possible managed to lose a sign letter, but we suspect the clown entrance ate it.

After that, consider running from the jaguar-headed ape thing straight into…

…the “Foature” tent!

Warning: sign may change later to properly read “fortune” in closeups when the animators finally notice.

And last of all, when you’re tired of the boardwalk, come on down to everyone’s favorite – the classic, the unforgettable…


Do you eat it? Play it? Ride it? Is it full of kittens? In all honestly, we have no idea, but there’s a good chance it’s illegal.


Finally!!! I drew a nice reference of the Nameless Samurai from my AU!!!

You can also see some of the demons he “tamed” in the picture below; they all have the same seal as Aku’s but Set needs extra chains. 

As the highest authority on earth, the Samurai has absolute control over media, and tends to portray himself as an heroic figure, who protects the world from evil entities by subduing them with his sacred weapons;

In reality, while he DOES see himself as “the good guy”, his army of demons is mostly used to annihilate opposition and control his subjects.

He believes he’s merely bringing order and prosperity to his empire and protecting humanity from its own idiocy, and so do many citizens after being inculcated with his strong propaganda, but a rebellious demon is roaming the land, waking up the hypnotized crowds…


Managed to Record a second one of the Official Dub.  (Uploaded to YT because Reasons)