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With the Pakari or Kakama, a Toa probably had the strength or speed needed to hurl objects at escape velocity (if we stick to the more cartoony physics of Bionicle at least). While a lawful Toa would never use that ability to kill their enemies, it could be useful in other situations.

Headcanon that Onua got rid of infected masks by simply pitching them into outer space.

I’d like to think Pohatu did something similar and gave the Comet koli balls the chance to live up to their name.

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Love ya work i was just wondering with your fan art pieces of like danny from game grumps what do you do with your lines to make them hardly visible sorry if this is a dumb question im new to painting less cartoony work

nooo it’s not a dumb question. *hug*

i always use the modus “overlay” for my outline layers. that way your outlines merge with the colors you use later. i sometimes change the opacity, depending on how intense the colors influence the lines.

here two examples (sorry i only have time for a messy colored one, but i hope it helps in some way):

1. layer set to Normal: coloring looks flat and boring

2. layer set on Overlay: intense colors, lines more defining

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When you were starting as an artist, how much gesture and figure drawing did you do? Do you feel as if it contributed any towards the development of your personal style since you have a very cartoony look?

Pretty much none to be honest.  I honestly didn’t start getting the hang of the big art fundamentals until the last year or two, from pre-school up until high school I basically just doodled cartoons from my head without really thinking about how to improve.  When I finished art classes in high school, I basically didn’t learn anything at all.  

Now I’m trying to make up for it by studying other artwork and design principles.  Mainly I’m focusing on character design rather than things like life drawing, mostly because I’m stubborn and just want to look at other art that inspires me rather than real life.  I only really think I’ve gotten GOOD in the last year, to be honest.  But learning the basic principles of drawing and cartooning is definitely helping me design better characters and whatnot.

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okay cool, and i mean i could've explained better that your style is cartoony and anime-y kinda in a similar way to steven universe. like there are definitely anime influences, but it's also very much it's own thing. and in general your art style is very cute and fun

Hello, Cartoon Network? I had a concern with your episode of Steven Universe “Beach City Drift,” I don’t care how cartoony this show is, there is no way someone who has never driven before could drive a stick shift like that, let alone participate in a mountain race with one and nearly win. I - hello? hello?

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I'm working on mega man 8 music covers and I think you've mentioned this before but am I crazy and just never noticed how different the soundtrack to 8 was compared to the rest of the series? it seems more atmospheric in a way, much more soft and synthy, it's really strange. I love it to bits it's such good music, just wow, never noticed

yeah it’s WAY different and i love it. i dunno if they’ve ever talked about why it ended up having such a different vibe, but my guess, personally, is that they wanted to contrast it with the darker, “more mature” direction the x series was heading in around that time

the x series had really rock-oriented soundtracks, so mega man 8 went for something much more chill. they probably also made 8 all bright and colorful and cartoony for similar reasons (although i think whoever wrote the story must’ve missed the memo because it’s needlessly melodramatic and super dull compared to how cheerful the rest of the game is)

also, the synths they used in 8 seem really spacey to me, and that’s probably to tie it in with duo


Halloween is still not here and yet I’m in a horror mood, so I scribbled a bunch of spooks from the jumbled machinations of my mind. Biography-wise they are:

-Count Van Zaff: An elderly 1000+ year old vampire that, tired of the usual routine of his kind, decided to retire himself to an old abandoned manor to live an eternity of peaceful solitude, but little did he know that his home would attract strange bizzare beings that he ultimely would have to contend with.
    While aged the Count is just as devious as he was in his prime when the situation calls for it but otherwise he’s a neutral figure that would rather read and drink mantis juice all day for he is a «Demon of Culture» in his own words, although he would rather avoid bureaucratic matters at all times.
    In his solitude he is accompanied by his pet bat Prometheus that, following its natural death, was brought back to life as a machine to always be at the Count’s side. Seemingly innocuous the robotic mammal is a deceptive rascal that’s all too willing to torment noisy outsiders with its ghastly enhancements.

-Doc Fritz: Enigmatic and overall perplexing, Fritz is the remains of a brilliant scientist that, refusing to accept death, perpetuaded his existence exponentially by uploading his brain into a spider-like automaton.
          In a fateful day he crossed paths with Count Zaff who was mourning over the passing of his pet Prometheus and sensing a shiny opportunity, he offered to revive the bat in exchange for residence in the Count’s Manor. Following the bat’s sucessful mechanization, Fritz got himself the secured haven that he needed for his nebulous research on all things science-related.
          In spite of his good companionship with the Count, Fritz tends to come off as over-bearing and rude to most people for he values his work above all else in a stern manner and doesn’t think much of distractions in his free time, although he does have fascination with astrology which has been rooted to him since childhood. Due to a bug in the voice modulator of his automaton suit, his voice at times can vary between being scratchy or smooth depending on how tense, excited or calm Fritz is at the moment.

-Adam: One of Fritz’s creations, Adam came to be when the Count requested to the Doc a servant to do the common chores in the house. Big and imposing, Adam is in reality a rather ambivalent figure that has more into his personality that his apperance would suggest.
     For once his default choice of clothing tailored by the Count gave him a taste for requinted fashion and his repeated work on the vampire’s library made him a literary know-it-all over the course of his existence. While a suprising personality, Adam is very sleepy due to his long work hours and often needs custom made batteries to alleviate the exhaustion and at times his blocky hands (a design oversight by the Doc) make him panicky on more especific actions.

-Emperor Toht: On one day during an antique fair Adam brought a strange bird-like sacrophagus home as a gift to the Count, but little did the Manor’s residents know that the it would contain their next member, the Once-Emperor of the Land of the Red Sands, Toht.
             Among the inhabitants of Zaff’s manor, Toht is the most pompuous and extravagant although he’s deep down the grouchiest of the bunch since he’s still bound to the earth by unknown circumstances instead of being on the afterlife with the rest of his lineage and he’s not happy about it, not one bit. Initially wanting to be the new owner of the residence, Toht begrudingly had to relent to the Count and ultimely occupies the top floor of the manor alongside his mummified undead pets, practicing occult rituals and trying to fix what went wrong with his death in order to escape from his undead existence. 

            Although he looks down on the Doc and Adam for being «dirty peasants», Toht has gradually developed some degree of respect for the elderly vampire lord in terms of the Count’s noble figure which nostalgically reminds Toht of his glory days.

-Miss Helga: During one of Fritz’s experiments he was about to create another servant to help out Adam but, because of a distracted slip-up, a mound of carnivorous plants was mixed with the subject and the end result surfaced as a deranged plant-like construct.
           Helga, as the Doc named as he was developing her, is a heavily bipolar being since her mutated state gives to her a very unorthodox perception of reality, one moment she could be as gentle as a lamb and by the next she could be chewing down on a poor sap’s neck, although she’s more natural towards those she accustomed to. Her voice is often jokingly refered as her «scariest» atribute for it’s a deep croaky voice that clashes with her otherwise colorful appearance and scares off the unexpected and the ignorant.
           In spite of her original function Helga mostly works as the Count’s gardener and on her wake the Manor’s gardens ended up filled with odd foliage made of her own design and being, complete with enhanced sentience and even some extent of unique personalities to each one. Relations-wise, Helga goes along with the Doc and Adam, tends to be on and off with Count particularly on more superficial matters and is openly antagonistic towards Toht butting heads with him far too often over the latter’s high-above-all attitude.

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do you have any drawing tips for making people different heights? (im sorry if this has already been asked before)

just draw people average height and then make the legs really long

(jk don’t do that lmao I think you just have to draw everything a bit longer/shorter compared to the general proportions? unless you’re drawing very cartoony, then you can sorta mix it up)